If It Looks A Duck, Swims Like A Duck & Quacks Like A Duck . . .


I Don’t Like Dog Parks, Mostly Because Many of the People who use the Parks are Good Dog-Loving-Folk . . . But There Are ALWAYS Piece Of Crap People Who Don’t Play By The Rules.

In The Area Where We Are Staying (Myrtle Beach) . . . There is a Gorgeous Dog Park Facility called Barc Parc, which is Divided Into a Large Dog Area and a Small Dog Area. And Even Though Falcon Weighs About 65-Pounds, Falcon is Still Just a Big Gangly Puppy of 5-Months.

But Because Of Falcon’s Size . . . He Looks Like He Doesn’t Belong In The Small Dog Area.

Before Entering The Big Dog Park, a Youngish Woman Tattooed-Up the Ying-Yang, who  Had Two Medium Sized Dogs told Anne & Myself before we Entered the Park, that there were some Jerks in the Park with Very Aggressive Dogs.

And Even Though She Was Quite Angry & Distraught When She Spoke To Us, Her Demeanor Suggested that Perhaps she was Probably as Guilty as the People she was Accusing, Because she Allowed her Two Dogs to Run Off-Leash in the Busy Parking Area.

We Went Into The Big Park . . . And Within Seconds Of Us Being There, a Large German Shepherd-Type-Mix Came Barreling Towards Falcon who was Already Running in the Park. And With the Shepherd-Type-Mix were Two or Three Additional Dogs who Decided to Pack-On Falcon, who was Running as Fast as he Could to Get Away, since they Already Had Him Down at the Initial Strike.

This Whole Thing Took Seconds. And as the Shepherd-Type Dog was Closing-In on Our Terrified Falcon Puppy for the Second Time . . . I Was Closing-In On The Shepherd – For As Fast As I Could Run.

And Before this Bully-Dog could Lay Another Paw on Falcon. I did Something . . . You Would NEVER Expect A 74-Year-Old Guy To Do . . . From My Football Days, Many Years Ago . . . I Launched Into A Flying Tackle & Horizontally Hit that #$%&T& Dog so Hard, that Caused him or her to Yelp, Roll-Over a Few Times & Run Away as Fast as it Could, with the Rest of the Pack In-Tow.

In The Meantime, Anne, Who By Any Stretch Isn’t A Sissy . . . was just Behind Me Running to Grab Hold of Falcon to Make Sure that He was OK. Falcon Was Somewhat Rattled, Not Injured, And Absolutely Thrilled To Be In The Comfort & Safety Of His Mommy’s Arms.

This Will Not Surprise You . . . But the Jerks Who Owned these Dogs, Never Approached the Melee to Stop-It, Never Asked If I or Falcon were OK & Never Apologized.


After We Were Convinced That Falcon Was OK, We Took Him into the Small Dog Area & Played with Him for a While. I thought About Going Back into the Big Dog Area to Confront the Jerks . . . But To What Avail? . . . Since if Just One of the Jerks was to Open his or even her Mouth to Me . . . I Know Myself . . . Fists Would Have Flown and what was originally a Pain in the Ass as a Fleeting Problem – It Would Have Become Much Worse . . . So I’m Ranting To You Instead.

PS – The Real Positive Upside To This Little Drama, Besides Falcon Being OK, was that at Age 74, One Day After my Birthday, I was Still Able to Deliver One Heck-of a Flying Tackle Without Getting Hurt – That Wasn’t Lost On Me.


Just Like The LEFT Have Unconscionable Double Standards For Conservatives . . . These Same Bastards Have Equal Double Standards For Israel & Jews.

They’re Sanctioning Jewish Settlers – What About Palestinian Stone Throwers?

What About Palestinian School-Books Paid-For by You & Me (Canada & The United States Of America) that Teaches Arab Children How to Hate Jews and the Virtue of Being a Jew-Killer? What About Charitable Funds that Rewards the Families of Jew Killers who are in Israeli Prisons, As A Recompense For Harming & Murdering Jews.


What About The Millions Of Mostly Paid Protestors & The Dyed-In-The-Wool Jew Haters . . . throughout the LEFT, who Take to Universities, Streets, Tunnels, Bridges, Transportation Hubs & Outside Jewish Owned Establishments . . . While They Chant Death To The Jews, Gas The Jews, Hitler Was Right . . . And On & On?

