Say It Loud & Say It Often Enough – Eventually The Lie Wins


There’s No Low Too Low To Destroy Donald Trump By Whatever Means Possible.

Before I Really Get Into This . . . I Archive Everything I Write & Publish on, which are Uncensored, Unchanged & Available for Anyone to Read on . . . Dating-Back 15 Years To 2007.

Not Including The Editorial Which You Are Currently Reading, I Have Published 3,300 Editorials On Galganov.Com, which are Open for Review & Opinion to Anyone Caring to Read any and all of my Archived Editorials.

You’ll Find Going Back to 2015 and the Republican Primary for the Leadership of the Republican Party & Republican Presidential Candidate . . . How I Wrote Disparagingly About Donald J Trump.

Out Of The Full Number Of Candidates . . . Trump was Near the Bottom of my List of Preferred Candidates. I Despised His Braggadocios Style. I Was Offended By Trump’s Insults, And His Ego Was So Far Over-The-Top, that I Couldn’t Find One Nice Word to Write About Him.

Ted Cruz Was My Overall First Choice. But After Trump Won the Primary, I Figured-It This Way . . . I would Rather See Trump Elected to the Presidency of the United States of America than any Democrat on the LEFTIST Ticket (Crooked Hillary). And I Liked What Trump Said He Would Do, Not Believing that Trump Could or Would Actually be Able to Follow-Through on Much of What Trump Promised to Implement.

Not Only Did President Trump Follow-Through On His Promises . . . He Went Far Beyond.


They’re Not All Anti-Semites . . . But For The Most Of It – They’re All Nut-Jobs.


Because Someone is Filthy Rich through the Merit of Doing Business, or by Inheritance, or Through Blind Luck . . . Doesn’t Make that Person Smart or Socially Worthy . . . It Just Makes That Person Rich.

I Know No Shortage Of Really Rich People Who Can Be Best Described As Human Excrement.

Because a Person Can Sing or Dance, Model Clothing, Design Clothing, Read a Script with Aplomb, Play a Sport Better than Anyone Else . . . Or Whatever – Doesn’t Make That Person Worthy Of Anything Beyond His Or Her Special Skills.

Because a Person who was Ignorant Before Being Elected to Anything . . . . Doesn’t all of a Sudden Make that Person Smart or Less Ignorant After Being Elected to Anything.

Society Has A Proclivity To Gravitate To The Wealthy & Famous . . . Generally Seeking Endorsements & Approbation from the Sketchiest Individuals Among-Us, Whose Personal Values Are Without Value . . . Perfect Example – People Who Are Famous For Being Famous . . . Case In Point – Kim Kardashian . . . Whose Benefit to Society is her Big Ass, Pornographic Appetite & Equally Despicable Friends, with Whom she “Hangs”.

Yet We Turn To These Human Dregs For Their Opinions & Consent. What Does That Say About-Us?

It Says that we are Equally Swayed & Hold “Influencers” in Far Too High an Opinion, Not for What they Espouse, But Rather for How Famous they Are.


That Said . . . All Manner of Individuals Gravitate Around People Like Donald Trump, Some of Whom are Disgraceful People, who Decent People would Not Want to Associate With. And Some are People who Provide Real Value to our Society through a Myriad of Venues . . . At One Point, Kanye West Was A Person Of Value To Trump & Trump’s Supporters, as West was Able to Deliver a Younger Generation and a Significant Number of Black Voters to Trump – But Not Anymore.

Donald Trump Has Never Said Nor Has Done Anything For Me to Believe that Trump is Either a Racist, White Supremacist, Misogynist, Anti-Semite or Whatever the LEFT & Trump Haters would Have the American Public Believe.


Outside Of Harry Truman Who Was The Lead Vote To Give Israel Back To The Jews – No President of the United States of America or World Leader has Been as Consequential, Generous & Fulfilling to the Jewish People Worldwide, than has Been President Donald J Trump, which Blows Me Away, When I Hear Friends Say That Trump Showed His Anti-Semitic Colors By Having Kanye West At Mar-A-Lago.


And No One Can Ever Suggest That I Would Back-Off On Any Illegitimate Criticism Of Israel.

It Bothers Me Even More When These Same Republican Anti-Trumpers Say With Conviction . . . that Trump Should Have Known About the White Supremacist/Anti-Semite (Nick Fuentes), who was the Surprise Uninvited Guest of Kanye West, “Since Trump Has Secret Service Protection & Should Have Known Better”.

Let Me Break-This To These Republican Anti-Trump “Geniuses” . . . The Secret Service Accorded to President Donald Trump are there to Protect the Former President from Physical Harm . . . They Are Not His Social Planners.

