“Come To Jesus Meeting” . . . What Was That?


I’ve Used This Statement Many Times In My Writings & Speeches, So I Know What It Means.

When Someone Uses This Expression . . . Not In A Biblical Context – But Rather in a Threatening Perspective, it Virtually Always Means that a Comeuppance is on the Way, where Dialogue, Discussion, Compromise with Actual Fact & Consequences are No Longer What’s left to Deliberate.

First-Off . . . I Don’t Believe the Slayer Of Corn-Pop Ever Said-It, since the Liar-In-Chief is Always Shooting his Delusional Mouth-Off as Mr Tough-Guy.

Secondly . . . If the Dufus-In-Chief Really Did Say to the Prime Minister of Israel, that he and Netanyahu were Going to Have “A Come To Jesus Meeting” . . . The Jerk Said-It To The Wrong Guy.

Biden Is Fighting For His Political Life. Or Rather, the Communists, Socialists, Elitists & Globalist Handlers of Biden are Fighting for their Dream of a One World Government . . . While Netanyahu Is Fighting For The Survival Of Israel & World Jewry.

Let Me Make This As Clear As Crystal . . . Netanyahu Has Proven Through Action & Deed in the Israeli Military (Special Forces), in Actual Battle (Wounded), in the Private Sector, as a Diplomat and as the Real Leader of Government . . . That He (Netanyahu) Is More Than Willing To Lay His Life Down For Israel & For The Jewish People.


Other Than  Being A Career Politician, Liar, Crook & Useful Idiot For Those Who Lust For Power . . . Regardless of the Cost to the American People & World at Large . . . What Has Biden Proven To Have Done To Earn His Worthfulness?


. . . Or When Obama, Like Biden Says There’s No Sunlight Between America & Israel?

However . . . After Every Claim (Pledge) of Enduring & Unquestionable Friendship to the Jewish State – There was (Is) Always a But, as in . . . “I Love Israel” – But Israel Should Do This Or That.

“Or I Love The Israeli People” . . . But I’m Not a Fan of the Government the Israeli People Democratically Elected, as in the Current Likud-Led Netanyahu Government.

Or Now Especially . . . “I Love Israel” – And Israel Has Every Right To Defend Itself Against Hamas, But Israel Must Agree to an Extended Ceasefire & Sacrifice Members of the Israeli Defense Force so as Not to Injure Gaza Palestinians who are Aiding & Abetting Hamas Palestinian Terrorists . . .

And For Good Measure – Let’s Build A Deep-Water Port for Gaza Palestinians . . .

And While We’re At It . . . Let’s Give (Reward) the Palestinian Savages who are Responsible for the Worst Genocide Against Jews Since the Holocaust . . . Their Coveted Two State Solution – “But We Democrats Do Love Israel!”


This is Rich Coming from the Extraordinarily Failed Leader (Biden) Who is in the Process of Destroying the Freest & Greatest Country the World Has ever Known (USA) . . . Who has Recently Called World War Two American Bomber & Fighter-Pilots War Criminals.


I Never Heard Trump Say He Loves Israel & There’ll Never Be Daylight Between Him & Israel.

I Don’t Remember Trump Ever Making That Statement, because He Doesn’t Have-To, since Actions Speak Far Greater than Words. It’s like the Spouse who is Always Lavishly Telling his Wife or her Husband Ad Nauseum – And In Public For All To Hear & Know . . . How Much They Love One Another, As One Or The Other Privately Cheats On One Or The Other.

Anne & I Had A Business Friend Who Was A Major Media Executive, who Had the Perfect Life. He was Musically Talented, was a Great Motivational Speaker, had the Perfect Teenage Children, a Beautiful & Elegant Wife – And the Perfect Suburban House with all the Perks (Swimming Pool – Etc).

Problem Is . . . We Later Found-Out – His Children Were Screw-Balls & He Beat His Wife.

Trump Didn’t Assert How Much He Loved Israel & The Jewish People – But He Moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump Didn’t Boast his Devotion to the Jewish State – But He Did Recognize the Golan Heights as Part of the Sovereign State of Israel.

And To The Best Of My Knowledge . . . Trump Has Not Told Israel To Stop Defeating Hamas.


As Jews Are Under Physical & Social Assault Worldwide In Global Sized Cities . . . Universities, Especially at Legacy (Ivy League) Universities like Harvard, at Our Synagogues, Holocaust Museums & Jewish Community Centers in the United States of America, Canada, England, France – Etcetera . . . Biden Is Focused On The “Poor” Palestinians Who Started This Mess By Slaughtering Unarmed Innocent Jews.


