Biden Says He Won’t Go Down Without A Fight


Biden’s Propagandists Say He Is Leading The Most Successful Presidency Ever.

If Reckless Spending, Massive Deficits, Horrific Projects that Benefit Almost No-One, Shameless Lying, Lawlessness in the Streets, a Double Standard Judiciary, Lawfare Against Political Opponents, a Propagandized Media, Uncontrolled Open Borders, Lack of Political Trust by the People and a Declining Military to Name just Some of Biden’s Many “Accomplishments” . . . By This Standard, Biden’s Presidency Has To Rank As The Best America Has Ever Known.


Kamala Harris Wants To Become The Cackler-In-Chief.

Kamala Harris . . . Who Has Never Really Won Anything – Slated to Become the President of the United States of America, Is Without Question, Perhaps the Greatest Non-Military, Non-Financial & Non-Social Insult to all People of the United States of America who still Have a Semblance of a Brain . . . Who Aren’t Yet Totally Ignorant & Devoid Of Socio/Political  Reality.

Democrat Insiders Will Throw Biden-Out . . . Like The Baby With The Dirty Bath Water.

Not Only Is Kamala Harris The Least Capable & Least Deserving Person To Become The President Of America . . . She has Used Sex with the Married & Much Older Willy Brown (Mayor Of San Francisco) to Literally Buy her Position (On Her Back) Into High Office as the Other Woman (So The Story-Goes) . . . To Fenagle Her Way To Become The Attorney General Of California (2011-2017).

In Spite Of The Propaganda . . . Harris is Known for Two “Accomplishments” as the Attorney General of California . . . Harris Jailed More Black People for Smoking “Weed” (Marijuana) than Just About any Other Prosecutor in California, Even Though Kamala Harris Laughed During A Radio Interview On The Breakfast Club Show That She Too Smoked “Weed”.

Harris Used her Political Prowess as the California Attorney General to Politically Manipulate a California Seat for herself in the US Senate, Endorsed by Outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer.

As A Senator Who Served For Less Than 4-Years Of A 6-Year Term, Kamala Harris Introduced just One Bill to Enhance an Already Existing Bill as Part of the Recreation Act. Harris Made No Mark For Herself In The US Senate.

In 2020 . . . Kamala Harris Ran as a Candidate to Win the Democrat Primary for the Office of the President of the United States of America. Harris Was So Unpopular, that Not Only Did she Quit the Race even Before the First Delegate Vote, She Wasn’t Even Popular Enough Amongst her Own Co-Californians to Get any Appreciable Number of California Delegate Votes.

As Vice-President Of Biden’s White House – Harris Was Named Border Czar – Enough Said.


Make No Mistake About-It . . . The Insiders Will Move Heaven & Earth To Choose The Next Democrat Candidate For President. And the Dumbed Down Democrat Electorate will Buy the Nonsense for Several Reasons . . .

Telling The Truth Is Secondary To Telling The People The Story They Want To Hear.

1 – They’ve Been Watching Too Much Reality TV . . . Life Isn’t Hallmark.

2 – They Watch & Read A Steady Diet Of LEFTIST News & Social Media Nonsense.

3 – They See Politics As A Competition Between Two Teams, Without Realizing Consequences.

4 – Many Have Personal Interests In Who Wins . . . Rather Than Who Is Best For The Country.


It Doesn’t Matter Who Takes Down Joe Biden . . . Himself, Party Insiders, Donors, Lobbyists, the Media, the Holders of the Long-Knives like Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer . . . Or Donald Trump At The Polls On November 5, 2024.

The Question Is Whether Biden Goes Down Now Or At The End Of His Term?

Personally, I Find it Hard to Understand How Joe Biden Can Make it all the Way to January 20, 2025 . . . When Donald Trump will be Inaugurated (Sworn-In) for the Second Time as the President of the United States of America.

It Doesn’t Matter Who The Democrats Will Eventually Choose To Run Against Trump If It Isn’t Biden Himself, since the Democrat Bench Strength is so Thin & Wanting, that Whomever the Democrats Put-Up Against Trump will be Nothing More than a Sacrificial Lamb, While The Democrats Try To Save Themselves As A Political Party.

In The Final Analysis . . . The Big Victory for the Democrats in 2024 Might Only be that they can Brag that they were the First Party to Showcase a Female President of the United States of America . . . Even If She Was Never Elected & Held The Post For Just A Few Months Because The Elected President (Biden) Stepped-Down.

In Canada . . . On June 25 To November 4, 1993 (Less Than 5-Full Months) . . . Kim Campbell was Named (Appointed) Prime Minister of Canada by Outgoing Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who Left his Office Before the People of Canada were Able to Unceremoniously Throw Him Out on his Ass . . . Mulroney Was That Objectionable & Arrogant.