But Biden & Other Leaders are Now all of a Sudden Worried-About a Handful Of Israeli Jews (Settlers) Who Might Have or Might Not Have Stood-Up to the Threatening Arabs in the West Bank.


This Time It’s Different.

More Than 80-Years Ago, Actually More Than 2,000-Years Ago, the Jews Didn’t Have a Country to Protect them. There was No Military that was Ready, Willing & Able to Fight to the Death to Defend Jewish People. And There Was No Country That Jews Worldwide Could Call Home.

All This Jew Hatred Didn’t Just Begin With The Nazis . . . The Exile of the Jews by the Romans in 70-AD from Jerusalem, the Crusades in the 11th, 12th & 13th Centuries AD that Slaughtered Jews, The Inquisitions (Circa 12th Century) in Spain, Portugal, France & Italy, the Eastern European Pogroms Before  the Holocaust that Wiped-Out Whole Jewish Communities . . . And The Poll-Taxes In Places Like England (But Not Just In England) That Charged Jews Extra Money To Live In England Because They Were Jews.

After The Holocaust . . . The World Of Anti-Semitism Retreated Some, But the Hatred of Jews was Only Slightly Under the Surface – Even in North America (USA & Canada) Where Jews Were Legally Restricted From Participating Equally In The North American Society Until The End Of The 1950’s.


For More Than 75-Years – Israel Sent All The Wrong Messages To The World, that Israel was Not Prepared to Destroy Israel’s Enemies, Not Even in the Many Wars Israel Fought Successfully, Until Israel’s “Allies”, Notably the United States of America & Britain Ordered Israel to Stop Fighting When Total Victory for Israel was at Hand . . . But I Think Not This Time.

I’m Pretty Certain The Hamas Palestinians Assumed That This Time Would Be No Different. They Would Attack the Jews, Slaughter as Many Jews as they Could, and When Israel Would Retaliate, the Hamas Palestinians Would Take a Bit of a Beating Until the World Would Step-In & Order the Jews to Stop.

The Hamas Palestinians Were Half Right . . . Seemingly – The Entire World, Including the American Dufus-In-Chief (Biden) . . . Through Biden’s Handlers (Obama) is Ordering Israel to Stand-Down.

The Half Which The Palestinians Didn’t Get Right . . . Israel Was Not Going To Stop.

And as Sad as it is for the Civilian Gaza Palestinians Who are Caught-Up in this War, Who’ve Been Killed, Wounded, Displaced & Find Themselves Without Shelter, Adequate Food, Water & Medicines . . . They Should Have Thought About That Before They Cheered The Slaughter Of Innocent Jews.

And From the Despicable Way the Arabs Conduct their Wars out of Uniform . . . Who’s To Say Who Is A Civilian & Who Is Not?

And if Hamas Thinks that it’s OK to Build their War Machine Beneath (Tunnels) Civilian Infrastructure (Hospitals, Schools, Community Centers, Mosques – Etc), Ain’t That Just Too Bad?


These Arabs Might Be Vicious Low-Lives . . . But they Have Eyes. And with those Eyes, they See for themselves that this is a Different Israel, which is Not About to be Deterred, And They Don’t Want Beirut Looking Like Gaza.

A Few Editorials Ago . . . I Wrote That in a Bizarre Way, What happened to Israel on October 7, 2023 . . . Was A Convoluted Blessing-In-Disguise, for Which I Received some Stiff Criticism – But I Stand By What I Wrote.

It is Heartbreaking that these Palestinian Savages Murdered, Raped & Violated So Many Innocent Jewish Israelis & Others, Just as it is Like a Gut Punch Every-Time an Israeli (IDF) is Killed or Wounded in Action . . . But Israel, the Jewish Diaspora and the World at Large Needed a Wake-Up Call – Especially Israel, Which Over The Past Number Of Decades Has Been Slipping Into The LEFTIST Morass.

There’s No Peace To Have With People Sworn To Kill You!


The Force Being Used By Israel Against The Hamas Palestinians . . . Is a Pin-Prick Compared to the Military Capabilities Israel Has at its Command . . . Israel Knows-It, The Palestinians Know-It, Hezbollah Knows-It, Iran Knows-It and the Leadership from the Rest of the World Know-It . . . What They Didn’t Know . . . Was How Far Israel Was Prepared To Go – NOW THEY KNOW.


For Israel To Stop Now – Would Be The Most Classic Defeat The Jews Had Since The Holocaust.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What we won’t do to protect our animals, GOOD ON YOU! You are right, Israel should tell that idiot in the White House to stuff it!

  2. Howard- Love your work. I occasionally try to circulate it around my network of contacts and hope some people join and support your activities. Am Israel Chai.

  3. Omg Howard…this editorial is awesome I agree with you totally I hope Israel hangs in there til the bitter end and blows Gaza all to hell until there’s nothing left of it

  4. So glad Falcon is okay, & you as well. Seems in a pinch, some old skills come in handy. The owner of that German shepherd mix needs some comeuppance as well as his dog. Surprised the overseer of the park didn’t make him put the dog on a leash at the least, or bar him from the park altogether. Am glad Israel isn’t backing down to defend their people & continue to go after Hamas until all are obliterated. The fact they hide behind civilians, to me, makes them cowards – like bullies who hit & ru

  5. I dont usually comment on your editorials, with which i agree with 99.9% of the time. But this time, I feel compelled to make 2 comments: 1- I had a 185 lb Great Dane, named Baron, from when he was 7 weeks old until I had to put him down last year at 9.5 years old. It was one of the very hardest thing I’ve ever had to do- and I’m a few years older than you. I took him to dog parks only a few times and there were ALWAYS IDIOT dog owners who paid no attention…..Pete B.

  6. Spot on Howard. It is time that Israel stands up & did some cleaning of rhe house all the way to the shore. Sorry about you having to deal with others’ stupidity. Unfortunately that is the world today. Blessings

  7. Pete Bauch …I can relate. I had perhaps the most beautiful fawn Great Dane in history in my opinion who was the love of my life. He made it until he was 12 when I had to put him down at age 12 which is a very long life for a Dane. That was the worst day in my life in 1989 and I still miss him 35 years later. My bedroom is full of pictures of him. He played the bad guy in an episode of The Littlest Hobo which older Canucks here will remember. I have a copy of it today.

  8. Way to go Howard tackle the dog and save Falcon, Anne will hug Falcon, Sue is happy that Falcon is OK. As for Israel they should keep it up in Gaza, and destroy Hermas. P.S. Happy belated Birthday

  9. This hatred for the Jews, in my opinion, is jealousy, envy and low self esteem. The Jews have done more for science, medicine, literature, art, etc. than any other group. Like any other thing superior they have to bring it down to their low level.

  10. If all in the surrounding area are declaring they are only interested in killing all your citizens then ……. better to face them and protect your people and remove them, once and for all, or your done. The real problem is with their teachings the situation is impossible to resolve

  11. Peggy Bland: My thoughts and feelings precisely!! HG, happy belated birthday!

  12. Great post and right on target. A great number of big dog owners are idiots and should not have dogs period. There will be not one penny out of my pocket to pay for anything for the terrorists and their supports civilians or otherwise. No empathy from here.

  13. Great story about the flying tackle! I’m 75 and have some appreciation of the fact that 75 isn’t 55 or 45 when the aches and pains weren’t as prevalent. Eisenhower was President when I was a boy. We grew up in a much different world than we have today. I miss those times and people very much. Old school values are as true today as they were then and ultimately will prevail. Glad you all made it out of the dog park in one piece.

  14. Of importance this week has been the 180 degree turn in Egypt’s Sisi’s rhetoric from threatening to tear up the peace treaty with Israel. He has come to the realization that if Israel defeats the final 6 Hamas battalions in Khan Younis and Raffia then one his major problems (dealing w Muslim Brotherhood muscle) is partly gone. He says the same silent prayer as does MBS (S. Arabia) every night, that Israel’s victory will be COMPLETE, eliminating the Palestinian albatross from around their neck

  15. Agree with everything you wrote. Everyone is glad Falcon is alright. I am too. But I am supper glad you are alright Howard. Ann give your hero an extra hug and kiss. Happy belated birthday Howard.

  16. Very well said! Glad neither you nor Falcon suffered any lasting damage from the dog park episode. Too bad the other dog had to pay the price that rightfully was due its negligent owner!

  17. When folks back down from Bullies, they just support what the Bully is doing. At some point you will have to go on the Offense. I am pleased that you nor Falcon were injured. Dogs are great companions, if they are taken care of. Animal Bullies usually get what is due them in retaliation for attacks. I hope this life lesson is repeated at other dog parks. Bad dog owners should be banned from locations that do nothing about Bullies. Hope your dog park is one of them. Have a safe trip home.

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