Modern Day Mass Murderer


MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene) Is Very Often Over-The-Top & Says Aggravating Things . . . But:

I Watched Some Of The Fauci Hearings, to the Point Where my Nausea Level was About to Peak, since I See Anthony Fauci to be Amongst the Most Unlikable Men (Or Women) I Have ever Bore-Witness-To.

Fauci Gives Criminal Arrogance A Whole New Definition.

The Only Thing I Can Say About The Man Who Literally Destroyed The Lives Of Billions Of People Worldwide, Shattered Whole Economies, Destroyed Personal Businesses, Cursed the Educational Development of Children . . .  And Literally Made Life a Global Living Hell . . . Is That Marjorie Taylor Greene Was 100% Accurate In Her Assessment Of Fauci.

Fauci Should Be Convicted For Crimes Against Humanity & Put In Prison For The  Rest Of His Life.

As A Result Of Tony Fauci . . . Anne & I, Like Hundreds of Millions Others Throughout Canada and the United States of America, Literally had Three Years Stolen from Us, Which We Can Never Recover, Not to Mention How the Problems Caused by Fauci’s Mandates can Never be Fully Corrected.

If There Is A Special Place In Hell . . . That Is Where Anthony Fauci Belongs.


For My Money . . . The Bidens Are The Epitome Of American Scum. In my Most Generous Assessment of the Bidens, the only thing I can Say About them, is that they are a Crime Family Extraordinaire, Starting with Joe Biden, Who Lied His Way To The Top, By Selling-Out Everything That Made America Great.

From Our Earliest Recollection Of Joe Biden . . . Biden Was a Liar, a Cheat, a Thief and a Bullshitter who Lied for his Personal Benefit, and was Recognized to be the Perfect Dupe for the Communist Elitists – to Exploit . . . For Their Strategy Of Destroying America In Favor Of Their Own Sick One World Government.

Biden Is Just One Of Many Millions Of People Of Bad Character.

What Makes  Biden Unique . . . Is that Biden’s Handlers (Obama & Obama’s Handlers) Recognized him as a Man who Would Sell-Out his Country, because Biden is Neither Smart Nor A Man of Principles Nor Good Conviction, who Wanted More than Anything Else to be the President of the United States of America at any Cost. . . Making The Globalist Quid-Pro-Quo Easy.

All Biden Had to Do to be Given the Presidency was Dance to the Tune of the Piper . . . In This Case – The Piper Was The Global Elitist Communists . . . And in Return for Biden’s Cooperation, Biden Was Granted The White House With All The Pomp & Circumstance That Came With-It.


It Wasn’t Literally Overnight . . . It Was More Than A Century In The Making.

Now that we Can Look Back in History & Re-Evaluate the 1940’s/1950’s Era of Senator Joseph McCarthy in a Clearer Perspective,  . . . He Wasn’t All That Wrong Going After the Unions, Entertainment Industry (Hollywood), Broadway, and Much of the LEFT Leaning Media.

For McCarthy’s Efforts, McCarthy was Labelled a Threat to Democracy, Unhinged and a Nazi-Like Republican Poster-Boy for the Democrats to Campaign Against.

Sound Familiar?

Let’s Fast Forward From 70-Plus Years Ago To Today . . . As the Unions are Destroying the Work Ethic that Made America Financially Powerful & Stable. Where the Entertainment Industry (Television, Hollywood, Music – Etc) is Brainwashing our Youth & Not so Young. As the Academic Unions Have Successfully Dumbed-Down our Future Generations to the Point Where they Know Nothing About our History & What it Was that Made us Great in the First Place . . . And Have Stripped Our Mental Ability & Skills To Successfully Compete In A Globalizing World.

McCarthy Has Been Pilloried by the Media, Right Up To Today . . . as a Nut-Job, Lazy, Poorly Informed, Corrupt, Racist – Plus, Plus, Plus . . . But Was He Wrong?


Don’t Believe That The Upcoming Presidential Election Is So Close That It Can Go Either Way, because, Unless Trump Does or Says Something Spectacularly Stupid, Which I Seriously Doubt He Will, Trump is Going to Score the Biggest America Presidential Election Victory in my Lifetime.

When They Keep Saying That This County Or State Is Pivotal To A Victory For Trump, the County or State which the Media Names Keeps Changing. Or Without this Group or that Group’s Voting Support, Trump Doesn’t Have a Chance to Win . . . Well Which Group Is It? The Black Group, Hispanics, Women, Young, Educated, Uneducated, Blue Collar (Union Workers), Wall Street, Bankers?

Since With Every Media Prognostication For Trump’s Victory . . . The Group Keeps Changing.

