Who’s The GLOAT?


If I Had To Choose Between Which Of The Two Above-Named Liars Is The “GLOAT”, I would Have to Choose Biden, Not Necessarily because Biden Lies More than Cohen, But Because Biden’s Lies are Killing the United States of America, the American Dream, the American Constitution, And All Of The Western World.


Make No Mistake About-It . . . We Are Bearing Witness To The Tipping Point Of Freedom.


We Have Heard all about the Reversible Errors Caused by the Tainted Judge (Juan Merchan) . . . I Take Great Exception With The Word ERRORS, since the Word Errors Connotes Mistakes, which to my Mind’s Eye & Reasoning are in this Case Purposeful. They Are Not Errors.

This Trial Is Anything But Fair . . . It Is The Worst Possible Example Of Judicial Tyranny.

I Don’t Know If Trump Will Be Convicted, Found Innocent or Released by a Hung Jury. But What I Do Know, is that Whatever the Verdict, this Kangaroo Trial has Sealed the Deal for Trump to Overwhelm the November Election, as the ULTIMATE Witness & Champion Against the Government that Has Crossed the Line Between What is Legal and What is Political.


There Is No Shortage Of Stupid People . . . Who will Cheer with Glee if Trump is Convicted, just as there are Millions Upon Millions of People who Believe in the Insanity of the WOKE Generation, where Men can Pretend to be Women, And Everyone Is Equal Regardless Of Their Abilities.

But In The Long Run . . . Trump and the Republicans Now Have 5-Months in-which to Plead their Case for . . . Life, Liberty, Freedom & The American Dream.


Can There Possibly Be A More Compelling Campaign Platform Upon Which To Run?


Even Though the LEFT (Communists) Have Been Incredibly Successful at Inculcating our Children through Academia, and our Children & Adults Through the Lens of Entertainment . . . Television, Hollywood & Social Media . . . As Hard As They Tried . . . Their Success Has Been Insufficient.

Over The Past Three Years . . . All the LEFT was Able to Achieve was to Divide America Between Patriots & Fools who (The Fools) are Devoid of the Reasons for America’s Greatness, But There Are Not Enough Fools Who Will Be Prepared To Surrender Their Rights & Freedoms & The Exceptionalism Of America On The Sick Altar Of Biden.


Biden & His Handlers Couldn’t Care In The Least For America – They Are Globalists.

This Sham Trial Has Elevated Donald Trump To A Level Beyond Politics . . . To The Height Of Martyrdom, where President Trump Has Become so Far Above the Politics of the LEFT, that He is Now the Standing Face of Freedom, And The Perpetuity Of The American Dream.

Trump Is The Case For America . . . Trump Is The Case For Freedom, and Nothing Exhibits this Truth Greater than the Farce that has Been Taking Place in Blue States & Florida for the Past Number of Months.

Many Americans Are Fools . . . But Fools Or Not – To the Vast Majority of Americans, Even those who Have Been Life-Long Democrats . . . They Understand That Their Freedoms Too, are Fragile & Dependent Upon a Blind Judiciary Protected by its Obedience to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Many More Americans Are Not Fools . . . And Whether the Jury Finds Trump Guilty or Not, Puts Him in Jail or House Arrest, or Can’t Decide on a Guilty Verdict . . . At This Point Is Irrelevant, Since This Case Has Morphed Far Beyond What The LEFT Had Hoped-For . . . To Their Great Chagrin.

It Is Unbelievable & Unconscionable How Much Damage One Idiot In The White House Has Caused.

I Truly Believe That In The Final Analysis, the People will Vote in Huge Numbers for Trump for all the Obvious Economic/Political Reasons . . . But Perhaps Even More-So Now than Before, People from all Parties will Vote En-Masse . . . For The Freedom Fighter Who Wouldn’t Take A Knee To Surrender The Greatness Of America To The Globalists.


