Teaching Ignorance . . . The Weapon Of Thuggery


On Friday May 10, 2024 After The End Of That Day’s Trial, I Said to Anne . . . I Wish as Many as 50,000 People would Turn-Out to the Jersey Shore Trump Rally on Saturday (May 13, 2024), Because . . . if that would Happen. it Would be a Tremendous Blow & Message to the Biden LEFT . . . And A Fabulous Success For A Trump Constitutional Victory.

Go Figure That I Was Mistaken By About 50,000 People, as About 100,000 People & Possibly More, Turned Out to Wildwood New Jersey to Cheer on the People’s Champion . . . Donald J Trump.

So I Have to Rethink my Earlier Suggestion that Trump Should Hold a Rally or Two at Madison Square Garden, Since Madison Square Garden “Only” Has a Capacity to Seat About 20,000.

A Better Venue Would Be Yankee Stadium In The Bronx . . . “The House That Ruth Built” . . . Which was Home to a Plethora of Great Champions, with a Stadium Capacity Not Including on the Playing Field . . . Of About 52,000 People.


Big-Mo Is All About Big Momentum . . . which is Like Trying to Stop a Fully-Fueled & Fully-Loaded 2-Mile-Long Runaway Freight Train, Careening Down an Incline . . . With Virtually No Brakes – As It Continues To Pick-Up Speed Until It Reaches The Next Incline Going Up.

Do You See Any Incline To Slow Down Trump’s Big-Mo . . . If You Do – Please Share-It.


I Wrote The Other Day, That Biden Has Rung A Bell That Can’t Be Un-Rung.

Now We’re Reading In The Democrat’s Propaganda Media Mouthpiece . . . The Washington Post, that Biden Would be Willing to Turn Over Vital Secret Information on Hamas and the Hamas (Gaza) Tunnels to Israel, If The Israelis Promised Not To Finish The Job In Rafah.

But, As Soon As This Ugly Policy Became Public, with an Outcry of Treason Towards an Ally at War (Israel), the State Department Quickly Proclaimed that the Washington Post Story, Which Was Confirmed By Several Post Staffers Wasn’t True.

Yeah . . . So Who Do You Believe?

Do you Believe the Government which is Destroying the Foundation of the American Dream by so Many Nefarious Ways . . . That Are Almost Too Many To Count?

Do You Believe the Government which Created the Worst Surrender in American Military History . . . And Then Lied About It (Afghanistan)?

Do You Believe the Government which Threw Open America’s Borders & Surreptitiously Flew Hundreds of Thousands of Clandestine Aliens into America . . . Unbeknownst To The American People . . . As the Secretary of Homeland Security (Mayorkas), the Border Czar (Harris) and the President Himself (Biden) – All Said & Promised That The Border Was Secure?

Do You Believe The Government That Closed Down Its Own Country, Closed Down Selective Private Industries, Closed Down Schools, Closed Down Religious Places of Worship, Fined & Jailed its Own Citizenry for Wanting to Live Free, Restricted Freedom of Expression, Restricted Freedom of Travel, Forced the Wearing of Useless Masks, Forced Made-Up “Social Distancing”, Forced Untested Vaccines, Lied About Vaccine Efficacy, Restricted Alternative Treatments Against the Virus . . . And Caused Even More Egregious Assaults On The Fabric Of American Constitutional Freedoms Than I Can Write In Just One Editorial?

Are You Going To Trust The Government Who Tells You That The Economy Is Great, while Three-Quarters of the American People are Living from Day to Day, with Many People Existing on their Credit Cards . . . Before Their Credit Limits Are Maxed-Out?

I Could Keep Going About Yesterday . . . But Why Beat A Dead Horse?

Only the Dummies, Civil Servants (Bureaucrats) and/or the Uber Wealthy Don’t Know How Bad it is for the Average Man, Woman & Child . . . Or Don’t Care.


Where’s Biden’s Condemnation Of The Pro-Terrorist Thugs Throughout Academic America?

How Do Biden & His Handlers Explain, Why & How Biden Said to the Whole World, that Effectively . . . America Has Israel’s Back (Iron Clad), while Speaking at the Washington Holocaust Center During the Somber Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, while Israel is Fighting for its Life . . . As Biden Already Made The Decision To Stab Israel In The Back By Withholding Crucial Military Equipment?

And To Add Insult To Injury . . . How Does Biden Explain to Israel and to All Interested Parties (International Allies) that America Has Been Withholding Vital Intelligence about Hamas, Hamas Tunnels & the Whereabouts of Strategic Terrorist Leadership from the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces)?

And Why Is Biden Offering This Information To Israel If Israel Promises Not To Go To Rafah?

