Don’t Feel Sorry For Biden – Feel Sorry For America


Joe Biden Has Been A Fraud, Liar & Cheat His Whole Life – And America Has Been The Victim.

But that Changed the Moment Joe Biden Swore his Presidential Pledge of Allegiance to Defend America from Enemies Foreign & Domestic as President & Commander-In-Chief of the Most Powerful & Consequential Leader of the Free World.

Not Only Has Biden Done Severe Damage To The United States Of America, and Subsequently to the Free World in Terms of the Global Economy & Global Security, he Has so Damaged the Rule of Law, Political Integrity & Judicial Trust in America . . . That It Will Take Generations For America To Recover – If Ever To Fully Recover.

How Can Anyone Feel Sorry For Biden Who Purposefully Inflicted Such Damage?

Do You Want To Feel Sorry For Someone? Feel Sorry for the People of America. Feel Sorry for the People of Ukraine. Feel Sorry for the People of Afghanistan, Feel Sorry for the People of Israel . . . And Feel Sorry for Billions of People – Because of Joe Biden . . . Who Is Personally Responsible For The Terrible Decay Of The Free World’s Living Standards.


You Might Be Wondering . . . Why did I Wait Two-Days to Write About the Debate Debacle that Millions of People Worldwide Watched Live . . . As It Unfolded On CNN?

I Waited, because Biden’s Performance was such an Embarrassment, to the Point that the LEFTIST Media Went Bonkers Over How the Democrats Could Remove Biden from the Presidential Race there and then.

Of What Purpose would it Have Been for Me if I Piled-On with the Rest of the Media Scrum, with Nothing Pertinent to Say While all the Media were Angling to be First to Drop the Guillotine.

What Happened Thursday Night Needed Far More Than Just Words.


Biden Had A Bad Night – Some Of The Democrats Are Saying, While Many Are Decrying . . . What The Hell Are We Going To Do Now?

The Big Spin . . . Is that Biden Didn’t Win the Debate Because he Had a Bad Night, but Neither Did Trump who Lied through the Whole Deal.

So, Before The Political Coroner’s Report Is Ended . . . Biden’s Debacle is No Longer the Issue, Because Somehow, the Loser of the Debate was Trump, Because of Trump’s Unadulterated Lies, Even Though None of the Media Chose to Define which Lies & How they were Untruths.

Isn’t it Incredible though – How the LEFT are Always Accusing Trump of Lying When they Have Nothing Else to Say . . . But NEVER Explain The Supposed Lies Made By Trump.

The Truth Of The Matter, is that by Showcasing a Mentally Disabled Jerk (Biden), Who was Never Qualified to be the President of the United States of America . . . But was Nonetheless Given that Role by the Deep State, because Biden was Destined to be their Useful Idiot – Trump Was Able To Defeat Biden, The Propagandized Media & Open Questions About Who Really Is In Charge Of The Presidency Of America.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . The LEFT Will Rally. They will Come Together, and they Will Restore their Colluded Media-Push to Minimize the Damage Done by Showcasing the Idiot-In-Chief as he Really-Is.

They Will Re-Concentrate The Phony Polls. They Will Continue their Lawrfare of Donald Trump & Conservatives. And they Will Resume their Unrivaled Political Cheating During the Election Process as Best they Can.

But I Think This Time – The LEFT Overreached Beyond Their Point Of Return.


Many Amongst The LEFT,  Including the So-Called Republican Never-Trumpers and the Rigged Polls . . . Say that Trump is as Unpopular as is Biden – Oh Yeah . . . Says Who?

How About Explaining The Legitimate 74-Million Americans Who Voted For Trump In 2020, Not Including the Pro-Trump Ballots that were Purposefully Not Counted or Destroyed Before they even Made-It to the Ballot Boxes for Counting?

Or How About the Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters who Routinely Pack Trump Rallies with as Many as 100,000 Dedicated Fans?

And What About the Tens of Millions of Dollars (More Than $200-Million) that Flooded Into the Trump Re-Election Coffers just After the Kangaroo Court’s “Guilty” Verdict?

If That Describes Unpopular? . . . Please God – Make Me Just As Unpopular.


Even Though This Is Not Entirely Analogous To This Editorial – It Should Be Said.

There Are Many Fox News Talking-Heads Who Are Either Very Pro-Trump, Somewhat Pro-Trump or are Legitimately Non-Committal . . . But there is No Shortage of Anti-Trumpers Amongst the Fox News Group of Anchors, who “Pretend” to be Fair & Balanced, but are Anything But . . . For Example . . . Neil Cavuto, Howie Kurtz & Shannon Bream.

