Do You Think A Ceasefire Will End Jew-Hatred?


When They Use Epithets Such As . . . From The River To The Sea . . . Or Intifada Now, They Sound Benign . . . They Are Not.

The Anti-Semites Who Chant Death To The Jews, Gas the Jews or Jews Go Back to Poland (Meaning Where You Came From) . . . They are Telling the True Sentiments of the Jew-Hating Demonstrators . . . And It’s Not Just About Israel.

My Canadian-Born Parents Were Proud Jews To The Day They Died, Weren’t Religious or Apologetic About Who they were, Raised my Sisters & Me to be Respectful to all People of all Religions, Who Didn’t Live In A Bubble Of Religious Resentment, Loathing & Fear . . .

My Parents Made It Clear To Us . . . Perhaps More To Me Than To My Sisters, that we will Always be Different from the Non-Jewish Canadian Population . . . That There will Always be the Reality of Anti-Semitism – And One Day, Even In Canada, There Will Be A Time When Anti-Semitism Will Become A Serious Problem.

My Father Wasn’t A Weak Man . . . My Dad was a Patriot who was Awarded Several Commendations & Awards by the Canadian Military (Government) for His Courage & Actions Above & Beyond the Call of Duty . . . Running Towards Gunfire Opposed To Running Away.

My Mother also Served During the War as a Sargent (Volunteer) in the WACS (Canadian Women’s Army Corp) . . . And Even After The War . . . Both my Parents Invested (Donated) a Great Deal of Time & Energy Promoting Local Legion Halls.

There Wasn’t A Day On Any November 11th, that I Can Remember Not Standing Proudly on the Sidelines Watching & Cheering my Dad & Other Brave Canadians who Served, as they Marched on Remembrance Day from the Cenotaph.

And Even On Those Days When I Was Out Of Town On November 11th I Cheered Other Veterans.

With Total Recall . . . I Clearly Remember Growing-Up Amongst Non-Jews, Celebrating Christmas & Easter with Christian Friends & Neighbors, and Having a Close & Personal Friendship with a Prominent Montreal Catholic Priest, who Shared our Feast & Prayed at our Passover Table. It Was The Best Passover Supper Of My Memory.

I Also Remember Playing Sports With Non-Jews & Dating No Shortage Of Non-Jewish Girls.

I’m Telling You All Of This . . . Because I Don’t Want You to Believe there is any Ignorance or Animus on My Part Towards the Non-Jewish Community Anywhere. Anne & I Both Relish in the Fact that our Closest & Dearest Friends Include Non-Jews, Who We Look-Upon As Our Non-Related Family.

I Never Doubted My Parents When They Spoke Of Pending Aggressive Anti-Semitism In Canada . . . Which is Why I am Writing as Much as I Am About The Global Attacks on Israel . . . Because It’s Not Just About Israel!


Israel Is Only The Excuse For The Psychological & Physical Attacks On All Jews Everywhere.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . The Vast Majority of Useful Idiots Taking to the Streets in their Keffiyehs, Chanting Anti-Israel (Anti-Jewish) Invectives Couldn’t Give a Rat’s-Ass about the Plight of the Palestinians or Gaza.

And I Sincerely Doubt if Most of the Chanting Fools Know Much if Anything About the So-called Palestinians . . . Let Alone Where This Mythical Palestine Can Be Found On A Map.

But I Can Almost Certainly Guarantee . . . That of all these Jew-Hating Screaming Lunatics, Most of them Can Tell you How Jews are Usurpers, Thieves, Liars & Money Lenders, Who Control The Banks, The Media & Virtually Every Politician Alive Throughout The World.


And One Day – Even In Canada & America Too . . . The Shouts & Anti-Semitic Libels will Turn Far More Ominously from Talk to Violence as We’ve Seen Throughout History.


The Message that Seems to be Resonating Around the Media & Especially Amongst the Pro-Hamas-Palestinians, That Israel Should Not Attack Their Enemies On Ramadan – Islam’s Holiest Month . . .

. . .  Because That Would Be A Disgraceful Thing To Do.

