The Political Platitudes Of A Disaster


Unfortunately . . . People Died In The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collision – Now Open It Up.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge Disaster Affects Far More than Just the Port City of Baltimore, So the World Does Not Need Empty Biden Platitudes.

It Doesn’t Need the Feckless Buttigieg Making Promises to Get to the Bottom of What Happened . . . It Needs Action . . . Not Worrying About Saving People who were Regrettably Killed in the First Moments of the Disaster. It Needs Action Now . . .  Open The Waterway!

They (The Dolts) Said that the Reconnection to the Florida Islands of the Washed-Out Bridges & Causeways which were All-But Destroyed in the Last Big Florida Hurricane (Ian – October 2022) will Take Months & Even Years to Rebuild . . . Ron DeSantis Had It Done In Weeks.

The Jerks Said that It Would Take Years to Develop a Vaccine to Combat the China Virus (Covid) . . . Trump Had It Done In Months. Same thing with Hospital Beds, Ventilators & PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) . . . Also Fulfilled By Trump In A Matter Of Weeks.

I Feel For The People Who Died . . . Now Worry For The People Who Are  Living.

For the Government to Hold News Conferences Promising to Spend Money & Open an Investigation to Get the Bottom of What Happened – And to Recover Dead People is a Useless Political Waste of Time . . . They Need To Get Off Their Collective Ass & Open The Channel Being Blocked By The Downed Bridge Now.


Maybe We Will All Be Shocked, and the Biden Government will Move Beyond all Expectations, and Get the Recovery Done Fast . . . But Based On LEFTIST Government History – I Won’t Hold My Breath.

If DeSantis Or Trump Were In Charge . . . The Waterway Would Be Open In A Week.


There Isn’t A Jewish Community In Canada Or The USA, But Perhaps More-So in Canada, where Jewish People are Safe from Verbal Assaults . . . Right Up-To Violent Attacks, Where Synagogues & Jewish Activity Centers are Not Under Real Potential Assault.

How Did The Most Deplorable Attack (Slaughter) On The Jewish People (Since The Holocaust), More than 6,000-Miles Away from the Eastern Shores of North America . . . Become A North America-Wide Attack On Jews & Jewish Institutions In Both Countries?

How Did The Bestial Slaughter Of Jews On October 7, 2023 – Become the Fault of the Jews Around the World . . . But Specifically In America & Canada On October 8, 2023?

It Gives Me a Semblance of Hope to Read the Polls that Show that More than 80% of the People in America (I Don’t Know The Number In Canada) . . . Support Israel and the Jewish People . . . But It Gins-Up Real Consternation, to Know How Well Organized, Funded & Imbedded the Anti-Semites are Worldwide, As Non-Stop Demonstrations Rage Against Jews Throughout The Planet.


Nothing’s Changed . . . Except For Valuable Non-Jewish Friends . . . Jews & Israel Still Stand Alone.


Pastor Gary Burd . . . Who You Might Have Read About On Galganov.Com & I Embraced Each Other As Brothers . . . As We Rode the Highways, Byways, Big Cities & Small Towns of Canada and the United States of America, Where we were Given Full Police Escorts to our Pledge Destinations.

Some Of Most Pleasant Memorable Moments Of My Life . . . Have Been Riding My Motorcycle over Thousands of Miles Across North America with Many Dozens of Christian Bikers (Jews-Too), all of Whom Rode Under the Moniker – PLEDGE RIDE . . . Where these Christian & Jewish Bikers Took a Pledge Throughout North America at Each Stop . . . Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Dallas (Cotton Bowl), Wytheville (West Virginia), Atlanta (Olympic Park), Boca Raton – Etc . . . Where We All Stood Together In The Pledge Of Never Again To A Second Holocaust.

In Wytheville – The Home Of Thomas Jefferson – The Mayor Gave Me The Key To The City.

I HAVE HOPE – As Long as We are Prepared to Fight on our Feet . . . Rather than to Surrender on our Knees.

I Don’t Care What Biden Is Saying. I Don’t Care What Trudeau Is Saying. I Don’t Care What Gutless or Anti-Semitic Leaders of Other Countries are Saying, because this Time it’s Different than in the Past . . . Because This Time . . . We Are Not Totally Alone & Israel Is Not About To Take A Knee.

I’ll Take The Slings & Arrows . . . They can Call Me Whatever they Want. And if they Punch Me . . . I Promise I Will Punch Them Back, Because for Jews Like Me, of Which there are Many . . . This is Not Europe of the Pogroms, This is  Not Europe of the Anti-Jewish Edicts – And Because Of Jews Like Me & Our Christian Friends . . . It Certainly As Hell Will Not Become Europe Of The Second Holocaust.


They Will Never Stop Coming . . . Not For Almost 4,000-Years.

