This Goes Beyond The Stockholm Syndrome


If No Other Words Should Have Set-Off Alarm Bells – Those Should Have Done-It.

Those Were The Words Biden Spoke Way-Back-When, When Biden Was Running To Be The President (Primary) Of The United States Of America (March 2, 2020).

. . . Imagine a Man (Biden) who Sat in the Senate for Decades and was the Vice President of the United States of America for Eight Years . . . Who Couldn’t Remember the Fundamental Words Ending the Declaration of Independence,  LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS . . . Wanting To Be The President Of The United States Of America.

This Was Four Years Ago . . . when Biden’s Mental Capacity was Already in the Crapper, which Only Goes to Show How Well the Democrats, the Media and the One World Government Apparatchiks were Able to Conceal the Mentally Declining Acuity of a Man who was Never Fit to be the Commander-In-Chief at any Part of his Career, Much Less When Biden Ran For His First Term To Win The Presidency.


It’s Far Less A Secret Today Than It Was Four-Years Ago . . . But Nonetheless, the LEFT is Trying to Bamboozle the American Electorate just as they Did in 2020. However, this Time there Isn’t an Imposed Virus (Covid Lockdowns) to Justify a Presidential Campaign being Run by the Likes of Biden from the Confines of his Basement.

Also – The Republicans are an Awful Lot Smarter Today than they Were in 2020, When the RNC Allowed the Crooked Media to Host One-Sided Presidential Debates, As They Did With That Special Piece Of Work Chris Wallace (October 22, 2020) Of Fox News . . . Who All But Ran Shotgun For Biden.

This Is A Different RNC With A Very Different Donald J Trump.

I Am Going To Bring This Observation To Your Attention, which Received Little to No Play in the Media . . . I was Surprised at How CNN (Jake Tapper & Dana Bash) Conducted the Debate Between Trump & Biden Just a Week-Ago. In The Fox News Vernacular . . . It Was Fair & Balanced – Even Though It Was A CNN Production.

I Believe The Reason Why The Debate Between Trump & Biden Was So Even-Handed Was 2-Fold.

1 – Everyone Was Expecting To See An Anti-Trump Pile-On, As we Have Been Witnessing Whenever it Comes to Trump Over Any and all Issues, which CNN Didn’t Want to Add to their List of Why they Have Become the Least Trusted & Under-Watched Amongst the News Provider on the Cable Channels.

2 – I Believe CNN, Along With Their Debate Hosts (Tapper & Bash) . . . Were Scared Witless Of Trump, in as Much as What Trump Would Do to them Live-On-Air if they Played the Kind of Game Everyone (Including-Me) was Expecting of them to Play.

I Remember Megyn Kelly, The Rising Star & Diva Of Fox News, When she Decided to Play Gotcha, Fast & Loose with Trump During His 2016 Run for the Presidency at a Televised RNC Primary Debate. Where’s Megyn Kelly Today?


The LEFT Has Gone Out of its Way to Use Every Dirty-Trick in the Book, Including Lawfare to Keep Trump From Campaigning, for Him Not to be Able to Sell His Vision of His Presidency to the People . . . And His Justifiable Condemnation Of The Dreadfulness Of Three And A Half Years Of Biden’s Presidency.

Be Careful Who You Screw While Climbing The Ladder – On The Way Down It Will Be A Bitch.


It Is Indeed A Tragedy . . . that a Befuddled Idiot who is the Current President of the United States of America, Who Most Likely will Not be Able to Finish his Term as President, Has the Power to Keep Israel from Doing the Job Against Iran, Hezbollah & Hamas . . . That Has To Be Done.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . Israel and the Jewish Diaspora (Worldwide Jewish Communities) are Under Attack from so Many Different Directions, Israel & Jews In General Need A Program & A Scorecard To Keep Track.

When You Can Convince Some Of The Jewish People, That The Worst Jewish Massacre Since The Holocaust, was Somehow their Fault for the Bestial Slaughter of Jews, It Says Far More About The Utter Stupidity Of These Jews Who Accept This Insanity, than it Does for the Propagandists’ Skills of the Globalist Anti-Semites who Spread-It.


Some Things Like The Holocaust Are Unforgivable & Unforgettable . . . So Is (Was) October 7, 2023.

