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If You Guessed That I Slept Until Noon & Ate Lunch In Bed – You’d Be Wrong.

If you Guessed that Anne, Falcon & I Drove About 20-Miles from our RV Park to Conway South Carolina to be at the Trump Rally . . . You’d Be Bang-On.

We Knew That We Wouldn’t Be Able To Get Into The Arena, But Nonetheless, We Really Wanted to be there if for no Other Reason than to Drink-In the Atmosphere.

And Believe Me When I Tell You, We Weren’t Disappointed, Not even a Little Bit. And if Falcon Could Speak, He Would Probably Say The Same.

PS – We Need To Get A Make America Great Again Trump Hat For Falcon.


The Whole Atmosphere Was Electric . . . With Huge Gatherings of People on the Outside of the Arena and on the Wide University Roads, which Extended Miles from the Actual Speaking Venue, where People Parked More than Just a Few Miles Away to Walk to the Outside of the Arena, where there was at Least One Giant Screen and a Huge Sound System.

And If You Wanted Any Trump Memorabilia . . . I Mean Everything With A Trump Image On It – The Sellers were Everywhere around the Venue. The Next Time I Hear Trump Comment on the Size of the Crowds who Come to See & Hear Him Speak who Can’t Get Inside . . . I Will Know Exactly What The Crowd Looks Like.


All the People we Saw at the Venue were People who Could Easily Have been our Neighbors & Friends . . . They were Well Dressed, Well Spoken, Polite & Civilized, Who All Came To Cheer-On Their American Champion.

We Even Saw A Counter Demonstration – Away from the Huge Pro-Trump Crowds, which Numbered in the Dozens, And Ignored By Everyone, But Nonetheless, Had their Professionally Made Signs, Handheld Bullhorns & Chanted to Themselves.

No One Cared About What They Had To Say.


CTV News (Canadian), Which Is A National Trump-Hating Television Network, Carried Snippets of Haley’s Rally, While Paying Very Little Attention to Trump’s Rally.

CTV Made Certain to Mention that Haley Had Several Hundred People at her Rally, Which-On Camera Didn’t Look like Much More than Several Dozen, while CTV Failed to Mention that Trump Had so Many THOUSANDS of Supporters at His Rally, that there were Easily Twice as Many Trump Revelers Outside the Arena where Trump Spoke . . . Than There Were Inside.


Tomorrow Morning At About 7:30AM, Anne, Falcon & I will Jump-Into the Pick-Up & Head About 600-Miles South To Delray Beach, where we will Meet Family & Friends to Celebrate, so there will Not be an Editorial Tomorrow . . . But I Can Just About Guarantee An Editorial On Monday, Which Will Be My Birthday Present To Me.


If You’re Feeling A Bit Alone, Let Down & Vulnerable – DON’T!

Even Though Anne & I Weren’t Inside The Venue . . . Just Being with such a Massive Crowd of Decent People of all Ages, Genders, Cultures & Monetary Classes . . . All Sharing in Similar Values . . . Guaranteed Without Question That None Of Us Are Alone . . . And Through Trump We Are Bringing The Fight To Them.

And What A Glorious Fight It Will Be.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy Birthday. I too watched the rally on RSBN. I never miss a rally. The only thing I didn’t like is when he mentioned Nicki’s husband. He may have had a reason for doing it. Even though her husband is deployed overseas with the Nat’l guard. It seems to be a minor diversion tactic? Who knows in the world of politics? Nothing could make me not vote for President Trump. I fly a Trump flag near election day. We put signs out too. Oh, my Birthday is Feb. 15. I will be 83. Have a great day. Vivi

  2. Thanks for the pick me up. I was feeling rather down today but your positive message made me feel hopeful. Thanks Howard

  3. I’m grateful to have firsthand, trusted information about the rally and the tenor of the crowd. Thanks. Wishing the three of you safe travels to and from your birthday celebration, and adding my early Happy Birthday greeting. Enjoy. 🎉

  4. Happy B’day! Glad to hear the report. The outside crowd size must be impressive and unreported by the MSM of course. This stuff gives me hope for a Trump victory in November. Thanks! I am not holding my breath for a rally in Portland Or, so I will have to settle for Newsmax coverage. But maybe this summer a ride to a rally could be in order!

  5. Happiest of birthdays to you! Thanks for your words of encouragement. GO TRUMP!!

  6. Happy Birthday Howard! I was lucky enough to go to a Trump rally back in 2015! Standing for hours in Texas heat nearly did me in but my daughter and I got into the arena. Yes there were venders along the way. The rally was awesome! I can totally imagine the huge even it was that you went to.


  8. Today was a blast. Didn’t get inside either but I was there among the outside crowd. Have never been to a rally before today. I was wondering if you were there. Sheesh I didn’t see you there… Happy birthday, be safe on your drive to Florida

  9. I was there too! I wish we could have run into each other. You described it perfectly! It wasn’t just a rally–it was an ‘experience”, one I’ll remember for the rest of my life! It was worth every minute and step it took to get there and be there–something that anyone who doesn’t support Trump will NEVER understand. God bless President Trump and God bless America! Now Let’s Go Brandon!

