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Freedom Isn’t Free

GALGANOV DOT COM INC is a Federally Chartered Non Profit Corporation with a Specific Social & Political Activist Mandate. Our Entire Goal is to WIN BACK OUR COUNTRIES to the Way they Used to be.


Therefore, Cannot Issue Tax Receipts for Donations (Support).

In One Very Important Aspect, by Not Offering Tax Receipts, We Have No obligation to Reveal the Identities of those who Support this BLOG.

This Anonymity is to Everyone’s Advantage, since No One Including any Level of Government Has the Right to Know Who Our Benefactors are.

The Government Has the Right to Know How Much Money has Received, How Much Money has Spent & On What, but Not the Right to Know Who Donated any of it.

To Support GALGANOV DOT COM INC, Simply Click Next to the Amount You would Like to Support, Complete the Form & Press Send.

To Donate by Check or Money Order . . .

Mail Support To – Galganov.Com, PO Box 17, Williamstown, Ontario, Canada – K0C 2J0

If You’re Canadian – To Use E-Transfer . . . The Email Address Is [email protected]

Please Note that Your Information will Remain Confidential, and You will Not be Placed on any Mailing or Contact List. You will be Informed (With My Gratitude) When I Receive Your Support.

Thank You For Your Support
Howard Galganov

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