I GUESS THE BIG QUESTION HAS TO BE . . . Why Does Biden Care so Much About a Nazi-Like Group of Islamic Savages who Murdered, Raped & Pillaged Thousands of Innocent, Unarmed & Unsuspecting Jews . . . That these Violators Of Humanity Should Be Kept Alive, Active & In-Power?

And Where the Hell is Biden’s Voice Against the American Flag Burners, Statue Desecrators, Hamas/Palestinian Flag Wavers, Societal Disrupters & Anti-Semites – Who Scream Such Vile Epithets As “Gas The Jews”?


This Is Not Going To Be A Close Election . . . This Will Be The Red Wave That was Expected In 2022.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Shalom Howard. This time I would believe the WP staffers. The dem party, harris and joblow have been the working traitors of barry sotero, gates, soros, and bernie sanders. They despise Yisrael, America, and conservative values. The world would be a much better place without any of them. They would sell their own mothers into the sex trade if they could get more money and more power.

  2. Howard every American should read this. You said it all.

  3. I concur with your comments, and I hope and pray that you’re right about the red wave. If we don’t have that red wave we won’t have a free country. Even before election day, I keep seeing warnings about the “digital dollars” or “fed money.” If that becomes reality, we may not have another free election until the second American revolution.

  4. Howard, you are always so right on the pertinent facts of our situation, and even so, you always exceed with ever editorial. I don’t know how you do it, But I am sure glad you do! I would love to see Trump take some of those uppity coastal states in November so we can wave bye bye to corrupt prosecutors and judges, and get on with being America the Great! TRUMP 2024!

  5. Brilliant, Howard! Simply outlined and brilliant! Keep it coming.

  6. Howard, JoeyB and Cackling Kamala need to go. America cannot withstand another term with these two incompetent Socialists at the helm.

  7. I can’t comprehend what the WP wrote, this administration knew/know where the Hamas leadership is hiding and didn’t give it to the IDF? This is as close to treason as I’ve ever seen!! People should be court marshalled for this!! Even more absurd is to give it to the IDF and prohibit them from going in and taking those animals out (sorry animal, didn’t mean to insult you). Send in the fire department but only allow them to put out only 80% of the fire. November 5th couldn’t come fast enough.

  8. I have been following this president for years, ever since he was a junior senator and was lambasted by Israeli PM Menachem Begin when he threatened Israel the first time.” I am not a Jew with trembling knees”. Like Mordechai who refused to bow to Haman (Purim). Now the idiot has lost both the Jewish and Christian/ evangelical vote. The Biden family has always had a lifestyle far beyond the capability of someone in govt, always financed by exogenous sources. I am convinced his newest is Qatar.

  9. Another tremendous Editorial, Howard. Thank You Again for telling it like it is. Back in High School, we had a terrific English teacher, Mr. Burgess, who always walked into our classroom, grabbed a piece of chalk and then wrote THINK on the blackboard. During one lessson, Mr. Burgess talked about Friendship. He said: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Have Jew-Haters and Hamas, etc…become Joe Biden’s friends???

  10. I so enjoy your insight… I hope you and your family are well and loving life… ❤️

  11. Imagine what kind of Canada and U.S.A. it would be if Howard was Prime Minister and President at the same time? Our 2 countries would be in high heaven because everything Howard writes is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and if that little scenario would come to pass it would be an honour for me to serve and work under him as leader.

  12. Estimates now are that Trump brought in 100,000 people to his NJ beach rally yesterday. 100,000. Take THAT, Dems. Yes, why DOES Biden care so much about Hamas? I’m totally disgusted and have had enough. We need to vote this whole dirty crew OUT. Ban them if possible from any further association with politics – anywhere at any time in any form. Thank you, Howard. I look forward to your writings in my Inbox. Keep ‘em coming!

  13. Your prediction will come true for sure because biden and his fellow thugs have revealed themselves to be the enemies of our allies and the enemies within our country trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic. That’s what always happens when evil doers begin losing. Their rage opens their mouths which spew the real plans they are peddling. VOTE IN NOVEMBER—DO NOT VOTE FOR ENEMIES LIKE DEMOCRATS AND RINOS..

  14. Sir, I hope you are right about the Red Wave. As I see it, we will have a Civil War on our hands by the middle of Summer. These Idiot College Fools are not going away, the Pro Rioters are imbedded deep and continue to push our Law Enforcement. Why hasn’t Biden and Company order the National Guard to step in and clean out and shut down the Colleges? They are hoping some Hapless Idiot Student will attack and cause another Kent State so Biden can declare Martial Law, No Elections then.

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