I Don’t Know What To Call It – But It Ain’t A Debate


A Debate Is Where Two Or More People Face Each Other & Exchange Forceful Ideas . . .

Where Each Person Has the Unencumbered Opportunity to Simultaneously Challenge their Opposition Based Upon Each Other’s Past Successes & Failures with Reasoned Confrontation to the Other’s Opinions, Facts & Issue Outcomes . . . Without Being Fettered By Moderator Biases & Obstructions.

A Real Debate Is Raucous, and Held in a Crowded Room, Where the Attending Audience Adds Flavor & Measure to the Points of Each of the Debaters Views.

A Real Debate is Not a Sterile Participation of Two or More Antagonists Controlled by Moderators, who Should be Nothing More or Less than Referees in a Competition, where they Should be Seen & Otherwise be Irrelevant to How the Game is Played Within the Rules.

Tonight’s Debate Between Biden & Trump Will Be None Of That.

The Debate Between Trump & Biden is Structured in Such a Way, as to Keep Trump from Confronting Biden, where by Design, Biden “Should” Have No Chance to Have-To Immediately Respond with a Come-Back from Trump.

But On The Other Hand . . . When Biden will Deliver One of His Many Anticipated Scurrilous Charges Against Trump . . . because of the Rules Created by CNN of Dead Microphones, Trump Will Have No Opportunity To Respond While The Issue Will Still Be Pertinent.

I Have No Reservations That Trump Will Prevail – None-Whatsoever & Here’s Why.


First-Off . . . It Will Be Three Against One – Good! Trump Will Have Them Surrounded.

After Being In Politics For More Than 50-Years, First as a Senator, than 8-Years as the Vice President, And More Than 3-Years As President . . . Under What Paradigm Should Biden Need a Week-Long Sequestered Debate Prep, With 16-Prep Advisors, A “Movie” Studio Created for him, and a Famed Hollywood Director (Steven Spielberg) to Make the “Magic” Happen?

Wouldn’t You Think That After All These Years Of Political Experience . . . Biden Could Just Show-Up to the Debate after Fulfilling a Normal Day of Work to Promote his Self-Perceived Massive Achievements for the American People as the President of the United States . . . Without A Small Army Of Boosters To Tell Him How & Why He Needs To Convince America That America Needs 4-More Years Of Biden In The White House?


I Think Most People, With The Exception Of The Real Stupid Ones . . . Won’t Believe that Biden Isn’t Jacked-Up on some Kind of Mental Stimulant like Adderall, when Biden Starts Screaming & Gesticulating like a Moron, When Biden Delivers his Talking Points, Since Leakers Of The DNC Have Already Suggested That Biden Would Come-Out Of His Corner Aggressively. That’s What Drugs Like Adderall Do.

I Ask You . . . Where’s The Winning In A Candidate Who’s Jacked-Up On Whatever?


All Trump Has To Do To Win . . .  Is To Compare His 4-Years To The Years Of Biden.

And then Trump Has-To Repackage One of His Gazillion Rally Speeches into a 90-Minute Exchange of Ideas & Policies that will Make America Great Again in Comparison . . . To The 3 1/2 Years Of Biden – That Has Crippled The American Dream & Dimmed The Shining Light On Top Of The Hill.

This Won’t Be A Real Debate . . . But Trump Will Win Nonetheless – He Already Has.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am expecting this Mockery of a Debate to be Pathetic❗️ CNN has already Plotted & Planned how to Protect the Idiot-N-Chief. This is the first of two (scheduled) presidential debates, 2024 general election, hosted by CNN w/ monitors being the UNTRUSTWORTHY Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, of whom has been DRILLED. I Doubt there will be the promised 2nd debate. I Sure HOPE ALL Goes better than I suspect ……✝️

  2. I believe Biden’s handlers wanted no audience present because any noise from them would confuse Biden, put him far off balance. Trump would thrive in that environment. How much taxpayer money was spent on Biden’s special studios & advisors? I want MY unapproved portion returned! 16 advisors for Biden? Sounds like he should be duly confused, eh?!!? Trump should not rise to any bait; just smile & watch Joe’s jacked-up yelling & flailings.

  3. It amazes me that so many in our country are so easily mislead by a 90% bias press and media and can’t see thru the BS and not believe what they hear and see on news videos and press. Our nation needs a required class in schools called “How to think and determine reality”. If not, a country will be left with pretty much with what we have now but I think some of the former Biden believers are seeing that they are wrong. Time will tell.

  4. My concern is relative to secreted hearing devices in his ear canals to feed him responses. I’m not being paranoid. I wear hearing aids that are Blooth connected to my TV. And I believe he will have attention medication.

