We’ve Been Here Before . . . And We’ve Survived


There’s Too Much Naysaying About America’s Shining City Atop The Hill.

America Survived the Assassinations of Both Kennedys (JFK & RFK). America Survived the 1968 Chicago Riots at the Democrat National Convention. And America Survived Much More.

America Survived a Revolution, a Civil War, a Spanish War, the Alamo, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, 911 & Iraq/Afghanistan . . . America Will Survive This Too.

In 1861, America Went Into A War Against Itself For 4-Years, that Killed More Americans than all the Wars Combined, which America Has Fought since . . . 164 Years To Date . . . Yet America Survived.

On February 20, 1939 . . . The Largest Nazi Gathering (German American-Bund) in America was Held at Madison Square Gardens, which Sent Shock-Waves Throughout America, Especially Amongst American Jews, Believing that America was About to Join with Germany’s Nazi Party, Which Was Nipped In The Bud By The Most Unlikely Group . . . America Survived That Too.

Until 1964, With The Passing Of The Civil Rights Act . . . Racism Ran Rampant Throughout America, Especially in the Deep South (KKK), where Black Americans were Denied Equal Opportunities, Equal Education, Equal Jobs, Equal Voting Rights – Etc, and were Routinely Cheated, Beaten & Occasionally Lynched . . . America Survived That Too.

In 1968 – On April 4th In Memphis Tennessee . . . At 6:01 In The Evening, Martin Luther King was Assassinated, When Virtually Moments After Martin Luther King’s Murder . . .  Black Americans Caused an Upheaval of Riots, Beatings & Arsons Across America, that was Looking Like it Would Never End Without a Civil War Between Black & White Americans . . . America Survived That Too.

Remember The Shooting At Kent State (1970) . . . And all the Riots Across America to End the Vietnam War? People were Beaten, Bloodied, Jailed (Muhammad Ali) and Shot During those Horrible Years . . . America Survived That Too.

Who Can Forget The Rodney King Beating In 1992, and the Massive Riots Caused by it, and the Release of the Cops who Dished-It-Out. Guess What . . . America Survived That Too.

And None of us Can Forget the LEFTIST Riots Across America by Black Lives Matter, Antifa & Ignorant People in General, During The 2020 So-Called Summer Of Love . . . America Survived That Too.

And Then Came Covid with Forced Lock-Downs, Mandated Masks, Social Distancing and the Outright Suspension of Constitutional Civil Rights & Liberties. America Still Bears the Scars. But Nonetheless, as America Recovers from those Very Dark Days . . . America Still Survives.

America Is Such A Powerful Country Because Of Its Constitutional Freedoms, and because of the Patriotism that Has Become Endemic (Genetically Embedded) in Most Americans, That No Single Force Will Ever Be Able To Defeat America.

While It Is True . . . That America Has Been Beaten, Bloodied & Knocked-Down – It Is Equally True . . . That America Never Stays Down. And Even Truer than that, America Gets Up, Rallies & Becomes Stronger after a Beating . . . Than It Ever Was Before.


AOC Is Frightened Of Going To Prison If Trump Re-Wins The White House.


This Is The Same Sick Piece Of Work (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) . . . who Made a Big Deal of Hunkering Down – Hiding in a Bathroom Fearing for Her Life During the January 6, 2021 Capital Building Riot, Even Though Ocasio-Cortez was in a Building Far Removed from the Capitol Building.

This is the Same Actress (Liar) who Says she was Terrified that the Police Officer who was Checking-Out the Building . . . Was There To Kill Her.

Not To Labor The Point Too Much . . . This is the Same Phony who Pretended to be Handcuffed (With A Big Smile), When she was Led Away by Capitol Police for Being at a Non-Sanctioned Demonstration.

Almost Lastly . . . This is the Same Ignorant Creature who Pretends to be Smart Enough to Sit in Congress, who seems to Believe that any Man who Disagrees with her Nonsense Must Want to Sleep With her.

And For My Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Finale . . . At the Outset of AOC’s First Term in Congress, she Made this Ridiculous Statement, That She Has The Right To Speak About Jews . . . because, Coming from a Spanish Background, she Probably has Jewish Genes in her Body, because so Many Jews were Forced to Convert (Converso) During the Spanish Inquisition . . . That She “Might” Have Come From A History Of Conversos.

Let Me Assure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & All The Other Panic Driven Phonies . . . who Abused their Positions, Power & Influence to Lie, Persecute & Prosecute Conservatives, Especially Donald Trump . . . That Trump Has an Awful Lot More to Do to Fix Everything these Morons Have Destroyed in America, Than To Waste His Valuable Time Pursuing A Sick & Insignificant Piece Of Work Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


As For The Other Players . . . Who Played Fast & Loose with the Abuse of America’s Judiciary (FBI) & Intelligence (NSA, CIA – Etc) . . . They Deserve Real Prosecution, Not because they were (Are) Stupid like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but Rather, because they are the True Insurrectionists, who Did What they Could to Foment a Soft Coup Against the Legally Elected Presidency of Donald J Trump, Including Up To Today.


The LEFT Claim That Special Council David Weiss Was A Donald  J Trump Appointee.

