About Yours Truly

The Power of Demagoguery and Misleading Media have Shaped my Views by turning them around 180-Degrees. I used to be a LIBERAL.

Demonizing your Opponent is a Form of Demagoguery that is used by People who otherwise have no Legitimate argument. Regrettably, it is a Tactic that is far too often successful.

By making an Opponent look like a Clown, an Extremist, Obstructionist & worst of all – A RACIST, the Demagogue hopes that the Legitimate argument is swept away.

This is a Dangerous Path used by Vocal Minorities who want Something-For-Nothing. And want to get into the lives of others, by telling people how to live. These are also Folks who are almost always Propped-Up by Special Interests, and by Public Funds taken from MAKERS to Support the TAKERS through Taxes.

For Example . . . to Ethnocentric French-Speaking Nationalists in Quebec & Ontario, I’ve been called a Linguistic Racist and a Francophobe. Neither are true.

To Appeasing Anglos . . . Judenrat & Kapos Come In All Cultures & Religions.

To those Appeasing Anglos, who either Accept Laws, which Diminish English Speakers, or who are too Timid to oppose the Laws, I’ve been called a Hardliner, an Extremist and an Angryphone . . . All Of Which Are True.

To Me . . . There Is No Middle-Ground To Freedom Of Expression.

But, None of my Detractors on either side, have ever been able to Debate me on real issues: NOT ONE OF THEM. Instead, they run and hide behind Platitudes & Demagoguery.

Even in Wikipedia, which is a very IFFY Web Information Search Engine, Created by the so-called public at large on “GOOD FAITH”, I’m made out to be some kind of also-ran who Tilts at Windmills . . . That is, until I took them-on and Challenged their Veracity. 

So, if you want to Know the Truth about who I am, and what I Stand for, in Spite of what the Demagogues and a LEFTIST Search Engine like Wikipedia has to say, here it is in my Own Words:

Some Of My Background:

I Was Born In Montreal, Quebec, Canada On February 12, 1950.
My Jewish Orthodox Parents Were Financially Poor & Family Rich.
I Have Two Sisters – One Older . . . One Younger.
I Am Married To Anne (Nee Rabinovitch) Since May 1, 1973.
We Have No Children.

I Went To Protestant School During The Day . . . 
And Attended A Lubovitch Yeshiva During The Afternoon To Early Evening.

In 1968 . . . 
I Joined The Montreal Jewish Defense League & Fought To Free Soviet Jews.

Both My Parents Served In Uniform During WWII. My Dad was a Highly Decorated Soldier who fought throughout Europe, right from the beginning of the War, starting with the Invasion of Sicily. My Dad was wounded Several Times During the War, Including at the Battle of Monte Casino, where he Fought-On Nonetheless. My Dad saw action in Italy, France, the Netherlands (Decorated by Queen Wilhelmina), Belgium and Germany.


Had My Father Not Been Jewish . . . He Most Certainly Would Have Been Awarded The Victoria Cross – The Equivalent To The American Medal Of Honor. My Dad . . . Israel Eddy Galganov Was Routinely Written-Up In Dispatches For Bravery Above & Beyond The Call Of Duty. And Has Had His Heroism Recorded In Several WWII Books & Journals.

My parents were Both Born in Montreal from Eastern European Immigrants (Russian/Ukrainian), who came to Canada in the First Decade of the 1900’s.

I’ve worked Full-Time since I was 12-Years-Old. I finished High School in the evening. I Attended University (Sir George Williams University – Montreal) at Night, until I Dropped-Out knowing that I would never become a Professional.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur Most of my Life, owning Businesses & Employing Individuals since I can Remember When.

I am the Founder of a North American Advertising Agency (since 1978) that has been 100% Owned and Operated by my Beautiful Wife Anne, since 1996, when I Decided to Become Fully Engaged as a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ADVOCATE.

Anne & I Have No Children . . . other than our Dog Stryker, our Cat April, our 2-Horses & 1-Pony, all of whom we Consider to be our Beloved Family.

