How Can I Be So Certain?


The Question I Often Get – Is What Makes Me So Certain Trump Is Going To Win On November 5th?

There are a Whole Lot of Signs that Jump-Out in Favor of a Big (Huge) Trump Victory this Coming November, Besides the Obvious, which Includes all the Issues that are Spoken & Written About Throughout the Media . . . Mainstream Media, Social Media, Podcasts & Blogs Like

The Main Issues Include . . . Open Borders (Immigration), Inflation (Economy), Cost of Energy, Food, Housing & Safety, all of Which in themselves are Powerful Election Issues that Weigh Heavily on the Side of Donald Trump.

But There Is Far More Than That.

What’s Happening Internationally Isn’t One of the Big Issues that will Move the November Election, But it will Certainly be  an Additional Weight, Tilting on the Side of Trump, which Includes Afghanistan, Russia/Ukraine & Israel/Anti-Semitism.

America & The Free World Want Stability . . . Something Biden Took Away & Trump Can Restore.


When You See The Massive Crowds Of Trump Supporters, which in themselves are Predictive of Voter Base Enthusiasm . . . Next Time – Look also at the Age & Gender of the Crowd Participants.

These Are Not Old People.

When The Media Suggests That Women Don’t Support Trump, or that Trump is Supported Primarily by Old Goats like Me . . . Have A Good Look, and What You Will See is an Army of Enthusiastic People who Range in Age from their Mid-Twenties to their Mid-Fifties . . . With What Appears To Be As Many Women As Men.

Then Look At How The Trump Crowd Is Dressed . . . How they Smile, Laugh and Respectfully Engage with President Trump as He Speaks, Jokes & Cajoles the Audience to Believe in a Better Tomorrow with Him at the Helm, Without the Communist Elitist LEFT to Continue Burying America.

Eight-Years-Ago . . . I Basically Wrote the Same thing About Trump’s Chances, with Less Knowledge About Donald Trump, who Eight Years Ago Before Winning the Primary, was on the Bottom of My List of Primary Contenders I Wanted for the Leadership of the Republican Party.


That Written . . . Once Trump Sealed The Primary Deal & Began His Campaign Of Rallies & Personal Attacks On All The Democrats . . . There was No Doubt in my Mind, that Trump was Going to Bury Hillary Clinton & Win the Presidency.


Where all the Media & Most of My Friends & Family Wrote Trump-Off, Certainly on Election Day as the Media Kept Saying “There Is No Path For Trump To Win Enough Electoral College Votes”, and as the Evening Dragged-On, When all the Media Basically Declared Hillary the Winner, I Still Stuck To My Guns.

Anne & I Were In Texas During The 2016 Election Night – At a Friend’s Home, Where we Dined before Settling-In to Watch the Results of the Vote Counting.

And By The Time The Mid-Results Began Rolling-In, our Hosts were so Depressed, that they Decided to Call-It a Night & Went to Bed, Leaving Anne, our Beloved German Shepherd Dog (Stryker) at that Time & Myself to Close-Up their House When We Had Enough.

But We Didn’t Leave, Because I Still Believed The Fat Lady Hadn’t Yet Sung . . . And By the Time the Polling of Fly-Over-America Started To Be Counted, the Game was Changed, and the Rest is History.

All Of That Was Before We Even Had A Clue Of What Trump Was Capable Of As President Of The United States Of America.

But Now We Know . . . And Now We Have More than a Three-Year Democrat Debacle to Compare to Trump’s 4-Years of Incredible Governance – In Contrast To The Three & A Half Years Of The Worst Presidency In American History.

When You Add-Up Everything I Just Highlighted, and then Include the Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Pro-Gaza (Palestinian) Islamist Aggressive Demonstrations America Wide, I Hope You Can Easily Understand Why I’m So Convinced Of A Massive Trump Victory On November 5, 2024.


Who Do I Want To See As Trump’s VP Choice? . . . Elise Stefanik.

Who Do I Want To See As Trump’s Chief Of Staff? . . . Kevin McCarthy.

Why Do I Think Republicans Are Going To Do So Well? . . . Ronna McDaniel Is Out.

Do I Support Margorie Taylor Greene? . . . How Do You Not Support Someone Doing Her Job?

Should Mike Johnson Remain Speaker Of The House? . . . Not After The Election.

United Nations Cuts Number Of Dead Palestinian Children In Half – What A Shocker.

Notice That I Don’t Write Much In-Depth About The College Protestors . . .

