How Important Is Truth & Integrity?


When You’re Digging Your Own Hole – It’s Important To Know When To Put The Shovel Down.

First Be Aware . . . I Sincerely Believe that Biden is Hardly Sufficiently Compos-Mentis, even to Read a Script off the Cuff (Speech), Much Less Being Able Write One. So, Whatever Drivel That Comes Through The Lips Of Joe Biden . . . Are Neither The Words Nor Thoughts Of Biden.

And the Speech that Biden Gave at his Presser at 7:45PM On July 1, 2024 were Angry Words of Desperation, Written by Whomever it Was . . . Who Knows That The Presidential Biden Gig Is All But Up.


Biden Owns The Football, But The DNC Owns The Playing Field. And at this Juncture, it Seems to Me, that the Holder of the Football has the Advantage. Either Way, this Whole Sordid Shit-Storm Caused by Elitist/Communist/One World Government Purveyors . . . Has Created A Mess Through Their Political Skullduggery That Could Destroy The Democrat Party.

I Think Losing The Coming Election Is The Least Of The Democrat’s Problems.


The Hur Tape Could Be The Coup De Grâce.

It Is Now Common Knowledge . . . That if the Voting Public Knew that the Hunter Biden Laptop was Real & Not a Russian Planted Hoax, as the Entire Political LEFT Pretended it was . . . with the Knowledge that the Laptop was Accurate, And In Itself Would Have Been More Than Enough For Biden To Lose The 2020 Election, Even With All The Cheating.


First They Lied About The Hunter Laptop & Now They’re Hiding The Biden/Hur Tape.

It’s Remarkable How So Many People Were Aghast At Biden’s Deplorable Debate Performance, even People Within his Own Democrat Party who Aren’t Insiders. It also Boggles the Mind to even Contemplate the Level of Ignorance of the People who Had No Idea that the Leader of the Democrat Party and the Free World is Demented.

How Can People who are so Engaged in Democrat Politics, or No Politics at all (Independents) be so Stupid as they Passionately Hate Trump for Propagandized Reasons, while they are Busy Championing Biden . . . who is a Proven Pathological Liar, Plagiarist & Thief . . . And Is Extremely Incompetent With What Appears To Be Near Total Cognitive Failure.


Now The Target Is The Supreme Court For Doing Their Job To Save The Republic.

I Won’t Go Into The Details Of The Supreme Court Presidential Immunity Decision, because I Assume you Know as Much About it as Anyone, Other than to Write that the Decision Wasn’t Pro-Trump, even if it Benefitted Trump, because the Decision was a Far More Reaching Verdict . . . Than That It Was For Just One President.

The Decision Made Clear . . . that Some Presidential Decisions Carry Absolute Immunity from Prosecution and Some do Not . . . With This Judgment . . . It will be Up-To the Lower Courts to Decide what Decisions Outside of Presidential Purview Can be Adjudicated once the President Leaves Office. And That Goes For Every President.

The Problem With This Judgment, is that it Jams a Stick in the Wheels of the Democrat Strategy of Political Lawfare. And The Democrats Don’t Like To Be Beaten At Their Own Game.

In Spite Of What The Democrats Say . . . The Supreme Court Is Not The Enemy Of The State, but that Won’t Stop the Democrats from Creating Another Political Boogeyman to be Aligned With & Against Donald Trump and the Conservative (Non-RINO) Party.

The Democrats Are 100% Correct When They Declare That “Democracy” Is Under Attack.

That Democracy Is On The Ballot . . . is Going to be a Major Part of the Democrat War Rally, Which Is 100% True. But the Problem with this Mantra, is that the Threat to American Freedoms is Not Coming from the RIGHT.


You’re No Longer Just Electing A President – You’re Now Electing a Team. And We (Democrats) Have the Best Team.

Although I’m All But Convinced . . . that Trump Will Win The White House, the Republicans will Most Probably take the Senate and Keep the House . . . I Really Don’t Have a Clue How the Democrats will Dump Biden if the Repugnant Dr Jill Digs in her Designer Heels to Keep her Position as America’s First Lady, Which Isn’t All That Important, Since The Democrats Are As Done As Burnt Toast.

This Is America’s Second Civil War & The Good Guys Are Winning.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would like to believe the dems are about to be “toast”. Problem is, unlike repubs, dems NEVER seem to admit defeat, are never happy with status quo even when they win. In terms of dems keeping power, the ends always justify the means in their minds. They can count on a huge chunk of lazy US voters ignorant of truth and downright STUPID to blindly vote dem. Hopefully, enough “see the light” to make sure DJT is elected in November along with strong repub majorities in House and Senate.