Kim Campbell Was Canada’s First & Only Female Prime Minister. Her Longevity as Prime Minister was Short Enough to Keep Campbell from Doing any Real Damage to the Nation . . . But Her Claim To Fame Nonetheless . . . Was That She Was The First Female Prime Minister of Canada . . . Irrelevant Of How That Came To Be.


Ask Any Canadian Under the Age of Fifty-Five . . . Who Kim Campbell Was, How she Became Canada’s First Prime Minister & You’d Probably Get A Blank Stare.

In A World Of So Few Values . . . Kamala Harris Tops The List.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It just goes to show how much trouble the Democratic Party is in, and how much trouble that Country is in. Kamala is even dumber than Biden, but at least Brandon has an excuse; he is not well, with his onset of dementia, which is only going to get worse. If he continues along this path and refuses to step down, they will find another way to get rid of him so that Kamala can start her journey. Hilary’s death squad will handle it.

  2. Yup, Biden & his CREW are going to be more trouble than WE bargained for. So much damage can be accomplished before November and before January 2025. They will JAIL Trump, they will go DIGITAL money so the US money won’t be spit in the rest of the world, Biden STOPS aid approved by Congress, for Israel, & NO ONE does anything but talk. We have a Jihad in the US. Kill Israel, Kill the US. We are asleep at the wheel when will the Giant wake up?

  3. The Dems would tout Kamala as not only the 1st female president but also a black one. They seem to like those “First” accolades. IF Biden quits before Nov 5, someone used Hunter’s legal problems &/or got to Jill so she stopped pushing him. Biden himself, if he can recall from day to day, wants to stay in WH so he can pardon Hunter if jail time is given. If a case opens regarding the past Ukraine bribery $$, they both will be in quick-sand; and I doubt Jill will toss them a rope.

  4. Bernie Sanders as “Hail Mary”candidate?Why not?He has been making policy behind the scenes ever since he made a deal to reign in the Squad’s ludicrous activities. The Squad respects him as their role model grandfather/self hating Jew. Sanders was screwed by Hillary in 2016. Hillary lost her nerve and Saudi funding) after her loss to Trump. Michelle won’t run. She has become too used to earning $12,000 per minute for speeches in EU. Sanders would actually bring the Democrats back to their ide

  5. I am SO SICK of this Democrat Party, of Joe and his corrupt family and Crew. i’ve had all I can take. All the speculation of “what will Joe do?, “What will the Dems do next in their Trump desperation?”. They talk of the MAGA Cult, but don’t see themselves as a Cult — an evil cult. All that they espouse & practice is evil. Sex changes to young children? Those poor children. Children! Such an evil Party.

  6. While I believe you are correct, Republicans can’t let down their guard and must ensure that another election doesn’t get stolen. I hope the country can survive several more months of total incompetence and negligence.

  7. Picking leaders from members of groups that feel they are oppressed – Obama and Harris – does not seem to be a winning idea. Giving them priority in Universities and government positions also does not seem to be a winning idea. I will not buy from any company that supports DEI as I know they will hire people who are not the best people for the job.

  8. Kamala is not a Black Afro American, she had a Jamaican American father, Donald J. Harris, of Afro-Jamaican ancestry. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a Tamil Indian. In South Africa Kamala would be called coloured, NOT black. I know, I’ve been there a few times. I know who Kim Campbell is,,,, married to a man 21 years younger 🙄, lives in Florence, Italy. Does anyone know a Cuban Canadian😂

  9. The Left touted that they will kill Trump, using Hillary team tactics. This would cast us into a true Civil War that will exceed the Previous one in body count. The Gov’t will have to use Military Jets on US to stop it as Joe has said, (They have AR15s we have F15s). The World will explode in Hostile Take Overs as China, Russia and others will see the US as Weak and without Leadership. I am prepared, are you. Guns, Ammo and Silver will be the Currency of Survival, look what CA is doing on Ammo.

  10. I don’t think it matters much if either Biden or Trump wins. The country is now by every definition a Fascist State. The 2020 election was obviously stolen which means it’s no longer a democracy, with the complicity of the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ, all intelligence agencies, and all social and mainstream media to ensure an unaccomplished, totally corrupt, pathological lying, senile, child molester replaces perhaps the most accomplished president in American history. It’s already game over.

  11. Where does it say Biden (or Kamala, for that matter) puppets get to make critical decisions about the imminently floundering Democrat suicide agenda?

  12. Biden can be saved in two ways, 1. a war. 2. Martial Law. if it is a war, then the people will vote to keep him in, the U.S. never votes a President out during wartime (past History, first time for everything). 2. during Martial law, He is supreme, he can cancel the election, or do anything he needs to do to stay in power and do it legally, like a king, more even than a dictator, His word is LAW.The only way to get him out is an article 25. which can not be used if he declares martial Law first.

  13. I am convinced that it does not matter who is a candidate for the presidency in November 2024 because Trump will win in a landslide. The number of democrats who actually vote will be the lowest numbers ever to skip a voting opportunity—especially a presidential election one.

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