Until November 1, 2014 . . . Anne & I have Lived on our own Equestrian Center in South Eastern Ontario, 20-Minutes from the US Border, an Hour from Montreal & an Hour from Ottawa. Anne & I Routinely Cross into the USA Frequently for Shopping, Dining & Specific Medical Care, which we Cannot get in a Timely Fashion in Ontario Canada.

As Of November 1, 2014 . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat, and I live for 6-Months during the Winter in Hill Country, on the Perimeter of Austin Texas . . . and 6-Months during the Summer in Canada, on a 5-Star RV Resort, which we Built, on Land we Lease from Close Friends who Board our Horses.

AS A CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ACTIVIST, I have also Contributed as best I could to everything from Feeding Hungry School Children, to Housing Homeless People, & Defending Abused Animals.

In the Mid 1980’s, I Created a Multimillion-Dollar Multi-Media Campaign in Defense of Battered Women within the Province of Quebec through B’nai Brith Women.

IN 1995 . . . The Montreal Chronicle Daily Newspaper . . . Declared me to be Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year, for my Battles agaisnt Ethnocebtric Quebecois Nationalsim & Defense of Freedom of Expression For All.

Highly Listened To Radio Talk-Show Host:

I was a Radio Talk-Show host in Montreal (1997-1999) on CIQC AM600, where I took on all-comers, especially the Elitists, the Government, and the Something-For-Nothing Bunch.

When I first went on-air for CIQC AM600, they were averaging about 7,000 listeners per every quarter hour tuned during my time slot. By the time I went off-air, that number was pushing 40,000 and growing.

The reason I am no longer on the air, had everything to do with a sweetheart deal the CRTC (FCC Canadian equivalent) gave to the station owners if they changed their format from Talk, to ALL NEWS with NO Talk. This was in fact a ‘gutless’ way to silence my voice in Montreal.

Canada does not have a Broadcast Fairness Doctrine. Instead, we have a very politically Correct LEFTIST CRTC, that controls content by renewals of existing Broadcast license permits, and new permit acquisitions.


In 1996, just after the 1995 Quebec Referendum to separate Quebec from Canada, I formed the Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC), with which to take on Quebec’s Ethnocentric Nationalists who have made the UNRESTRICTED use of the English Language ILLEGAL.

QPAC drove the Quebec government to distraction, effectively ending any opportunity for Quebec to hold another referendum to secede from Canada.

For my troubles, Anne and I lived with Armed Bodyguards 24/7 for months at a time between 1996 and 1998.

I‘ve been written-up in Time Magazine, The Economist and far too many other prominent news magazines and newspapers worldwide to count, including active participation on a CBS 60-Minutes feature on the language wars in Quebec.

In 1996, I was included amongst Canada’s News Makers Of The Year.


I am a BEST SELLING political author, and an author of several books that have sold well throughout Canada and the United States that were not political.

Amongst my favorite books that I’ve written is Champion Kharma, a true love story between my wife and her first horse Kharma. 

The first book of $50 For Grenadier is also a favorite and personal work of love. The second book of $50 For Grenadier, will hopefully be available in the near future.


The problems with demonizing people like me, not only sends the wrong message and information to people who would rather know the truth, but it comes back to bite the demagogues in the ass BIG TIME.

People like me will NEVER be beaten down. We will NEVER surrender. We will NEVER be co-opted. And we will NEVER stop.

More than that . . . people like me do what we do because it is in our DNA. We couldn’t do otherwise even if we wanted to. Get rid of me – and another one just like me will take my place.


As for my interest in the USA – As America goes . . . so goes the world.

Also, it is incredibly painful for me to watch a member of our North American Family that has been so good to Canada and the rest of the world take such a beating at the hands of the LEFTIST Something-For-Nothing Bunch, that I can’t just sit back and watch without trying to do something.

I will not hesitate to use my voice and writings if they can make a difference, because it’s the least one Member of a Family can do for another.

Thank you for your interest in the things I write and speak about.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov