We Asked For It . . . We Got It – Toyota


In My First Editorial Immediately After Liz Truss Became The Prime Minister Of England 45-Days Ago . . . I Wrote that Truss will Have just a Matter of Months to Become a Courageous Facsimile of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – Or A Failed Sister To The Abysmal Theresa May.

On The Next Day . . . After Rethinking My Position, I Changed my Timeline to Read that Liz Truss Doesn’t Have Months to Prove her Worth, but Rather Days. Then, After some Doubts, Truss Moved to the Right while Also Trying to Stay Somewhat on the LEFT, for which I Gave Truss A-By, because the Financial/Socio/Political Hole Truss Inherited was so Deep, that Moving in the “Right” Direction was Enough of a Start.

But Then All Of A Sudden Liz Truss Backtracked . . . Destroying Whatever Confidence Anyone Could Have had in Her . . . Because she had No Idea What she was Doing . . . And Tried to be the All-Political Thing to All People . . . Today – Liz Truss Resigned After Being Prime Minister For Just 45-Miserable Days.


Liz Truss So Screwed Herself & England . . . That For Her & England There’s No Easy Way To Come Back.


If You’re Reading This BLOG (Galganov.com) . . . You’re Old Enough to Remember this 1978 Toyota Celica Television Commercial – that Promoted the Toyota Celica by Saying . . . “You Asked For It . . . You Got It – Toyota”.

Unlike the Toyota Celica which was a Great Car . . . The 2020 Version Of Joe Biden Can Best Be Described As A Clunker/Deathtrap Off The Line. However, Biden Wasn’t Just a 2020 Loser, since Biden was a Public Servant Loser For Biden’s Entire 50-Plus -Year Career In Politics.

It Wasn’t As If The People Who Voted For Biden Didn’t Have Access To Know What Kind Of Jerk & Liar He Was.


I Take Absolutely No Pleasure Or Schadenfreude . . . In Writing that I Warned People Profusely About the Collapse & Dire Consequences of European Energy with this Climate Change & Green New Deal Insanity . . . Long Before Putin Invaded Ukraine.

And It’s Becoming Worse (Dire) Than I Could Have Ever Imagined.

For More Than A Year . . . Certainly at Least a Year Ago, when Anne & I were First in British Columbia for the Winter & Had to Live with the Insanity of the Climate Changers on the West Coast . . . Paying-Out What was an Obscene Cost for Energy on Everything, was Nothing More & Nothing Less than the Harbinger of Things to Come for the Rest of Canada and the United States of America . . .

The Point Was Driven Home That Sooner Rather Than Later . . . We Would All Become Victims to The Communist Assault on Our Freedoms Through their Strategy (Lies) on Energy.

Don’t For A Second Think That Communists Aren’t Front & Center In Our Politics At All Levels.


Our Western Freedoms Have been Under Attack for More than 100-Years, as the Communists Conspired to Infiltrate Every Aspect of our Societies, Starting with Education and the Control Thereof by the Teachers’ Unions.

Don’t Think that Just because a Politician Wears the Flag of Conservative or Republican on his Political Coat, that he or she Isn’t Inculcated to the Socialist Ideologies that Have Become a Mainstay Part of Our Socio/Political Societies.

The Left Knows That They’ve Been Found Out.

Not Yet Completely, but Enough to the Point that they’re on Hyper-Speed to Create “Facts-On-The-Ground” that will Become Nearly Impossible to Erase . . . A Perfect Case in Point is the Many Millions of Illegal Immigrants who are Now Permanently Ensconced in the United States of America, Canada and to some Extent in Europe to a Much Larger Degree, which will Change the Nature of all the Affected Countries to the Point of No Return.


It’s Remarkable How So Many People who Praised the Successes of President Donald Trump (Many Of Whom Are My Friends) . . . Now see the Former President as a Pariah . . . FOR WHAT REASON?

All I Hear From These New NEVER Trumpers . . . Is that Trump has Passed his Best Due Date. That He is Unelectable. That they Don’t Like his Braggadocios Manner and How Trump Insults His Opponents, Especially Within Trump’s Own Party, And How Trump Endorsed Losers who Won their Primaries to Run for the House and the Senate.


Prior To Winning The Leadership Of The Republican Party In 2016 . . . They Said the Exact Same thing About Donald Trump, that he was Insulting, Braggadocios, a Misogynist, a Cheat, a Liar, a Dishonest Businessman, a Dupe of Vladimir Putin, and Whispered that Trump Might Have a Ribald Relationship with His Gorgeous Daughter Ivanka . . . And Whatever Else They Could Dream-Up . . . So What Changed?


The New Never Trumpers Want Trump To Stop Banging The Drum That The 2020 Election Was Rigged.

Also . . . The Latest Mantra of the New Never Trumpers was that Trump’s Picks to Run for Office (House & Senate) were Going to Destroy the Chances of a Republican Congress . . . Well Surprise-Surprise – as it Seems that Trump’s Picks are Looking as though they are About to Cream the LEFT in the House, the Senate and the Governor’s Mansions . . . Not To Mention Trump Inspired Republican Mayors, Counselors & School Boards.


From Day One – The Deep State, which Includes the Justice Department, FBI, IRS, State Department, RINOS – Etc . . . Colluded To Destroy The Presidency Of Donald Trump.

If You Don’t Control The Purse It’s Hard To Control The Government. Ryan Controlled The Purse.

Some Of The New Never Trumpers Say Trump Ran-Up The National Debt As If He Was A Democrat . . . Which is Only Partially True, Considering that the Speaker of the House for Trump’s First Two Years was Republican Paul Ryan, who Turned-Out to be a RINO Extraordinaire, who Ran More Against Trump Policies than Against Pelosi and the Democrats . . . Leaving President Trump With Little Room Or Options To Control Spending.

