Victims Of Deranged CDC Bureaucracy


It’s A CDC Walk On The Insane Side.

The Above Photo Of The “Falconater” – which was Taken a Few Days Ago While He was Running in this Freshly Harvested Hay-Field, with with Anne & Myself Absorbing the Pleasure of Falcon’s Freedom . . .  Shows a Robust, Happy & Healthy German Shepherd Dog, Who Like All Of Our Dogs . . . Is With Us Literally 24/7.

Anne & I Are Not Special In Our Love & Exceptional Care For Our Doggy-Member Of The Family. Most People with Dogs, Specifically People with Dogs who are Usual Companions, where the Dogs Sleep Indoors, Eat as Well as We Eat or Better, are Fully Vaccinated . . . And Are Generally Well Behaved, I Think Are In The Majority Of Pet Owners.

So Why Is The American Government Making It So Hard To Cross The Border From Canada Into The United States Of America With Our Beloved Pet Dogs?


As Of August 1, 2024, In About One Month . . . All Canadian Dogs Must Have a Rabies Certificate with a Corresponding Chip Inserted in the Body (Neck) of the Dog, That Matches To The Scan Number On The Chip.

And Even If Your Dog Is Already Chipped & Vaccinated For Rabies . . . That’s Not Good Enough.

This Is A CDC Debacle:

You Know . . . The CDC – The American Health Agency That Did Such A Glorious Job With Covid.

Here’s The Deal . . . The CDC Is Mandating (Don’t You Love That Word?) . . . that Every Dog Entering the USA, In This Case From Canada, Has to Have a Fresh Rabies Shot that Corresponds with the Scanned Chip Number.

Falcon Has All His Shots. As a Matter of Fact, Falcon’s Rabies-Shot was Administered by a Vet in Myrtle Beach, Just 6-Or-So-Months Ago. But we Didn’t Chip Falcon because we Decided to Wait Until the Vet Put-Him-Under when He was to be Castrated.

Why Stress-Out Falcon Twice When We Don’t Have To?

But It Gets More Complicated Than That. Even After We Re-Vaccinate Falcon & Insert the Corresponding Chip, We Have to Wait a Full Month Before we Can Cross into the United States with Falcon.

And Then It Gets Even Crazier . . . In Addition to the Rabies Vaccination, the CDC is Demanding that We Have to Fill-Out a Special Form with Falcon’s Photo ID at a Cost Charged for the Form Every Couple of Weeks, Which Must Be Presented To The Border Guard Every-Time We Cross With Falcon.

But That Ain’t The End Of It . . . No-Sirree-BobIf You Have A Puppy That Is 6-Months Old Or Younger . . . That Puppy Cannot Cross Into The USA By Any Circumstance. And just for Your Information . . . When we Went to Myrtle Beach Last Fall (Last Week In October), The Falconater Was About 2-Months Old.

Falcon Had His Puppy Shots When we Crossed into the USA. And Once He was Old Enough, Falcon Got All The Other Required Shots.

Anne & I Spend A Ton Of Money Just To Be In America For The Winter, Between Travel, RV Reservations, Food & Shopping, It Really Adds-Up.  If We Couldn’t Have Brought Falcon with Us as a Puppy, We Would Not Have Gone.

I Don’t Know What We Would Have Done . . . But We Would Not Have Abandoned Our Pet.

The CDC Says This Regulation (Mandate) Is To Protect Americans From Rabies. But, When you Do the Research Which Isn’t Complicated . . . In all Of Canada, In The Year 2022, There Were Just 10-Dog-Related Cases Of Rabies.

One Case was in Ontario, which was a Case that was Imported from a Foreign Continent with a Variant of Rabies. Seven Other Cases were in the Very Far North of Canada, where Dogs Generally Run Free (Wild) in the Bush. And there was One Case in Manitoba & Just One Case in Quebec.

Essentially . . . Domestic Dogs In Canada Are Rabies-Free. And it is Most Unlikely that Any of the Three Rabies Infected Dogs – One Each from (Manitoba, Quebec & Ontario) Crossed the US Border.


Let Me Make This Clear . . . Absolutely Clear – Anne & I are Going to Jump through the CDC Hoops to Make Falcon Passable to the Peckerheads of the CDC. We Are Even Moving-Up Falcon’s Castration . . . To Comply With The 30-Day Rule.

We Are Both Sufficiently Tech-Savvy To Fill-Out The CDC Forms, Which Doesn’t Necessarily Include Everyone, which will Have to be Confirmed at a Cost by Our Veterinarian. The CDC Might Not Take Our Word For The Veracity Of Their Forms.


They Want A Picture Of Our Dog To Show At The Border. Falcon is the Most Gorgeous German Shepherd-Dog that Ever Existed (In Our Opinion), even though a Picture of Just About Any Long-Haired German Shepherd-Dog Taken Next to Falcon . . .  Would Be Nearly Impossible To Tell Them Apart.

Should The US Border Guards Who Are Letting-In Tens Of Millions Of Illegal Immigrants, Many of Whom Could Have any Number of Deadly Diseases that No Longer Exist in America, or who are Potentially Violent, or Could be Part of a Military Plot to Destroy America . . . Be Focused On Whether Our Pet Dog Is Vaccinated, Chipped & Pre-Registered By The  CDC To Enter America For A Hardly-Existent Pet Dog Disease?


