Keep Punching Until There Is Nothing Left


As Someone Who Fought In Martial Arts Tournaments . . . The Rule Is Never Stop.

On May 24, 2024 I Wrote:

. . . ALSO – No Matter The Verdict . . . Alvin Bragg, Along with all the Other Judicial Tyrants (Insulters Of Blind Justice) Has Already Been Found Guilty of Promoting & Practicing Judicial Malfeasance (Lawfare) to the Mortification of all People who Truly Believe in the Rule of Law.

Let Me Be As Succinct As Possible . . . The Globalists Have Been at War with Individual Freedoms, for far More than a Hundred Years, Long Before Marx, Lenin and the Rest of the Dreadful Adherents to Communism (Fascism/Tyranny).

But Finally . . . With the Anti-Trump (Anti-American) Verdict, People like Me No Longer Have to Beat the Drum to all People, Telling them that we are at War, We Just Didn’t Know-It . . . But We Know-It Now.

I Started to Write this Editorial the Day After the Verdict, but Decided to Wait Before Publishing, in Order to Allow My Anger & Passion to Subside Somewhat, Which Would Allow Me To Write More Cogently.

Chuck Schumer Infamously Said About Conservatives on the Supreme Court Vis A Vis the Court’s Judgment Concerning Roe Versus Wade . . . “You Have Unleashed The Whirlwind & Now You Will Pay The Price”.

I Have News For The Democrats. With This Horrific Judgment . . . They Have Now Unleashed The Whirlwind For Themselves & Will Now Pay Far More Than They Might Have Realized.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . Whether you are a Trump Supporter or Not, this Judgment Rendered from a Kangaroo Court, Has to Shake Everyone with Enough Intelligence to Understand that the Government Just Engaged in Political Warfare (Lawfare), To Silence, Stop, And/Or Eradicate A Political Opponent . . . To The Core.


This Judgment Is An Overt Attack On The Freedoms Of America . . . Guaranteed through the Constitution of the United States of America, to the Point that the Global Foundation of America’s Freedoms, which Set the Standard & Yardstick the Rest  of the World Follows for the Preservation of Modern “Democracy” . . . Has Just Sustained A Paralyzing Blow From The Inside.

While The LEFT Is Celebrating Today . . . They Will Be Lamenting Tomorrow – Since What Goes Around Comes Around. And those who Rejoice at the Misery of Others, will be the Recipients of the Schadenfreude Of Others.


There is No Shortage of Uninformed & Ignorant Americans who will Believe Whatever is Fed to them, No Matter How Outrageous. But On The Other Hand, there is a Greater Number of Americans who Have an Understanding Between What is Right & What is Wrong, Even If They Can’t Fully Define Their Feelings.

There Have Been Many Times In My Life, When I was About to Do or Say Something that Might Have Been Regrettable, When An Inner-Feeling Told Me To Do Neither. And Virtually, Every Time I Ignored My Inner-Feelings, I Lived to Regret It.

I Contend . . . That there is a Plethora of Americans who Have that Inherent Righteousness, who Might Not be Able to Artfully Articulate the Difference Between Virtue & Disgrace, but like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, who in 1964  was Litigating a Pornography Hearing – Said . . . “I Can’t Define Pornography – But I Know It When I See It”.


People Of Character . . . Not Specifically Or Necessarily Trump Supporters, who Look Upon this Judicial Outcome with Open Eyes, Cannot be Pleased or Feel any Semblance of Victory, Considering the Bigger Implication to this Assault on a Nearly 250-Year Constitutional Assurance that was Purposefully Created . . . To Guarantee Against This Type Of Political/Judicial Abuse That Has Just Been Usurped.

This New York City (Manhattan) Ruling will Go to Further Engage Trump Supporters who are Already Fully-In for Trump . . . but will Also Fire-Up Many Soft Trump Supporters, And Drive Independents Who Needed Some Reason To Get Off The Fence, To Move To The Republicans.