Keep Your Eyes On The Size Of The Pro-Trump Crowds, whether it’s at a Trump Rally, Trump Town Hall, Trump Visit to an Event like an MMA Match, NASCAR Race, Visit to a Bodega, MacDonald’s, Police/Fire Station – Or Wherever.

Don’t Discount the Mountain of Money Coming from the Middle & Working Class, Donations Averaging at About $50-Each For Trump, and the Number of First-Time Donors & Wealthy Donors who Pledged Never to Support Trump, Who Have Since Changed Their Tune In Substantial Ways.

Believe Your Own Eyes . . . What The Media Feeds You Is What They Want You To Believe.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are so right about Joe McCarthy. He along with Anne Rand (Atlas Shrugged) had projected what we are seeing today. The Teachers Union is a joke, protecting Liberal Idiots that are TEACHING OUR KIDS, not reading, writing and math but how to figure out what gender they want to be. Unions have driven the hourly workers wages to an extreme. Officers are quitting at an alarming rate, Criminals do not fear them at all. Joe Biden is what is wrong with our country along with the White House.

  2. You Are Spot On Howard. My wife & I live on a fixed income. I’ve always have been a Budgeted Man whether Business or Home. We have two vehicles both with 200,000 miles & more. $20.00 is allotted to each vehicle per week. If 20 bucks needs to be put some place else, One vehicle stays put, for that week. I just sent Trump 20 bucks, so one vehicle will remain put. Not complaining, just reality! Fauci has disgraced the word Experts, to which now, I pay no attention to those who claim to be one!

  3. For years, I have been saying that I thought McCarthy was correct, and getting skeptical responses. Guess what? McCarthy was correct.

  4. Awesome commentary Howard right on. We should take everything that the media puts out there with a grain of salt. It’s nothing But lies. Other than the Democrats and the leftist and the globalist being fraudulent, it should be a clear victory for Trump and freedom.

  5. o’biden got the presidency by cheating in the last election !!!! It stole the last election !!!! o’biden managed to do a Trump-like gathering and only 15 sheeples showed up, LOL !!!! Got that news from Tucker Carlson.

  6. Trump all the way! A lot of people are going to wake up Nov 6th in shock because they believed the leftist propaganda all these months. They’ll scream that the election was stolen just like when W beat Clinton’s buddy who said the Statue of Liberty would be elbow deep in seawater by 2020! Trump crowds are being ignored by the media, but obvious to everybody with a brain.

  7. When the Iron Curtain came down the KGB opened their records which showed that every person McCarthy named was in fact a Soviet agent. The OSS that became the CIA revealed that they also knew McCarthy was right but 70 years later, that patriot is still hated. Ever wonder why Obama chose the scum bag Biden as his running mate? It’s not a coincidence that that puppet is now controlled behind the scenes, probably by Hilary and Obama, the secret government of Fascist America, and no one noticed.

  8. Remove the crooked, corrupt, lying bidens out of our White House. In 1961, as a jr. in high school, I took a geography class; I was introduced to a truth-telling, fact-loving fabulous teacher who turned our class into an into. to communism. He was dodging being accused of “subversive teaching.” We were learning important lessons from him; after an exhausting lecture on communism, his eyes lit up as I asked why Joe McCarthy was our enemy. This was a 💡 moment for me and the class.

  9. My sister just got back from an extended trip to Europe and the UK. She told me this morning that the man on the street wants Trump back. They said that under Trump the world was at PEACE. Biden has brought war and chaos. It’s nice to know what people on the other side of the pond are thinking.

  10. Excellent! I just returned from Israel. They are very worried about what will happen to Israel if Trump is not elected. The best friend we have in the world is worried about their existence should ANY demorat win in November. The pedojoe crime syndicate has destroyed the invaluable trust factor of America throughout the free world.

  11. My prediction: 1. Biden will withdraw from the race before the Democratic convention. 2. Newsom will crowned Democrat candidate at the convention. 3. In mid January Biden will resign . 4. Kamala will become the first female President, if only for a few days. 5. President Kamala Harris will pardon all the Bidens. 6. The F U America Mission accomplished.

  12. “…who Wanted More than Anything Else to be the President of the United States of America at any Cost. . .” and cared not one little bit who got trampled in the process. Maybe he and that other liar, Fauci, will be assigned to keep one another company in eternity.

  13. I served on a Congressional Committee under Reagan. Back then Biden was known as stupid and corrupt. Now we know he is a pedophile. He is the bottom of the sewer!. Lobbyists said that when they approached Biden for favors in voting, his first remark was “What’s in it for me?” This is the President of the USA that everyone sees and hears.

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