What About Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, which is Judaism’s Most Sacred & Solemn Holy-Day, When Jews Worldwide Repent their (Our) Sins Before God – Facing the Open Ark of the Torahs, Asking For Forgiveness . . . Against All Who We Have Transgressed Against – Regardless of that Person’s Religion, Culture, Gender – Etcetera.


We Don’t Ask Forgiveness From God – We Ask Forgiveness From Ourselves.

On October 6, 1973 . . . 50-Years – Almost To The Day Of The Latest Slaughter Of Jews – On The First Day Of Yom Kippur, Arab Armies Stormed Across the Israeli Border while Jews Were at Prayer Confessing their (Our) Sins . . .

. . . I Don’t Believe In Miracles, but if I Did, I Would Have to Believe that it was a Miracle that Israel Withstood the Sneak Attack on Yom Kippur . . . and then Reversed the Battle, To The Point That Israel Regained All Territory Lost – Plus.

But Even Then – Israel Was Denied By The World Body . . . The Right To Claim Victory.


The Happiest Day On The Jewish Calendar Is Simchat Torah . . . The Celebration of Having Read the Entire Torah, Where Jews Take to the Streets Worldwide to Celebrate, Eat Sweets, Dance & Revel . . .  In The Knowledge Of Having Read The 5-Books Of Moses (Torah).

50-Years Later . . . Almost To The Date After The Yom Kippur War . . . Moslem Hordes (BEASTS) by the Thousands – Raped, Pillaged, Murdered (Slaughtered) & Kidnapped Men, Women, Children & Even an Infant . . . In Their Hate-Filled Lust To Massacre Jews.

If They Can Do-It To The Jews On Jewish Holy-Days . . . What Makes Ramadan So Special?

And Even As I’m Writing This Editorial . . . Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and all the Other Jew-Hating Islamist Groups are Promoting the Idea of Creating an Intifada (Violent Pogrom) Against Israel & Jews Everywhere . . . What About Not Attacking The Savages Who Desecrated Jewish Humanity On October 7, 2023?


George Soros Is A Jew Through Birth . . . But A Vile Anti-Semite Through Deed!

Elitist Jews Like Bernie Sanders & Noam Chomsky are No Less Anti-Semites than are an Army of Other Like-Minded LEFTIST Elitist Jews, Who Worship Elitism & Communism Far More Than The Teachings Of Judaism.

Don’t Believe Them When They Claim To Speak For The Greater Jewish Community.

They Call Themselves Liberals, Socialists & Democrats – While Some Even Own-Up To Being Communists . . . But What & Who they are . . . Are Defilers Of Humanity . . . And a Massive Propaganda Excuse for Violence Against Israel & Jews who Deserve Much Better.


As Moses Descended Mount Sinai With The Tablets Of The Ten Commandments – Jews Were Worshipping The Golden Calf.

These Current Jewish Anti-Semites Are No Different Than The Jews Of Thousands Of Years Past, from the Time of Chanukah, Some 2500 Years Ago, When Jewish Sell-Outs Joined with the Hellenists (Greeks), who Wanted the Jewish Population to Accept Idolatry as Part of their New Religion . . . Which Many Did.

We Don’t Have To Go Back Far . . . When Many of the Educated Elitist European Jews Changed their Names & Joined the Christian Religion, Not Necessarily Because they Became Believers in Christ, but Rather, to Remove the Stigma of Being Jewish, which Enabled these Jews to Enter the Realm of High Society.

Jonathan Glazer – The Jewish Hollywood Director . . . Publicly Refuted His Own Jewishness (Judaism) to a Standing Ovation of Other Hollywood Jews this Past Weekend at the Oscars, who Compared the Battle in Gaza – To  Somehow High-Jacking The Holocaust.

If Israel Falls, So Too Will Every Jew In The World – The Jonathan Glazers Included.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. People yet again show their true, dumb colours. This Mideast or any war is not tv entertainment that wraps up nicely in 2 hours with all our feelings satiated and intact. Wars are ugly, messy, and until the end are anyone’s ball game. People who think otherwise do not understand Politics or War and should frankly stay quiet. Even if Israel wanted to, for a zillion reasons a ceasefire is not possible in this instance. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply ignorant to the circumstances.