If the Biden Handlers (Obama) Think this Depiction of Trump as the Convicted Felon, will Erase the Dreadful Biden Economy (Bidenomics), Open Border Flood of Illegal & Dangerous Immigrants, Hyper Inflation, Crime on the Streets, Incorrigible National Debt, Global Instability – Etc . . . They Are  Living In A Dream World.

Convicting Trump Adds One More Magnificent Arrow In Trump’s MAGA Quiver.

Not Only Does The Trump Conviction Not Harm Trump . . . In All Practicality, the Conviction Adds to the Belief that the LEFT, which Includes Biden and his Handlers, are Not to be Trusted and are the Antithesis of Freedom, Fairness & Democracy, Further Strengthening the Message that Trump is the Only Man . . . Who Can Right The Wrong That Has Been Set-Upon America By The Globalist LEFT.

When The “Common” Men & Women On The Street, in Concert with Billionaires Like Elon Musk, Miriam Addelson and Far Too Many Others to Mention, are Falling Over each Other to Donate Money & Promise Participation in the Pro-Trump MAGA Campaign . . . The Message Cannot Be Clearer.


The Biden Smirk At The Conviction Of Trump, Will Be The Final Nail In The Heart Of The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well put as usual, Howard! It appears, and I sincerely hope, the left has jumped out of the frying pan in to the fire! We have never before seen such an incompetent and crooked administration as we have today. I am 80 years old and quite concerned about what lies ahead for our grandkids and great grandkids!

  2. They have awakened the Patriots. All I can say is Jesus was convicted in a sham trial…and crucified. I still follow Him. Trump 2024!

  3. Also consider jury thinking guilty=keeps dem thugs off our backs, puts Trump straight into Presidency, and with total view of farce trial will make easy overturn for any/all appeals. Win win win. Not guilty=thug dems and lunatics to haunt us and families for the rest of our lives. I realize the above might be giving the jury more credit for brains than they deserve, but the logic is obvious……

  4. Well said Howard. But I will never stay or visit a Communist country such as Cuba the same can now be said of the U.S. of A. Too Bad Soo Sad

  5. I, for one, am still worried. The Constitution was shredded during this trial. Where is the pushback for that? Will it continue? Will we be Third World without our Constitution? Obama may revel in that. I am very much saddened by the thought. And I fear a Biden re-election. Rigged. Biden is such an evil, weak crooked man. And his entire family seems to mirror that.

  6. Wow! Those Democrats have shown us Soviet style Justice. They have to have sh*t for brains. Then Biden comes out with a new/old proposition for Israel-Hamas. It won’t work, but what has he got to in Rafah that he doesn’t want Israel to find?

  7. I am still feeling a multitude of emotions about the verdict, most being disappointment of what the USA has become to anger I find difficult to describe. The only positive thing has been the outpouring of support for DJT. Just like w/J-6ers, charges are drummed up out of thin air to create a ‘case’. Sick part is they’re still getting away with it. WHEN will GOP, Constitutional attorneys, anyone come together to FIGHT BACK? What about citizen class action lawsuit against Bragg & Merchan?

  8. While in Canada the sham courts go on: The Kangaroo courts for The Coutts 4 now 3, In the sewer of Ottawa Barber and Liche trial. Oppose the tyrant dictatorship and get bogus charges and no justice. As for Israel just abide by the Torah and live in peace, really quite simple, no negotiations, no backing down, and no false gods ( Mosques). I think a western revolution is on it’s way, sad very sad

  9. The guilty verdict will have no effect come November when people will vote their wallets because of the huge increases in grocery and gas prices and prices of almost everything else.

  10. Trump 2024! I can see no demon rat anywhere with an iota of concern for the country or for Israel- these vermin have power as their “god”. And any Jewish people still supporting the libs remind me of the Bible story of the golden calf. Love your work, Howard.

  11. I think chuckles schumer’s words will come back and bite him in the butt. Many of us have been aware of the extreme political agenda and movement for decades. They are continuing a hard push of liberal/marxist/communist/socialist ideology meant to allow a takeover and the eventual change away from our country’s form of government. Trump stands in their way and is our GREAT PROTECTOR. November 5th can’t come too soon.