And One Should Not Discount Other Fox News Owned Media – New York Post & Wall Street Journal.


I Don’t Like Brit Hume. And I Never Have . . . Brit Hume has Always Been a Pompous, Smug & Arrogant Self-Absorbed Jack-Ass, who Gives the Impression that he is Always the Smartest Person in the Room.

I Especially Disliked Brit Hume, when Hume Accused Tiger Woods of Being Responsible for his Infamous On-Property Car Crash that Involved a Spousal Dispute Several Years Ago . . . Because In Brit Hume’s Words (Paraphrased) . . . Tiger Woods Is In The Terrible Mess He Is Today, Because Tiger Woods Is Not A Christian.

According To Brit Hume, Because Tiger Woods Is A Buddhist, Somehow Makes  Tiger Woods a Lesser Person & Responsible for the Accident . . . Because Woods Is Not A Christian In Hume’s Mind . . . Is Indeed Deplorable.

There Are  More Than Half A Billion Buddhists On The Planet – Are They Lesser Human Beings?

I Have Nothing But Respect For The Judeo/Christian Ethos . . . But I Have Full Disdain for People Like Brit Hume, who Believe that People like Me (Jewish) or Tiger Woods Cannot be Responsible & Worthy People because People like us are Not Christians.

Let Me Offer A Fact To Brit Hume – Most of the Planet are Not Christian, which Doesn’t Make them Bad People or Irresponsible.

I Was Never A Fan Of Ann Coulter. But I Also Wasn’t an Antagonist, Until I Watched & Heard Ann Coulter Say on CNN Many Years Ago . . . That Jews Will Never Go To Heaven Because Jews Aren’t Complete.

What The Hell Was That Supposed To Mean? Are Jews Destined To Rot In Hell?

I’m Very Sensitive To What People Say . . . Because People Almost Always Say What They Mean . . . Whether They Mean-To Or Not. And When they Say they Mistakenly Mis-Spoke – Or that What they Said was Taken-Out of Context . . . I Don’t Believe That Is True Or Accurate.

I Believe More Often Than Not, People Say What Is From Their Heart Or Soul.

But This Isn’t About Brit Hume Or Ann Coulter . . . This is About a Corrupt Political, Judicial, Propagandized Media & Academic Culture that Has been Poisoning our Societies for Generations, Which Because Of Donald J Trump Has Finally Been Exposed For What It Is & Who They Are.

In The Words Of The Venerable Songster Bob Dylan – “The Times They Are A-Changing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent words, but you neglected to identify who the real problem is. The left has been supporting obama against the US since he ran for the Senate, and in the words of his minister, “The birds are coming home to roost.” Obama told the country that he wanted to fundamentally change the US, that he wanted a third term (he got it through biden) and now he wants a fourth term. If we let him do that, we’re never going to recover. There will be chaos in the streets. Feel bad for the US.

  2. You are right. I ‘hear’ that Obama & his cronies are meeting to ‘choose’ a NEW leader and Kam Harris is not even being considered & she is furious!! Oh boy, the poop is about to hit America full force. The debate cleared many folks view but it did NOT come soon enough. We are a wing & a prayer from losing our country & our money. MAYBE people will finally organize & take back this country prior to the November Election. MY POV. God Bless the USA. Israel WILL prevail.

  3. The problem is that 80% of sheeples who have the Internet can’t bother to do a simple research to find the real truth. As I said before, only 20% of smart people should be allowed to vote.

  4. Jeff Chasalow, beautifully said. I agree with you & Howard wholeheartedly. This Biden-Obama Administration —and all its staffers — MUST GO, for the sake of saving our country. I wish the same cleansing for Canada, if you feel it is needed. Canadians here know so much more about American politics than we Americans understand of Canada’s. That is to our shame. Our sister country. How can we help? In all seriousness. We stand at the ready.

  5. Robyn Berry, thank you. The good news in Canada is Justin Trudeau is on his way out. He lost a very strong “Liberal” (left) stronghold in Ontario during the recent bi-election to the Conservatives, and it looks like (right-wing) Pierre Poilievre will evetually become our Prime Minister. I met Poilievre here in Montreal and he tells it like it is. I pretty much guarantee that Canada & the United States will have even better relations with Pierre Poilievre & Donald Trump as our leaders.

