It’s Happening Before Our Eyes

Guess Who The New Jews Are? – Welcome To The Club:

The WHO (World Health Organization) Was Just Denied the Right to Control How the Whole World will Have to Deal with Future Global Pandemics, in Place of our National Sovereignty, Which Doesn’t Mean They Won’t Stop Trying.


Canada, Being Led By A Pseudo Communist (Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau) . . . In League with the Communist NDP (National Democratic Party), is a Proud Signatory to Much of What the Globalist LEFT (UN, EU, ICC, WEF – Etc) Wants To Impose Upon The “Free” World.

Even Now In Canada . . . The Way Canada Handles Domestic Gun Ownership . . . is Fiercely Based Upon the Dictates of Countries Foreign to Canada.

As A Canadian . . . I Never Voted for a Non-Canadian from Anywhere Else in the World, to Make Policy for Me or Mine Outside of Our Sovereign Canadian Borders. But That Doesn’t Stop Trudeau.

Like It Or Not, Under Canada’s LEFTIST Governance, it is Happening Every Day in the Great White North – AKA Canada.


1 – Trump Wins On November 5, 2024, Especially In A Huge Way, As I Suspect He Will.

2 – Pierre Poilievre Will Win In Canada As Canada’s Next Prime Minister . . . When Trudeau Finally Decides to Call a National Election, which he Doesn’t Have to Invoke Until Some Time in 2026 (Within 5-Years From His Last Election Victory) as Prime Minister, Even Though The Next Canadian Federal Election Is Slated To Be Held On The Third Monday In October – October 20, 2025.

But Like It Or Not . . . That is either Up-To Trudeau or NDP Leader Singh, if Singh Decides to Call a Non-Confidence Motion Before the Fixed October (2025) Election Date, which Would Demand an Election within a Month or so from a Successful Non-Confidence Vote, or if Trudeau Decides to String-Out the Next Election – To The Maximum 5-Years.

Either Way . . . As I See-It – Trump Will Win & So Will Poilievre – Both With Huge Mandates.


As Much As I Will Applaud A Future Poilievre Victory For Canada . . . If Trump Doesn’t Win, Especially with a Substantial Margin, it Probably Won’t Matter that Much if Poilievre Wins or Not, since the Globalist Parasites will Converge Upon the World Like Political Locusts, Consuming All Freedoms In Their Path.


Israel Is Fighting For Its Very Existence . . . Against a Reprehensible Enemy Whose Greatest Contribution to Humanity has Been Global Pain & Mayhem.

Think About This For A Nanosecond . . . The Arab/Persian/Moslem World, with a Population of 1.7-Billion People has Been Awash with Trillions Of Dollars In Oil Wealth, and What Have they Done with it Other than to Enrich Themselves, Gorge Themselves on Hedonism, Sustain Tyranny & Practice Misogyny & Religious Discrimination (Genocide)?

Where Is Their Principle For Education, Rights, Freedom & Charity For The Poor?

And Now Think About Tiny Israel & The Global Jewish Population Of Less Than 15-Million People, Barely Representing a Fraction of Global Territory & Nothing More than a Smattering of Global Population . . . Which has Produced More Gifts & Enlightenment for all of Humanity than all the Arab/Persian & Moslem Countries Combined . . .

Yet – Who Do The Globalists Hate With A Passion, Even Though Judaism DEMANDS that the Jewish People be Educated, that Freedom Reigns Supreme, and the Obligation of all Jews is Tikkun Olam . . . Make The World A Better Place.

So Why are the United Nations (UNRWA), the ICC (International Court In The Hague), the EU (Members Of The European Union) and LEFTIST Governments Globally Doing all they Can to Undermine the Jewish State, To The Point Of Israeli Non-Existence?

The Answer Bears Two Explanations:

1 – Because Of The Belief In Judaism, That God Reigns Supreme Over Mankind, which Stands Directly in the Path of Globalist Power, where the Globalists (Elitist/Communists) Believe they are the Curators of Life & Life’s Freedoms.

2 – The Oldest Hatred In The World Is Jew-Hatred That Spans Thousands Of Years, to the Point that Anti-Semitism Has Become the Propagandized Reason for all of Mankind’s Failures & Untold Foibles.

When Things Go Wrong . . . It’s Always Easiest For The Perpetrators Of Failure To Blame The Jews.

And Now that Conservative Christians Won’t Bend a Knee to the Woke Global Generation . . . Guess Who The New Jews Are? – Welcome To The Club.

I Don’t Necessarily Believe That Trump Is A Man Of Strong Religious Faith . . . He Might Be, but Whether He is or is Not, is Secondary to Trump’s Belief that there is a Stronger Power in the Judeo/Christian Belief, Upon Which The Constitution Of The United States Of America Is Constructed, in Comparison to the Vanity of Humankind.


Once We Get Passed The Noise Of The LEFT, The Quiet Of Freedom Screams The Loudest.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The freelyv elected Israeli Parliament may be voting to declare a main “un” portion a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. That is the core of Hamas. It arms and Indoctrinate Hamas. It presents the gruesome ensemble as it is.

  2. While your comment about Judaism and God is true, socialism and communism are against Judeo-Christian beliefs for another reason. The belief in God and his commandments includes adherence to absolute morals – no gray zones. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao could not have done their damage to the world without eradicating morality which includes the belief in God. We can see this in the progressivism that is poisoning our Western societies. They are not eliminating morality, they are obscuring it.

  3. We must not lose God. The globalists, leftists, anti-God sects may act confidant, but I think they are as fearful and insecure. Imagine knowing you have to go against God & all of His followers. Hold fast. Don’t lose your faith and fighting spirit.

  4. I am not blind to the machinations of the forces of evil in our world, but I take heart that GODS plan will prevail!

  5. It’s called turdgrope because it’s a piece of turd that likes to grope women a.k.a trou d’eau (water hole in French) !!!!

  6. If we are in the “end times” as many believe we are, things will continue to get worse. As in the days of Noah, except for a relatively small number who will be taken out, mankind worsens in all evil before God. They set their fate that God ordained a long time ago.

  7. Neither Trudeau, nor Biden have the right to cede sovreignty to any organisation outside of N.America. To do so would surely be treason. Trump makes and keeps important promises. I’ve only heard Poilievre repeat ‘Axe the Tax’ and that’s an easy one, he doesn’t mention the important Cdn issues. Skullduggery is at work in N America and despite what would promise to be landslides in Nov and 2025/6 I am not overly optimistic. The world needs Trump asap to rid us of WEF, WHO, UN and Climate fana

  8. From revparl dot ca web site: “In 2007 Parliament adopted legislation establishing a fixed date for elections every four years” In order to have a 5 years election in Canada which has not occured since the 1948-1953 Louis St-Laurent mandate by the way, you’d probably need a situation like a state of emergency or in case of a war in order to violate Harper’s law on fixed term election dates though I am not a constitutionalist lawyer.

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