UNRWA (UN) Hates Israel & Hates Jews Equally


Before Getting Into The World Versus Israel . . . Let Me Write About CNN Versus Trump.

CNN, Biden and the Democrat Party Made a Huge Blunder by Making Such a Colossal Show of Challenging Trump to a One-on-One Debate with Slow-Joe-Biden. As Best As I Can Determine . . . CNN, Biden and the Democrats Never Thought Trump Would Accept the Challenge with all the One-Sided Rules Against Trump.

But To The Great Surprise & Chagrin Of CNN, Biden & The Democrat Party, Trump Accepted the Challenge as Soon as it was Made, because You Don’t Fight your Enemy from the Confines of your Own Safe Environment, or from Your Basement . . . And That’s One Of The Many Things People Love About Trump.

I Read The Other Day In An Israeli Publication . . . To Paraphrase – If Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged) was Going to Write a Novel About the Man Needed to Save America and the Rest of the World . . . The Title Of The Book Would Be “Trump”.

Let Me Tell You What I Think Is Going To Happen During This Thursday’s Debate  . . .

The First Target Of Trump’s “Controlled” Wrath Will Be Dana Bash & Jake Tapper Of CNN, who will be Sucked into the Debate Whether they Like it or Not.

And I Wouldn’t be Surprised if the Producers of the CNN Debate . . . Kill Trump’s Mic, just Like they Killed the Mic of Karoline Leavitt – Trump’s Spokesperson.

Trump’s Not Going To CNN Just To Debate . . . Trump’s Going to CNN to Conduct a Scorched Earth Campaign Against all the Propagandized Media . . . And Since Biden is Already Political Road-Kill – Biden Will More Or Less Be Collateral Damage.


A Massive Conservative Victory For Canada & A Death Knell For Canada’s Liberals.

Last Night – Into The Early Morning Of Vote Counting . . . The Liberal Party of Canada (Justin Trudeau) Lost an Essential By-Election in Downtown Toronto (Toronto St-Paul Riding), which Has Been One of the Safest Seats in Canada for the Liberals.

Not Only Is The Election Result A Major Loss For The Liberals . . . This Is A National Gamechanger.

Because Toronto St-Paul Fell To The Conservatives . . . It Means there is Not a Safe Seat Anywhere in Canada for Trudeau’s Communist/Fascist Liberals.

And If You Think Payback Isn’t A Bitch – Think Of This . . . In these Horrific Times of Global Anti-Semitism, Where Jews & Jewish Properties (Shops, Businesses, Restaurants & Synagogues) are Under Extreme Attack in Cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Other Places in Canada, Trudeau seems as if he Couldn’t Care Less (Just Like His Israel-Hating Father), as Trudeau is Always Promoting Islam & Sikhism, as if these Two Religions are Under Attack.

Amongst The Population Of The Toronto St-Paul Riding . . . 10.9% Of The People Are Jewish, who, like in the United States of America, are Historically Always Expected to Vote for the LEFT (Democrats/Liberals).

Guess What? The Conservatives Won this Almost Guaranteed Liberal Riding by About 600-Votes . . . THE JEWS VOTED CONSERVATIVE!

This Toronto Upheaval, Much Like What’s Happening Throughout Most of Europe, which is Cascading to the RIGHT, is a Harbinger for What is Going to Happen on November 5, 2024 In The United States Of America.


This Isn’t Nazi Europe.

America & Canada Are Not The Countries Of Pogroms. We are Supposedly Civilized Countries Guided by the Rule of Law Guaranteed by our Constitutional Rights . . . At Least That Is What I Believed Until Now.

Maybe That’s True If You’re A Democrat In Biden’s America Or A Liberal In Trudeau’s Canada.

So How Many People In Canada Or The USA Have Been Arrested, Charged, Convicted & Imprisoned for Hate Crimes Against Jews, Including Trespassing, Illegal Occupation, Destruction of Property, Failing to Obey the Commands of the Police & Violence Against Authorities (Police)?

Juxtapose That To The Number Of Canadian Truckers & January Sixers Prosecuted & Jailed.


It’s True – They Can’t Hide-It Anymore . . . Biden Is Withholding 50% Of Weaponry From Israel. But What the Biden Administration is Saying Now, is that they Aren’t Slowing Down Armament Deliveries to Israel – As Much As They Just Aren’t Fast Tracking Them . . . Do You See The Difference?


They’re Not Protestors. They’re Not Demonstrators – They Are Violent Jew-Haters.

Just Because A Jew-Hater Comes From An Ivy League University . . . Doesn’t Mean he or she is any Different than Ignorant & Hateful Thugs Determined to Eradicate the Jewish People . . . And They Don’t Even Really Know Why.


