Let Me Be 100% Clear . . . This Is Neither An Apology, Nor Is It A Clarification.

I Received Several Angry Emails Over my Comments Concerning the Russia Invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s WWII Participation, Ukraine’s WWII Participation & My Unabashed Criticism of Zelenksyy’s Ukraine.


God Bless the Courage, Skills & Conviction of the Men & Women of the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force, who Pulled-Off a Story-Book Rescue of Hostages in Gaza On Saturday (June 8, 2024).

I Never Suggested That Russia Was A Good Country. It Is Not.

At The Outset Of WWII, Russia (Stalin) was in League with Hitler to Divide-Up Poland, Until Hitler Reneged on their Deal, which was More or Less When Russia Decided to Throw-In with the Allies.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . Without the Russians Fighting the Nazis, the West Would Probably Have Not Won the War in Europe, which More Likely would Have Ended in Some Kind of Truce . . . Which Would Have Meant That The Slaughter Of Most Of Europe’s Jews Would Have Continued.

Just As An Aside . . .

After The War . . . Patton & Churchill – Both Encouraged America to Go at the Russians while Russia was at its Weakest Point, just Beginning to Recover from an Exhaustive 5-Years of Extreme Russian Losses.

Patton & Churchill Campaigned Hard To Go To War Against Russia, while the Allied Troops were Still in Europe, were Fully Armed, Equipped & Trained . . . Before Russia Would Be Able To Recover From Its Losses.

Patton, Churchill & Others Believed that if they Didn’t Take Russia Down then . . . It would be Too Late Later-On. They Were Prescient.

Russia & Ukraine Have Been At War With Each Other For More Than 500-Years, Winning & Losing Territory to Each Other Seemingly ad Infinitum. My Paternal Grandparents were Russian Jews who Lived in Ukraine, who Fled Ukraine in the First Decade of the 1900’s because of the Ukrainian Pogroms (Genocides Against The Jewish People). What’s Changed?

The Ukrainian/Russian Borders Have Changed Sides So Many Times – It’s Hard To Keep-Up.


Between 1932 & 1933, the Russians (Stalin) Embarked Upon Causing a Massive Famine in Ukraine, which Resulted in the Estimated Number of Just Under 4-Million Ukrainian Deaths, Which Was Named The Holodomor.

As for Russian & Ukrainian Treatment of Jews in their Respective Countries, Both Nations Have No Shortage of Jewish Genocides & Blood on their Respective Hands to Atone-For.

Let Me Say This With Confidence . . . Once This Current War Between Russia & Ukraine is Halted, One Way Or The Other . . . It will Only be a Pause in Hostilities Until the Next Russia/Ukraine War.

As For The Modern Concept Of “Democracy” . . . Neither Country (Ukraine Or Russia) has Ever Been “Democratic”. Both Countries Have Government Controlled Media. They Practice Political Repression. They Rig Elections. And Are Rife With Massive Corruption At All Levels.

Explain Why We’re Considering Going To War Between Two Scorpions In A Bottle?


Is All Of Europe Really At Military Threat From Russia?

If Russia Is Such A Massive Threat To Europe, How is it that Russia, with an Enormous Advantage over Ukraine in Military Technology, Battle Ruthlessness, Troop Strength, Military Equipment, Population & Wealth . . . Have Not Been Able To Beat Ukraine In Over Two Years Of Combat?

If That’s The Best Russia Can Do . . . What Chance Would Russia Have Against NATO?


Please Let Me State The Following.

If the So-Called Peaceniks & Globalists Want To End the War Caused By Gaza Palestinians . . . It Would Be Simple.

Let the Butchers Who Murdered, Tortured, Raped (Even Raping The Bodies Of Dead Jewish Girls & Women) Surrender & Release the Hostages and the Hostage Bodies, all of Whom the Hamas Palestinians Had No Right to Kidnap, And The War Would Be Over.

Even Savage Beasts In The Wild . . . Wouldn’t Do to their Prey What the Hamas Palestinians Did to Innocent Unarmed Mostly Jewish Israeli Civilians.

