When Our Values Are In the Gutter


Problem For Nikki Haley . . . The Trump-Lovers (Conservative Republicans) Hate Nikki Haley.


In A Current TV Show On Alex Wagner’s Program (MSNBC), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defended Casual Sex . . . As a Guide to Social Behavior, which to Me, Relegates People who Believe that – TO BE AT THE LEVEL OF DOGS . . . Which I Guess Describes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To A “T”.

When We Were Younger With Raging Hormones, we were Taught by our Parents, that What you did Sexually – Will Leave An Important Impression Upon Us For Future Years To Come – Pretty Much For The Rest Of Our Lives.

Respect Is A Word That Seems To Be Lost From Our Lexicon.

As Young Men We Weren’t Angels, but we were Respectful to the Girls we Dated, which is Not to Say we Didn’t Try to Get What we Could (First Base – Etc). But in those Days, No One Got Very Far Until A Solid Relationship Was Established, and even then, Whatever we Did was Done Guardedly . . . We Didn’t Run Around Like Jerks Putting-It-All-Out There For Everyone To Know.


As A Matter Of Fact, The Girls Who Were “Easy”, Weren’t all that Popular with Serious & Respectful Relationships . . . And Neither Were The Guys Who Suffered From Over-Active Uncontrollable Hormones.

It Is Nothing Short Of A National Tragedy, that our Children, Grandchildren and even our Great Grandchildren will Most Probably . . . Never Enjoy the Type Of A Genteel Social Society In Which We Were Raised.


Although Written . . . It Is Something That Is Not Necessarily Cast In Stone, since Life is Like a Pendulum, which Swings Back & Forth. And Now, from Many Indications, it seems as though Many Younger People are Looking Nostalgically at the Life they Never Knew, as Current Parents are Scrambling to Enroll their Children in Faith-Based Schools – And/Or Schools With A Serious Conservative (Disciplined) Bent.

We Are Looking At The Long-Overdue Demise Of The University Con-Job, where so Many Younger People are Now Enrolling in Community Colleges & Trade Schools, where Young People Can Learn Skills, Responsibility & Common Sense.

I’m Seeing Double Standard Nations In Canada & The United States Of American, where there will be the Likes of the Useless & Socially Injurious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (TAKERS) . . . Versus the Socially Conservative Ranks of the MAKERS, Who will Inevitably Jettison the Parasites.


America Was Founded Through Blood & Treasure To Believe The Opposite: 

There Will Be Another Revolution In America . . . It Won’t Be Pretty, And It Might Be Violent . . . But it will be Inevitable, simply Because our Societies are Currently on the Path of Self-Destruction at the Hands of Elitists Worldwide, who Believe they Have the Right to Sit in Judgement of Us, Tell the Rest of Us How to Live, in What we Should Believe, Who Should Decide Gender . . . And Who In Perpetuity Should Rule Over Us In An Unelected Global Government.

America Is Of The People, By The People & For The People . . . And if Donald J Trump is Not Elected President on November 5, 2024 – America will be Thrust Into a Tyranny, Which The American Founders Fought To Extricate Itself From Some 250-Years-Ago.


I Write Mostly About America, Because How America Goes . . . Is How The World Will Go.

Canada Is Tantamount To A Pimple On The Ass Of An Elephant. But We Weren’t Always . . . There was a Time, Until Just After WWII, When Canada Punched its Way Beyond Canada’s Weight Class, When the World Could Always Depend on Canada to Answer the Call, No Matter When, Where or How – But That Time Is Long Gone After 70-Years Of Liberal Governments, which Emasculated our Armed Forces, Became Soft On Our Friends & Tried To Appease The United Nations At Every-Turn.

For Our Size Back Then . . . Canada Was A Great Nation . . . As Fact, On October 14, 1904 – Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier Said With Outright Conviction . . .

“Let Me Tell You, My Fellow Countrymen, That All The Signs Point This Way, That The 20th Century Shall Be The Century Of Canada & Canadian Development . . . For The Next 100 Years, Canada Shall Be The Star Towards Which All Men Who Love Progress & Freedom Shall Come”.

The Twentieth Century Has Come & Gone . . . And So Has The Dream Of A Great Canada.


But Does Conservative Leader Poilievre Have What It Takes To Remove The Trudeau Entitlements?

Is Pierre Poilievre Enough Like Trump to Say to the Canadian Population Once Elected . . . The Free Ride Is Over, and Literally Change (Overnight) . . . the Reality that Canada Has to Stop Being a Socialist Kleptocracy & Start Traveling Once-More on the Road to Being a Meritocracy?

I Pray He Does . . . But My Gut-Feeling Says He Will Not, Which Is Where Trump Comes-In.