Our 3,000 Mile Border Between Canada & The USA . . . Is Crossed Every Day By Perhaps A Billion Wild Animals . . . How Does That Square The Circle?

I Can Guarantee You Of Several Things . . .

1 – Many Canadians Might Not Be Fully Aware Of This Folly.

2 – Many  Canadians Might Not Have the Wherewithal To Follow These Insane Rules.

3 – Many Canadians Might Not Have The Money To Comply With These CDC Mandates.

And Here’s Something I Didn’t Write . . .  The Same Rules Apply to Americans Visiting Canada with their Pets, that When they Reach THEIR America Border to Return Home to the USA . . . Be Prepared To Not Be Permitted To Bring Your Dog Home If Fido Is Not In 100% In Compliance With This Sick CDC Mandate.

Can You Imagine What This Senselessness Bullshit Will Cost Border-Towns & Cities – Especially American Cities, Where Canadians Spend BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS Of Tourist Dollars Every Year?


I Wouldn’t Bet The Farm On This . . . But the Jerks at the CDC Say that they are Still Fine-Tuning this Ludicrous Mandate that will Cause Enormous Unnecessary Pain & Financial Loss for People on Both Sides of the Border.

What Else Can You Expect From Globalists Trying To Regulate The Entire Planet?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Total egregious BS!!! So sorry, my Canadian Friend. We have total idiots in charge in the USA!

  2. As with so many other BS mandates from this government, it’s all about power and control. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. I do think this Administration spends time thinking “what else do people love that we can ruin?”

  4. Part and parcel of the control system. It is not your pet they are after… but you. Every detail the creatures can set regulations for… they will. There are millions of pets without all of that.

  5. It’s not Biden in control. It’s Barack’s 3rd term; and, if Michelle would win, it will be Barack’s 4 term.

  6. Howard, once again it takes you to point out another extreme left Gov’t CDC boondoggle to everyone and hopefully prevent them from being stopped crossing over and back into the US with their canine that is not in compliance. And the probable non visits by Canadians such as yourselves with their loving pets. We must make changes in November.

  7. Un-elected, non-accountable, non-fire-able bureaucrats making laws that suit “their” personal agenda’s ———– or, the dictates of the Muslin / Communist currently controlling America. I suggest you re-read history & the fall of the Roman Empire. ’nuff said, Lee Norman

  8. 1. Per the rabies / chip crap. It is obvious the CDC has run out of things to do. What with ignoring illegal aliens and no longer killing the old in nursing homes, the CDC just needed another cause I bet. 2. The chip can be put in with the dog wide awake. The needle is not huge and the dog will be OK though it will sting a bit. We have had it done multiple times with our dogs. Falcon looks like a good dog! But not as fine as my Danes are! Of course, of course…… Have fun!

    We Can Anesthetize the Areas Where the Chip will be Inserted, But Why Stress-Out Falcon When we Can Do Both at the Same Time?

    Our Problem, is that we Don’t Want To Castrate Falcon Before He is 18-Months Old. But we will Do What has to be Done.

    Best Regards . . . HG:


  10. CDC, WHO, WEF, etc. became very enamored with their power during Covid. They aren’t pleased that power doesn’t still exist or even gotten stronger since. So they just have to strum up things that will get that power back. No doubt OBiden grants that power. To me they’re all idiots (except Obama, who is conniving and very good at it, especially behind the scenes).

  11. What utter nonsense! We are SO overdue to prune out the deadwood! Sorry you have to deal with this, but glad you at least had sufficient lead time. Falcon just gets better looking!

  12. People who have money to spend in the USA are being hassled to the Nth degree. People who don’t have a pot to pee in , are welcomed with wide open arms , despite the grief associated with them. Upside down lunacy. No doubt , greedy vet associations are also behind this. In Canada its now 25 thousand Canadian dollars ( on average ) to look after a dog over its lifespan.

  13. My usual way to deal with any mandates issued by our cdc is to ignore them or do the opposite. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to do that if this mandate goes through in August. The cdc, in my opinion, has outlived its usefulness and should be closed down. Once we vote Trump into office, perhaps this will be done. Just wondering: How many unvetted dogs do you suppose sneak into our country with their illegal immigrant owners?

  14. Did some checking, this is the standard for all furry pets. Cat lovers get the same BS treatment. Having 6 Manx/American Bobtails which are mostly from rescues, my wife looked at me and said there goes our Canadian Vacation this year and in the future. Sounds like Nazi Germany “Papers Please” or to the prison camp for you. Both countries have turned to CRAP in the past few years. A Woman is not a Woman, and a Man is not a Man, your are a Person of your own choosing no mater how you were born.

  15. When will we just stop talking about all our woes with dumb politicians and government agencies and arrest all those idiots and put them in jail for life? They work for us, not the other way around but for as long as I have been alive and way before that, the sheeples have been letting them get away with everything without doing anything about it. We deserve what we get until we decide to do something about it. I am only one person but with many, we could accomplish much more !!!!

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