And Let Me Go One Step Further . . . Former President Donald J Trump is a Private Citizen just Like Every Other American, Without Access to Unlimited Staff to Do the Job Enjoyed by Even the Lowliest Members of Congress.

It Bedevils Me How so Many Republicans Have Been Inculcated by the American Communist LEFT, Especially Amongst Some Republican Jews (Many Of Whom Are  My Friends), who all of a Sudden HATE Trump Because of Trump’s Mean Tweets, Ego Fed Rallies, Insults Against His Challengers . . . And all the Other Negatives About Trump, Which Are No Different Today Than They Were 7-Years Ago.

As I’ve Written Countless Times . . . I Am Not a Religious Man. But I am Also Not a Man Without Religion. I Am An Unapologetic Jewish Zionist. I Studied Judaism at a Rabbinical College (Yeshiva) in Montreal (My Birth City). I Sang Christian Hymns & Christmas Songs at my Public Protestant Day School . . . And I Recited The Lord’s Prayer Every Morning At Home-Room.

Let Me Tell You A Story About A Guy Named Jesus Christ . . . Everyone Loved the Message of Christ, Until Jesus Got Too Close to the Power of the Insiders, whether they were the Jewish Priests or the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate, Who Caved To The Angry Mob To Have Christ Crucified.

It Was More than a Century After they Did their Dirty Deed, When the People Finally Acknowledged the Words, Message & Sacrifice of Christ.

I’m Not Comparing Trump To Christ . . . But I Am Comparing The Rule & Power Of The Mob.

Let Me Tell You Another Story That Is Uniquely Personal . . . I’ve Always Been Somewhat of an Activist, But It Wasn’t Until The 1995 Referendum In Quebec, when Ethnocentric (Racist) Quebec Radicals Came a Whisker Away from Taking Quebec out of Confederation.

The Quebec Federalists Loved-Me. They Chanted my Name. They Came to my Rallies in the Thousands. National & International Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations & Television Broadcasts Worldwide Exalted my Being – Until I Got Too Close To The Truth . . . That all the People at the Political Top, who were the Insiders in Ottawa, Quebec City & Big Business . . . Were Colluding To Keep The Trough Flowing.

It Took More Than A Couple Of Years. But Eventually the Governments (Federal & Quebec Separatist) & the Media were Able to Take Me Down. And Where were all those People who Had Previously Been Cheering for their Champion (Me)? . . . Silence.

I Didn’t Change . . . And My Message Didn’t Change. So What Did?

During The Climax Of My Popularity . . . It Seemed that Everyone who was a Someone Wanted to be Seen with Me. Anne and I were Constantly Invited to Swank Restaurants, Fancy Home Parties, Elite Openings – Etc, by People we Knew-Of but Didn’t Really Know . . . Most Of Whom & Which We Thanked & Begged-Off From Attending.

Did I Know If They Were Anti-Semites, Misogynists, Racists, Thieves – Etc?

Some Of Them Put Up Money To Feed The Cause, Who by their Generosity for Whatever Reason, I (We) Met With, Including Several Captains of Industry, a Senator or Two, Members of Parliament, High Level Media Types, Judges & Even an Honest-To-Goodness Canadian Gangster in the Image of Myer Lansky, Who Was One Of The Few Who Gave Money Generously, While Asking For Nothing In Return.

Of The Million-Plus “Anglos & Ethnics” . . . who Benefited from my Grueling Fight Against the Establishment – Very Few Put-Up 2-Cents To Add To The Fight . . . But Being Almost Totally Broke & Busted From The Fight – I Still Carried-On-All-The-Same.

And Who Were The First To Draw Their Daggers Against Me Or Watch In Silence? I’ll Let You Guess.

How You Read Me Today . . . Is Exactly How I Was My Whole Life. I’m Not Comparing Myself to Donald Trump, Other than to Say, I Walked in Trump’s Shoes Before Trump Walked in His Own Shoes. First I Was Praised, then I was Vilified, Insulted & Mercilessly Attacked in the Media, When the Media Decided I was More of a Threat to their Hegemony, Than Were The Separatists.

The Globalist Threat Hasn’t Gone Away . . . And Our Champion Hasn’t Backed-Down.


I Didn’t Have The Finances To Withstand The Whirlwind – Hopefully Trump Does.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen, Howard! As I tell my “Liberal/Progressive” friends and family: “I’ll take Trump’s mean tweets and sarcastic remarks any day to have: secure borders, low gas prices, no supply chain problems, low unemployment (especially among minorities), low inflation and…….enemies who fear us and allies who both respected and, to some degree, fear of the USA!”. I do think that President Trump need to look into alledge accusations, such as supposedly by Candace Owens, before attacking her.

