The Party’s Over – We’ll Soon Be Back On the Road


As Unfashionable As It Is For Democrats & Other Associated Goons From The LEFT, Anne, Falcon & I are Only Too Happy to be Wishing all of our Christian Friends the Best Easter Ever, because Without You, Who Else would be the Guardians of our Values, our Freedoms & Israel’s Right to Live?

After Five Wonderful Months At Myrtle Beach, From November 1, 2023 To April 1, 2024 . . . Living in our Wonderful RV Literally On the Beach, it’s Time to Come Home, Even Though we Entertained Great Friends & Family from Back Home and Other Places who Came to Myrtle Beach to be With Us – The Return Home Beckons.

We Won’t Miss Them . . . Because as Soon as we Get Ourselves Set-Up back Home, We’ll be Spending No Shortage of Time Breaking Bread with Everyone Who is in One Way or the Other a Part of Our Lives.

Who We Will Miss, Will Be The New Friends We Made While At Myrtle Beach.

However, some of the New Friends we Made Have Promised to Turn their Rigs North to Visit us in Canada During the Summer. And Many of the People we Developed Relationships with During this Winter, Have Already Reserved their Sites at this Fabulous Park for Next Winter . . . As Did Anne, Falcon & Myself.

We Will Hitch-Up & Leave Monday Morning (April 1, 2024), which Means this will be My Last Editorial for a Few Days. However, Because it’s Still Winter Back Home, Anne, Falcon & I Decided to Take a Few Days Longer to Get Home, Which Will Give Me Some Time To Research & Write During RV Park Stops.


The Video Came From A Canadian Friend, who Became an American Citizen Years Ago . . . Who I Met Many Years Before In Greater Montreal, Who Over All These Years Continues To Read Galganov.Com.

His Name Is Kenneth.

Ken Is Like So Many Of The People Who Read Galganov.Com, who Stays Aware of His Surroundings, is Cognizant of American, Canadian & International Politics, and through his Working Career, Ken Has Accumulated Every Kind of Experience You Would Want to Have – From Pot-Scrubber To Manager To School Teacher In Retirement.

And Like Many – If Not Most Of The People Who Read & Comment On Galganov.Com, Ken is of the Age Where He Has Seen it All, Which Doesn’t Mean Ken Isn’t Open To Seeing & Learning More.

So When Ken E-Mails Me Information – I Take It Seriously.

A Few Days Ago . . . Ken Sent Me A Link To A YouTube Video, which Covered a Speech Delivered by Canadian Conservative Party Leader – Pierre Poilievre – Who Gave His Speech at a Montreal Synagogue, which Anne & I Visited Several Times.

The Speech Poilievre Gave Was Extremely Current.

Pierre Poilievre was Invited by the Synagogue in the Montreal Burrough of Cote St Luc, In Celebration Of The Jewish Festival Of Purim.

I Know The Story Of Purim & I’ve Heard Poilievre Speak Many Times – But I Watched Nonetheless.

Anne & I Were So Impressed With The 30-Minute Speech, that we Watched it Right to the Very End. And then I Decided to Send the YouTube Link of the Speech to a Group of Friends & Relatives for their Benefit, Pleasure & Knowledge . . . About The Man I Pray Will Become Canada’s Next Prime Minister.

And then I Started to Get this Same Link Sent to Me By Several of the Readers of, Wondering If I Had Seen-It, With Several Senders Imploring Me To Include-It In A Forthcoming Editorial . . . So Here It Is.

There Is Hope For All Of Us With Great Leaders Like Trump & Poilievre.


Enjoy . . . In The Knowledge – That There Are Still Good People We Can Lean-On.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. May You, Ann & Falcon Have Safe Travels Home…. Howard, what part of Myrtle did you guys stay at North or South? My Wife and I spent a week in South Myrtle, on Bikers Week, The Ferris Wheel could be seen from where we stayed. Well actually it can be seen from many places. We found the Hustle & Bustle of South Myrtle to be somewhat uncomfortable & noisy. We preferred the Northern part. Living in Franklin NC it don’t take to long to get to Myrtle. That said, it takes way longer for you guys

    We are in the Northern Part of Myrtle Beach Away from the Tourist Areas just off King’s Road Near the Tanger Center. If it all Comes Down to Location, Location, Location . . . We Are In The Right Location . . . Best Regards – HG:

  2. Again ,Thank you for keeping us informed about the happenings in Canada as well as America! The Media is so corrupt. You, as well as Anne are getting the truth out!, These gobalist, Klaus Schwab, Soros, Obama, Biden, Trudeau, Freeland will go down in history as one of the evilest ! Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bankers, included!

  3. Wishing You & Family a Safe & Enjoyable trip home. Thank “U” for the Easter Wishes. I send to both You & Ann an invitation to Celebrate with us. Christ IS A RISEN SAVIOR to ALL who Accept Him.

  4. Tracy, Scout and I feel blessed to have met you, Anne and Falcon during this winter at Myrtle Beach. We look forward to visiting the three of you this summer in Canada. God bless the three of you on your journey back home. Scott

  5. Cote St Luc, a predominantly Jewish suburb of Montreal (from which hails Hillel Neuer who heads UN Watch in Geneva) and adjacent (even more affluent) Hampstead has a growing problem as their Liberal Jewish Zionist member of parliament Anthony Housefather has become the subject of online poetry regarding his dilemma as part of Trudeaus’ anti Israel agenda. Question is…Will Housefather (Mount Royal riding) now depart the Liberal party to join Poilievre’s pro- Israel Conservative party?

  6. Safe travels!. Most Canadians left the Village we live during winter in Deerfield beach Florida. The season is officially over on March 31. Pierre Poilievre’s speech is outstanding! Thank you for sharing. My wife and I are looking forward to meet you, Ann and Taylor. Next season, we will make every effort to stop in Myrtle Beach on the way to Florida.

  7. Safe home, Howard, Anne & Falcon. Thanks for your always right-on-the mark opinions and your bravery in standing for freedom in a world that seems to hate it with a vengeance.

  8. Happy Easter Howard. Loved Poilievre’s speech. He speaks from his heart about his commitment to Jews and Israel, and his vision of a free, safe and secure Canada with individual rights and freedoms enshrined. He’s a big change from the corrupt cabal currently in charge. Happy Trails.

  9. Have a safe & pleasant trip home and keep your illuminating essays coming!

  10. Poilievre’s speech was quite positive for his relationship with Israel & the Jewish people. He speaks as an advocate for Israel’s right to its homeland & self-defense after unprovoked attacks. An interview posted afterward where he gave his stand on Trudeau’s raising of a carbon tax was definitely pro-conservative. We will most definitely benefit in both our nations with Trump and Poilievre as our leaders. I pray it happens for the USA & Canada. SAFE TRAVELS back home for you, Anne & Falco

  11. Thank you for being one of those good folks we can rely upon, and thank you for your Easter greetings. Wishing you and yours a safe and uneventful trip as you head home.

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