For Some Members Of The Global Jewish Community (Far Too Many) . . . Who Believe that it is Time for Israel to Pull Back from its War on Hamas in Gaza Because Far Too Many Gaza Palestinian Civilians are Suffering . . . Ain’t That Too Bad?

Perhaps These Gaza Palestinians . . . Should Have Thought About that Before Giving Massive Support to the Palestinian Hamas Terrorists Before the Bestial Attack on Israeli Citizens.

Perhaps The Gaza Palestinians Would Have Done Well – Not to Have Pissed-Away Untold Billions of Charity Dollars Helping Hamas Terrorists Build Miles Upon Miles of Terror Tunnels Under Civilian Gaza Structures – Including . . . Hospitals, Schools, Community Centers, Civilian Housing, Mosques – Etc.

Perhaps These Gaza Palestinians . . . Should Have Thought Twice Before Taking to the Streets and to the Media to Cheer & Celebrate the Slaughter of Innocent Jews. They’re Not Cheering & Celebrating Now.


Israel Hung Eichmann . . . Why Not Yahya Sinwar (Gaza Leader Of Hamas) & His Gang Of Savages?

So Why Quit? Why Walk Away Before Hamas is so Damaged that they Might Never be Able to Reconstitute Again in Our Lifetime . . . Or Before all the Hamas Leaders Who were Responsible for this Massacre are Brought to FINAL Justice?

Anything Less Than Total Victory For Israel – Is Victory For Terror.


To Make A Deal With Terrorist Thugs Only Invites The Next Terrorist Thug Attack.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. President Michelle Obama has a ring to it. Like the one around the toilet bowl. Don’t be shocked.

  2. I pray everyday that GOD has a solution that doesn’t involve the Demoncrats getting the US into a global war to extend their power beyond the November elections! Desperate people do desperate things, without considering the consequences—Satan is real!

  3. How anyone who rubs 2 brain cells together can not understand that when the Palestinians shout “Death to the Jews” and “Death to America” that they don’t mean it – especially when their very actions underscore and SHOW everyone that that is what they stand for – how can ANYONE support NOT wiping Hamas off the face of the Earth and then worry about collateral damage with the Palestinians?!? They support each other AGAINST the Israelites! Good grief!!

  4. One correction/nit pick: Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is at the end of the second paragraph of the opening statement of the Declaration, not at the end. And agreed. The IDF should wipe out HAMAS. Like my, “Screw quiet pipes. They hate us anyway.”, take on bikes, the heck with the Arab Gaza residents. The supported HAMAS and hate Israel. They cheered during Oct. 7 so do not deserve much sympathy now. Yet cheers to the IDF for concentrating on military targets.

  5. You have written what I believe is the absolute truth. Additionally, it’s really not a good choice to turn a back on G-d’s chosen people even if many of the chosen are blind to the truth. I know we’ll win in November and the country and world will be better off for it.

  6. Still too many days left until Nov. for the Idiots to do something BIG. They have allowed enough Illegals into our country to do some serious harm. causing a Civil War, which would keep the Bone Head in office. I do not put anything past the BIDEN Crime Family. Also, with the likes of the current Media, everything Trump says will be spun into BS. I am ready to defend the Oath I took in 1971 to defend this country against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  7. Even the despotic and totalitarian One World Order despots cannot control the axis the Earth turns on; so the surrealistic alternative is owning the gullible servile human contents within. Makes for frightening and destructive planetary possibilities that should never advance beyond a comic book.

  8. Lest we forget, there are Muslim terrorists in our states. The idiots supporting Hamas here are in for a surprise when the terrorists start destroying their, and their families, homes being as terrorist have no morals. Also war could be declared by O’Biden squashing any voting keeping the corruption in office and opening our borders, not to illegals, but to foreign factions the opportunity for (UN) forces to bring America down. God forbid. Sleep well,

  9. Has there ever been a better example of how power corrupts , than Joe , the dems and the msm ?? Nixon was an angel in comparison !! Lol.

  10. I agree w/Jeffrey Koinm. Don’t be surprised if Biden/administration doesn’t create some crisis to once again shut down the country just before November. Control freaks always use FEAR to get the population to submit to their edicts. It just may be the Bird Flu this time. It’s already being put out there it may be lab-intensified to jump from animals to humans. Flocks of chickens & herds of cattle are being destroyed to ostensibly control the spread. So food shortage + lockdowns. Fear – contro

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