The College Protestors Are Clueless Ignorant Peckerheads . . . Who Surrendered their Brains to Academia, which in itself is Very Often No More Aware of the Truth than are the Students (Children) they are Supposedly Educating.

Anti-Semitism Isn’t New . . . It’s Just That It Crawled Out From Under Its Rock.


Where The LEFT Thought They Had It All Wrapped-Up – Their Epithet Will Be RIP.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One can only hope you’re right and that we can avoid the frauds of 2020.

  2. I look at Biden & I see Carter all over again. We survived Carter (younger people may not know how BAD he was) but we had Reagan to turn to, to save us & the country. I dont think I can abide another 4 yrs of Obama & those unelected WH people running the country into the ground. Obama’s string-pulling is exhausting & sickening me. I may honestly have to leave if Biden wins. Howard, thank you for your writings & for talking to us. Keep ‘em coming!

  3. We saw the same thing in 2020 ..the enthusiasm gap was enormous.He’s gained more of the Hispanic and Black as well as the Jewish vote..which he also gained in 2020. He should win in a landslide as long as they don’t cheat again.

  4. And cheat they will, Benyovits Amit! I hope DJT will pull enough votes to make cheating less effective this time. I don’t put anything past what the dems will do to try to keep him OUT!

  5. Good choice for VP…Bad choice for Chief of staff–Trump needs to rid DC of as many RINO’s as possible

  6. What is wrong with Bernie Sanders saying he SUPPORTS Obiden withholding money and arms from Israel? Is he really a Jew or a jewdenrat???

  7. I doubt that Obiden will get votes from Israel. Now… It will be a question of fraud control and intimidation suppression. The same supra Antifa in Kefiah cover assaulting campuses will be used to coerce voters. President Trump must be backed by experts that will handle the Obiden marauders.

  8. Howard, You evoke incredulity in me over your VP guess-selection because it ain’t going to happen!! ES is a big spending RINO regardless of her service to orangeman. Mark Levin likes the Florida Gov for VP and the boys had a meeting on neutral ground recently. Think of Pence with a PAIR! I have become convinced it is a WIN – WIN. Two Presidents, one CEO, for the price of one! Keep up the good work. C L Watson

  9. How well are the election frauds fixed??????

  10. I too am concerned about election fraud & even wider scale. Dems will stop at NOTHING. Numbers don’t matter when machine voting is done (can easily be changed); need to return to paper ballots–manually counted. Maine is setting up for illegals to vote, as is D.C. If done, FBI needs to investigate, nullify illegal votes & prosecute those in charge. Like I said, Dems will stop at nothing, even wide-open cheating. They don’t care since no consequences have come for 2020 fraud. They’ll go bigg

  11. I sure hope you’re right (pardon the pun), Howard. We need TRUMP to lead the United States and here in Canada we need POILIEVRE to defeat Justin Trudeau in next year’s (Nov 2025) Federal election. ps: Tomorrow (May 14th @ 11AM) in Montreal, a group of us (non-Jews) will be going to Place du Canada in honour of Holocaust Memorial Day. We expect a huge crowd.

  12. Trump will win because patriots will make it so. All it will take is overwhelming numbers of voters coming out to vote against the deadly regime that is trying to push our form of government into the ground. We must maintain our freedoms. The world depends on us to put things right.

  13. Ms. Stefanik certainly deserves a place in the inner circle of the WH (Chief of Staff/Antisemitism Czar/etc) but she’s still a bit young (39) to be one heartbeat away from the presidency. I think the country has to demand that Mike Pompeo return to take the VP slot. He is the most accomplished and trustable person in the room and is the number one pick for Israel. Indeed, he is so loved in Israel that he is the only American with an Israeli pinot noir named after him (Psagot Winery/Samaria).

  14. On point. I would like to see Cruz as DOJ or a supreme court appt., Petraeus/Flynn as DOD/Homeland Sec. Do away with Dept of Ed, tenure for college professors, Dept of Energy, and immediate clean out of DIA and state dept. Defund UN and give them 96 hours to vacate the property or the buildings will come down. Strip Milley of his rank/pension & charge him with treason with appropriate penalty applied per Pres. G. Washington’s days. Soros, gates, and fauci to disappear never to be seen again.

  15. Thx Howard, and by reading your comments back I ‘m seeing no need to cover any of theses common sense inputter’s w/another of my thoughts.! Thx’s to all voicing here and abroad! Unity among us is the key – thank Howard Galganov! And God bless him!

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