We Are Not Alone


The American Communist LEFT Is So Desperate To Silence Freedom, that they No Longer Even Try to Hide their Contempt for the Rule of Law, which is Supposedly Guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

For all the People who are Not Rising-Up in Total Disdain for What’s Happening to Trump at the Will of the American LEFT, Remarkably Guided by Joe Biden . . . It Screams Several Truths.

To Gag President Trump . . . is a Guarantee that all Americans Will at One Point be Equally Gagged – Restricting the Foundational-Block of the United States of America, from Where all Freedoms Flow . . . The First Amendment – Which Would-Be The Ultimate Step Towards Fascism.

If You Need A Reminder On What The First Amendment Says & Guarantees . . . Read The Following:


“Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting An Establishment Of Religion, Or Prohibiting The Free Exercise Thereof; Or Abridging The Freedom Of Speech, Or Of The Press; Or The Right Of The People Peaceably To Assemble, And To Petition The Government For A Redress Of Grievances”.


“The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing”.

It Was Said In The Mid-1700’s . . . Misappropriated to Edmund Burke, that Good Men who Don’t Rise to the Occasion to Fight Evil . . . Provide The Corridor For Evil To Exist.

Who Said It . . . And Under What Pretext it was Said, is Irrelevant to the Fact that Truer Words Were Never Spoken. And Now, In The Year 2024, when in the Words of the Jew-Hating, White-Hating & America-Hating Black Liberationist Preacher, who Ministered to Barack Hussein Obama . . . Jeremiah Wright – That “The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost”, were Indeed Accurate, but not in a Good Way.

Academia Has Fulfilled Its Nefarious Purpose Of Dumbing-Down Several Generations Of Future Citizens . . . Not Just In the United States of America, but Throughout the World, Wherever Freedoms Could Be Used To Curtail Freedoms.

I Can’t Recall How Many Decades I’ve Been Speaking & Writing About the Very Real Threat (Risk) – That Our Freedoms . . . Will Be The One Weapon Which Can & Will Be Used To Destroy Our Freedoms.


Going Back To The Vile Racist – Jeremiah Wright’s Conclusion . . . That “The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost”, Has become our Reality, where in the World of Freedom . . . We Are Losing Our Freedoms, No Less than the Democrat’s Claim that Trump & MAGA Americans are Determined to Destroy Democracy . . . As Democrats Are Actually Working Overtime To Destroy Democracy.

Or . . . In The Narrative Of The American LEFT, How Voter ID is Racist and a Threat to the Election Process, as the Democrats Flood the Electoral Zone with Dishonest, Unrequested & Unverified Write-In Ballots, Ballot Harvesting & Unsupervised Ballot Drop Boxes.

What About The Secret Vote Counting . . . Extended Voting Days, Unmatched Signatures to Ballots, Ballots Attributed to Dead People or Attributed to People who No Longer Live at the Address on the Ballot?

The Academic Left Has Successfully Convinced (Taught) . . . Future Generations of Americans, that Free Speech Must be Guaranteed through the Use of “Safe Spaces”, where only Acceptable Speech is Welcome, and Real Debate is Anathema to all Freedoms, Where Differences Of Opinions Are Dangerous To The Freedoms Of Thought.

It is Remarkable How Successful the LEFT has Been In their Journey to Destroy What has Taken More than 2-Centuries of American Blood, Sweat & Tears to Achieve.

But like I Once Said to a Roly-Poly Journalist & Popular Montreal Radio Talk Show Host (Tommy Schnurmacher) who was Proclaiming the Brilliance & Toughness of Quebec’s Separatists, At A Meeting Of Pro-Freedom Social Leaders . . .

“Tommy” I Said . . . “I Can Promise – Actually Guarantee . . . That I Can Teach & Train You How To Beat Iron Mike Tyson In The RingJust You Against Him”.

Everyone At The Meeting Snickered At My Remark . . . As Tommy Said – “Tell Me How & I’ll Get Into The Ring With Him Tomorrow”.

To Which I Responded – “It’s Easy. All I Have To Do Is Convince Iron Mike Not To Hit You Back . . . Maybe It’s Time We Started Hitting Back”.

With That . . . I Left The Meeting.


A Short While Back . . . I Gave a Speech to a Florida Group of American Conservatives . . . Where For About 45-Minutes, I Cajoled the Audience to Stand-Up, Speak-Out and be Visible, No Matter Their Station In Life . . . Rich, Poor, Middle Class, Owner, Worker, White, Black, Asian, Man, Woman, Young or Old – Stand-Up & Be Heard . . . Because We Are Not Alone. And Whether we Believe-It or Not, We Are In The Majority . . . And The Goons Are Not.


