Jew-Hatred 101


For Thousands Of Years . . . The World Has Tried To Eradicate The Jews.

As Hard As They Tried . . . And as Vicious as the World Has Been at Eradicating Millions of Jews . . . And In-Spite of the Multitude of Treasures in all Aspects of Life, Which The Jews Have Graced Upon Humanity. . . Jew Hatred Will Never Vanish From The Face Of The Earth.

We Don’t Ask For Gratitude. We Don’t Ask For Favors. We Don’t Ask For Restitution like so Many in the Black American Community . . . All We Ask For Is Respect & Equal Treatment.

CIRCA 2500-Years Ago . . . Moses Led the Jewish People out of Egypt to the Promised-Land – The Land Of Zion – Israel. And on the Way, Moses Gave the World the Ten Commandments and the Torah (Five Books Of Moses), Which From Over 2500-Years Ago – Has Remained the Global Yardstick to Law, Order, Justice & Decency, Which Is The Pillar Of The Judeo/Christian Ethos.


Yet Here We Still Are, In-Spite Of The Bestial Attack Against The Jews Near Gaza On October 7, 2023 . . . In-Spite of the Iranian Attempt to Murder as Many Jews & Destroy as Many Jewish Properties as Possible by a Deluge of More than 300-Killer Drones & Assorted Missiles . . . We Didn’t Blink.

And Even Now . . . With the Ugly Specter of Anti-Semitism Throughout American Streets and on University Campuses Nationwide . . . .TONIGHT – Jews Like Me Worldwide, Will Still Partake In The More Than 2500-Year Celebration Of Jewish Liberation – Called PASSOVER.

Even as Jews Had Little to Nothing to Eat, Knowing the Near Certainty of Death in the Nazi Concentration Camps that was all but Evident . . . Jews Still Found A Way To Pray & Celebrate Passover . . .

So – If The University Twits Think They Will Do To Us Jews . . . What the World Has Failed to Do for Thousands of Years . . . They Couldn’t Be More Delusional.


The Median Cost To Attend Legacy American Universities Is Approximately $100,000 Per Year.

If I Was A Parent Of A Child Or Children Attending One Of These Legacy (Ivy League) Universities . . . Like Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Yale, USC – Etc, Which Are Teaching Jew-Hatred . . . Whether I Was Jewish Or Not – I’d be Aghast at How My Hard-Earned Money is Being Spent by whichever University, that is Teaching my Child or Children to Hate Jews, Capitalism & the United States of America.

I’d Cringe Knowing That My Child Is Being Brainwashed With Revisionist History.

Instead Of Learning Valuable Life-Skills In University, which Should Include the Study of Civics and the History of America (Good, Bad & Ugly) . . . The Future Leaders of America are Being Taught Not to Think, But What (How) To Think. Not To Debate, But How To Shut-Down Debate.

Guess What? . . . Parents of Students are Allowing Academic Strangers at a Cost of $100,000 Per Year to Raise their Children to be Anti-Semites & Socio/Political Socialists (Communism) . . . Your Children Are Attending GAZA-U.


Whether You Have A Child In The University Morass Or Not – You’re Going to be Paying for this Jew-Hatred – Like It Or Not . . . Through Biden’s Surge to Have the People with No University Experience Pay for this Jew-Hatred through your Taxes.

There Is No Reconciling, Explaining, Rationalizing Or Curing Anti-Semitism.


One Side Wins . . . The Other Side Loses. Any Other Option Is Only To Perpetuate The Conflict.

They Can Chant, Block Access, Wave Flags & Placards . . . They Can Even Become Physical . . . But They Will Never Win.  I Don’t Know if God is on our Side . . .

What I Do Know, Is Decency, Morality, Truth & History Are On Our Side . . . And That Won’t Change.


And Tonight – Have A Wonderful Passover Seder (Feast).

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I’m White ,Irish-American and Catholic, why do I know and support the Jewish people. I know that God gave the land of Israel to Abraham and his only true son Issac the land they have returned to and at the same time changed their names from Abram to Abraham and Issac to Israel for whom the land is named after This being done on the Temple mount–Mt. Moriah, Which is all part and parcel of God’s gift to Abraham because of his love and loyalty to God.

  2. GAZA-U. VERY Fitting❗️ Hope it Sticks. This is being allowed! And encouraged! There are options, NOT being taken, to end this EVIL! Bring in the National Guard and remove every tent! Station the Guardsmen on the Campus. This is effecting the emotions of us all.

  3. This Marxist based hatred is aimed at all freedom loving people. If we don’t stand with the people of Israel, we are next. Enough already. Vote that incompetent dumbass out of office !!

  4. Spot-on —- as usual. This teaching has been going on for decades —- anti-capitalism & anti-Americanism! To the point that the vast majority now believe we are a Democracy and they cannot define nor articulate the difference!!!

  5. Completely agree with. Excellent rename of any school that teaches hatred of the Jewish people. What these fools refuse to acknowledge is that there is a greater protector of Israel than the evil their master satan and that is G-d! They are under a great delusion. The Jewish people are G-d’s people. Israel is the apple of His eye! Israel will never be destroyed! Punished for sin, YES! But never destroyed! Chag Sameach!!

  6. Add to the cost to promulgate hatred the taxpayers funding of CBC in Canada.

  7. Howard, are you speaking of harvard, colombia,yale, or brown? Oh, wait. That’s all of them, Gaza-U, and many more across the entire US. California universities too. We are NOT second class citizens. We shall not be cowed into leaving those universities. Call the JDL to help. They’ve been standing up for Jews as long as I can remember. They fight fire with fire, as we all should.

  8. One would think in a modern world hate and murderous behaviors would have become extinct but how stupid of anyone to think that. Hate will always be with us and easily learned by a population, this includes all populations, that has never been instructed in the art of “How to think and determine reality” I created and taught a unit called this in high school until I retired. My county school system accepted this as a teaching unit but I doubt anyone else was using it. LIfe will always be life.

  9. Hope you’re having a Happy Pesach. We’re saying the Haggadah with special emphasis of prayers to G-d for all our people, especially those in harms way. May He watch over us and bless us with peace. We will never give in to the evil regimes that are trying to destroy our culture, our country, and our freedoms.

  10. Happy Passover, Howard and Anne! In spite of the sad news all over the world, may your Passover season be filled with love and laughter.

  11. Jewish folks are cut from a different Cloth. Most are very learned, talented folks. Some as in all Religious Teachings are not, they are the greedy, help their “Kind” more than others. This behavior has brought some folks to dislike them, mostly from Envy. I live next door to a Jewish woman who teaches Violin and Piano. She is a very nice lady and treats my wife and I like friends. I have assisted her and her husband on weapons handling and combat tactics. We protect our neighborhood.

  12. I couldn’t agree with you more! Happy to see more and more folks, right AND left, speaking out. Wishing you and Anne a happy Passover.

  13. Happy to say that in my 62 years of existence, I was never taught to hate Jews nor do I want to start ever. Have A Wonderful Passover Seder (Feast).

  14. Happy Passover to Howard and Anne. This world has become very scary. October 7th 2023 and Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel re-enforces the obvious: There are dangerous animals in this world. And some of them walk on two feet. They don’t want peace and they’re not capable of love. Israel is doing what they need to do and the world shows little empathy for the Jewish people. Am Yisrael Chai.

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