Hamas – A Mad Dog By Any Other Name


To Paraphrase . .  . Any American Jew Who Votes For Biden Has To Have His Or Her Head Examined.

Biden Is Swirling The Drain – Heading Directly for the Sewer of his and his Handlers’ own Making. This Challenge to Debate Trump by the Delusionist-In-Chief is Just One More Aberration in the Sick Mind of a Man who Should Never Have Been in the White House, Or In A Legislative Capacity Anywhere.

If I Had To Bet On Whether There Will Be A Debate Or Not – My Money Is On Not.


With All They’ve Got, Short Of Assassination . . . The LEFT, which Includes the One World Government . . . Surreptitiously Run By The WEF, EU & The UN . . . Have Everything to Lose with a Trump Presidency . . . And At Least 8-More Years Of Trump’s MAGA Doctrine After 2028.

That’s A Whole Lot Of Global Impetus For The LEFT. . .  To Do Anything they Can to Keep Trump Out of the White House . . . By All Means Necessary.

We Are Living In Sodom & Gomorrah . . . Where Evil Has Become A Societal Mainstay.

I Don’t Expect God to Intervene & End the Existence of the “Two Cities” or Turn Anyone Who Looks Back at the Destruction to be Turned Into a Block of Salt.

But What I Do Expect . . . If You Are A Believer In God – You Have to Believe that God Gave us the Intelligence & Courage to Do What Has to be Done . . . To Make Right All That Is Wrong.

We Can’t Fix All That Is Broken . . . Unless we Have One Strong Man or Woman Willing to Come Forward to Champion the Cause of Decency, Honor & Courage. And in Every Epoch, When it Seemed to be Dire Beyond Redemption, One Man and the Occasional Woman, Who Has Always Seemed to be the Most Unlikely Warrior . . . Has Stepped Forward To Deliver Us From Perdition.

Trump Is A Tsunami . . . And All Who Will Be In His Way When  He Makes Landfall Will Be Lost.


How Do You Negotiate With Savages Or The Supporters Of Savages?

What Manner of Person Can Rape & Defile a Dead Body, and Photograph & Videotape the Sacrilege as if it is a great Triumph for all the World to See. And/Or Parade the Bodies of Naked & Bloodied Murdered Women through the Public Square . . . For Children To Despoil?

Would It Be Conceivable For A Person, Any Person, Who Is Not Morally Demented, to Accept the Premise, that Raping a Dead Woman, is in Any Way Not Sick & Vile Beyond Description?

Raping Anyone Goes Beyond The Pale Of Humanity – Period! . . . To the Point, that Not too Long Ago, When I was still Young, Rapists were Condemned to the Death Penalty – Justifiably So.

That Written . . . As Repugnant As Is The Act Of Rape – It is Inconceivable How a Human Being Could Stoop Below the Level of Bestiality, to Rape a Woman After She was Murdered.

The Rapist (Necrophiliac) Has To Be So Sick & Morally Depraved . . . that there Should Be No Place on Earth for him (Or Her) to Walk Amongst Humanity. I Personally Would Put a Bullet in  the Head of a Rapist . . . And Two In The Head Of A Necrophiliac.

And What About all the “Poor” Palestinians Who Cheered their “Conquering” Heroes? Where Are They Any Better & Any More Deserving Of Empathy?


By The End Of The Day On October 7, 2023 . . . Even Before the Full Extent of the Palestinian Barbarity Against Innocent & Unarmed Jewish Men, Women & Children of all Ages was Known . . . The Worldwide Pro-Hamas Palestinian Demonstrations Were Already Spreading Their Propaganda.

The Pro-Palestinian Propaganda Was Already Imbedded . . . And the Big Lies Against Israel & Jews in General Had Already Taken Root. This Doesn’t Manifest By Happenstance.


People Who Murder, Torture, Rape & Pillage Have No Business Sharing The Air We Breathe . . . Yet the World Wants Israel and the Jewish Diaspora to Surrender to the Palestinian Beasts who Cheer at Murder, Rape & Mayhem of Jews.

Is That What The World Expected From America After 9/11?

Do You Really Think the Bastards Chanting their Pro-Hamas, Pro-Palestinian Bromides Really Give a Rat’s Ass About the Palestinians? . . . Because They Don’t. What they Care About is Upending our Way of Life, our Freedoms and our Economic Independence.

Just As The Germans Crossed Europe, Waged War Against Russia, Blitzkrieged England & Went Into the Middle East . . . It Had Nothing To Do With Jews. The Jews were Only the Excuse – It Had Everything To Do With The Sick & Demented Dream Of A One Thousand Year Reich.

How Is It . . . That Not One Day Had Passed After the Bloodbath Against Jews in Israel, When the LEFT Began their Globally Organized & Financed Propaganda Campaign Against Jews & World Institutions, that Had any Affiliation with Jews & Israel, Especially At So Many Universities?


Islamism, Communism & Elitism Are Like Diseases, Spreading Worldwide, Waiting To Infect Us All.

What Is Standing In The Way Of Global Dominion On The LEFT? . . . Judeo/Christianity, Laws Made by Mankind (US Constitution) and Real Democracy which Used the Torah & The Bible as their Compass . . . And Who is Leading The Charge Against The Evil Surrounding Us? – Donald J Trump.

