We Hear That Today’s Children Are More Mature Than Yesterday’s


These Thugs Are The Enemy, Whether They’re Students, Teachers Or Professional Insurgents.


In Plain English . . . These Thugs Couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About the So-Called Palestinians or their Terrorist Siblings (Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Houthis – Etc) . . . What They Care About Is Overthrowing America & The Freedoms That Stand In The Way Of Their One World Elitist Communist Government.


If American – They’re Traitors . . . If Foreign – Saboteurs . . . In All – They’re Anarchist Criminals.

Either We Stop Them Now, Even if it Becomes Bloody to them in the Process, or we Will Fight Them on their Terms when it Becomes Bloody to us . . .

And Make No Mistake About-It . . . The Responsibility for this Morass is on Every Liberal that Has Both Allowed & Encouraged this Social Cancer to Metastasize.

Once Arrested . . . Not Actually Arrested, Since these Thugs Won’t Really be Charged or Detained – Why Aren’t the Police Removing all the Helmets, Gas Masks & Face Coverings of these Miscreants, Which Will Allow All Of Us (Their Victims) To See & Know Who They Are For Future Reference?


Thank President Numbskull (Biden) For His Empty Words . . . And Then Go Into Rafah Fast & Hard . . . Blow-It Up & Shoot all the Hamas Bastards who Don’t Surrender. And Don’t Endanger any IDF Soldiers for the Purpose of Saving Palestinian Human Shields from their Own Hamas Savages, who Place Women & Children in Harm’s Way to Protect their Own Sorry Asses.

Also – As Horrible as it is for the Israeli Hostages being Imprisoned in the Tunnel Dungeons of Hamas and for their Loved-One’s who are Beside themselves with Grief & Worry . . . These Mostly Jewish Hostages Cannot be Traded for Long-Time Peace, Which Will Never Come With The So-Called Palestinians.


As Much As The Heartstrings Of Israelis Are Being Pulled By The Hamas Palestinians, who are Willing to Surrender their Jewish Souls for the Freedom of their Loved-One’s, What About the Hundreds of IDF Soldiers (Men & Women) who’ve Already Been Killed in Action Fighting in Gaza since October 7, 2023 and the Thousands of Wounded IDF Men & Women Under the Same Circumstances?

And What About the Memory of the More Than 1200 Mostly Israeli Jews who were Unarmed while they were Murdered, Raped & Brutalized On October 7, 2023?

We Have To Deal With A Myriad Of Issues Simultaneously – Walk & Chew Gum At The Same Time.


No One In The Middle East Wants The So-Called Palestinians – Not Egypt, Not Jordan Nor Lebanon . . . All Of Which For Good Reason – So What’s this Crap with Biden’s Plan of Bringing these People to America on a Fast Tract to Social Services, Green Cards & Eventual Citizenship?

Why Doesn’t Biden Go To The UN, Drop His Pants, Show His Ass & Say Kick-Here.

For Months we’ve  Been Watching the Crescendo Build Worldwide, as the LEFT Used the Excuse of Jewish Support for Israel . . . To Further Their Quest For World Domination.

It’s No Longer Just Jews For Israel (Zionists) . . . It’s Jews As The Initial Target.

The Useful Idiots Who Have Been Triggered For Chaos Worldwide – Reign Supreme . . . But Nowhere Greater than in America. So if you Ever Wondered What Nazi Europe Looked & Felt Like by Europe’s Jews . . . You’re Watching The Beginning Of What Was.


After The Jews – It Was The Nazi Dominion Of Europe & WWII.


I Want Governor Ron DeSantis To Find Another Domicile Out Of Florida, which would Tee-Him-Up to Run as Donald Trump’s VP on November 5, 2024 Without Either of them Having to Lose Electoral College Votes.

He Could Then Move Back To Florida After The Fat Lady Would Have Sung.


After Decades Of Riding My Motorcycle, I Decided that it was Time for Me to Call-It a Day, since I’m Not Getting Younger, My Reflexes Aren’t What they Used to Be & Neither is My Strength or Balance.

So Yesterday – After One Last Ride, I Delivered My Bike to a Really Nice Guy from Toronto, who Met Me Half-Way in Kingston Ontario, To Where I Towed The Bike On A U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer.

Watching My Bike Ridden Off By Someone Who Wasn’t Me Made Me Sad – But Life Carries-On.


In A Seventy-Four Year Lifetime Of Achievements & Failures . . . My Biggest & Greatest Achievement Was 51-Years Ago Yesterday . . . When I Stood Facing Anne Under The Marriage Chuppah Before God, Family & Friends . . . When I Pledged My Life To Anne In Marriage.

One Of Our Really Good Friends . . . A Former Montrealer, Celebrated Our Anniversary of 51-Years with a Spectacular Greek Feast Supper,  Also in Kingston.

For Some – Yesterday Wasn’t So Good . . . For Myself & Anne – It Was A Celebration.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy anniversary to you and Anne! I know you do appreciate your many blessings. One of my blessings is being able to read your words of wisdom and research! Thank you for all you do.

