It Won’t Be A Fair Fight – But It Won’t Matter


While Biden Is Immersing Himself In Debate-Prep – Trump Is Holding Rallies.

Please Take This From Someone Who Knows . . . I Spent a Good Portion of my Adult Life After University Debating all Manner of Issues, Most of them Either Political or Social.

And Not To Come-Off As An Egotist, I Cannot Remember Ever Losing.

My Debate Prep was to Never Stop Debating over Issues I was Really Aware-Of & Most Passionate About. I Really Didn’t Care what my Opposition was Going to Say on the Matter, because I Always Seemed to Know the Facts Better than the Person whom I was Opposing.

I Also Never Spoke (Read) From  Prepared Speeches, Well Almost Never, since I Do Remember when I spoke from Prepared Speeches Three Times. And in Each of the Three Times when I Relied on Reading the Written Word as Part of my Speech, There Was A Significant Lack Of Passion Which Dulled My Message.

In Debates . . . I Knew What I Wanted To Say, and I Couldn’t Care Less What the Moderator or My Opponent Expected of Me. I Just Always Let-It Rip . . . And Never Conceded The Facts As I Really Knew Them.

I Always Researched My Opponent So As To Be Able To Deliver A Zinger When Best Appropriate. But Essentially, my Debate Strategy was Always About the Facts & Never About my Personal Assumptions. And As Passionate As I Always Was . . . I Never Lost My Cool.

Also . . . It’s Critical to Own the Audience, so as to Have them Fully Engaged in What You’re Saying & How You are Saying it, as Your Opponent Struggles to Remain Relevant.

Plus . . . Never Explain & Never Apologize. Explaining Means You Lost. And Apologizing Means You Shouldn’t Have Been There.

I Can’t Imagine Why A Candidate Like Biden, Who has Been in Politics for More than 50-Years Needs a Week to Prepare for a Debate, Especially when Biden is Debating an Opponent (Trump) who Holds-Back Nothing and is Perhaps the Most Transparent Candidate . . . Certainly In My 74-Year History.

Besides . . . Why Does Biden Need to Prep for the Defense of his Own Policies & Not Look Forward to Shouting-Out his Accomplishments & Future Plans for America?

I’ll Tell You Right Now . . . Trump Is Going To Make Debate-Minced-Meat Out-Of Biden.


People Seem To Know What Trump Should Say, Not Say And How To Say-It.

I Say Differently . . . Who the Hell am I to Tell Trump How to Speak, Especially since Trump Didn’t Get to Where He is while Bringing much of America and the Rest of the World Along With Him – because Trump Took the Advice of People who for Generations – Were Voting For The Wrong People For The Wrong Reasons.

If Trump Will Remain Trump & Biden Will Be Biden – There Will Be No Contest.


It’s Bad Enough When The LEFT Propagandize That Trump’s 4-Years As President Was Surrounded By Chaos . . . Which is True Only in One Sense. But it Really Rankles Me to the Core when Politicians Like Nikki Haley use this Lie for her Political Benefit.

There Is No Question That The 4-Years Of Trump’s Presidency Was Besmirched With Chaos. But How was that Chaos of Trump’s Making once you Consider that the FBI and Only God Knows who Else in the Deep State was Spying on Trump’s Campaign, and then Launched Several Fake Legal Challenges at Trump (Russia, Russia, Russia – Ukraine Phone Call – Etc)?

Think Also About Paul Ryan As The Speaker Of The Republican House, who did Whatever he Could Get-Away-With to Undermine President Trump. and then Think About all the Legal Challenges Launched Against Trump’s Policies by the LEFT to Block Trump Initiatives.

Damn-Right There Was Chaos All Around President Trump’s White House . . . Yet, In-Spite of the Orchestrated Chaos Against Trump by the Deep State, the Political LEFT, the Colluding Media, RINOS, Political Republican Opponents & Uninformed Voters . . . Just Think Of All Of Trump’s Monumental Accomplishments At Home & Abroad In Just Four Short Years.

Biden Has A World Of Failures To Run From – Trump Has Tremendous Successes To Run With.


When The World Body, Including Israel’s Supposed Best Friend (USA) . . . Supported by a Propagandized Anti-Israel (Anti-Jewish) Media, are Pounding the Drum Against Israel & Israel’s Right to Defend Itself & Win Against an Existential Enemy, which Serves to Muddy the Water to the Point that People Can’t See What they are Stepping-Into Until their Feet Touch Bottom – Anything Can & Most Probably Will Happen.

People Seem To Forget Who Attacked Whom On October 7, 2023 & Then On October 8, 2023.

On October 7, 2023 . . . Thousands of Hamas Palestinians from Gaza Crashed Through the Border Fences Between Gaza & Israel, to Rape, Murder, Plunder & Kidnap Innocent & Unsuspecting Unarmed Jews who were at Peace . . . With An Animal-Like Ferocity We Have Never Before Witnessed, Not Even At The Outset Of The Holocaust.

On October 8, 2023 . . . Arab Members of Hezbollah, in Coordination with Hamas, Under the Supervision of the Ayatollahs in Iran, Began a Reign of Missile Terror Upon Innocent Unarmed Jews in Israel’s North, Driving as Many as 100,000 or More Jews from their Homes, Causing Enormous Ecological, Agricultural, Economic & Residential Damage.

