Before The Real War Before The Vote For Speaker


In Addition To The Pending All-Out War . . . Between Hamas/Israel & Whichever Other Jew-Hating Terrorist Group(s) who Want to End the Jewish State of Israel, and then the Vote to Choose a Speaker for the Moribund & Dysfunctional House Republicans . . . I Thought That Now Would Be A Good Time To Write About Falcon.

As I’m Pretty Sure Most Of You Know . . . A Bit More Than Three-Weeks Ago, Anne & I were Saddened to Lay Tavor to Rest At 2 1/12 Years Old, Because Tavor, who was Perhaps the Most Beautiful German Shepherd Dog I Had Ever Seen, Who we Bought as a Puppy when he was Only 3 1/2 Weeks-Old (Took At 8-Weeks) . . . Became so Protective of Anne & Myself, that he was Surely Going to Cause Great Harm to Anyone He Might Encounter.

We Spared No Effort & No Expense To Try To Remedy Tavor’s Extremely Aggressive Behavior . . . By Bringing Tavor to Two of the Best Working Line German Shepherd Dog Trainers for Advice & Support.

One of the Trainers was in Ocala Florida. The Other (Retired) lives in South -Eastern Ontario – Both Were Noted Trainers Of Working Line Shepherds For The Police, Military & Private Security.

Both Trainers Also Made it Absolutely Clear that Tavor was a Magnificent Dog, But Would NEVER be a Pet or Trustworthy Around People.

One Of Them Said . . . “Think Of Tavor As A Hand Grenade With The Pin Half Pulled”.

After Burying Tavor Amongst A Deluge Of Tears . . . We Contacted a Polish Woman (Iwona – Pronounced Ivana) who is a Semi-Retired Importer of Unbelievably Well-Bred German Shepherd Dogs from Polish Schutzhund Breeding.

It Should Be Noted . . . That the German Shepherd Dog Schutzhund Program is Only Authorized & Recognized in Germany, Poland & the Czech Republic, with all Breedings, Births & Registries Acknowledged . . . Exclusively By The German Registry.

Our Magnificent German Shepherd Dog Stryker, Prior to Tavor, was One of Iwona’s Famous Polish Imports. So we Contacted Iwona to See What she Had Vis-À-Vis Polish German Shepherd Puppy Dogs On Route to Canada from Poland.

Iwona Had One Import Prospect For Which We Held Some Hope. But in the Interim, we Contacted a Great German Shepherd Breeder in Pennsylvania (Christina), who was Related to a Good Friend of Anne’s & Mine from Tennessee, who Bred Only from German Stock (Bloodlines), and was Scheduling to Have Two Separate Breedings (Same-Stud With Two Different Females) Near the Middle of October.

The Pennsylvania Puppy’s At Best, Wouldn’t Be Available Until Mid-February If The Breedings Were Successful. However, After Multiple Conversations with Christina, she Had Decided Against the Second Breeding, which Substantially Reduced our Chances of Having One of Her Puppies.

Then Iwona Called & Told Us That The Polish Puppy Was No Longer Available Because Of Transport Issues, But . . . She Had Sold a Magnificent Long Haired German Shepherd Male Puppy a Couple of Years Ago to a Woman (Sue) who Lived Several Hours Away from us Past Ottawa.

And then this Same Woman (Sue) Decided Months After Receiving her Male Puppy, that she Wanted a Female Puppy which Iwona had Just Imported from an Entirely Different Breeder.

And Lo & Behold – Several Months Ago, Sue’s Two Dogs Mated & Out Popped Eleven Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies . . .

When Iwona Gave Us This Information, Sue’s Puppies were Just 6-Weeks Old, Weened & Active. Generally, Puppies Stay with the Mother & Siblings Until 8-Weeks and Sometimes Even Longer, But Anne & I Didn’t Have that Much Time to Wait, Since we’re Heading South to Myrtle Beach for the Winter before the End of this Month.

Also . . . Anne & I Were Not Going To Settle For Just Any Puppy.


While Anne & I Were On The Phone With Iwona Talking About The 11-Puppies, with Me Thinking that Perhaps it would be Better Perhaps to Wait and See what will Happen with Christina’s Breeding before Rushing to Buy such a Young Pup . . . There Was A Huge Bang On The Side Of Our RV, To The Point That The Whole 41-Foot Fifth Wheel Shook.

It Felt & Sounded As Though We Were Struck From Either A Vehicle Or From A Runaway Horse. So we Apologized to Iwona, Hung-Up the Phone & Rushed Outside to see the Damage & What was the Cause.

There Was No Damage.

As We Stood Outside Inspecting The RV, To Our Confusion, we Both Noticed a HUGE Falcon, the Size of a Very Large Chicken, Lying at the Foot of the RV, Twitching Some, with a Blinking Open Eye.

I Told Anne that I would Get a Shovel & Put the Wounded Creature out of its Misery. Anne Said No, that she would Get a Towel with which to Wrap the Falcon & See if She Could Recue this Magnificent Bird of Prey.

Anne Ran In One Direction – I Went In The Other, Hoping to Get to the Shovel & Do the Pitifully Ugly Deed Before Anne Got Back to See-It Done. But, As I Raised the Shovel, This Moribund Falcon All Of A Sudden Took-Off Like A Fighter Jet.