President Trump (47) . . . Will be the Catalyst that will Force Recalcitrant Countries like Canada, To Either Get With The Program . . . Or To Take A Hike.

It Is As Important To Conservative Canadians For Trump To Win As It Is For America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. I conquer with your predictions. Having just proudly, and for the first time in our new state of South Carolina, participated in a landslide vote for President Trump, I believe in the possibility of seeing your comments about Canada and my country coming to fruition. We must vote for these two leaders. Conservatives can and will put our countries back on the right track.God bless America 🇺🇸 and Canada!🇨🇦

  2. Niki is lost to the wind. Very hard to believe that she would drift so. The danger is is not there. Is that Obama’s hate is overwhelming and his associates very dangerous. Even Putin is playing the ropes… President Trump is very much the people’s choice. But hd must be very careful

  3. Howard, today;s world is right on schedule with the Biblical prophecies, nations are in perplexity, a one world Govt. is on the rise, and is and has been one of the greatest Trump destroyers out there, Trumps problems is not just with the idiot leftist, but with. the Soros and klaus Schwab gang of thugs with in the communist -fasciest movement toward a One World Govt. Hillary’s daughter is married to Soros’s nephew, and Hillary’s bag lady is marrying Soros’s son. The enemy and the SWAMP.

  4. We need to divest & get rid of political parties; they exist for money to advance their choice for office. They left We The People advocacy long ago for “establishment party” (controllable) candidates. I’ve never supported ($$ or otherwise) campaign financing. I’ve been a lifelong Republican; only Dem I ever liked was JFK who obviously was not a party follower, so was assassinated, plus brother Bobby. DNC is part of satanic UN, elitists & OWO; RNC is barely holding on from slipping in as wel

  5. The parasitic Clintons had to latch on to the Soros family once the financial rug was pulled out from under the Clinton Foundation after her defeat by Trump. The Swamp personified and perpetuated. As for Haley, follow the money. Going from a net worth of minus 1 million to positive 8 million in 4 years is no easy feat unless you sit on the boards of certain companies(a la Burisma) and are grossly overpaid for speaking engagements (a la Michelle Obama); essentially legalized money laundering.

  6. 100% spot-on. Trump must be very, very careful. I pray that I am wrong but, almost certainly, “something” bad, like another 9-11 but worse, is going to take place in the next 8 months. Or, another election will be rigged —– not unlike 2020. No doubt, we are in deep “do-do” and some sort of civil action is needed to stop / reverse where we are headed.

  7. Not long ago, the expression for Argentina was for Millei to be Argntina’s Trump. Things have reversed and should be can Trump be America’s Millei. The same is true for Canada and Poilievre. May both of these men be champions have have the fortitude to decimate the fifth column living in the bureaucracies in both countries.

  8. Poilievre is not Trump. He’s silent on the main issues and I fear comfortable where Trudeau will leave off. So far, all talk, no substance. I’m very disappointed.

  9. Regarding Canada’s election which is not until 2025, Poilievre is our only option. He is not Trump, but will be a Competent Leader. The mess made by Trudope and Singher will require some tough decisions, and the leftists/marxists will be howling. ie, Federal employees need to be reduced by at least 50%. Poilievre will only have success if the Conservatives have a majority, so every responsible Canadian has to get up off their couches and vote for Poilievre.

  10. You are in your seventies but with Trump being 77 and the age of o’biden being 81 and the worst president ever in U.S. history, it used to be carter, you should run for Prime Minister of Canada and you would probably go down in history as being the best Prime Minister in Canadian history. If you are still in good health, why not, but this is only wishful thinking on my part. Another editorial you are bang on, you never had a bad one.

  11. Totally agree with your blog. 1 thing, we know there were criminal elements in the assassination of JFK including cia, and state department. Trump needs cut off barry sotero’s influence as he has many inroads to both these organizations. If it happens again, I would start with barry, the dnc, and cia as culprits. He needs to clean up both within the hour of taking the oath. Trump will need special forces type protection the day he gets elected until the last day of his term. GO TRUMP 2024!

  12. Folks we are LOST. The Biden Illegals are taking over at so many levels, and yet they are fed money and given a free ride when it comes to crime. As a father with 2 wonderful children that have worked, paid their way through college and are in the prime of their lives, I shutter at the thought of losing one to a person that does not belong in our country because Our Gov’t. does not care. Drugs is one thing, but Crime against another is wrong. With drugs, most times you make a choice, not with

  13. Trump haters may love Nikki Haley but Trump lovers (like myself) love Bill Haley & His Comets. We’ve been singing: “Let’s Rock Around The Clock Tonight…” The world is in a sad state of affairs….and singing songs may not be a cure….but it sure is a great healer. As Tonto would say to The Lone Ranger: “Music, Heap Good Medicine, Kemo Sabby.”

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