History Never Changes – Interpretation Does


In The Words Of The Great Yankee Philosopher Yogi Berra – “It’s Like Deja-Vu All Over Again”.

What’s Happening Worldwide . . . But Focused Most Importantly on the United States of America Isn’t Anything  New . . . History – Going Back to the First Recorded Annals of National & International Events Tell the Tale.

Maybe It’s New For America, but it Certainly Isn’t New for the World, which Survived the Same Ugly Malaise During Different Times, Languages, Religions & Places Over a Span of Thousands of Years . . . The More That Changes – The More That Stays The Same.


How Do I Know We’re Winning?

I Know . . . Because Thousands of Years of Recorded History Tells Me (Us) that we are Winning, because History is Replete with Thugs & Despots from the Early Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Persians, Mongols, Communists (Iron Curtain – Red China), Nazis – Etc . . . All Of Which Were Going To Build Forever Dynasties – Yet None Ever Succeeded Or Survived.

The Only Governments & People Who Ever Succeeded . . . Were Countries & People Of Freedom.

In Spite of all the Dreadful Ramifications of Socialist (Communist) Thugocracies, that are Challenging our Global Freedoms, Focused Specifically on the United States of America . . . They Will Not Succeed, No Matter How Loudly they Scream, Lie, Practice Civil Disobedience, Propagandize the Media & Cheat at the Polls (Elections) . . . We Will Suffer Some In The Process . . . But They Will Crash & Burn As The Thugs Always Have.

This is Not to Say that we Won’t Experience Another Hateful Violent “Summer Of Love” as We Witnessed During the Summer Of 2020. It Is Most Likely We Will, But Unlike the Summer Of 2020, When Everyone Other than the Violent Perpetrators . . . Were Totally Unprepared For The Beatings, Murders, Riots, Arsons & Mayhem . . . That Was Then  & This Is Now.

This Isn’t 2020 When The Thugs Blew Their Load . . . This Time Will Be Different.

This Time Will Not Be A Sneak Attack To An Unsuspecting America, and it Won’t be Tolerated Anywhere out of Blue Cities & Blue States, which is Why the LEFT (Democrats) is in Full Panic Mode to Stop Trump by Hook or Crook.

They Tried It All . . . Riots, Covid & A Rigged Election – None Of It Grew Legs.


They Took Their Best Shot. And When they were Certain they Got Him (Trump), Trump Resurrected Himself from the Political Grave they Thought they Put Him-In, – Not as a Politician Looking for a Second Chance, but Rather . . . As The People’s Warrior Who Has Proven Himself To Be The Last Hope To Save America From The Ravages Of Communism.

Some Things Are Too Obvious To See . . . Such as the Enormity of the EXTREME Costs in Terms of Media Propaganda, Legal Costs (Lawyers), Money (Travel, Security – Etc), Time & Effort, which would Not Surprise Me if it Runs in the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars – Or Beyond . . . Just To Politically End One Person, And One Person Alone – Named Donald J Trump.

What Does it Say When the Government is “Investing” Millions Upon Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Silence Just One Man . . . To Stifle The Voice Of Freedom?

The LEFT is Terrified that Donald Trump is About to Upset their Applecart & Destroy their Shangri-La Dream of their One World Elitist Communist Government.

They’re Panicked that if Trump was to Win on November 5, 2024, He will Unload the Wrath of God Upon them for their Gross Malfeasance & Betrayal of the American Pledge to the Constitution – And Reagan’s Vision Of That Shiny City Upon The Hill.


The LEFT Knows they Haven’t Finished the Job of Brainwashing Enough People for them to Complete their Disgraceful Task of Killing the American Dream, To The Point That Nothing Is Off The Table Or Beneath The LEFT To Stop Trump.

Trump Isn’t Just Another Politician – Trump Has Become America’s Voice Of Freedom.


In 1945 – General Eisenhower Ordered The Complete Preservation Of Evidence Of The Holocaust.

As Allied Troops Entered The Nazi Concentration Camps . . . General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of all Allied Troops During World War II, who Later Became a Two Term President of the United States of America, Ordered His Troops to Record as Much History of the Holocaust as Possible – by Letter, Photos & Movie Documentaries . . . Because Eisenhower Knew That The Day Would Arrive When Holocaust Deniers Would Become Believable.

Just One Day After The Worst Slaughter Of Jews On October 7, 2023 Since The Holocaust , this time at the Hands of Palestinian Savages . . . The Ignorant & Anti-Semitic World is Claiming that the Slaughter of Jews that was Recorded Directly by the Genocidal Palestinians . . . Didn’t Happen & The Jews Were The Perpetrators Of Their Own Murder.