  2. Being From The (Da) Bronx,I found myself yelling at the TV When Trump went on his rants.”Will You JUST SHUT UP!”My wife was quick to tell me hey Idiot “HE” Can’t hear you.She’s from Da Bronx too.Being a ProLife Speaker in the late 70’s and on, I experienced just a little of what followed, standing by myself.Having Concervative Views,widened the gap & the Solitude following.Howard it was by default I voted for Mr.Trump the 1st timeThe 2nd run, his passion, love for our Country was evident/

  3. I will take Trumps bragging, egotistical character any day of the week compared too the pansy assed pukes we have had as president, because Trump delivered what he said he would. Trump stood up to the world, did not bow to a scumsac as did the his preceder. Thank you Howard for a magnificent article.

  4. Yes, it seems that the more one speaks the truth, the more one is vilified.

  5. Wow. I wish I had your talent. You explain things so clearly and know how to speak truth when all around us there are tyrants trying to make us think Trump is no good. Thanks Howard. I’m feeling much better after reading this.

  6. Once, when I was traveling through Ontario selling upholstery fabrics, one of my clients in the Ottawa area told me that it was a pity Hitler didn’t finish the job. I took my samples back, left and closed his account. When a public person as large as Trump gives comfort & thus credibility to antisemites, he cannot have my support. To comfort antisemitism enanles and empowers it. Trump is not an antisemite but he’s now unsuitable for high office thanks to his idiotic behavior is now UNELECTABLE

  7. Howar have you ever noticed how the Dems always project their opponents in a manner that is exactly as to what they themselves are? Hillary called Trump followers nazi’es—but look who she is following–Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, whose father was a close friend and confidant of Adolph Hitler and used Jewish pow as slave labor in his business, Klaus is the framer of the new reset or the 4th Reich, often called the One World Govt. not unlike Hitlers plans in the rd Reich.

  8. I am a bit confused, does not liking a person for what ever reason make you anti-something. I have a neighbor who when he and his family first moved here seemed to good people. after 2 years of seeing who they really are I do not associate with them, they are Jewish. My next door neighbor who is Jewish gets along with my wife and I very well and we spend time in each others company. We have different views on some topics but who does not.

  9. Howard Iam at a loss to add anything to your thoughts. I like Trump voted for him and I put him in my likes with Reagan who I saw speaking in CT years ago. While watching the news it appears that biden has put our great country in the toilet and it’s just a matter of time when he flushes it. God help us.

  10. Trump has done more to promote peace in the middle east than any other American President. Korea, Russia, China and Iran behaved much better. The world economy was good. What you see with him is what you get. If he gets back in power, he has to drain the swamp, get rid of the Rinos, get rid of a lot of civil servants who have worked against him. Dum spiro spero!

  11. Who knows what went on, was said, in the meet between Kanye, Fuentes & Trump? The left is out for or will create negatives to destroy his chances of being president again. Odd MSM doesn’t seem to be interested in Obama, who he has over for dinner, etc. The obsession with Trump is strictly to keep DJT from delaying/stopping the destruction of the USA by leftists doing the elitist cabal’s bidding. Also dislike his braggadocio, but his grit & ability to get things done over-shadow that.

  12. You are so right! Now, let’s get Trudeau and Freeland out of Canada and make Canada Great again

  13. Howard, great read – as always! I don’t understand all the people putting President Trump down. They have to have blinders on to NOT see all the good he has done for the USA Who else has recently put the USA first. I can think of no other person that is respected and feared by the world – because they KNOW and BELIEVE he will carry through with what he says he will do. I pray that people will wake up and SEE what President Trump has done and CAN DO as our next President. Thank you!

  14. Howard, I loved your column, love it. Everything you wrote about Trump is true. He is not a racist and he certainly is not an anti Semite, no way. He was an excellent President, best friend to Israel. But he lost in 2020 and the loss destroyed his judgement, He was disloyal to people like Mike Pence and others, that were loyal to him. While he has a lot of supporters still, HE CANNOT WIN. ITS TIME FOR HIM TO MOVE ON. His policies will live on. I’m for Ron DeSantis for President.

  15. I still like what Trump tried to do–But I fear we as a country are now too far down the “rabbit hole” for him to be elected POTUS again. He would be better suited to be the “king-maker” and campaign for real conservative Repubs that stand a chance against the “deep state” and their allies–The Media and One world power blocks.–I like Abbot/Pence!

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