A Waste Of Time, A Waste Of Words, A Wasted Future

All I Heard Last Night Was An Angry Failed Old Man Screaming Into The Ether.

I Have No Idea What They Had Biden Pumped-Up On . . . But Whatever It Was Wasn’t Enough.

This Was No State Of The Union Address . . . It was an Angry Screed of Invectives Delivered Not to Illustrate a Good Future for the American People or for the Benefit of World Peace & Prosperity . . . But Rather, it was an Illustration of an Angry Old Man Who Wanted to Prove that he Wasn’t Who he Really is . . . He Failed.

He Could Scream All He Wanted-To . . . But It Didn’t Change What Is.

After Just Three Years Of Biden In The White House . . . America has Become a Beaten-Down Divided Mess of a Nation that Used to be the Socio/Political Magnet of the World, Attracting the Planet’s Brightest & Most Talented People from all Nationalities, Cultures & Religions . . . But Today – Look At The Dregs Who Are Illegally Invading America’s Shores Under Biden’s Presidency.

I’m Not A Fact Checker . . . I Don’t Have To Be – Because I Know Bullshit When I Hear-It. And Last Night, During the Propaganda-Filled Words of Biden, there was Enough Bullshit to Fill a Paddock.

I & Others Don’t Need Biden to Tell Me How Good the Economy is when I Go Shopping for Basic Food-Stuff or Put Gasoline in My Vehicle. I Don’t Need a Lecture from Biden to Tell Me How Safe the Streets are when I Decided to Replace a Tough German Shepherd Dog with Another Tough German Shepherd Dog-In-Training, so I will Feel Somewhat Safer for Anne & Myself as We Travel the Highways & Byways of North America.

If They Don’t Arrest The Criminals . . . They Can’t Report The Crime . . . So How Does Biden Know that Crime is Down and the Streets of America are Safe, Especially Given that New York State just Activated the National Guard to Patrol the Subways of New York City? . . . Why – Because New York City Is So Safe?

I Don’t Need Biden To Tell Me That America Is Back, just like the Piece of Canadian Crud Trudeau, who Crows that Canada is Back Under his Leadership, when Housing Prices for Buyers & Renters are Out of Reach for the Common Family.

I Don’t Need Biden To Tell Me That Fast Food Has Become So Expensive, that for the Average North American Person & Family . . . Fast Food Is Out Of Reach – Or Explain to the People Living on Credit Cards that Charge Double Digit Interest . . . What Will Happen When The Credit Runs-Out.

All I Heard Last Night Was An Angry Failed Old Man Screaming Into The Ether.


After Biden’s Diatribe . . . Senator Katie Britt of Alabama was Appointed to Deliver the Republican Rebuttal. What I Heard & Saw was a Beautiful, Polished Well-Spoken Young Woman (42-Years-Old) Deliver a Well-Rehearsed Monologue, which she Used to Talk Herself Beyond the Issue.

If This Rebuttal Was An Audition For Bigger & Better Things For Her – I Wasn’t Impressed.


What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander.

If the American LEFT Wants to Screw With Israel’s Election Sovereignty, why Shouldn’t Israel Do the Same to the American LEFT?

In The United States Of America . . . There Exists a Law that has Severe Consequences (Prison) to Any American who is Not Authorized by the American Government to Negotiate on Behalf of America with Foreign Governments . . . It’s Called The Logan Act.

With American Complicity . . . Especially During This Time Of War – The Aggressive Political Opponent to Netanyahu – Benny Gantz . . . Is Doing to Israel with the Willing Administration of Biden . . . Against the Elected (Legitimate) Government of Israel . . . What Is Against The Law To Do In America.

In Other Words . . . America is Violating Israeli Political Sovereignty by Negotiating with an Israeli Politician (Who Isn’t Empowered To Enter Into Agreements) Against the Wishes of the Leader (Netanyahu) of the Elected Government of Israel.

For This Alone . . . Gantz Should Be Shunned By The Israeli People – All The People.

It is No Secret that the American Globalist LEFT has been Working Overtime with Israeli Socialists to Upend the Conservative Bent of the Jewish Nation to Make it Less Jewish . . . It’s Not Working, which Doesn’t Stop the LEFT from Trying, which Gives the Impression that Israel is a Divided Country on the Brink of Civil War, which in Fact . . . Is Maintaining Israel As A Strong Independent Jewish Country – As A Super-Glue That Binds All Israelis Together.

And If Anyone Thinks This War With Hamas Will Divide Israel – Think Again!


The Idea that this Deep-Water Port that will be Built by the American Military, After Biden Said in the Same Breath, that America will Have No US Troops on the Ground in Gaza . . . Is Laughable.

How Is Biden Proposing To Build The Port With American Troops . . . Without American Troops?

How Temporary Will This Port Be Once It’s Built? And How Big Will It Be?

Who’s Going To Pay To Build This Port? . . . UNRWA, the United Nations, the EU, the Arab Gulf States, Egypt, Jordan . . . Who?

Who is Going to Decide which Ships can Use this Port & What Cargo to this Port will be Acceptable? And Who is Going to Police this Port . . . The Palestinian Authority, UNRWA, Hamas, the United States of America – Israel?


Once This Port Is Built . . . It Will Be Another Nail In The Coffin Of Israel.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are correct on all counts. You called it on Biden so I have nothing to add. RE: Israel….I also fear what a DOCKING area will lead to in Gaza. MY ?……why is everyone in Israel’s business & not minding their own. In 84 years I have NEVER witnessed anything like this. How do WE stop this? I am only ONE voice & apparently not LOUD enough. God Help Us and SAVE ISRAEL from these ‘intruding meddlers’. Amen (We must ACT before November 2024) MY POV.

  2. XCLNT!! US has been involved in destroying Israel ever since barry sotero. He sent Jewish leftist dem operatives to Israel to defeat Bibi. b.s. lost 1st time. Regretfully, Israel let them stay. Won 2nd time & then lost again but this doesn’t stop US leftist goyim and leftist Jews from trying to destroy Israel. US Jews need to either choose to be a patriot of either both countries or of one. If both or Yisroel, work to stop barry sotero & the US demorat party from destroying Yisrael.

  3. Perfect Howard. Forced myself to watch the bs last night. Put up with the lies/ twisted truth for awhile but when our moron – in – chief lectured the Supreme Court ( and talking about Democracy) I turned it off. Think he knows anything about States Rights! Understand the Dems did not like him saying Illegals. He never called Laken’s parents! Hope and pray that voters can see through all this!

  4. Damn straight, Howard. BS at the ultimate peak. If bullshit were gold dust we would all be millionaires.

  5. Wholehearted agreement here! Kindly copy and paste my comments from yesterday’s editorial in this space. They still apply, and I am still angry, maybe more so!

  6. We watched him arrive (late) and heard the beginning, briefly. Both of us decided we would rather watch paint dry than have to listen to the lies, the yelling, the bizarre interpretations of a senile guy, and did I say the outrageous lies? of the pretender and chief. We slept soundly. I am betting that those who endured that terrible “address” until its end, tossed and turned all night and got little restful sleep.

  7. I had an elderly grandfather, when he thought no one believed what he was saying did the same thing, yelled to make sure we heard him, with the same BS. Biden said so many BS things and blamed DJT for so many of his mistakes, 13 times, that he became confused. Our country is failing, only the Politicians, Rich and so called Hollywood Elites don’t see. Soon they will call 911 and no one will show, yell for help and no one will respond. We have 8 months left of this, or will Civil War breakout.

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