Biden Is Ahead Of Trump . . . In His Dreams


Anyone Can Create A Poll. And Every Poll Can Be Manipulated To Get A Desirable Result.

If You Think I’m Wrong . . . Think About the Outrageous Use of Lawfare Against President Donald Trump, which is Being Done in Plain-Sight Without Shame.

And as Ludicrous as these Sham Charges are Against Trump, Which Are Obviously Rigged, there is No Shortage of Ignorant People who Believe these Lies, because these People are Stupid, or they are so Blinded to the Truth by their Disdain for Trump, That They Believe What They Want To Believe.

Think About The Outright Lies & Distortions Emanating Against Trump From The Legacy Media, and the Truth About Biden and his Despicable Family, that is and was Censored by the Democrats in Power and by the Purveyors of the One World Government, which Colluded with Social & Legacy Media . . . To Withhold The Actual Truth From The People.

Think About Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell. And Now Think About the Actual Tape of Joe Biden Supposedly Flubbing, Forgetting & Confusing his Answers to the Simple Questions of Special Council Robert Hur over Biden’s Illegal Use of Classified Documents.

According To Special Council Hur, Biden Was So Out-Of-It That He Was Beyond Prosecution.

According To The Democrats – That Just Isn’t True . . . But if Biden is as Mentally Fit as the Democrats and the Media are Portraying him to be . . . Why Not Just Release The Tape & Remove All Doubt?


According To Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland – Biden Has Executive Privilege.

How Can The Release Of The Tapes Be Withheld By Privilege Because It Deals With President Biden? But the Information that was Demanded to be Made Public About President Trump Isn’t Protected by Privilege?

If Double Standards In Law, Media Credibility & Political Integrity Are Acceptable . . . Why Would Double Standards Not Be Acceptable Or Expected In Polling?

The Media, The Democrat Party & Poll-Takers Are Not Necessarily Honest . . . so, by Taking their Word for Polling Results at Face Value, which Might Sway the Minds of Voters in One Way or the Other, Is Nothing More Or Less Than A Mug’s Game.


In Virtually Every Recent Poll . .  . Trump is Leading Biden in Every Battle-Ground State by at Least Several Percentage Points (Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania & Michigan, with the Exception of Minnesota Where Trump & Biden are Tied.

In Other Major States Like Florida & Texas . . . Trump is so Far Ahead of Biden that Trump’s Lead Eclipses Biden’s Lead in Places like California & Even New York State & New Jersey, where Trump is Making a Serious Play to Win Both.

So How Seriously Can We Take The National Poll That Says Biden Is In The Lead By Two Points?


Do You Really Think Most People Support Late Term Abortions?

I Don’t Care If You’re Black, White, Asian Or Mixed. I Also Don’t Care if you are a Man, Woman, Gay, Straight or Indescribable. Or if you are Young, Old, Married, Single, White Collar, Blue Collar or No Collar . . . Everyone Wants To Be Happy, Be Able To Eat, Shelter, Travel & Be Safe.

And Even People Who Aren’t Totally Stupid Want A Safe & Secure Border.

It Also Seems as Though Polls that show Trump is Making Huge Inroads at the Expense of Biden with People of Color, Hispanics, Women and the Youth is No Big Deal . . . I Think It’s A Big Deal – Don’t You?


Everything I Just Wrote – Is What Trump Is Running-On . . .

What Is Joe Biden Running-On? Is Biden Running on his Ability to Spend the People’s Money as if he was a Drunken Sailor on Shore-Leave in a City of Brothels?

Do you Really Think the People Give a Crap that Trump was Convicted of Scurrilously Rigged Kangaroo Court Indictments? Or that Trump is Deemed to be a Racist by People (Democrats) who Built their Entire Legacy on their Own Racial Upheavals?

Or that Trump was Accused of Being a Rapist from People who Took Oodles of Cash from the Likes of Epstein & Weinstein, Even Though the Complaint of Rape was Dismissed Without Merit by the Courts?

Or That Somehow Trump Is A Threat To Democracy As The Democrats Use Political Lawfare?  


Biden Is Incoherent, Angry & An International Joke – And Waiting In The Wings Is Kamala.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well Said!! While we are being kept busy with Biden & Antisemitism as our RED FLAG, the ‘rest of the world’ is working on DIGITAL MONEY so OUR money has no value. JP Morgan sounded the alarm & we better be ready because this WILL be the ZINGER of all time. We can NOT be caught unawares in this nasty web being spun. Thank You, Mr. G. for all you do. Greatly Appreciated. God Bless. Israel WILL Prevail.

  2. AMEN to everything you’ve said. Thank you for your articles/editorials.

  3. The old adage “folks want to vote for a Winner”, so make the Polls look like Biden is winning and you will have idiots vote for him even thought life is a lot more expensive to live right now. Drilling for Oil and Natural Gas will help bring many costs down, common sense shows that. Putting more strain on the electrical grid is going to drive costs up, what are you going to do with Brown Outs during 100degree heat. How much produce/food will be lost during the Brown Outs? Happens every year.

  4. Biden is a legend in his own mind !!! Predictions are for Gypsies, but I strongly believe Donald Trump will win the November election. But to be honest, I’m more worried about Israel. They are fighting Hamas (to be destroyed) and Hezbollah as well. The Hezbollah factor worries me since their weapons are highly sophisitcated and can do extreme damage to Israel. Israel will obviously fight back but not without loss of people and of property. I’m worried. /// AM ISRAEL CHAI

  5. There’s only one thing wrong with what you said. You said that biden spends like a drunken sailor. That’s not really true. When we ran out of money, we stopped spending. He doesn’t, and we’re all going to pay for that. (I was in the navy years and years ago, but I remember that we were limited by the money we had in our pants pockets.)

  6. Some pious people won’t vote for Trump bcs he is divorced, supposed adulterer, etc. These r fools who will stay home to let pedojo win an election & then complain about the costs of living or losing their job. My question is, where are the election interference charges against bill clinton & every congress/senate person who has used their slush fund set up to settle sexual harassment charges to keep them out of the news? Why isn’t this fund information available to FOIA requests? xclnt column.

  7. I agree, it’s a frightening fact that potentially half of this wonderful country believe the phony propaganda and will be voting for Biden. What’s really scary is that a whole lot of those idiots have or are procreating.

  8. Senator Tom Cotton (Republican- AR) is now my first choice for Trump VP after publishing his letter of disgust to the Biden administration concerning their deliberate slow walking of arms shipments to Israel. He is a true Conservative Republican who (like Mike Pompeo) is unapologetically Pro-Israel. Too bad there cannot be both a male and a female VP. Can you imagine a Cotton-Stefanik combo position. Also, BiBi has decided to go on the offensive against Biden with his video put out yesterday.

  9. If you think Biden is a fool, and I do. Look at what our pompous idiot in Canada is doing. I sincerely think that both of these fools hate the country that they were born in.

  10. From my college Stats 101 class, when your boss comes to you for an analysis and you have an upcoming performance review, your first question to the boss, “What do you want the number to be? “.

  11. Pay no attention to polls. Get out & vote, for anyone other than Biden, Hillary or Michele Obama who said: “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is making a comeback, not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.” IF any Dem gets in the WH for the next 4 yrs, it will continue the disastrous effects of OBiden’s term. Obama truly is “fundamentally changing America”.

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