Who Polices The Police?


This Was Bad . . . Real Bad, And Russia Has Every Right To Seek Vengeance. Even if at the Same Time, Russia is Murdering Innocent Ukrainian Civilians (Men, Women & Children) Daily by Bombs, Bullets, Rockets & Killer Drones . . . Against Ordinary People Who Are Just Going About Their Daily Lives.

Do You See The Lunacy In The Above?

I Understand Putin’s Fury At The People (Animals) Who Were Responsible For This Unwarranted Terrorist Attack . . .

Who Wouldn’t Want To Seek Vengeance . . . And The Outright Knowledge, that by Destroying all the Perpetrators & Especially the Planners & Leaders of this Horror, They Will Never Be Able To Murder Russians Again?

As Bad As This Horrible (March 22, 2024) Terrorist Attack Was . . . There was No Slaughter Comparable, Certainly Not a Personal Slaughter of Humanity, to be Compared to What Happened to Israelis on October 7, 2023, where Jewish Children were Murdered, Jewish Women (And Not just Jewish Women) were Raped, Tortured & Mutilated, even During the Height of the Arab Gaza Palestinian Terrorist Attack, While the Palestinian Terrorists were still Attacking.

Innocent Russians Were Not Kidnapped & Brought through Terrorist Tunnels, where they would be Held as Bargaining Chips for the Terrorist Murderers to Negotiate Whatever they Wanted . . . Where Kidnapped Russian Women Would Continue To Be Raped . . . That Horror Was Reserved For Jewish Women.

What Do You Think The Russians Are Going To Do . . . When they Finally Discover where these Terrorists Came from, and How Much Support these Killers Had (Have) Amongst the People of their Community (Culture)?


I Don’t Remember The UN Or Global Outrage.

Just After Putin Was Named Prime Minister Of Russia (August 1999) . . . there were Several Terrorist Attacks on Moscow & Other Russian Cities (Supposedly) by Chechnyan Terrorists.

Putin’s Response Was Militarily Earthshattering, as Putin Ordered an All-Out Military Assault on the Chechen People . . . By Carpet Bombing Citizen Communities (Whole Apartment Blocks) throughout Chechnya, Including the Chechen Capital of Grozny, Massacring Hundreds of Thousands of Chechnyan Non-Combatants (Chechnya-Wide).

In All Historic Reality . . . Putin’s Retribution to Chechnya for Several Terrorist Attacks on the Russian Motherland, that Killed “Just” Several Hundred Russian People . . . Was To Literally Lay Waste To The Entire Country Of Chechnya.

I Don’t Recall Any International Handwringing About The Chechnyan Homeless, the Lack of Water, Lack of Food & Medical Supplies Because of Russia’s Comeuppance on Chechnya.

I Also Don’t Recall Convoys of Humanitarian Aid Rushing to Help the Chechnyan Survivors Recover from the Russian Blitzkrieg.

So What Do You Think Is Going To Happen Once Putin Decides Where To Target His Vengeance?


There Will Be Some Global Handwringing . . . There will Bombastic Speeches at the United Nations, Promises to Hold Russia Responsible for Whatever Punishment Russia will Impose on the People Putin will Deem to Have Been Responsible for the Attack on the Moscow Concert Venue . . . And That Will Be That.

And What About The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Iraqis Killed By America After 9/11?


Not Only Was Israel Attacked In A Manner That Was A Personalized Slaughter . . . the People Represented (Palestinians) by the Beasts who Directly Committed the Most Heinous Slaughter of Jewish People Since the Holocaust – Celebrated The Slaughter As If It Was A Huge Cultural Victory.

But According To The Globalists, Including Many in the United States of America, Canada, England, France – Etc . . .  the People who Celebrated the Jewish Massacre Cannot be Held Responsible . . . I Wouldn’t Mind Some Continued Russian Type-Justice Done To Hamas & Their Palestinian Supporters By Israel.

I Don’t Recall The World Body . . . Demanding that America & American Allies Telegraph in Advance to the Enemy Where they will be Bombing or Invading Before they Bombed or Invaded.

