Let He Without Sin Cast The First Stone


But They Will Try As Best As They Can To Dirty-Him-Up No Matter Who It Hurts, which is What this Sham Trial in New York City is all About.

It Has Nothing To Do With Illegal Financing Or An Improper Use Of Campaign Funds, which in themselves are Not Illegal Given the Statute of Limitations and the Fact that No-One Seems Able to Discern the Non-Crime that is Being Argued Outside this Court’s Jurisdiction.

Or How Non-Disclosure Agreements & Hush-Money Are All Of A Sudden Criminal.

I’m Certain that the Anti-Trump Inquisitionists are Hoping for a Hail Mary through their Biased Jury, and the Court will Find Trump Guilty & Put Him Behind Bars. But It Won’t Happen.

But Their More Realistic Goal Is To Make Trump Look Like A Billionaire Sleazeball, Because He Cheated on His Wife With a Porn Star and a Playboy Bunny . . . Two Women Who Made Their Money By Selling Their Bodies . . . No Different Than A Street Whore Who Uses Her Body – For Less Money & With Less “Class”.

Here’s The Fact . . . I Have No Idea if Trump Slept Around with Either of these Two Women or Others, and if I Had to Bet, He Probably Did . . . But What Business is that of Mine or Anyone Else . . . Other Than Melania Trump?

And Then There Is The Irrefutable Truth . . . That Trump’s Sexual Peccadillos Have Nothing Whatsoever to Do with His Ability to Lift America and the Rest of the World Out of the Doldrums of Generations of Elitist/Communist Abuse, Public Degeneracy & Political Corruption at Every Level.

I’m Going-To Predict . . . Trump Is Not Going To Lose In New York.

All Trump Needs, with which to Win this Sham New York Trial, Is Just One Person On The Jury Out Of Twelve . . . with Enough of a Brain & Conscience who Can See Through this Kangaroo Court to Say Enough is Enough, And Vote Against The Prosecution (Persecution).


My Big Question . . . Once Vindicated – Can Trump Sue His Inquisitionists for a Ton of Money for Bearing False Witness . . . Meaning the City of New York (Manhattan), the District Attorney (Alvin Bragg) And the Judge (Juan Merchan) who is Presiding over this Disgraceful Kangaroo Court?


No One Should be Allowed to Abuse & Misuse the Judicial Process as a Political Cudgel – or for Personal Means to Destroy a Person Politically, Financially or Reputationally for Any Reason Other than Actual Cause (Law) . . . Certainly Not The Government Or The Opposing Political Party In Power.

Frankly . . . I Couldn’t Care a Whit About who in Politics or any Other Profession is Sleeping with Whom. All I Care About is – Will That Person Make My Life & The Lives Of People I Care About Better Or Worse?


It Galls Me When People Excuse A Horrific Incident, or any Incident, by Comparing it to Something that is of Negligent Scope in Comparison – Or Is In All Honesty, Just Contrived (Made-Up).

A Perfect Example Is The Lie Promoted By The LEFT, that the Republicans will Destroy Democracy, as that is Exactly What the LEFT is Doing Almost Daily, just as the LEFT Has Fabricated their Story that Trump Supports Nazis & White Supremacists, while in Fact, The Democrats Are In Full Throat Support Of The Communist (Elitist) One World Government.


Fox News Has Become An Icon Of Open Support For Israel & Jewish Americans . . . But Fox News, in their Blindsided Thrust to Show themselves to Be Fair & Balanced, Very Often Has their LEFTIST Contributors Spew their Socio/Political Garbage as Fact . . . Generally Uncontested.

Leslie Marshall . . . A Hard-Core LEFTIST California Radio Talk Show Host, who is Often on Fox News as a “Contributor”, just this Past Week Said When Asked About the Hate Filled Anti-Semitic Chants & Acts of Physical Anti-Semitic Confrontations at all the Participating Universities Replied (And I Paraphrase) . . .

. . . It Is Wrong To Use Anti-Semitic Slurs . . . Just  as It is Wrong to Use Islamophobic Chants, Which I Heard Myself (She Said), Especially Knowing that I am Married to a Moslem Man.

First Let Me Be 100% Honest (As Always) & Forthwith (As Always) . . . and Tell you that Leslie Marshall (To Me) is a Lying Piece of Crud who Has Honed Conflating the Truth into a Mastery on One Side of the Debate, to an Egregious Lie or Wildly Exaggerated Truth on the Other Side . . . Which Is An Understatement.