  12. You write: “Has to Shake Everyone with Enough Intelligence to Understand There is No Shortage of Uninformed & Ignorant Americans who will Believe Whatever is Fed to them, No Matter How Outrageous, there is a Greater Number of Americans who Have an Understanding Between What is Right & What is Wrong who Look Upon this Judicial Outcome with Open Eyes, Cannot be Pleased or Feel any Semblance of Victory.” I really wonder about that, I only see 20% of sheeples you mention, we need 60%.

  13. To Carlos in Sudbury: The US wasted decades of cash and credibility on the Palestinians. The Iranians supplied the means for this, even as the Obama and Biden administrations tried to bribe the Iranians. The exposure of the tunnels between Rafah and Egypt confirm corruption at the highest level of the Egyptian military, which is American funded and trained. Now we understand why the Egyptians have warned Israel against going into Rafah. And we also understand why Biden gave the same warning.

  14. I was not at all surprised, and I see all the glee of the Trump haters. Snide remarks, etc. “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”. The demoncrates have released the kraken.

  15. When they nailed Jesus to the cross, his last words were: “Forgive Them Father, For They Know Not What They Do.” Jesus Christ said it best didn’t he? People do stupid things. Right now, in the backgound I’ve got The Kingston Trio singing “Desert Pete” (on LP) / The chorus goes like this: “You’ve got to prime the pump, you must have faith and believe.” Faith and Believe? Translated > you’ve got to have trust in God or some Divine Power….without actual evidence or proof.

  16. Well Said. With all the LAWYERS in Congress WHY was this trial allowed. Something SMELLS. Why is everyone talking & doing NOTHING? Trump may win, but how will he serve? I suspect jail time is apparent. We better be ready for a FIGHT. Too many FLAGS being tossed to distract us. Will the APPEALS be heard? NY is 3rd World already. The fat lady ain’t sung yet. May we finally act? I wonder. Be ready to move mountains for our Republic. Amen. God Bless

  17. Can not comment, you said it all Howard, I never thought I would see this day happen in America,not in all of my 85 years–but unfortunatly it has, and I knew it would as far back as the 60’s with the rise of Liberalism (Communism) and the election of jimmy Carter., the question is ,Will there be blood in the streets of America again?

  18. Yes, hearing you all, & say – me to! thx. to all these liberal minded U.S. voters to understand what they are doing to us w/some candidates who just can’t wait to see more liberals controlling – as per recent, U.S. court rooms, mayorships, & etcetora other high offices accross our land.

  19. Sadly, it’s time to convict GW Bush for lying about Iraq,,,,,,,there was no mass destruction! Today he makes jokes about it!!!! We need to put him in jail……..

  20. I was talking with a gentleman about the trial, he said, “It is like you get a speeding ticket, and when you show up at court, they tell you, it is for reckless driving, endangering others, running a red light, not paying your taxes on time, disrespecting an officer, using foul language at an officer.” All rolled into one now you are facing a Felony Conviction with a 5 year jail sentence and being gagged so you can not say anything in your own defense, also they bring in a Serial Liar.

  21. I believe this has pushed President Trump to the biggest landslide to be seen to the Presidency. But, the 270+ Electorial votes he gets may not matter if he carries the title of “Insurrectionist,” since an insurrectionist can NOT hold public office in the USA. It would go to the House for each state to vote (?) and would that get around the 14th Amendment, and Electorate, to make him President? Of course, the newly voted in House would have to vote him in. Prayers for Trump!!

  22. A BLACK day in history! There is so much on record about ‘the Biden’s’ illegal activity’s, but NOTHING is done (Hunter trial will be quite revealing). Trump, who is one of the most honest Presidents they’ve ever had, gets charged w/ a very minor infraction because that was all they cud find. Americans shud be ecstatic to have Trump back in as Pres, but the Media continues to feed them MISinformation that they believe.

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