I Also Don’t Remember The World Body . . . Demanding that America or any of America’s Allies Must Open Humanitarian Convoy Routes to Feed & Care for the People America or America’s Allies are at War with . . . While Still Being At War.


It’s Like Israel Playing A Professional Football Game . . . Where the Team with the Home Field Advantage (Palestinians) Gets to Choose the Referees. And the Referees Decide that the Home Team Gets Five Tries (Or More) to Get for a First Down, while the Visiting Team (Israel) Has to Play with One or Two Players Less than the Home Team, and the Visiting Team Needs to Send-Over their Play List to the Home Team Before the Game.

It’s Also Like The Home Team Getting Get 5-Points For a Touch Down, 5-Points for a Conversion and 5-Points for a Field Goal . . . While The Visiting Team Gets To Play By The Regular Scoring Program.

I’m Anxious To See What Russia Is About To Do & How The UN Is Going To Respond.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes, what actions taken by Putin will be far less criticized than Israels’ war with Hamas, but REMEMBER the UN is made up of mostly muslim nations who condone attacks against the Jews but will likely temper their reactions to Putin. FEAR of islam is at the heart of so many nations condoning muslim terrorists, but Putin does not fear islam and, having read the koran and been repelled by its’ hatred for everything Not islamic, I may applaud Putin just as I applaud Netanyahu for his courage.

  2. The terrorists were muslims, yet he chose to blame Ukraine. Zero truth. Your post is spot on. I pray to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob the evil of the gaza terrorists & the 1 world government crowd will be returned upon them by G-d. Now and on judgment day. Am Yisroel Chai! Ode Avinu Chai! Purim shamak!

  3. PIGS = People in governments = Governments = police = bylaw = teachers = doctors = nurses = fire = public transportation = lawyers = military = judges……just follow the money $, control, control… = ALL greedy, delusional lying parasites, order takers. This is all planned…..Open borders, sanctuary cities, mass immigration, more debt…. they all get full pay to destroy the country….sweet deal eh? $$$, Government IS the problem. They are all crooked and corrupt to core. $$$

  4. So what is new? Since the beginning of mankind man has been fighting man. Just off the top of my head there are the Indian tribes fighting one another. Then the US Calvary fighting the Indians. Then the north fighting the south over slavery and on and on and on. Then there are the street gangs ad infinitum. Killing one another for some belief system will always continue as sad as it is. All we can do is pray that this killing never comes close to you.

  5. Israel, as usual, will get a bad deal from the world community. Too bad the U.S. seems to be siding with the Israel hating world community. Meanwhile, Russia will be justified in taking out the country that perpetrated the attack on Moscow. Israel is an outpost of civilization in its region given the almost universal Arab support for the Oct. 7 attack.

  6. Cowardly Attacks require that the attackers base of support be found and attacked at a higher level. Yes, the cowards will always hide behind civilians, and civilians will die. Our world has always been at war somewhere from the beginning of time. Fighting over religion, beliefs, soil, money or any other cause the Leaders see fit. The Rich and Powerful are always seeking more, more money, more land, more control. There is not nor will not be an end to this madness, ever. Everyone dies.

  7. Wars and rumors of wars = prophecy of End Times before the judgment of nations. Yes, these situations have existed at times since the ‘beginning’. Are we coming to the “end of time” now? It, to me, is a situation that requires us to get ourselves right with our Creator & pray to stay right with Him, anticipating the reality of This sign of End Times being what Jesus related to his disciples when they asked Him what would be the sign(s) of the end of the age.

  8. The Twilight Zone: “He Lives” (1963) written by the great Rod Serling. An episode about Neo-Nazism and Hate. Rod’s closing remarks: “Where will he go next? This phantom from another time. This resurrected ghost of a previous nightmare. Anyplace, everyplace where there is hate; where there is prejudice; where there is bigotry. He’s alive so long as these evils exist. Remember that when he comes to your town. Remember it when you hear his voice speaking through others.” – Rod Serling

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