Welcome to Galganov.com

We live In A Topsy-Turvy World. The United States Of America is a Giant amongst international Lilliputians, and very often finds itself torn in every direction, searching for her place upon this planet. Canada is sometimes stranger than fiction, and the strangest part of it seems to be how we so readily accept the political and social absurdities of our leadership at all levels.

What Galganov Dot Com is all about – is about cutting through the fog.

Galganov Dot Com wants to play our part in unmasking the phonies who sit atop their ivory towers in institutions such as the United Nations. We will identify and expose tyrants and thugs. And we will call to task the hypocrites worldwide who do so much damage.

We will also strive to lay bare the dishonesty in much of the News Media. And we will hold to account the Do Nothing Do Gooders, who would sell their own down the river to be seen as the moderate good guys.