As For all the Statistics, which Illustrate Dead Palestinian Civilians (Women & Children) Released by the Gaza Health Authorities, Supposedly Caused by the Israeli Military in Gaza. . . . It Turns-Out that like Most Information Coming from the Palestinians, which is Endorsed by the United Nations and the Global Anti-Semitic Media . . . These Have Been Proven To Be Inflated, Inaccurate & Basically Untrue.

It is Absolutely True that Thousands of Palestinian Men, Women & Children Have Been Killed in the War Caused by the Hamas Palestinians, But  Not Nearly As Many As The Palestinians Claim.

It Is Also 100% True, Which Few To No-One Speaks About . . . How Many Israeli Soldiers were Also Wounded & Killed in Action Because they Didn’t Just Shoot & Bomb Indiscriminately, in Order to Save Palestinian Civilian Lives During Combat, Which Deserves Total Condemnation of the Hamas Palestinian Terrorists who Hide Behind their own Civilians.

And Don’t Lose Focus on the FACT that Millions of Palestinians Throughout Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank Cheered at the News & Images of the Slaughtered Israelis. So How Innocent Are They?

For Those Who Don’t Like My Opinions Or My Analysis – Tough – I’m Not Changing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks for your very accurate history lesson! The uneducated and people in this country will always be around giving their uneducated and ignorant opinions

  2. I, and my family, stand with you, Israel, its people !

  3. William and Vickie – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. But in addition, just look at Biden and his entire administration for proof!

  4. Pretty hard to live in peace when most if not all of your neighborhood want to decimate you. To many time have the Isrealies stopped short due to outside pressure…. This has leads to perpetual war and violence

  5. I agree. I have no sympathy for Hamas and the murderers it has bred and educated. Gaza is Sodom and should be treated as Sodom. It appears that the hostages are being held by the “innocent citizens” of Gaza, not by Hamas. Two many members of the IDF are being injured or killed because of unwarranted kindness to the “innocent Palestinians”.

  6. I can’t say much, as I have very little knowledge of the Russia/Ukraine hatred history. What started it? Territory takeovers? Russia, to me, seems to feel “What’s yours is mine”. And the Holodomor? I’d never heard of that. Thank you, Howard, for another insightful article. I look forward to your articles.

  7. H, Quoting you from above, this accurately describes present day Canada: As For The Modern Concept Of “Democracy” . . . Neither Country (Ukraine Or Russia) has Ever Been “Democratic”. Both Countries Have Government Controlled Media. They Practice Political Repression. They Rig Elections. And Are Rife With Massive Corruption At All Levels. end quote. Despicable Biden talking about Ukraine in France. It was about men/women who died for our freedom & democracy not a platform for the GLOAT

  8. Israel ended its “peace seeking” processing with Islamic Jihadists Hamasniks and other such. The military actions are getting more and more harsh. Anyone still engaged on such delusions is suicidal. As to Ukraine and Russia. We have rich historic logs on both. Ukraine produced some of the worst Nazi monsters. Stalin was not far. Ideally I would enjoy seeing both loosing.

  9. Howard. Keep writing your good and solid opinions that are welcome reading to all of us. Push back from some of your readers in my opinion is healthy. If the ‘push back folks’ read this editorial, perhaps it will give them a much more informed historical view of how relations between countries have been over many decides David Gallo Ancaster Ontario. .

  10. Howard, as most people on this website, I love your Editorials and the way you express yourself. You’re a very smart guy and as they say in hockey: You Know The Score. But no matter how much knowledge a person has, they will still have their “naysayers” and people who criticize. It’s out of your hands. Co-founder of The Kingston Trio Bob Shane told me they were the best vocal-band in the world. Yet so many folks don’t agree..To me, they still sound terrific. U R The Best / AM YISRAEL CHAI

  11. Exclnt!! They r mad bcs u told the truth. The Word of G-d says Canaan was cursed, the descendants of Ishmael were to b wild men, and the descendants of Esau were a thorn unto Israel. There is another word in G-d’s Word that describe these peoples, Implacable. 1. Not to b appeased; that can not b pacified and rendered peaceable; inexorable; stubborn or constant in enmity; as an implacable prince. 2. Not to b appeased or subdued; as implacable anger; implacable enmity, No 1 wants them in cntry

  12. Well, bad emails did not come from me as I agree with you 100% and wish I had that gift you have to put words to paper as you do. Keep “ON” Trucking !!!! Make the meet together the sooner the better.

