The Obama/Biden Solution For Israel – Surrender!


I Am Aghast At What I’m Reading Vis-A-Vis Biden’s Solution For Ending The Gaza War.

In A Nutshell . . . Here is What Biden Expects of Israel & What he is Offering as a Solution to End the Hostilities Between the Israelis and the So-Called Palestinians.


“If I Am Not For Myself, Who Will Be For Me? And If I’m Only For Me, What Am I?”

Israel Is Living This Quote By Hillel, by Israel Standing Militarily Strong & Proud Against the Beasts who Rape Women & Murder Babies, while at the Same Time, Israel Takes Measures Not to Massacre the Same People who Celebrate the Killers of Jews, While Feeding, Providing Medicine & Shelter For The People Of Gaza Who Want Israel & Jews In General To Be Dead & Gone.

The Preceding Is More Than A Two-Thousand Year-Old Quote From “Rabbi” Hillel, the Jerusalemite Talmudic Scholar who Preached Goodness & Understanding According to the Torah, who Walked the Paths of Jerusalem in Parallel to Jesus of Nazareth, Whose Quote Is No Less Pertinent Today, Than It Was Some 2000-Years Ago.

So How Is Biden Going To Solve This Politically & Socially Unsolvable Dilemma?

The Jews In Israel Want To Live In Peace & Harmony Amongst People Of All Faiths . . . Where the Arabs Who Call Themselves Palestinians Want the Jews Dead.

First – According To Biden . . . Israel Has to Agree to a Ceasefire with the Palestinian Beasts who Massacred & Mutilated Innocent Jews, Especially Jewish Women & Children On October 7, 2023, Without Even Releasing the Israeli (Jewish) Hostages, who were Kidnapped by the Palestinian Savages on October 7, 2023, and are Still Being Held as Human Bargaining Chips.

So What Is Biden Suggesting? . . . Forget About The Vicious Rapes Of Israeli Women  . . . What Was Done Was Done – Get Over-It.

Second . . . Biden Wants Israel to Cede Land to the Arabs who Call themselves Palestinians on the West Bank, which has Been Israeli Land for Well-More than 2,000 Years, Known in Israel and the Torah as Judea & Samaria . . . With Unquestionable Archeological Proof.

Third . . . Biden is Suggesting (Mandating) through his Generals, that Israel should Welcome Policing (Armies) from Several Arab Nations, Allowing them to Enter Israel for the Purpose of Controlling the West Bank & Gaza.

Fourth . . . Israel MUST Recognize the Never-Existing Jew-Hating Palestinian State as a Sovereign Nation Beside Israel (Two State Solution), Which Is The Two State Solution Death-Knell For Israel . . . Proposed By Anti-Semites Worldwide.


Aggressive Demonstrations Against Israel & Netanyahu Have Been Breaking-Out Worldwide . . . Have Morphed Literally Overnight, Into Daily Demonstrations Against Jewish People Worldwide – Especially Jewish People Who Side With Israel.

When They Tear Down & Desecrate Jewish Symbols, Smear Buildings with Swastikas, Block Jewish Venues, Set Fires to Jewish Places of Congregation, such as Synagogues,  Jewish Social Organizations & Jewish Owned or Jewish Identified Restaurants . . . All the While Chanting Death to Israel, Gas the Jews, From the River to the Sea – Etc . . . Where Do You Start Negotiating?

We All Saw What The Mob Did Throughout America During The “Summer Of Love”.


It Used To Be The Worst Kept Secret . . . But It Isn’t A Secret Anymore.

The American LEFT Will Do, Say, Finance & Organize Any & All Movements Possible To Kill Israeli Conservatism. They Call the Legally, Honestly & Dully Elected Government of Benjamin Netanyahu Illegitimate.

Where Do You Think The Demonstrating Israeli Fools Are  Getting Their Money & Organization?

They Call The Likud Government Hard Right & Extremist . . . Isn’t that the Same LEFTIST Hate-Filled Mantra they use Against Trump & Trump’s Supporters? They Tried Lawfare Against Netanyahu – No Less Than They Are Doing The Same To Trump.

It Didn’t Work Against Netanyahu & It Won’t Work Against Trump.

Obama, Biden & Their Legions Of Globalist Cohorts, would Have Much Less of a Problem Seeing Israel on Her Knees & Subservient to the Rule of the Elitist One World Government Mob . . . Than To See A Strong & United Jewish Israel Without The Threat & Fear Of Annihilation.