These Inhuman Palestinian Beasts & Their Co-Jew-Haters . . . Have Gone so Far as to Accuse Israeli Soldiers of Raping & Murdering Palestinian Girls & Women . . . to Show some Sick & Perverted Equivalence to What They Themselves Had Done to Jewish Women.


You Put Down Savage Beasts. You Do No Less To Butchers Of Humanity.

There Should Not be One Palestinian Perpetrator of the Murders, Rapes, Beatings & Kidnappings of Israelis (Jewish & Non-Jewish), Men, Boys, Girls or Women on . . . October 7, 2023 Left Alive.

I Put Down My Magnificent German Shepherd Dog (Tavor) Who I Loved Dearly, because I Knew He was Savage in His Heart. And Given the Opportunity, He would Have One Day Done Great Harm to an Innocent Victim because it was in His DNA . . . So Why Should The Palestinian Savages Get To Live?

Sheryl Sandberg Produced A Documentary On The Bestial Slaughter Of Jewish Women. Her Production is Called Screams Before Silence . . . I Strongly Suggest that you Click on the Preceding Link that will Bring you to a Harrowing Hour and a Half of Information . . . That Should Never Be Forgotten.

If I was a Person who Claimed to be a Palestinian, or a Palestinian Supporter . . . After October 7, 2023 – I Would Hide My Head In Shame.

It Was Truly A Day In Infamy.


Willful Idiots Are The Devil’s Playmates . . . Is How.

We are Bearing Witness to the Complete Collapse of Academia, which in the Teaching of the Arts, Has Become Nothing More than a Cauldron of Ignorance, Hate & Self Degradation . . . That The Constitution Of The United States Of America Was Created To Prohibit.

Like Millions Upon Millions Of People Who Ask The Same Question . . . From Where Does Anti-Semitism Come? How do People Become Jew-Haters, Especially People who Never Had Contact with Jews? And Specifically, those who Have Jewish Neighbors, “Friends”, Doctors, Accountants, Teachers, Professors & Service Providers . . . Show Their Hatred For Jews When The Veil Is Lifted?

I’ll Never Ask That Question Again . . . Because It’s Happening Before My Eyes.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard – you are terrific. I will attempt to circulate your comments far and wide with attribution of course. Thank you.

  2. I was hoping you would soon write. How this has given me hope. Your reasoning & knowledge of history is solid and needs to be heard. The Left needs to digest it. Thank you. Keep ‘em coming, please!

  3. Shared on my FB page. The saying “History repeats itself” exists because it does. Why don’t we learn from the past? It’s stubbornness that if we do it over we can change the outcome. Even that has Repeated itself. Remember the definition of “insanity”? Me, I think it’s the definition of ‘stupid’. But that’s humankind for you. As for Israel (Jews), they too will overcome even though they may suffer beforehand. They, being God’s chosen people, will ultimately have His protection-Bibl

  4. I love your optimism and I am praying you are correct. The next 6 months are going to be very interesting. To answer your last question: Just look at, study, Mohammad. It is a “blinding flash of the obvious.”

  5. Shalom Howard. You forgot one evil empire, the ottoman empire. Unfortunately, the Word of G-d says there will be a day where ALL nations shall rise against Yisrael. It may not happen in our lifetime but it’s coming. The pagan nations will attack and overrun some of Jerusalem & in that day Israel will be saved by the only One who can save her.

  6. Maybe one way to look at good and evil is that it is in human nature to be evil and then the good in human nature takes over but then here again comes the evil. It is like the ocean tides they come and go. Mankind, since the beginning, has had to learn to live with this sequence of life. I hope that the strength of the democrats is waning and a majority of American voters are wising up to this evil and will vanquish this evil in November.

  7. Well, Howard, you did it again, and keep doing it, put the real truth to paper, a gift I wish I had. Keep up the good work you do, and never give up. The truth will never be silenced !!!! Can’t wait to meet again in Lancaster. We haven’t been together since before the fake pandemic if I remember right. If you can come closer to the Montreal area it would be appreciated, but no matter what, when you decide to meet again, I will be there, even if still in Lancaster, ON.

  8. Excellent article. Above the usually high standards you are already at. Thanks.

  9. Howard, I think I am reasonably intelligent, however, as many times as I tried to open the link, I finally quit trying after 10 attempts. What am I missing here?

  10. The Screams Before Silence link doesn’t work but you can find it on YouTube

  11. This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. This is what appeared on You Tube Erich … Ottawa On.

  12. The movie “Shindler’s List” portrayed the Holocaust as close to what I read in the War Annals my father brought home. We are on the verge of Civil Unrest in mini colleges and states. Evil has preyed on the minds of the Weak and Stupid, just look at the interviews of folks at the protests, most have no clue why they are there. Jewish people are Proud of their Religion and show it, that is why, I believe, they are singled out.” Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick” Teddy R , time to swing the St

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