Marshall – Like All The Left. . . Have Refined Prevarication To An Art.

I Can Virtually Guarantee You . . . That There is No Organized, and Certainly No Public Attacks on Moslem Americans that Rise Beyond a Ripple – If Any At All.

But To Make That Lie, is to Reduce the Severity of Real Threats Upon the Jewish Population to Something Far More Minimal, because a Piece of Human Excrement like Leslie Marshall . . . Just Equivocated Non-Attacks On Islam In America To Real Attacks On Jews Throughout The 50-States.

Part of What Bothered Me Most About this Leslie Marshall Insult to the Truth, was that Leslie Marshall Wasn’t Called-Out-On-It . . . Therefore, If She Wasn’t Challenged, Then What She Said Must Have Been True.


It’s All One Big Ploy . . . Get Trump. Get The Jews. Get Freedom. And Bring Down America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There are only 20% of us that care about our countries when 60% minimum is required to make changes. Until a recall to all elected officials is implemented and 80% of sheeple continue to vote without knowing any facts of what is going on, we will keep the status quo, I’m afraid.

  2. Our Government leaders as well as their ghostly but hidden agents of purposeful mismanagement and entire education system supported by corrupt government globalist, foreign governments and corporate trash are being run by the far left radicals in major political parties committed to the extinction of American, Canadian, UK, Australia great countries!

  3. Have all the lefties forgotten about Bill Clinton’s hush money payout To Paula Jones and worse the sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky and the oval office… Isn’t that worse than what Trump is being accused of?

  4. I don’t know what to say… I can’t honestly see citizen or president Trump going to jail. He & Secret Service? The Dems are laughable at this point. Pushing & pushing, oblivious to Trump’s rising numbers? Or do they know, with certainty, they won’t lose? As for semitism & anti- in the conversation, it angers me & exhausts me. So many young people not knowing what they’re yelling about. Such stupidity. Where are the parents?

  5. All these trials against Trump will each take weeks to months to use up his campaign possibilities. But that is making more & more people see the truth of them. There has been more news of individuals saying they’re Dems but plan to vote for Trump and/or vote Republican ticket. And it appears Dems are totally oblivious to that fact because no leftist will listen, read or watch conservative or GOP news whatsoever to know what’s happening on ‘the other side’ of news.

  6. The hatred directed towards Jews is only diluted in the public’s mind by statements such as ” It’s not only about the Jews” or “It only starts with the Jews”, particularly when stated by a Jew. My non Jewish friends are baffled why we Jews are uttering such statements, despite the fact that there is some truth to them. These friends are advising Jews to seize the moment. Never Again is Now! We owe it to our IDF brethren in Israel who will die in Rafah defending our western civilization.

  7. More of the socialist leftist communist plan to take control of USA……antisemitism is the next step to separate Americans into small groups…. all part of Alinsky’s rules for radicals. pure evil.

  8. I think the point of all the Riots is to get the country in such trouble that Biden declares Martial Law and stays in office. It is time for the Adults in this Country to grab these Bozo Protestors by the throat and send them to countries that they support. You love Gaza so much, here is a 1 way ticket, you support the Muslims send them to Iran, Iraq or Middle east for a nice vacation, they would not survive with their BS. Colleges need to be Shut Down as all they do is create Hate.

  9. Have any of you seen where the House of Representatives has voted to Ban Christianity In the USA?

  10. Howard , the criminal courts in N.Y. State are corrupt, it wold make no difference where he wentin N.Y. he will not get a fair trial. They are of a communistic -FASCIEST style court if you are not one of the inside gang politically. I know this from first hand experience. It has become more blatant lately since Houchel has been in but under Cuomo it was still corrupt. A change of venue would make no difference in Trumps case. The republicans are just as bad as the dems.

  11. Leslie Marshall isn’t worth the ink on paper or words written anywhere or listening to when she spews her lies on Fox. She is a perfect example of an ignoramous. As to your “Irrefutable Truth That Trump’s Sexual Peccadillos Have Nothing Whatsoever to Do with His Ability to Lift America and the Rest of the World…” The left condoned the actual perverse sexual activities Clinton was found guilty of performing even in the Oval Office. Court ordered, he paid off a few of the women he “abu

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