At The End Of The Day . . . A Beaten & Bloodied Patriot, Who Wouldn’t Take a Knee, will Become America’s Newest Hero, Who Should Be Enshrined On Mount Rushmore Along With The Other Powerful Men Who Led America To Greatness.

When You Try To Kill The King . . . Don’t Miss.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Pray that there are enough intelligent Americans who can recognize a Stalinist show trial when they see one, especially when it’s happening right under their noses. Alas, I despair.

  2. Don’t give them any encouragement. I hope President Trump has lots and lots of protection. There is only one other way to stop him and that will cause a civil war. Meanwhile in Canada where the unholy alliance is an even more direct threat to our country. We actually are truly in mortal peril.

  3. Re Trump > I remember my favourite poem “If” written by Rudyard Kipling: “If you can keep your head whlle all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” Sure, they’ll blame Donald Trump and try to make him look as bad as they can. But Howard, I believe in Donald Trump. I’ve got faith that TRUTH will prevail and the majority of Americans will re-elect Trump as President. I might get discouraged in this crazy world of ours, but not defeated. DONALD TRUMP 2024 / TAKE AMERICA BACK

  4. The biased judge and the New York “minded jury” are very worrisome —- but there isn’t a damned thing we can do about it —— other than worry!!! Then next 5 months will be exciting as more & more riots are encouraged —– anything to disrupt the Nov. election —– or, worse yet, delay or stop it completely!!!!

  5. I beg to differ. And that’s a first!! Just “one idiot in the White House” does not reflect the true and real idiots like obama and others. Remember: biden can’t put his socks on correctly. He can’t stay upright and he says the most bizarre rumblings. He is seriously demented and the idiot, foolish, evil people who want to keep their positions are running (ruining?) our White House. Everything else you wrote is right on the money!!

  6. I agree with all you say about Biden, but he still looks good when compared to Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

  7. Who is the most accomplished GLOAT? Biden without a doubt in my mind. The only difference now is his mental condition is being used as an excuse. But he’s practiced it basically his whole career in politics, so likely even before as well. So mental deficiency or not, it is who he is. What a legacy, right?

  8. Howard, probably your best editorial yet. It ended on a higher level than it started. And it ended before I was ready to stop reading! We have got to vote this evil little man OUT of the White House. The White House needs brains & knowledge & understanding — AND a love for America and its people. God Bless Us.

  9. Excellent! We are going to see riots start as early as election day when Trump wins. This might allow the traitors to declare marshall law in an effort to keep Trump out of office. We need to discover the head of the snake who is paying for the riots and eliminate it and those people /organizations involved in the distribution of the money.

  10. I agree with Kenneth. There are enough Blind Fools who think Biden is good and strong, and enough Rich Elites that support him. Folks who have never struggled in their life have a different outlook, I have money so it does not effect me. Most of my Veteran Brothers and Sisters know the difference of good and bad leadership. All of us signed a blank check when we joined to serve and still continue to serve as we age. Prepare yourselves for an even Crazier America as we approach the Election.

  11. It’s frightening that even when confronted with the obvious between the most accomplished president in American history and an evil clown, the polls show it’s still a close call. Add to that, the 2024 election will be even more corrupt than 2020 and Biden can still steal the election and Americans will get Hillary and Obama for the fourth time. When it comes time to meet their maker, Trump will have the last laugh and Hillary, Obama, and Biden will be screaming from the depths of hell

  12. o’biden is not responsible at all for what is happening to Trump. The fool o’biden is far too advanced in its dementia and alzeimers disease that it can’t make any decision on its own. It is nancy pelosi and the high rankings of the demon rat party that control puppet o’biden and are the true ones inflicting all this mayhem on Donald Trump, and like Mark Levin said and wrote in one of his books, the demon rats hate America. My 2¢ !!!!

  13. The determining factor is how the votes are counted. In the last election many were destroyed or simply not tallied. The votes must be closely monitored by impartial persons. Nick Zaferis GDC1 Montreal, Quebec.

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