And if You Listen to The Propaganda of the One World Government and all the LEFTISTS who Support this Israel-Hatred (Jew-Hatred) . . . That all of What Has Happened since the Beginning of October 2023 is the Fault of Israel.

It’s Like Blaming The Pretty Girl Who Likes To Look Her Best, For Encouraging Thugs To Rape Her.

One Of The Most Egregious News Report I Just Read, is that the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, is Accusing Israel of Causing Extraordinary Hardships Including Famine for the People of Gaza . . .  Because Hamas Is Violently Looting The Aid Convoys.

Israel Has Neither the Population, the Territory, the Numbers in Armaments or National Wealth to Fight a Long & Protracted War. But What Israel Does Have . . . Is Sufficient Weaponry To Wipe-Out Israel’s Enemies In Short Order.

Israel Does Not Yet Have The Full Resolve To Do What Must Be Done . . . But It’s Building.

Once Israel Makes That Final Decision To Wipe-Out Its Threat, Which I Assume will Also Include the Deaths of Many Civilians who are Used as Human Shields (Willingly Or Not), which Hezbollah & Hamas Have No Problem Using to Protect their Fighters . . . It Will Not Sit Well With The Anti-Semitic World Body.

Many Years Ago – Several Generations Ago when I was still an Older Teenager, I Specifically Remember a Political Leader in Israel Responding to a UN Statement of Sympathy for a Group of Israelis who were Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists.

The Israeli Politician Basically Said . . . Save Your Phony Sympathy. Save Your Flag From Flying At Half Mast . . . And Don’t Criticize Israel For Doing What Has To Be Done.


It’s Coming. And It’s Going To Be Coming Fast & Hard . . . So Don’t Be Surprised.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No, Mr G, it ain’t gonna be NO surprise. What the Americans are refusing to supply to Israel in very heavy armaments, the Israelis do maintain an alternative for well hidden away in a deeply guarded warehouse where the sun don’t shine. The type of weapon which must not be mentioned begins with the letter “N” and will result in Beirut resembling 1945 Nagasaki of World War II history. OK! The cat is now out of the bag. The next move belongs to Hezbollah and Iran. Does this level the playi

  2. A variety of details have been attended to in preparation for Iran Hezbolla. Gaza Rafiach Iran IslamicJihad has not longer tunnels to an from Egypt. Sea access neither. Hostages? Not many remain alive. There are thousands of Islamic Jihadists prisoners in Israel… The on and off again pier is tumbling on. Specific ordnance available locally or from sources. Locally produced? Debate. Can Hussein hold Joe’s hand?

  3. I agree with Allen Nutik. Israel will have to do what it must do and let things fall as they may. Hezbollah is making big-time grave threats against Israel and the Jews….backed up by Iran. Sooner or later, Hezbollah and Iran will have to be dealt with. ps: on a brighter note and as a big “Habs” fan, I am now rooting for the Edmonton Oilers to bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada. / Game 7: Monday, June 24th in Florida

  4. maybe we should go back to the start of islam and move from the death of mohammed and before, then then compare what is happening today and the brutal conquests throughout the peaceful area! then just see nothing has changed to 1000 years, just brutal conquests ,

  5. There are NO innocent civilians in Gaza. No matter what the liberals say. They are as treacherous as the hamas terrorists themselves.

  6. I believe Israel not only has a SURVIVAL War, but way too many WOKE countries sticking their collective noses in. And, the divisiveness within Israel’s government is a mighty load for Bibi, but he is more than capable, just as are the Military Forces. The $1 Billion Spy Plane is an asset & another one has been ordered. There will be surprises. The world will see just what Israel can & will accomplish, with or without the USA. Israel WILL Prevail. Will the USA?

  7. Went by a school with a security guard standing guard. Why? The Jewish name on the school! Down the street there is a mosque and no guard needed.

  8. First: TRUMP 2024 Second: Who Fired on Who FIRST? I have always supported Israel! Third: IF Our Country Was Ever Attacked, At One Time We Wouldn’t Play Patty Cake, AND We’d Finish IT! SEMPER-FI Fourth: From the beginning, I always Had my Doubts about the UN! Regarding this BUFFON & Treasonous Poor Excuse of a President, He’s Already Sold Out America. He’s a puppet on strings! In Any Conflict, SADLY, the Innocent Suffer! I believe in Bibi, I Trust in Bibi. Can’t say that about bid

  9. Not looking forward to the debate unless Trump shows up with the numbers of Biden’s offshore accounts into which QATAR is depositing $$. Have been following this man ever since as a junior Senator he threatened PM Menachem Begin. Biden =Total Grifter. Never a time when he wasn’t getting paid under the table by foreign entities; both he and his family do not know how to exist without that supplemental income. China and Ukraine $$ has dried up. New Qatari income explains his Israeli new stance.

  10. Those RINOS who call Trump’s first 4 years in our White House “chaotic” are forgetting the chaos was coming from and caused by those on the extreme left because they “didn’t get the vote they wanted or expected.” I guess they amped up their cheating in 2020 and placed a demented known liar in our WH. But that’s over. As for Israel, the world will suffer for not supporting this brave, courageous small country who must be our ally in a war against terrorism or we are done for.

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