  2. Distance helps when dealing with stench. Obama’ managed to spread that stench by painting it woke. President Trump will have his job cut to try to dewoke the mess. If the creeps do not murder … I.believe that floating devices are a good thing to have. .

  3. The VOLUME of BULLSHIT has exponentially increased to such a high level considering what this or that person thinks and says, coupled with all their hypotheticals, and people like Shannon (liberal) Bream talks so fast, it appears her narrative cancels itself out, and with all the dem’s opinons that Trump lied throughout the debate, is so overwhemling, and this does not even touch the tip of the iceburg, I have to turn it off. It’s a total waste of time to watch TV.

  4. Xclnt analysis. They r caught in their own trap. Actually, they r reaping exactly what they deserve for their rebellion against G-d, and their hatred of Israel. May their evil be turned back upon them. For Trump to be successful he is going to have to clean out state, cia, fbi, doj, and dod within the hour of taking the oath. Tell milley either to retire or get court martialed.

  5. I just don’t see a choice here! People actually look at Trump & Biden and then opt for Biden? Leaving politics out of it, how could anyone opt for Biden to make critical decisions AND to protect them & the country? Puh-leez, people! We all agree Biden can’t be running things — so that means UNelected people ARE?? And possibly those staffers NOT chosen for merit? This whole Administration is illegal. And dumb as rocks, apparently.

  6. Even if the Hur tape comes out, most in America will never see it or hear about it from the mainstream media. Some of us have seen the tapes of the so-called J6 insurrection that clearly demonstrate there was NO insurrection that day. But hundreds are in American prisons under terrible conditions while the Democrats have destroyed the damaging J6 Congressional testimony and documents. The truth IS being told, but the American masses are not hearing it! The Obama coup may yet succeed!

  7. I Think Losing The Coming Election Is The Least Of The Democrat’s Problems. (I truly smiled reading that sentence.) That may be true but don’t, for a second, believe they won’t try harder on Nov 5 to take control again. The battle is not over at all and I hope GOP conservatives learned a valuable lesson & are determined to fight harder than the Dems against their tactics.

  8. Not sure if you read about the debacle in the recent Primaries in Puerto Rico which uses Dominion voting machines..So many issues came up that they are now considering not renewing the contact when the it’s up June 30th..”While no one is contesting the results from the June 2 primary that correctly identify the winners, machine-reported vote counts were lower than the paper ones in some cases, and some machines reversed certain totals or reported zero votes for some candidates.”

  9. What I don’t get is all this mess is being discussed to ad nauseam by Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and you in your editorials, Rebel News in Canada, but it seems no one is listening and they keep voting stupidly like the bad sheeples they are. After the o’biden disaster, why are there still sheeples liking o’biden and the demon rat party? Why are there still Canadian sheeples liking Justine turdgrope and the fiberals? Total mystery here !!!!

  10. Great Editorial. Since the SCOTUS ruling on IMMUNITY it scares me that Biden will make dang sure he IS the DICTATOR. The Obama Crew is probably scrambling to discover NEW ways to destroy America, its money & its people to become part of the One World Order & destroy countries all over the world who do not ‘TAKE A KNEE’ so to speak. I don’t think we have seen THEIR worst. Yes I am negative. I am scared of the possibilities.

  11. A Majority of Politicians are corrupt at some level. Money has corrupted them to a level that they make stupid decisions. Drugs in most of the political realm is rampant, coke, weed, uppers, and downers, influence most decisions at all levels. The Biden Crime Family has played in this money game far too long, they need to leave and be prosecuted. The Media is as big Drug Users as Politicians, they do it to blend. I have little faith in our Elections there is so much cheating, 1 vote per person.

  12. Truth and integrity are the foundation of every successful relationship in every part of life. Without it, humans are doomed. The problem with getting rid of an obviously ill, dementia ridden man is two fold. 1.) He has enough delegates to receive the party’s nomination, and 2.) His wife manipulates him into staying for a 2nd term. Since G-d has yet to send a flood to rid our country of these evil people, I can only hope He sees a way for GOOD to triumph over evil.

  13. I fear that the Dems will start a war just to keep power–“We can’t change leaders because we are at war!”–It’s happened before in other countries and could happen here if it hasn’t already–I always had my suspicions about LBJ and our Vietnam escalation!

  14. Fortunately, the clock ran out on the Dems by a few months. I can only imagine if we were sitting in Nov. I don’t think the Dems calculated in the SCOTUS factor. If not for those decisive decisions the Dems would be executing an end run. Their options are very limited at this point. America, wake up! As the great one once said, “Trust but Verify!”

  15. The polls show that half the American electorate are morons. If you add in the predictable Democrat election fraud, Biden may still be in a position to save tyranny from democracy.

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