  6. As Michael Savagage has said, liberalism is a mental disorder. If someone disagrees with a liberal, you’re automatically a racist. As you said in about the 17th paragraph, Isn’t it Incredible though – How the LEFT are Always Accusing Trump of Lying When they Have Nothing Else to Say . . . But NEVER Explain The Supposed Lies Made By Trump. Ironiclly, every time I have an argument with a liberal, they CANNOT name one lie OR one thing Trump has done to affect them or our country negatively

  7. Howard, I watched the debate in full, and am not aware of Trump’s “Lies.” Would you please point out some of them to me? (I am very aware of Biden’s lies … most of what he said was lies.

  8. Commented on debate yesterday. Speaking of fundamentally changing America, I heard mid-day that SCOTUS voted (6-3) to revoke the 40-year old Chevron Deference which gave administrative agencies power to interpret laws as they saw fit (making “rules” & enforcing them). So unless Biden’s Dept heads outright break laws by still make their own rules or enforce present ones, SCOTUS just gave the gov’t back to We The Peoples’ representatives for a constitutional republic/democracy.

  9. Obama controls Biden but someone else controls Obama. Is it Iran or China? Those are the two most likely candidates. Obama could not have gotten where he is without strong outside unknown support. As for only smart people voting – What has gone on at our universities proves that smart people are not very smart when it comes to their prejudices, their morals, and their voting patterns.

  10. After Thursday night I am concerned because of the systemic panic which has overtaken the Democratic party and its donors. If Biden had just performed well enough to not draw so much attention to his failing mind/ health then things would have continued on the same trajectory until November and Trump would triumph. Instead, now Biden will be replaced by Newson or Michelle Obama. The concept of a first female/black president may result in Trump losing & Barack again setting up shop in the WH.

  11. I AM A CHRISTIAN. I WORSHIP A JEW!!! Are these people crazy? There are millions, if not billions, worldwide who never heard of, or met a Jew or a Christian. Are they all going to Hell? What kind of God would create a world like that? This is like the Quoran thats says all infidels must be killed. That’s anyone who is not an Arab. However, we are allowing millions of Arabs to infiltrate the world – Thanks Obama, Biden’s puppeteer.

  12. Howard, the only reason I feel sorry for Biden is because the man is definitely sick. I don’t find it funny when he is mocked because he IS a sick man. Jill Biden s the culprit behind all this because I fully believe she is the power monger. She covets the position of First Lady and will not give it up without a fight. She probably aspires becoming President. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Note…Jews get to heaven the same way as Gentiles. John 3:16..

  13. Kenny, I too don’t recall any Trump lies; he does exagerate which is not the same. Obama is helping Islam in a quest for world domination. Jill should be ashamed for leading the decrepit old man around because she likes being woman #1. Newsom ruined California. Kam, a disaster, possible more trouble. Bruce, Trudeau is so arrogant, he sticks like s**t to a blanket, don’t bet on him quitting and hope Freeland doesn’t become P.M. Howard, if you would mention the lies in your next editorial thks

  14. What worries me about Thursday’s debate debacle is that we were not the only ones watching it. Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, and other enemies of the West saw it too. So now that they have seen what we all saw, the issue now is not if, but when will they start doing things, knowing now that Trump will most likely be the next President.

  15. I would not be surprised to see China attack Twain. They see how weak Biden is and his response would be a Global Disaster. Our oil reserves are so low that we run the potential of not being able to support our armed forces anywhere in the world. We are going to see a major shift in who and how we support our allies. DJT had a great 4 years as President even though he had to fight for it. Biden has destroyed our DOJ, Trust in Courts and allowed Criminals to run free in this country. God help us.

  16. Comment about Trump’s lies is shocking❗️……❓️❓️❓️ Please explain.

  17. Commenters who are questioning the “lies”, seem to be misunderstanding what was actually written, i.e., “ The Big Spin . . . Is that . . .” I also watched the entire production and thought that, for the most part DJT was remarkably focused, on point, and, dare I say, presidential. Yes, it got a bit off the rails nearer the end, but everyone has patience limits. The only thing that elicits any sympathy for Biden from me is that he’s obviously been the victim of elder abuse for years.

  18. Regarding Trumps performance. Anyone who has played a singles game such as Tennis knows it is difficult to show how good you are against a very weak opponent. Such was the case for Trump against a mumbling, bumbling decrepit old Biden.

  19. Jonathan Usher, the one who controls barry sotero is the nation of islam. A cabal of Iran, Iraq, and China (not muslim but in bed with them), Good column Howard. Sharon Lantz is correct.

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