  5. We agree 100%..Will not waste rest time to watch the dopped mascara echo on command. President Trump should ping the bell from time to time to help in keeping the mascara appear to be awake.

  6. I also wear hearing aids and know they can receive as well as help one hear. I have been reading Howard’s words & responding for a few yrs. Biden ALWAYS has printed answers & list of people who will ask what question he is asked. It has taken a week to prepare his hearing aids & I believe he was given a copy of questions to be asked.

  7. Howard, Biden will most likely be given a cocktail stimulant by his White House Doctor. This reminds me of Hitler’s Dr. Morell giving Hitler an injected cocktail to keep Hitler going everyday. Americans better start paying attention before it is too late!

  8. If Trump this time speaks like an educated gentleman (like someone from Harvard or Princeton that is not racist) (I know, that is hard to find nowadays), then he will win both the debate and the presidency.

  9. You are correct, sir, in your assessment that nothing about this shindig remotely resembles a debate. I believe it was Mike Rowe who referenced Kabuki theater, and I personally am leaning toward shameful dog and pony show. Prayers that it will open more eyes to reality.

  10. Well, finally, someone writes the truth, this is NOT a debate. I am not watching those demoncrats on CNN for any reason, especially not to applaud and protect biden while treating Trump like the enemy of mankind. I know who I am voting for; I know that biden will be so high on drugs that he will scream until the drugs wear off and then he’ll start to slur and mumble. I know that no matter what Trump does, it will be wrong in the eyes of Tapper and whats her name. NO THANKS.

  11. I’m not sure if I really want to watch this debacle of a debate. I may just try to find a good horror movie to watch on Netflix or Prime Video. I know that if I do watch it, I am going to end up wanting to punch Tapper and Bash in the face.

  12. With loathsome Jake Tapper moderating and a drug fueled Bidden raging senslessly at all things Trump, I have to say, no thanks, I won’t be watching!

  13. Trust me – Trump supporters will either be laughing our heads off at Joe or angry to the hilt because of the biased, anti-Trump moderators. I’d bet my next retirement check that the questions/topics have already been given to Joe. There is no such thing as neutral honest journalism anymoe

  14. Even if Biden is on adderall, will it keep him alert for 90 minutes+ (the + being from time he gets shot until first question). And Trump just needs to ‘stay calm’ & answer questions, not aim any remarks at moderators. But, I doubt Trump will be able to control himself, even if he were to sincerely try; it’s not his nature. As for muted mike, I figure that will apply to Trump more than Biden who will get a couple chances to sling a negative at Trump; then moderator will mute & apologize.

  15. The main problem is that 80% of the sheeple population are totally brainwashed by the left, and can’t do a simple Internet research to find out the truth or compare both the left and the right side before making an intelligent decision. It doesn’t matter how well Trump does, most sheeples no matter what will remain stupid and don’t bother to stay informed. Only the 20% really informed people should be allowed to vote !!!!

  16. Well I just watched some of the debate and it was going exactly as I expected…poor old moldy old Joe, nothing new and hanging on to the same lies! If in the event he was to win the next presidential election, it will be the death knell for the U.S. And, he won’t see out the full term…it certainly got me beat what they are doing to prop him up and keep him going? Can the living be embalmed?

  17. Watched the “Debate” last night, it took Biden about 2 min to screw up. He was mumbling and incoherent to a point Trump said “I don’t know what he just said and I doubt he does”. Trump prevailed like a Champ, kept his cool as Biden slung several Lies. Is Trump the Best Man for the Presidency, I don’t know, But he did more for this country in 4 years with a Congress, Senate and RINOs fighting him than Biden has done with all their support. Big Money has too much Power in this country, per

  18. Well! I watched the “show” debate ..and I was shocked at how poorly BOTH candidates did. While Joe was his stumbling tongue tied self that we have come to expect anytime he isn’t being directly covered for by his handlers and reading off the teleprompter, I was also struck at how Trump came across as an angry man that didn’t offer the people a clearly articulated view of his plan to turn this ship around and too often fell for traps laid him from the moderators and Joe! God help America!

  19. William Meeks (Michigan, USA) took the words right out of my mouth. I’m Canadian, and I love America. When I go there, it’s my home away from home. Not happy with this so-called debate. God Bless The United States. Still a great country…. with great people. I don’t say this lightly.

  20. I wasn’t all that impressed with Trump’s performance in the debate. He should have done much better but at least no matter how much the debate was set up as an anti-Trump, Biden still came out the big loser to the point that even Democrats declared him dead in his tracks. For the next debate to illustrate how bad Biden really is, they should put Biden in a cage and have an audience throw peanuts at him.

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