Two Points Before I Ask For My Monthly Financial Support For Galganov.Com.

1 – Donald Trump is Our Last Hope to Keep the Barbarians from Further Crashing Through the Gates of Civility.

2 – If Israel Does Not Finish The Job . . . It Will Be Israel That Will Be Finished.


I Will Always Write & Tell-It Like It Is . . . There Is No Substitute For The Truth.

In The Last Few Months, there Has Been a Number of Readers Registered on the Galganov.com Directory who Have Been so Angered by my Unabashed Support for Israel, who De-Registered Themselves . . . To Them, I Say Good Riddance.

I Don’t Care Who Is Offended By What I Write Or Say, Unless I Have Written Something or Said Something that was Mistakenly Un-True or In-Accurate, for which I will Prostate Myself in Humility – Begging For Forgiveness . . .

That Said – I Spend An Enormous Amount Of Time, Effort & Research Not To Have To Apologize.

I Won’t Bend A Knee To Anyone, Whether it is a Government Censor, A Lunatic from the LEFT or a Person Raised on Academic Ignorance. If you Want the Truth you Can Read What I Write. Or If you Want an Academic Media  Fairytale . . . There Is A Litany Of Propaganda Out There Just For The Asking.

As Always . . . On – Or Close To The Fifteenth Of Every Month, I Ask You for Your Financial Support (If You Can Afford-It) to Help Lighten My Load . . . For The Purpose Of Carrying Galganov.Com As Best As I Can.


The LEFT Won’t Stop Lying. And Even Many Media who “Pretend” to be Objective –  Are  Not.

The Other Truth . . . There Is Nothing I Write That You Can’t Take Into Any Debate & Not Win.

So . . . If You Can Help . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE To Be Connected To The Link On How To Support Galganov.com.

As Always . . . Thank You In Advance For Your Support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. At this precise moment the IDF is heavily pounding JABALYIA, tad North of Rafiach. Islamic Jihad Hamas tries to mix with locals to reset. They will be found really mixed…

  2. In the early stage of the conflict, I was reading an article on Al Jazeera… about the somewhat touchy subject of other Arab countries not taking in Palestinians refuges. – According to the local governments, they are just too radicalized to be integrated in “their” society… Try to bring this up in any conversation, and you’ll somehow be labelled a radical-racist.

  3. All of those demonstrations, supporting Hamas, should be immediately stopped. The persons involved should be arrested, charged with hate crimes, and provided a free one way ticket to Gaza!

  4. Liberalism is a mental disorder. And every Jew, who votes for Biden, should be denied the facilities for procreation!

  5. When Melanie King interviewed Leonard Cohen on CJAD way back in 2008, she asked Leonard about Judiasm and God? Leonard’s response: “A Rabbi in Boston was telling us to turn our hearts to God or to whatever higher power or higher ideal is meaningful to you. It is nice inclusive language and will not offend. But it is not serious. It implies that the stakes are low. We used to sing “Hene Ma Tov” which was a song for the new State of Israel (1948); living together in peace and love.”

  6. I cannot add anything to this conversation, so I will continue to digest all that Howard has said. Thank you once again, Howard, for your writings. I do rely on your honesty and I look forward to seeing your writings in my Inbox.

  7. To Don Bos, you’re correct but they should be sent to Israel. Let them protest there. Or are they really that brave?

  8. There will be no debate between Biden & Trump ; there’s not enough medicine in the world to keep Biden lucid enough to even read the teleprompter now. How could anyone think that husk is up for a debate with anyone, much less Donald Trump. I pray that the IDF utterly & completely destroys Gaza & every living thing there, then burns what’s left standing & salt the earth where it stood. They deserve no less after October 7th.

  9. Question for any hamas supporters. Where is your uniform shirt? The one with the large U and I front and back. I think that the professors that preach this crap should be fired. They are supposed to be teaching critical thinking not anti semitic garbage. Keep up the good work Howard. Your editorials are very important.

  10. Howard: I could not have said it any better than your last post, So True So True. The I.D.F. will and must destroy Hamas..

  11. Hi there from what used to be the Great Land Down Under. I am not Jewish but in saying that I have met many fine Jewish people of the years. I firmly believe that Israel will win out. I am revolted by these protestors supporting a barbaric group…hamas. Half these people would not survive under rule by the hamas terrorists. There are also ‘some people’ in this world who could/can never co-exist with any other peoples on earth so long as their backside points to the ground!

  12. Hamas must be eliminated. There is another growing problem relating to how governments cause inflation so that people become dependent on government assistance. Then pass legislation to dictate what they may say and how they are to live. North America needs to “wake up” or be destroyed by opening immigration doors without any checks or balances and then supporting the “new arrivals” financially.

  13. Why do you think I donate so much every month to your cause? Because your thinking and my thinking about what’s going on every day around the world are exactly the same. After this message is posted, I am going to your donate page and do my usual contribution.

  14. Agree 100% – you cannot negotiate with murderous beasts. They must be completely removed from the face of the earth.

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