While Two Things Are True . . . One – That David Weiss is a Registered Republican, and Two – That President Donald Trump Did Appoint Him, which Sounds Quite Convincing When Taken Out of Context . . . But When Pointed Out In Reality, This Republican Claim & Trump’s Appointment Of Weiss Becomes Quite Dubious.

David Weiss Is A Registered Republican . . . But So Are Millions Of Others We Know To Be RINOS.

When Trump Won The White House In 2016, He had No Idea who the Players were, Especially Amongst the Huge Number of Lawyers in the Justice Department, which Meant Trump Would Have to Rely on the Advice of People who Have Been in Government a Lot Longer than Him.

Tom Carper & Chris Coons Are Both Democrat Senators From Delaware – Who According to Custom, State Senators Have a Say in who they Want to See Named for Office, such as a Lawyer who will be Certified by the Senate . . . They Chose Weiss From Delaware.

To Say That Weiss Was Donald Trump’s Choice Is True, in as Much that Trump was the Final Decision-Maker . . . But it is Totally Disingenuous to Believe that the Weiss Appointment . . . Wasn’t The Cause Of Two Democrats Who Chose A RINO For Trump To Rubber Stamp.

Weiss Is A Snake, Which Is One Of The Many Reasons Why Trump Won’t Be Fooled Again.

PS – For People Who Live In Or Around The Proximity Of Tim Horton’s In Lancaster Ontario . . . On the Southwest Side of the Trans Canada, Anne, The Falconater & I Will Be Eating Outside At 1:00PM At One Of Their Pic-Nic Tables.

So, If You Would Like To Meet Anne, The Falconater & Me . . . This Meet & Greet Has Been a Long-Time Custom Interrupted Two Years Ago by Covid. So I’m Looking Forward To It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. When DJT took office, he had a White House full of Obama appointees. A congress that was against him, and yet he accomplished so much. Had he had a house of supporters, a friendly congress we can only guess how well our country would have been. Biden has destroyed so much, let me reword that, Biden and his handlers (Obama/Clintons/ criminal DOJ) have put this country into a state of confusion. It DJT is not elected, look out, Civil War will be upon us Nation Wide, 400 million guns will speak

  2. While we, as a country, have overcome all that you said, we’ve never had our own police attacking us and being politicized as they are now. The federal police units, the (15 or 16) intelligence units, to say nothing of our congress, have obviously been compromised in the effort to “fundamentally change” the US. I don’t know, but I pray DonaldTrump, can overcome all the problems and people arrayed against him and us.

  3. Although AOC and other socialist, marxist’s and communists elected to office worry me, I am more worried about the mental disorder and capacity and of those who elected these people. UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you Randi Weingarten.

  4. What a lovely positive article! I’ve told my kids (grown) that as bleak as things sometimes look, America will survive. We survived Jimmy Carter, after all — and that was a biggie in my lifetime. Maybe this time we’ll be limping a bit after all these years of multiple troubles, but America will heal & be stronger than ever. May God forever bless our magnificent Constitution. It is sacred.

  5. I hope Canada did the same and survived but not as much as the U.S. See you at the greet and meet Sunday !!!!

  6. Ido Aharoni interviews my favorite Ashkenazi Israeli thinker, Dan Scheuftan, on new YouTube video. Not to be missed by the faithful readers of this column as well as HG. Such a straight shooter Israeli intellectual! Great sense of humor. Cannot go wrong watching this.

  7. I call all supporters of Galganov, all supporters of DJT, and all patriots & believers in Christ to pray every day for personal & national forgiveness for allowing our gov’t to literally kick God out of our national presence & the immorality & depravity that followed. Then pray for the upcoming elections that God will intervene to stop the damage of fraudalent voting. Pray & ask God to once again become an integral presence in our national conscience. And pray for revival in America.

  8. Thx again Howard for your todays writing. We too on our way to see rel’s in Wasilla, Ak. have also stopped more than once to enjoy a Tim Hortense lunch counter on our way. – Nice memories!

  9. I love your optimism Howard —— you are correct, the USA has been through many trials & tribulations in the past. It is easy to get caught up in the daily details of negative, negative and more negative!!!! I am praying America can make it until February 2025 when Trump will be back in control. No doubt, Trump has learned how deep & wide the the hatred really is in Washington. It is will be very interesting to watch.

  10. I’m a Montreal Canadian. Ever since I was a kid, my parents would take me and my two older brothers across the border to the United States. We loved those road trips. Americans are like Family. We loved the restaurants and shopping and everything about the U S of A. Great county / Great people. I’m sharing this with you because I’m very saddened about what’s going on….in BOTH our countries. Predictions are for Gypsie but I believe Trump will be re-elected as President. / GOD BLESS THE U.S

  11. This is a welcome breath of fresh air. Thank you for the reminders.

  12. All failed empires had major failings before their final fall. Everyone, like America today, probably believed they were the greatest country in history. History also shows that when a country or civilization rejects God, they always fall. America has thrown God out of its culture and government. The final straw is the murder of 65 MILLION unborn children. America is now opposing Israel when the Bible teaches that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

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