  2. Happy anniversary to you and Anne. I hope you have many more happy years. 😊

  3. A hearty Mazel Tov to you and Anne. May you be blessed with may more healthy, happy and productive years. Happy Anniversary. Norton Milecofsky, Jackson, NJ USA

  4. It hadn’t occurred to me before you wrote it today- that this might be the same playbook as the Nazis. First it was George Floyd to soften everyone up to mayhem in the streets..- now we have the Palestine thugs this summer. Add in the DEI ,Trans/homophobic/genocide propaganda that is coming at people…like the “30’s, ordinary people don’t know how to fight back and the media is helping to sell the lies. I hope IDF destroys Hamas and Israel has breathing room, at least for a while

  5. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. Thank you Howard for this excellent editorial I wish people would wake up and smell the roses before its too late. Our world is becoming more insane with each passing day.

  6. Happy anniversary to a special writer and his wife. I am so lucky to have discovered you and your great editorials. And another great editorial is much appreciated and will be circulated.

  7. Mazel Tov on your anniversary! As a former Soviet subject with a much better than average knowledge of European/World history, I clearly see the parallel with today’s events. Except today, the left is much more experienced and brutal.

  8. Happy Anniversary !!!! Here’s to another 50 years.

  9. Best wishes on your anniversary from the mighty Miramichi.

  10. Congratulations Anne and Howard what a milestone to reach, blessings and health from us. Hope and pray you have many more to come.

  11. Congratulations on 51 years as husband and wife!! I’m glad you got to do something fun. Mazel Tov!! I agree with you on the nonsense going on with the fools and instigators at the colleges – nothing to do with “Palestine,” Israel, or Hamas. Everything to do with destroying the government. It’s also a distraction so people don’t pay attention to “president” Bidet doing Ovomit’s best to escalate WWIII, which is already in progress, IMO.

  12. Shalom. 1st, congrats on your anniversary. 2) I gave up my ride a few yrs back. It takes an adult to say enough. To many crazies in Fl. 3) You are on the bullseye with everything you said. Remove these traitor terrorists from American soil. Export them into Iran never to return. I see where the haredi are trying to bring down the Yisrael gvmt because they want them to serve in the military. You live there, you won’t defend, you get to leave permanently never to return. Jewish or not.

  13. Happy Anniversary to you two! Thanks again for a great blog. I can empathize with you when you gave up your bike. I had to do a similar thing 20 years ago. I agree that those people who are demonstrating against the IDF soldiers trying to clean up Gaza are wrong and or ignorant of what is really happening. Don’t just do half a job! Do a cleansing! We need to remember that there are powers at work trying to do world domination similar to what happened in Germany only on a far greater scale.

  14. Your separation pain with motorcycling will heal–Happy Anniversary and many more!

  15. Happy Anniversary to two of the most kind and courageous people I know.

  16. Congratulations to you & Anne for 51 years together. And, yes, I understand about the motorcycle. Last year I sold my Honda Goldwing for the very same reasons. I openly cried as it was ridden out of my driveway —- now, after nearly 60 years I feel lost without a motorcycle. I am in complete agreement w/ you re: the crisis we are facing —— thank you to the “educational system” as they dumb-down our children —– Children who cannot do basic research to objectively analyze anything.

  17. Happy anniversary to you and Anne. Wishing you many more years of joy together and with Falcon. Thank you for all your excellent newsletters.

  18. I’m happy to know you had a wonderful anniversary day. Quite a milestone! I am also glad your msg ended on a happy note because before then… I am SO nauseated by this Israel-Hamas “stuff”. It’s all about hatred. If Hamas were to kill every Jew, none left, would they be content? No. They would still be filled with hate & would have to find some other group to hate. I think all they know is hatred — and evil. Pure evil. My opinion. Wishing you both many more anniversaries together

  19. Happy 51st Anniversary to you and Anne. May you have many more years to celebrate!! And THANK YOU for all you do. God Bless

  20. Congrats on your Anniversary. Sorry about the bike…probably a good decision considering driving ability of others! Strength to Isreal.

  21. Congratulations and Happy 51st Anniversary to you and Anne! May you be blessed to have many more. My sympathy on sale of your motorcycle, but credit for recognizing it was probably time. If we have to give up something as we age, far better I say to give up a bit of physical prowess and still have the sharp mind! We are grateful for yours.

  22. Happy Anniversary! But get another bike! I’m 73 but plan on getting a ticket for doing 85 mph when I’m 85. Ride On! But it is your choice…..

  23. Mazel Tov to you and Anne, and may you enjoy a long, happy, healthy, and peaceful life together. As we say till…120. Judith

  24. Congrats. Anne and Howard. This Oct. 5 will be our 50th year, as well being one of the best things I have ever done. I too have to demount my 2 wheel steed, my electric bike, this year. I fell twice last year. My 79 year old body is just not up to it anymore. A trike is in my future, if a steed to ride is to be at all. The electric trikes today are very adult and purposeful. Best Wishes, Peter Goldring, Edmonton Alberta

  25. Our youngsters have been coddled & spoiled. They are immature, & for the most part will not take responsibility for their actions. As parents, we’ve also not done our jobs properly & I can’t stress how important it is for young people to have good & honest teachers. Unfortunately, we allowed this to occur. We can hope there are enough kids who “wake up” and take over the reins we’ve let slip away. I fear for my Grandchildren’s & Great Grandchildren’s future. Happy Anniversary to you & A

  26. Happy Anniversary to you both! As always, your opinions are backed with facts and truths.Fortunately, there are many educated conservative students who are making their voices heard over the rumblings of thug criminals trying to take over our college campuses with their hateful support of known terrorists.I especially liked seeing that ignorant Emory “professor of economics” being arrested for hitting a police officer to “get his attention” she proclaimed. This is why our economy suffers

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