This Goes Beyond A Double Standard


Not Only Is Trump Vindicated . . . The Rotten Apples In The American Political Barrel Are Done.

The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America . . . Just Re-Established Public Trust in the American Judiciary at the Highest Level of the Constitution of the United States of America.

By Losing This Judgment . . . & The Mess That Is Biden – What Is Left For The Democrats?


On July 29, 2020 . . . George Floyd Died At The Hands Of The Minneapolis Police.

The Result Was A Violent Insurrection Against America That Lasted Months. Whole City Blocks were Burned, Destroyed & Looted. Innocent People were Beaten, Robbed & Murdered, Including the Physical Assault on More than a Thousand Cops who were Injured just for Doing their Job of Keeping the Peace.

Police Stations Were Destroyed, a Historic Church Across the Road from the White House was Set-On Fire. And there was a Rampage Against the White House Itself . . . All For What?


George Floyd Was A Despicable Thug Who Didn’t Deserve To Live Amongst Decent People. Floyd was a Bully, Thief, Drug User, Drug Dealer & Intimidator who Held a Gun to the Belly of a Pregnant Woman, while Floyd’s “Buddies” Went through the House of the Woman Looking to Score Drugs, Money or Whatever Else they Could Find.

When Floyd Was Taken Down By The Minnesota Police, he was Caught Peddling Counterfeit Money While High on Drugs. And it Should be Mentioned . . . that Floyd was Well Known to the Police, Because Floyd Wasn’t Without a Long Criminal Rap Sheet.

So What Did the Media, Ignorant Self-Hating White Socialist Americans & Black Race-Baiters Do with the Death of George Floyd? They Canonized Floyd To Near Sainthood.

They Painted George Floyd Murals On The Side Of Buildings. And Created George Floyd Statues.

And For The George Floyd Funeral . . . Floyd’s Body was Interned in a Golden Casket, Transported on a White Hearse . . . While Pulled By 2-Adorned White Horses. A Funeral Fit for Royalty.

The Who’s Who of American Politics, Entertainment & Media Campaigned to be Seen at the George Floyd Funeral, Let Alone to Have an Opportunity to Speak on Camera, which was Broadcast Live on Virtually all American Networks Nationwide.

Let Me Write This One More Time . . . George Floyd Was Scum. Floyd Represented Everything that is Bad About a Human Being, Especially a Black Human Being in America.

America Would Have Been Far Better Off If George Floyd Had Never Been Born . . .

. . . The LEFT Used The Death Of George Floyd To Torch America. They Used the Death of Floyd the Thug to Push their Agenda of American Self-Hate. And used the Gargantuan Lie about George Floyd as an Additional Means to Help Topple the Re-Election of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.


While It Is Absolutely True That George Floyd Was A Despicable Human Being . . . It Is Equally True, that the People who used the Death of George Floyd to Accelerate the Death of America as we Know-It, are Far Worse than the Fiend whose Body was Laid to Rest in a Golden Coffin, Mounted on a White Carriage, Pulled by Two Adorned White Horses,

The People Who Created The George Floyd Narrative (Lie) . . . are the Same People who are Running the United States of America and are Part of the Globally Injurious One World Government.

These People Have No Moral Bounds.

They Have No Love for Personal Freedoms (Except Their-Own) Granted & Supposedly Guaranteed to the People through the Constitution of the United States of America.


The LEFT Accuse Trump Of Lying To Cover Their Own Lies & Create A Narrative That Isn’t True.

We Are Dealing With Ruthless People . . . Whose Backs are Against the Wall, Knowing that this will Very Likely be the Last Chance for them to Realize their Dream of an Elitist/Communist One World Government . . . For Perhaps The Next Hundred-Years If Ever.

Any Group Of People, Who are that Capable of Ginning-Up the Death of a Thug (George Floyd) in Order to Destroy their Own Country for a Sick Political Philosophy . . . Is Capable Of Doing Anything – Including Lying, Cheating & Arresting Its Political Opponents.

If These Usurpers Of Real Freedoms, which they Portray in their Phony Defense of Democracy Get their Way . . . There Will Never Be Another Fair Election In America Until The Next Civil War.

These One World Government Purveyors . . . are Watching their Dream Crumble, as Countries throughout the World are Rejecting their Elitist/Communist Politics for Conservative Politics of Real Freedom . . . in Places like Israel, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland & Others . . . Whose People Are Finally Seeing The Writing On The Wall.

These One World Government Purveyors Know . . . That If Trump Wins Back the White House on November 5, 2024 . . . It Will Mean – That The Fat Lady Has Sung, And For Them . . . It Will Be All Over.


They Lied About Trump Calling Nazis “Good People”.

They Lied About Russian Collusion, Which Was The Creation Of The LEFT (Hillary Clinton).

They Lied About The Laptop To Win The 2020 Election (51-Retired Senior Intelligence Agents).

They Lied About The Trump/Zelenksyy Phone Call To Score A Trump Impeachment.

They Lied About The January 6, 2021 Capital Building Riot As An Insurrection To Get Trump.

They Formed The Kangaroo Court Congressional J-6 Hearings To Set-Up Trump.

They Created Non-Existent Laws To Convict Trump. And Now They’re Peddling Trump As A Felon.

Lawfare And A Propagandized Media Have No Place In A Free Constitutional Society.


What Won’t The LEFT – Not Do To Win?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard there needs to be someway that all of America could read your comments. I at least will send this to as many of my friends as possible.

  2. We are NOT, and hopefully never will be, a democracy form of government. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. The word democracy is not in the definition. There is a huge difference between a democracy and a Constitutional Republic in justice, freedom, and laws. Please do not use them interchangeably.