Fight – Fight – Fight . . . We Can Run, But We Can’t Hide . . . So Why Bother Running?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes, and to add to all this, we in the U.S. are now, and have been – seeing what liberal’s can do when given the the rule. Good for Canada! on the other hand!! But as always, Good luck to all you suffering Jews out there!

  2. I don’t understand, I don’t understand. Never have. Please, someone, tell me WHY. Seriously. WHY is there hatred against the Jewish? WHY? One of the closest friends I have ever had was Jewish. I didn’t know. I never connected her last name to a religion. Just didn’t. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. SHE mattered, not her religion.Should she have hated me because I’m Protestant? Should you be hated if you are Catholic? Please, someone, tell me WHY. Seriously. WHY?

  3. And this is the EXACT reason that I think the UN needs to be kicked out of our country. As a taxpayer and a Jewish woman, I am angry that my money is supporting an anti Semitic group that has made it known in numerous ways that they reject Israel and Jews. I eagerly await the November 5th elections held in my country and pray that the majority of voters in your country will rid the country of trudeau. Neither biden nor trudeau are leaders by any definition of the word.

  4. I’ve been asking the question about how the Jewish vote split in the By Election last night..how do you know they voted conservative.I’m constantly baffled by the stupidity of our fellow Jews bending over backwards looking for an excuse not to vote again for Trudeau..favourite story of mine is that my closest friends cousin who ascribes himself as an intellectual was asked why he will still be voting Liberal..this so called genius responded by say my Family has always voted that way…FN Moron

  5. As a Jew from the former USSR myself, I think I better understand the roots of Jewish leftism in the USA. Thousands of Jews came to the US from Eastern Europe at the end of 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century. With them, they brought bacillus of socialism, which, at that time, was very popular in Eastern Europe. They never lived it, but in theory it sounds real appealing. Then, they instilled the love for socialism into their children and grandchildren. Brainwashing is alive and well

  6. Jew hatred is satanic because Jews are God’s chosen people forever.

  7. My take on it is Jews vote traditionally Liberal/Democrat because they associate those politics with tolerance and acceptance of them. Conversely Convervatism/Republicanism is associated with nationalism and historically peoples with strong nationalistic tendencies have been seen as antisemitic and thus dangerous to them.

  8. Trudeau is a fool if he didn’t get the message last night. His agenda has been exposed to the majority of even the Woke followers of his Globalist goal. Thankfully Canadians are beginning to see the light.

  9. A liberal Democrat lead the U.S. in WW II and stopped the holocaust. A liberal Democrat had the U.S. recognize Israel in 1948. Today, the liberal democrats and their party have all but abandoned Israel and the Jews. It is time the Jews in the U.S. recognize this and leave the Democratic Party.

  10. Montreal Jews.. How long will you allow Anthony Housefather to remain on the wrong side of history? Was just in Montreal for 48 hours and interviewed a handful of well educated Jews from Westmount, TMR, Hampstead, and Cote St. Luc (origin of Hillel Neuer CEO of UN Watch in Geneva; a great Jew). They are all wishing AH would change parties. He should not count on their loyalty. They are ecstatic about the results in Toronto. The world is on fire thanks to Sinwar and Biden. Chose carefully.

  11. I hope & pray your forecast for a positive (Trump) win in Nov will come to fruition. I’ve felt for some time that God’s hand of protection was being removed from our nation beginning with removing prayer & all things Bible/God from schools. Legalized killing of unborn babies was part 2. The 3rd (and likely last) thing was legalizing marriage between two consenting adults rather than “man & woman”. The downhill spiral has increased in speed to perversion & a defiant mentality (reprobate mind

  12. I see this country and yours falling into an abyss that leads straight to HELL. LBGQT, what ever, want to control your children so that they have future candidates of their sick world. Look at Biden’s cabinet, full of mentally ill self serving fools. “But they are so nice, kind and friendly” I am told. So was Japan until they attacked us in an early morning assault, killing thousands. If you leave a Cancer alone, it will kill you. Our countries have a Cancer, we must cut it out before it kill

  13. Howard again you are right on the money. I was especially supprised and happy to see, that you recognize what ,not only Canada but the present administration .iin the U.S. is under the liberal nitwits—A COMMUNIST/FASCIEST type of Govt.The same that the Bible describes as being the type that the One World Govt. will be under SATAN. The United Nations is behind what is happening in the U.S. and should be abolished,disbanded and thrown out of the U.S. for interfereing in U.S internal affairs.

  14. According to the bible God did choose the Jewish people as His people. However, when God sent His son to earth, He declared that ALL who obeyed His laws AND accepted Jesus’s blood that cleansed away our sins, they became God’s children. It matters not the color of your skin or where you came into this world, only that you accept Jesus Christ as your savior & obey His Laws & Jesus.

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