And Don’t Forget McConnell . . . The Pro Democrat In Republican Clothing.

As For Turning On Members Of His Own Party . . . That’s a Specious Argument, when One Considers How Many Pro-Socialists & Devout Supporters of their Lobbyists are in the Republican Party.

The Rot Around Trump Is As Deep As It Is Vicious.

I’m Not Going To Debate Voting Machines . . . Because Whether the LEFT Cheated with the Machines as they Might Have or Not . . . Is At This Stage Beyond Proof.

But What Isn’t Beyond Proof . . . Is That By Their Own Word, Virtually the Entire American Media, Both Social & Legacy Media, Combined to Collude for the Purpose of Destroying the Trump 2022 Campaign with Lies, Innuendos Against Trump & Unreported Facts & Truths that were of Benefit to Donald Trump.

We Also Know That The Justice Department – Including the FBI & the State Department Cheated & Lied About the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax (Mueller Report), the Two Contrived Impeachments & What Ever Else they could Conjure-Up Against Trump.

And What About The Undated & Unsigned Mail-In Ballots? The Unrequested Mail-In Ballots? The Unsecured Ballot Harvesting and the Ballot Counting where Republican Scrutineers were Rejected from Watching the Counting Process?

Yet . . . In Spite Of All Of This . . . Trump Received More than 74-Million Votes, which were More Votes than any Incumbent President Ever Received in the History of American Presidential Elections. And Somehow . . . An Imbecile who Campaigned from the Basement of his House who Couldn’t Attract Enough Supporters to Fill a Phone Booth . . . Won 81-Million Votes In The Dead Of Night.

Yeah Right. And While You Believe That . . . There’s A Bridge You Can Buy In New York City.

If President Trump Wasn’t The Greatest Threat To The Communist Takeover Of America . . . And Subsequently the Entire World, Why Do you Think the Full Force of the Deep State is Out to Stop Trump From Running Again?

And as Terrified as the Democrats, the RINOS, the Unions and the Global Corporationists are of Four More Years of Trump, Tells Me that the World Desperately Needs Four More Years of Trump with all of Trump’s Peccadilloes.

I Don’t Care What They Have To Say About Trump . . . The Only Thing That’s Changed Is Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The World Wide Plan continues to unfold. It will Not be a Good Plan. It is Not a Good Plan. It is Their Plan and We The People … are Not in it. “Gentlemen … Prepare to Defend Yourselves”. Sergeant Major Basil Plumley. We Were Soldiers, 2002.

  2. Amen!!!! Never-Trumpers are blind, stupid, hypocritical traitors.

  3. Excellent commentary Howard, one of your best in my opinion.Most people don’t realize the deep state was a creation of Woodrow Wilson. That’s how long the war between good evil has had battle lines drawn within the beltway. The U.S. and Canada only need to look at England and France to see our futures.

  4. Governments are no longer on a moral of Right or Wrong. Governments now operate on a foundation of self-interest, self-protection and senseless control of the public in completely excess and inappropriate ways for their own benefit.

  5. We know that Great Britain and the US are in terrible hands. In the US is even worse since any rational analyst would conclude that the two specimens up there cannot possibly be really elected. The US voters deserve some respect. Even the weak links there would know well enough as to reject the notion of voting for those two. England? stepping right along into the same pit as the US did.

  6. One of your best, Thank you. I agree with the above re: Woodrow Wilson; further, I would add FDR as well as Lyndon Johnson to that list. Academia has been hi-jacked into teaching anti- capitalism, anti-constitution while teaching pro-socialism / communism for many decades (rewriting history) —— to the point that very few people under 40-50 years old have a solid understand the greatness of the USA and Canada.

  7. Howard… we all are praying for the “good” guys and to HELL with the neverTrumpers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. And King Charles III is a member of the World Economic Forum. His Communist instincts do not bode well for Merry Olde England no matter who the Prime Minister is now that Liz Truss is out.

  9. I keep saying, repeating, 80% of sheeples have be forbidden to vote. Totally brainwashed by the communist left, don’t keep up with what is actually going “on” and keep voting like women in Canada, “OH” turdgrope is so cute, I vote for him. At least his father was a lawyer but also a socialist communist idiot follower in love with castro and turdgrope junior a.k.a as trou d’eau (waterhole in French) is in love with the chinese dictatorship. All the editorials are the best, not just the late

  10. End times anyone? Unless the US, Canada, etc., reverse course in 2022, there is no coming back. Our Nov 8 outcome is the defining moment likely for one of, if not THE biggest moments in our history for our Constitutional Republic. It’s make or break time and the whole world knows it. WE MUST make sure Nov 8 elections are without fraud or cheating, as much as is possible.

  11. Trouble with Americans who are “Never Trumpers” is that “you can’t fix STUPID” which they currently are! They are all but “hopelessly committed” to stay that way.

  12. Which other elected president besides O’Biden has sat in his basement during a Presidential campaign? That, in itself, is/was Proof that the 2020 election was Fraudulent…that it was “bought”! The Democrats had a Plan and it Worked! No doubt, they have another Plan, but this time, it won’t work because the O’Biden administration has Proven itelf to be a Fake & Incompetent one, as proven by its Ruination of America. Hope & Pray that the Republicans will Win Both the House & Senate. Amen!

  13. First of all either I am losing my eye sight or your print has gotten smaller. As for as the Democrats anyone with common sense knows they are all nutty thieves. We all know they are bad evil people. There is really no more to say about any of them.Those who still believe in them are as nutty as they are. Keep up the good writing Howard. Wishing you and family all the very best.

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