They Take To The Streets In Israel . . . They Stand Before the Homes & Offices of Conservative Members of the Knesset (Parliament) as they Blockade Roads, Buildings, Set Tires on Fire & Threaten the Police . . . While they Chant for the Release of Jewish Prisoners Held By Palestinians Known as Hamas . . . While Screaming For New Elections Now!

These Demonstrating Jewish Imbeciles Do Not Reflect The Majority Of The Israeli People. These Jewish Fools Are No Less Than American Leftist Fools . . . who are Part of a Very Loud & Intimidating Minority .  . . Believing In The Stupid Dream (Promise Of Life) In The Non-Existing World Of Shangri-La.

If Israel Was To Agree To The One World Government Demands Of The Arab/Persian (Iranian) Jew-Haters . . . How Long Do you Think it would Take for the Next War to be Waged Against the Jews in Israel? And How Long Do you Think it would Take Until Israel would No Longer Exist, As It Had For More Than Two-Thousands Years From The Time Of Christ . . . Until The Rebirth Of Israel In 1948?

HERE’S SOME WELCOMED BAD NEWS FOR THE JEW-HATERS . . . The Latest Israeli Political Polls Show Netanyahu’s Likud Government to be in the Political Lead, with No Need for Another General Election to Install a LEFTIST Communist Government to Do the Bidding of the One World-Nation-Hustlers.


All Israel Has To-Do – Is Hold-On Until The Trump Cavalry Arrives On January 20, 2025.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Gaza and Judea, and Samaria should be treated as separate entities. Since 2005 Gaza has been technically an independent country. Israel gave up all control of the area including making the place Judenrein. It has recognized borders and an elected government (although we might not like it). It should be treated as such and be held to the responsibilities of a country. Therefore, just as Germany and Japan were defeated in WWII, Gaza should be treated the same. It isn’t an occupied territory.

  2. All Israel Has To-Do – Is Hold-On Until The Trump Cavalry Arrives On January 20, 2025. The above brought, happy, tears to my eyes.

  3. JZ – All 3 r Israeli land given to the Jewish people by G-d. No one else. Howard, The left has no fear of G-d. They are the enemies of Israel & America. Pedojo/demorat party proved that with the trans declaration on Easter. The unrest in Israel is a direct result of letting barry sotero’s goons stay in Israel when he sent them to defeat Bibi by any means required. Even if it cost Jewish lives & the loss of Israel as a nation. Re. Haredi – ANYONE who will not fight for their homeland, leave!

  4. Pardon my saying so but those who are protesting Israel defending her people against further attacks are immoral, unethical people who have no respect for anyone. They are self-centered, jealous & haters of those who are God’s chosen people. No doubt it soon will include all who profess Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior as well. Satan is building his army, & doing so rather easily these days it seems.

  5. What America and Israel alike must do is to join together as one with Jesus Christ. As one we we conquer Satan’s regime of evil Demoniac’s.

  6. Thankyou for the Pierre Poilievre presentation. I have talked to him several times and respect his views. I just hope he gets control before Trudeau completely destroys Canada. Safe drive home. Regards. TedR

  7. If they (Hamas, Palestinians) are a state, as they think they are, then they will have to abide by international law regarding the hostages, who should be considered prisoners of war. In my opinion, and as much as I don’t want to believe it or say it, the hostages are dead, and that’s why Hamas is not able to agree to any ceasefire involving their release. The UN knows it too, that’s why they demand a ceasefire but don’t make hostage release as part of the policy.

  8. Recently, in a Blog, a Catholic Nun made a clear statement. Biden is Evil, he is a Decipal of the Devil it evident in how he Governs. His handlers are all under the Devils spell and pushing this country into total immoral, liars, and thieves. The Protesters are paid fools, following a Fool errand supporting a very Evil regime in Hamas. Bibi will not bend to Biden or NATO’s wishes, clearing the Rats from Gaza is the only way to bring peace to Israel. I also believe the Hostages are dead.

  9. Thx. Howard, another ‘on the mark’ editorial for thinkers. Hey, I’ve got a question for all – it seems to me we in the U.S. had the Obama regime a while back – but now ‘here we go again’ Obama is back as the obvious Biden regime ‘puppit master’. What the heck is this Washington D.C.?! & for Gods Sake – you have know way of control over this sort of thing?!!

  10. Once again, you are the voice of reason that helps those of us who are conservative Jews hold tight to our hope and beliefs that when Trump, Netanyahu, and Poilievre are able to unite as true leaders of their countries, the world and our countries will be safer places in which to live. Bless you for always telling the truth. And bless Netanyahu for making the hard decisions that will result in making Jews safe in Israel and around the world. Democrat, Harry Truman, made the same choice.

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