Biden and the Rest of his Despicable Crew are Demanding that Israel Must Expend all Efforts to Keep the “Innocent” Civilians of Gaza Warm, Nourished, Housed & Protected, which is More than Just Somewhat of a Farce, since those So-Called “Innocent” Civilian Gaza Palestinians Cheered . . . At The News Of The Israeli (Jewish) Massacre At The Hands Of Their Co-Culturalists.

It’s Also A Sham that Biden Calls these Gaza Palestinians “Innocent”, since Many of the Gaza Despoilers (Looters, Rapists, Kidnappers – Etc) were Indeed Civilians who were Not Members of Hamas.

Given All Of This . . . How Can Anyone Differentiate who Among the Gaza Palestinians are just Citizens . . . in Comparison to those who are Palestinian Hamas, since Hamas Dresses in Civilian Garb & Hides in Plain Sight with and Behind Civilians, In Places Like Schools, Hospitals, Mosques – Etc?


Remarkably . . . Hiding Behind Civilians, Using Civilians as Human Shields & Purposefully Attacking Civilians as the Hamas Gaza Palestinians Did to Israeli Civilians on October 7, 2023 . . . and Over Decades of Attacking Israeli (Jewish) Civilians with Rockets, Missiles & Mortar Attacks on Civilian Communities in Israel . . . Are All War Crimes.

Where’s The Condemnation?

In The Final Insult To Injury . . . Biden Wants Israel to Sacrifice the Lives of Israel’s Own Soldiers to Protect Gaza Palestinian Civilians, When In Juxtaposition, the Palestinian Butchers Specifically Targeted Jewish Civilians to be Murdered, Raped & Desecrated . . . As If They Were Less Than Human – In the Same Context Used by Hitler’s Nazis who Called all Jews – “Untermenschen” . . . Sub-Human.

We (Jews) Are Not Less Than Human . . . And The Democrats Are Not The Defenders Of Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Fact and truth. Keep on keeping on. Just watch your back while you are in Canada.

  2. Howard, Keep telling the truth exposing Biden’s corruption and his incompetent Socialist Democrats.

  3. Am reading a book on the history of what’s going on in academia since the 60s. It was fomented by Herbert Marcuse & allies. By the time several more decades passed, it infiltrated businesses, corporations, K-12, even in gov’t. Think CRT & the summer 2020 riots in Seattle & Portland. Pro-Marxist revolution to destroy capitalism & install socialism in its place. It is finally being seen for what it is & opposition is growing. As for Israel, it has every right to defend itself & fight back!!!

  4. Things are going to get even uglier on American campuses as soon as the IDF enters Rafah. This will be another violent summer in America, fueled by Qatar and testosterone. American Jewish students and leaders must stand strong and avoid saying “Jewish students do not feel safe on campus”. This only empowers the enemy. Don’t go looking for trouble but stand strong when confronted. Insist on in person classes. And Jewish parents….DEMAND tuition refunds! And for God’s sake vote Republican.

  5. An excellent book, Woke Fascism perfectly describes how America now fits every definition of a Fascist State. Canada is internationally described as the the most totalitarian Western democracy and will be the worst economically performing for the next 40 years. At least Trudeau is now hated and polls show the Conservatives will win a huge majority in the next election which unfortunately is 1 1/2 years away. if we can survive that long.

  6. Watched Columbia University last night, when did it become OK for people to be able to scream, spit, push, and attack Law Enforcement? What I saw was a direct attack on several officers doing their best to control the MOB. It is time to send in the National Guard with Orders to clear out these Protestors. Like Kent State in the early 70s some need to be shot, period, those who claim to be HAMAS are enemies of the State, terrorists. Killing some will send the message loud and clear, we are done.

  7. Donald Azevedo….I hear you loud and clear. Thank You for telling it like it is and what needs to be done. I agree fully !!! 100% ~ Brucester (Montreal, Canada)

  8. Does this anti – Israel MOB remind anyone of the BLM MOB. They are organized nation wide and paid. Some cannot even explain what they are protesting about! Also many of them are not even college students. They look like young adults. Colleges like the money for the foreign students but if they want to use hate speech – I say sent them home. Go after the money!

  9. It’s the bottom of the 9th. Good guys are down br 3 runs. 2 out. Howard Galganov is at bat. 2 strikes. Bases loaded. The pitcher is smiling. He throws a fastball. Howard swings and the ball goes and goes. Howard just HIT THE BALL OUT OF THE EFFEN PARK. Howard you really NAILED it today. WOW!

  10. This is a superior editorial. We combat the lies told over and over by the leftists of the world by speaking up and out by any method we can and repeating the truths and facts loudly and clearly. Hopefully the brain dead and brainwashed will begin to hear our truths and realize that they have been duped for decades!! And you prove here how true it is that “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

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