  2. Islam is tour friend until you are not Muslim and they are in power. ALWAYS come for the Jews first but it NEVER stops there. If only the alphabet soup woke liberals could understand what will happen to all of them under Muslim rule

  3. How right you are. I watch the videos of Ami Horowitz on Prager when he goes out to campuses and other locations to ask the useful idiots basic questions like where is Palestine or what river, what sea. Dumbfounded they look like the deer in the headlights. They follow along because being anti-Israel sounds like the cool thing to do. They are the sheep being led to slaughter and they don’t even know it. Then there are the Gays for Hamas. Ignorance and stupidity.

  4. Antisemitism will not subside as it is intrinsic to several cultures and it has been fanned by Islamic Jihad. It is deadly. There cannot be compromises. Israel must rigidly deal with Gazan Islamic Jihad HAMAS and Hezbollah. Iran must sense its time is approaching Hostages. They must be returned to Israel.without delay. There are 3000 or so Jihadist prisoners…

  5. I created two baseball caps with Israeli flag on the front. My wife and I wear them to community coffee mornings and shopping in Parry Sound. No one has made any negative comments so far. We are both 88 years old. We are both Christians and will be very unhappy if Bibi doesn’t finish off Hamas and all the terrorists threatening Israel.

  6. Howard, ironically just a few days ago, a bunch of us (Christians as well as Jews) asked the very same question you did: Do You Think A Ceasefire Will End Jew-Hatred? <<>> In fact, nothing Israel or the Jewish People can do would end anti-Semitism…because all this Jew hatred stems from Jealousy. And JEALOUSY IS AS CRUEL AS THE GRAVE !!! (Song of Solomon) / Am Yisroel Chai

  7. I just want to let you know how much I love your articles. It’s great that you reveal some of your life as well as mentioning your lovely wife Ann. I particularly enjoy these articles regarding some Jews people who are born Jewish but don’t support or protect their faith. I am a Roman Catholic and I do not like what Biden & his henchmen are doing to Christians. I will defend my faith till the end. Also, I appreciate all I have learnt about your holidays & your great faith. Marie McDonough –

  8. You write what we need to hear—the truth about Jew haters prevalent all over the world. Having Israel defeat Hamas and other terrorist haters of Jews won’t stop antisemitism. HOWEVER, it will give Israel the peace they deserve. Defeating this evil warns the rest of the world that Jews will always fight for our right to EXIST!! The Gaza Strip is populated by Arabs from many different countries, many of whom won’t take them back!! They need to focus their hatred on their real enemies.

  9. As much as it may not look like it, Israeli’s are still God’s chosen people and in the end, He will step in to destroy those who rise up against the nation and it’s people. I agree with Bruce Sutton that hatred of the Jews stems from jealousy. God blessed the people with innate abilities to succeed when others do not. God bless Israel as He will the USA if those who claim His name humbly repent of their sins & seek His face & obey His words. Pray for our nations that we turn back to God.

  10. Howard, if I took a week to write this article, I could never get it as clear and as complete as you did. You hit a bases loaded home run with this one. I enjoy most of your writings, agree with nost, don’t agree with a very few, but this one. WOW!

  11. I have never understood the Jewish Hatred. But recently, I came across a man claiming to be Jewish that had a Window Cleaning business. We arranged for him to come to our home and do our windows. On the day he came I had the opportunity to introduce him to our Jewish neighbors, good folks. He gave us both estimates to do our homes, mine was 40% more as I am not Jewish, his words. He ended up not working for myself or my neighbor, they just did not care for him. It put a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. It is a sad commentary on mankind that his arms and legs and lungs etc. all work great but the problem with man is the misuse of his brain. The use of all the other parts of a human being work fine but it is up to the individual to learn how to think and know factual information not what someone told them. It is really pathetic that universities are far from teaching how to think and realize that hating the Jewish faith is nothing but a display of ignorance and stupidity.

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