  10. President Trump rally and a great visit of the Argentinian President to Israel were days of happiness. Observing Islam Hamas trounced added to that. And witnessing the UN being directly involved on servicing Hamas was the cherry on top.

  11. Happy birthday Howard. Have a safe trip for your birthday. Give Falcon a cuddle for me.

  12. Happy BD old son. Keep those oped’s comming. Enjoyed by all I can guarantee. Remember, like fine wine, you get better with age. Loved the Trump rally coverage!

  13. Happy B day. As we age some become wiser and more graceful, others lose their memories, ability to move, and become angry and grouchy. At 71, I took a job to help me keep my mind sharp as possible. You are one of the gifted souls that has stayed on top of your game, congrats. Biden is ready for the Home! He is proving it daily. I hate to see it for anyone but more so for the President, someone else is making the decisions, moving us closer to a War of great magnitude.

  14. Happy and Healthy Birthday Wishes Howard!! How many people know the Nikki Haley is part of the WEF Youth program? along with our Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland! The WEF, CFR, WHO, NATO, Left media, United Nations, these evil corporations have now come to life NOW WE KNOW, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! thanks to TRUMP !

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for a non biased report on yet another Trump rally. The MSM does their best to ignore all of what you shared, good for you!

  16. First, Happy Birthday to our Voice, may it be blessed. So glad y’all got to experience a rally, something I cannot do in person. A Texas friend has gone to several, and always stays late to help clean the area afterwards. BUT, there is never a bit of trash on the ground. Trump’s people are respectful of their surroundings, good, honorable, decent people. Thousands of people & not one bit of litter. To me, that speaks volumes. MAGA MAGA MAGA!!!!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Howard !!! Since so many of us consider your website to be Something Special, I’d love to send you a Kingston Trio album entitled “Something Special” ~ originally released during the summer of 1962. It’s now available on CD, and for the record (pun intended), this album was nominated for a Grammy Award in the “Folk Music” category. Please let me know where to send this CD. MANY HAPPY RETURNS !!! – Brucester

  18. Well Happy Birthday Howard, & blessings to you three as you travel to FL to celebrate. Thanks for the uplifting write-up of the Trump rally you went to. Did my heart good to read your description. If Biden wins, the world will know it’s fake. If so I figure there’ll be large crowds nation-wide who will fight it. I figure the swamp will call it a national emergency event to stay in power, stopping transfer to Trump. We cannot allow another set-up like 2020 & not do whatever it takes to stop it.

  19. Happy birthday Howard and thanks for the uplifting report on the rally. Glad you got to go and witness first hand the excitement. Go Trump

  20. Happy birthday, Howard! Many happy returns of the day! I have been with Trump since June 15, 2015 and remain faithful to this MAN! The packaging could stand some improvement, but the content is immaculate. Even Israeli martial arts technique is KRAV MAGA.

  21. Happy 21st Birthday Howard !!!! As always, all your editorials are bang on and reflect completely my thoughts and every Conservative, Libertarian that like me has trouble putting thought to paper like you do. Keep up the excellent work !!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Howard, and a happy re-birthday to America when Trump is elected! We have had enough of these crooked left wing politicians and media telling us what’s what! If we elect another democrat in November, I have little or no hope for this once great country!

  23. Isn’t a Trump Rally—even on the outside— a FABULOUS experience? We tried to go to the Pickens rally but were unable to get even close!! As for Falcon’s hat—just get a regular human one and cut holes for his ears!! Know you are having a wonderful celebration of your birthday today. I wish you many more!! Safe travels.🎼🎶🎵🎂🍨🙌🏻❤️

  24. Oh, how I envy that you could go a to the Trump Rally! I watched the South Carolina Rally on NewsMax. It was Great! I’m so pleased to hear of your coverage about the crowd and atmosphere! Happy BD!! and the good Lord willing – many more!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Howard, and safe travels for your day. And God bless President Trump and all those who stand with him who love America.

  26. Happy Birthday Howard and thanks again for all your wonderful editorials!!! So very much appreciated.

  27. Happy birthday, Howard! I’ve been to a few Trump rallies, 2 on the inside and several others in standing room only outside. You are right…. the atmosphere, feelings of good will and optimism is really uplifting. Glad you were able to go. Enjoy your birthday and looking forward to the next editorial.

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD…. Regarding President Trump, I have only this to say, TRUMP 2024! That Said, Being a New Yorker, Born and Raised in, as we call it, Da Bronx, there are those times, I just wish that President Trump would disengage his mouth from what his Brain is Thinking. Or as we New Yorkers would say it, Just at times Shut Up… I mean that with all respect to Him, our Next President. SEMPER-FI

  29. Have a great day Howard and be Blessed with many more. Thank you for being that shining light in our lives.

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