  13. Don’t worry we have your back! We know like you, just what is going on with these elitist WEF, CFR, Bilderberg group, FBI, CIA. Zelenksy is like Biden corrupt!

  14. It would appear that some readers have NOT studied HISTORY. With almost each Editorial we get a history lesson. Keep putting out the Facts & Truth. This is what is necessary to understand today’s & yesterday’s ‘happenings’. And HISTORY should be TAUGHT in schools. So that WE will not repeat our past mistakes. Israel did a masterful job rescuing 4 hostages, in 2 different locations, in day light. Israel WILL prevail. Trump 2024. God Bless this World. Amen.

  15. The only thing you didn’t mention in your excellent article is that in a number of surveys taken in both Gaza and Judea and Samaria ( the West Bank) every survey before and after Oct 7 shows that 80% of the Palestinians support Hamas. The other 20% are probably kids. So much for “innocents”

  16. It’s sad that folks get angry and combative when they learn they’ve been mistaken about some deeply held belief, but many do. I marvel often at the depth and breadth of your knowledge of history. If people take issue with your analysis, they should do their own research. Ha! That said, and for whatever it’s worth, I recently heard it suggested that we should “hang on to” any first edition publications we might own. Thanking God and the IDF for those rescued hostages.

  17. There will be no effective “day after” unless UNRWA is disbanded/decimated. It is apparent that hostages are being held in UNRWA employees’ homes, including UNRWA physicians. UNRWA =HAMAS! Note that the 4 hostages were rescued not in Rafah but further north in mid-Gaza. Biden must back off and let Israel remain where it conquers, or this will be a perpetual “bat-a-mole” conflict with so many more lives lost than need be (on both sides). UAE/Saudis will not agree to come in unless Hamas is G

  18. Opinions are like a certain part of the anatomy, everybody has one. You have studied History most of your life and I trust your knowledge. Russia/Ukraine have battled long and hard for dirt. Many have died for many reasons. Ukraine folks assisted Hitler during WWII, from being Guards in areas where Jews were held in ghetos to fighting along side Nazi War Criminals. Our support of Ukraine is a giant Grift made by the Biden Crime Family with lots of money paid back to the Biden Family.

  19. Thx 0nce more Howard for another of your very well accepted past history lessons. When I read you, I’m always assured Your writing will include Past history that sets us readers on the right set of of rails going fourth. Thx also to your various readers for their input – always read em.

  20. Once again you have proven to be a font of truth involving the threats to Israel by the Palestinians and other regimes of hatred. I stand with Israel and admire their resistance and will to prevail. Andrew Maggard Port Hazywood, Virginia

  21. Gen. MacArthur voiced identical views to that of Patton and Churchill. MacArthur suggested a pincer movement west from Asian, and East from Western Europe into USSR. Had they tried and succeeded, the world would different today. Thank you for your research and writings Howard – God Bless You and your efforts.

  22. Bill O’Reilly’s book “KILLING PATTON” made him want eto re-open the files on Patton. He believes Patton was assinated/murdered. So do I and millions of others – especially WW II vets. Paston would have met the Russians at they border, there would have been no cold war, there would have no Berlin Wall, and FDR would not have been able to turn the Balkans over to Stalin at Yalta. Eisenhower was a “politician’s General”. Patton was a soldier’s General. Wars make money. Get it? .

  23. Sadly, most Americans are very ignorant of the reasons for the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I BEG you, dear Galganov readers, to do a Google search and read Putin’s speeches of 12/31/22 and 1/1/24. The U.S. is throwing billions of $$ at Ukraine for no good. Putin isn’t a saint, but his main concern is the sovereign, independent and secure future of Russia. Is that a bad thing? Your leaders in the West/NATO are fomenting a nuclear conflict that does not need to exist.

  24. When the Iron Curtain came down, the KGB records confirmed that Senator McCarthy was right. Every person he named was a Russian agent. Turns out that Roosevelt’s right-hand man who actually lived in the White House was also an agent. He convinced Roosevelt to massively equip Russia without which Russia would have collapsed which would have saved the people 70 years of oppression. Truman’s right-hand man was also an agent who convinced Truman to support Mao. Same story. Thanx America.

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