    As Much as I Agree with You, which is a Position I Always Take on the Mis-Use of the Term Democracy . . . It is Nonetheless the Term Most People in America Use on Both Sides of the Republic, to Describe Socio/Political Freedom – HG.

  3. They lied about the number of legitimate votes biden received in 2020. They lied and are still lying about biden’s physical and mental status. They continue to lie about just who is calling the shots at the white house. And they lie about the southern border, about vetting the “migrants” (illegal aliens.) I just can’t think of anything they don’t lie about, can you?

  4. The only poll that counts is the election. Hopefully, enough of the 80% of brainwashed sheeples will be awake and vote Trump. The election has to be monitored from members of both parties there present side by side, not like it was done in 2020 with the demon rats counting the votes while the Republicans were held at bay at 75 feet minimum to monitor that the ballots were counted properly. Security videos showing demon rats cheating by getting boxes full of fake ballots added must be seen.

  5. “A democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner.”

  6. It is so corrupt only s miracle can save the USA. Of course fraud will be widespread. Lying. Assaulting… Biden is akin to a wet block of wood with dead pan look. Who is really running it? Obama.

  7. That’s right, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS have the bs news reporting service. Unfortunately Fox and Newsmax continually fight to have their stations aired but in many cases doesn’t reach out to mainstream people, and so the socialization of America to a communist agenda. Apparently we cannot fix stupid, when brainwashing takes place. Thanks

  8. Was hard to believe how George Floyd, an addict w/long rap sheet, was made out to be a saint ruthlessly murdered by police. He was high when arrested & struggled to get free – the reason for the knee. Yes, we are supposed to be a Republic under the Constitution & Bill of Rights. The difference is important enough our founders chose the one that gave We The People more say & limited federal gov’t. They set power to be given to 1)the people, then 2) states, & 3) fed gov’t. Almost reversed now.

  9. “ Let Me Write This One More Time . . . George Floyd Was Scum. Floyd Represented Everything that is Bad About a Human Being, Especially a Black Human Being in America.” No truer words were ever written, and these words helped to push the USA down into the gutter of hatefilled, thugfilled, unrelenting violence. To revere like heroes any criminal thug by hundreds of thousands people shows how mind robbing dangerous “leaders” take over and rule. Thank you for being a truthteller!

  10. Thank You Mr Galganov for all you do to relay the actual TRUTH through your media outlet! To bad more people haven’t heard about you and your great love of Canada and the USA! I’m just praying the party that is actually running our once great nation doesn’t go to extremes when it comes to stopping Trump from running….at this point with EVERYTHING they have thrown at him, I wouldn’t put anything past those evil demons…..

  11. George Floyd had twice a fatal level of Fentanyl in his system. That results in the lungs shutting down. If he drove off, he would have been dead behind the wheel, killing others with his car. He also had the habit, when being arrested, to immediately claim not to be able to breathe. Possibly just as important to the SCOTUS judgement was the side comment that the creation of the office of a special prosecutor by DOJ was unconstitutional; it’s Congress’s prerogative, not Mayorkas.

  12. Mr. HaLevi… I honestly believe that Bernie Sanders is running the show as much if not more than Obama. Indeed they may replace Biden with Sanders if Michelle Obama refuses to let the world know she is useless as Kamala Harris. So sad that we have Jews so close to the Oval Office and not one of them is a Zionist and worthy of being called a Jew. The best “Jew” for the White House is Mike Pompeo. He is the only American politician with an Israeli wine named after him (Psagot Wineries/Samaria).

  13. I really don’t want to contemplate any further evils the left might conjure. The damage they have done and the precarious position they have put our country into is horrifying enough. In the hope of injecting a smile into the discussion, happy Canada Day to you and Anne, and to your many readers who also live there.

  14. The Crime Rate across the US and Canada is staggering, where criminals are set free almost immediately by bad DAs. Time to bring back public Hangings, It was a sent a strong message to all who wanted to walk on the wrong side of the law. Three Strick Laws need to be enforced at that level, regardless of who they are, especially for Drug Dealers, Rapists and crimes against Children. At the first Public execution, Televised in Junior and High Schools and prisons required viewing.

  15. Thank you again, Howard, for all you do for us. I am so glad I found you. I look forward to your writings — and I enjoy reading your readers’ comments. Knowledge, insight, and thinking — regarding America AND Canada. Patricia Robinson (Virginia), Jeff Chasalow (Texas), and Samuel HaLevi (Israel) are the standouts for me. Thank you, Howard; thank you, ALL, for your Comments. So many Thinkers here. No ugliness; just intelligent Comment. Keep it coming!

  16. 100% 👍🏻 for SCOTUS judgement. Did you see and hear the lies and hypocrisy of our demigod P.M. at the Newfoundland Memorial telling the world that Canada is a country of laws and FREEDOM. The same demigod who invoked the Emergency Measures, set thugs with batons, tear gas, and mounted R.C.M.P. on peacerful protestors, froze bank acounts and there are still protestors in prison on charges of mischief. Happy Canada Day Canadians and Happy 4th July to America. Better days ahead.

  17. I have a copy of the autopsy. The policeman had his knee on Floyd’s shoulder, not his neck. Floyd died from an overdose. He had pills on him when the police arrested him. He swallowed them to keep from being arrested with drugs – just to add to his very long Rap Sheet. this is the height of racism. Now they want to impeach Judge Clarence Thomas. It has nothing to do with skin – it has to with their scheme – to take over the USA

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