But How Do You Think Biden Would Respond If Mexican Nationalists Did The Same To Texas?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have a “come-to-Jesus” meeting every night. It’s called PRAYER. There is a special place in hell for serial transgressors like Obiden who pretend to be Christian yet do the devil’s bidding every day of the week.

  2. If the Mexicans did that to Texas, Biden wouldn’t do squat. He’d tell us not to hurt them, as they invade us. As he shows currently by flying these invaders to other parts of the US using our taxes to pay for the flights and support of those “poor asylum seekers.” Biden is useless. The sooner we’re rid of him, the better.

  3. Maybe I hear and see differently than you. IMHO Obiden has already turned from American citizens, not slaughtering suddenly like Hamas, but by allowing Mexican cartels and also china smugglers to bring drugs (deadly fentanyl) into our country, preying on our young and dumbed down idiots. Also imho bringing Islam/Muslim terrorist in, forming camps, arming up to wreak havoc. Hopefully, if not too late, we the people will rise up and help our only hope, GO TRUMP, . Please keep on writing. God bless

  4. This new port in Gaza will be a nightmare for Israel as it will replace the Philadelphi corridor as the new method for supplying Hamas. Even if the ships are inspected in Cypress, there will be nighttime transfers of weapons onto these “cleared” ships in darkness in the eastern Mediterranean before docking in Gaza. Plus Qatari money going to bribe officials at the ports to look the other way. My guess is that soon the Bribe Taker in Chief will advocate building an International Gazan Airport

  5. It matters little if he actually said it. Jews have not come to Jesus in 2000 years and there will be no Second Coming for Biden in 2024. He chose to share that conversation for laughs, and Blinken the Renegade Jew found it very funny. I found it deeply offensive.

  6. If Mexican Nationalists did to Texans what Hamas did to Israeli Jews, biden would be on the sidelines applauding because biden is the enemy within. We have to defeat him and all those who support him. As a Jewish woman, I pray each day for G-d’ s help in defeating this monstrous regime. Trump gets the lawful and necessary things done. biden unravels the lawful and necessary things that Trump has done. G-d bless our countries-Canada and the USA-and here our prayers for help.

  7. Howard, I would’ve liked to add something here to what you said but I can’t. You said it all !!! Another top-notch terrific Editorial. Thank You again for telling it like it is. And here’s another truth, after the Hamas atrocities (celebrated by Palestinians) committed on October 7th, 2023 > regarding Israel’s response: NOBODY SHOULD BE TELLING ISRAEL WHAT TO DO !!! / Am Yisroel Chai

  8. Using The Lord’s name in vain is sacrilegious. Blasphemy is playing with fire. I love the way it was used in the comment by Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada

  9. 1. Joe doesn’t love Israel. He &Dem party are their enemy behind muslims. They want Israel destroyed. 2. He wouldn’t do anything about Tx. Obama despised Yisroel. When will the Jews realize the Dem party is their enemy?? You destroy the enemy. You don’t coddle them! Go Yisroel!! Go Bibi!!

  10. Thank you, Howard! As always you get to the heart of the matter and very much help clarify my thinking. I am pro-Israel and pro-Netanyahu. There is no “palestine.” There is, however, a sewage system named Iran that is keeping that filth alive. supplied and dangerous. Lots of bad people; not enough large meteorites! If Gazans are starving it’s because of Iran and the rest of that filth. Why oh why was no one suspicious of Ovomit when we found out “hussein” is part of his name?? He isn’t sub

  11. Biden isn’t even a good Liar. He has made so many claims the he can’t keep anything straight. How do you put Our Troops in the area building a Port and they are not in harms way? Biden has been the key in our country losing too many of our troops. His whole cabinet is full of full time Liars and Losers, making believe everything is rosy when folks are hurting and living paycheck to paycheck. CC debt has never been this high as is the interest. Lady Dems in “White” is like a Prostitute wear i

  12. To answer your last question: Biden would be thrilled. Texas (and Florida) represents everything Biden Administration is working to destroy – individual & states’ rights to liberty, individual freedom, life and the pursuit of ‘happiness’, without federal gov’t interference or ignoring those things they are supposed to do to protect our nation and it’s people, NOT FOREIGNERS.

  13. Another top notch editorial, especially your take on the Port, which I am in complete agreement with! Two state option? No way! Keep up your great writings and support for the IDF!

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