By the Time Anne got Back with the Towel (Seconds Later), She asked, What Happened? Where’s The Falcon?

The Whole Experience Was So Bizarre, that by the Time we Got Back into the RV, I had Come to the Conclusion (I’m Not A Superstitious Person) that this was Not a Good Sign, and we Should Stick to the Pennsylvania Plan.

But Anne Thought Differently.

To Anne’s Mind’s Eye . . . What She Saw Was a Sign that Because the Falcon Lived After such a Tremendous Trauma – It Was Meant To-Be That We Should See The Puppies. And Both of us Decided that Which-Ever Puppy we were Going to Choose (Pennsylvania Or South-Eastern Ontario) Male or Female, That Puppy Would Be Named Falcon.

So Here We Were, Hours Later, Checking-Out 11-Beautiful Longhaired German Shepherd Puppies with Schutzhund Breeding, Trying to Discern which of the Eleven Would-Be Best For Us.

Two Important Facts:

1 – We Wanted a Male . . . and Five of the Puppy Pack were Males – Tough Choice.

2 – We Checked with Two of our Veterinarians to See if it was OK to Take A Puppy of 6-Weeks. All-Good.

What Helped To Make Our Decision Was The Following:

Falcon was a Male. He was the Biggest of the Litter. He was Amongst the Most Gregarious & Engaged of the Litter . . . And Falcon Had the Most Incredible Colors We Ever Saw on a German Shepherd Dog (We Hope The Colors Will Stay), Especially Upon His Head over His Eyes.

There Was Also A Woman (Tracy) At The Breeder’s Who Came To Buy A Puppy (Two Actually). And When Anne Finally Decided Upon Falcon, Tracy, who was Very Much Engaged with the Breeder and all the Puppies, Asked Anne if We Had Yet Decided What we were Going to Name our New Puppy?

And When Anne Said Falcon . . .


Tracy Said – Isn’t That Coincidental, Since  The Mother Of The 11-Puppies Name Is Raven?


Falcon Is Gorgeous. Today Is His 7th Week Birthday (One Full Week With Us).

Falcon Is Extremely Rambunctious, Curious & Incredibly Aware. He Weighs 13-Pounds, which Should Put Him in the Grown-Up Range of Between 90-100 Pounds. Falcon is Extremely Social. Loves People & Loves to Play with Bigger Dogs. He is Neither Frightened, Aggressive Nor Passive.

As I Wrote Previously In This Editorial – “I Am Not Superstitious” – But . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great story. Your article tells a lot about your’s and Anne’s heart.

  2. Welcome to the group Falcon. Just do not run flat into the side of trailer homes. About the thing that Bibi calls a war. There very hard feelings against him and his unity ensemble. The same rot that did not “know” about Jihad Hamas was organizing the slaughter are the generals now. Biden pleasers before and now. If we want to crush it out. They must go.

  3. So happy for you and Anne. Lost my doggie 6 weeks ago and then my husband 4 weeks after that. Needless to say, I’m waiting for my “falcon guide” aka spirit guide to bring me a new fur baby to love. I can barely bear the emotional pain of the double loss. Blessings

  4. What a wonderful looking puppy beautiful and what a wonderful story thank you .. John Brown from Brownsboro Texas

  5. Congrats on your new friend. Take care of him (you will) and have fun! Almost as good as our Great Danes….. Enjoy! Dick Beaverton oregon

  6. Wow! You sure picked a winner with Falcon!!!! He’s gorgeous!!!! Enjoy. He looks like a very happy puppy.

  7. Beautiful dog. Being raised with German Shepards dogs Falcon will bring you great joy. Everything happens for a reason!

  8. Amen, glory halleluiah, and pass the mashed potatoes!!! Falcon has found the home he was looking for, he knew where he was going, you just needed the slightest nudge…….like a 2×4 tee hee Falcon says thanks for all the extra looking you did to find him.(*_^)

  9. Congrats, happiness, and all good wishes Falcon is a gloriously handsome little guy. May you have many, many happy years together. BobbyLee Negri

  10. This sounds ironic, but the picture of the pup looks like our German Shepherd of years ago (a female we named Duchess); AND last week my daughter, grandson & I returned to the house & there was a big bird in the front yard feasting on some caught prey. It was thought to be a hawk, but the color caused us to realize it was indeed a falcon. When my daughter circled the car to take its picture, it took off. But she did get it’s pic as it rested on a power line. Awesome looking bird.

  11. “DOG is the smallest word to make such a huge place in the human heart.”

  12. Congratulations !! You are not superstitious it was a SIGN from God. He is watching over you and Anne. Falcon is a Handsome pup and I am sure all of you will share many wonderful years together. Welcome to the Family, Falcon!! God Bless.

  13. May Falcon mature to be the best friend and protector you and Anne need him to be. He certainly is a handsome young’un. I, too, think God had a hand in putting the pieces for his availability into place. Congratulations once more.

  14. Look at those big paws! He won’t be tiny, that’s for sure! A cute puppy who will be quite the handsome gentleman when he is older. Congratulations on your new pupper! I’m still so sorry about Tavor and admire you two for being such caring people, even though it broke your hearts. Now you have Falcon and I think he’ll be more “user-friendly” and less worry. I’m hoping for the best!!

  15. I knew there was no way you two can go until spring without a German Shepherd by your side

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