To Take A Knee For A Worthless Reprobate Like Joe Biden, Barrack Hussein Obama and their Legion of Communist Judeo/Christian Haters, would be to Surrender all the Values we Have Acquired & Honed through Blood, Sweat & Tears Into our Wonderful Societies . . . Through Thousands Of Years Of Learning & Sacrifice.

If Israel Is To Fall . . . Our Civilization Will Not Be Far Behind.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thankyou for always speaking the truth and not being afraid to show the world, NEVER AGAIN

  2. Amen, you tell it like it is H. We aqree with you and stand with you

  3. Thank you. It is rare to find significant wisdom encapsulated in such short editorials. You should get much wider circulation and am doing what I can to help. Some “leaders” have embraced progressivism, globalism, wokeism, and other “isms” as innately Jewish – these are secular and often opposed to real Judaism. Keep up your great work!!! I’d like to see you interviewed on Mark Levin’s show or something similar.

  4. You ride bikes? What kind? I may have to ride up for a visit when you are in the U.S. as I cannot take a gun into Canada…. Triumph Thunderbird Sport is my ride. Maybe we can go for a cruise sometime. Oh and by the way, another great article. Concerning the rebuilding comments, I was reminded of the U.S. and Jerusalem embassy. Predicted years to build and $billions. Pres. Trump got it done in months and less than a $billion. We need Western Values again!

  5. Israel has ample reserves to keep going and thriving while crushing the Islamic Jihadists. Just minutes ago the PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Smotrich added billions of Shekels to the budget. And… Gaza us nothing but a rubble dump. Closing every day on more murderers. Tens of thousands culled. Many thousands in.prisons. Our moral obligation is to erase the Islamic Jihad subhuman blight from Eretz Israel It will be done. G.D willing.

  6. The present administration in DC is incapable of efficient action to get the Key Bridge wreckage removed to reopen the harbor. Just about anything done in DC is done slowly (or not at all) but PLENTY of $$$$ is always spent on the effort. I doubt there could be found any corporation in the whole of USA as inefficient, slow to act, & costly as the US government, especially as it is primarily run/operated by unelected bureaucrats (think Fauci). IMHO the top 3-4 levels need gutted & start over.

  7. I was taught “Once you start a job (project) make sure you finish it”. Then on to hezbolla Lebanon, time to clean up some deadly garbage.

  8. There are enough Iranian nut jobs right now that will only be to happy to press the button , once they get the bomb. Indeed the end of civilization , while a demented old fool licks his ice cream cone , pretending to care about democracy. Bizzare.

  9. Antisemitism goes back, way back.We were blamed for the plague epidemic in Medieval Europe. Today, they hate us not because we are bad, but because we are better then they are. What is really sad, is the antisemitic Jews, both here and in Israel. Those who side with “Palestinians”, those who teach young folks at the universities to hate us. They say: Yidiot is a Jew, who claims to be pro-Israel, but votes for Dhimmicrats.

  10. Every time is hear “Pot Hole” Pete I turn the channel. If he takes the lead not to mention the Baltimore City authorities- it will take forever to clean up the bridge. Why has no one mentioned the shipping company paying up? On Israel- glad that they refused the meeting with the Biden bunch! Only thing he is trying to do is get the Muslim votes in Michigan and Minnesota.

  11. Unfortunately, the war in Gaza is politics-driven. First are the problems within Bibi’s government. Too many distractions. Too much concern about what others might say rather than making it what Israel does best – direct and quick. Second, is falling prey to DC politics. Israel has had since 2005 to figure out what the day after would look like. They still cannot make that determination. The US and allies had to occupy Germany and Japan for many years. So will it be with Gaza.

  12. Come on Bibi, no more deals, no more negotiations. It’s almost 7 months. I doubt if any hostages are alive. Go into Rafah. Kill whoever doesn’t get out of the way. Don’t capture any Hamas. Kill them

  13. Amen. What I started to comment sounded insensitive. Thus, just the amen and my continuing thanks for your straightforward assessments.

  14. “EUROPE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME SINCE THE HOLOCAUST”. This will be true of America if we go against the smart, hard working, God fearing, industrious, inventive, never on food stamps or without a job Jews. I am a Christian and I worship a Jew. What is wrong with these people. Their brain has got to be washed of all sane thought and sensibility. DUH!!!

  15. Easy answer to your first question: you can NEVER trust those people. NEVER. Regarding the FSK bridge: I am reminded of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s response to an island off Florida’s west coast after a disastrous hurricane destroyed the only road and bridge to the mainland. He was immediately proactive, feeding and housing all who needed that, and got that road and bridge built back in a few weeks record time. And he didn’t pontificate.

  16. Xcellnt. I have said for years barry and pedojo & the demorat party are not friends of Israel. Boggles my mind Jews still think they are. pedojo is slow walking supplies to Israel. He is shafting Israel on the world stage and in the media. There is none so blind as he who will not see.

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