Biden’s History Of Political Malfeasance


That Written, for Some Strange Reason, I Felt More Saddened than I Imagined I ever Would Have Been with the News that Princess Kate was Undergoing Cancer Treatment . . . Not Because I think Princess Kate’s Health & Life is More Valuable than that of Many Other People . . . But I Guess, it is Because in Our World of Animosity, Corruption & Deceit, Here is a Beautiful Young Women with a Beautiful Young Family, who Can Be as Conceited as She Would Want to Be, Selfish, Condescending and a Showboat like her Sister-In-Law Meghan Markle . . . Who Is Anything But.

We Need Good & Decent Role Models . . . Especially Popular People Amongst Them, which Personifies Princess Kate of the Otherwise Disheveled British Royal Family.


Why is Mike Gallagher the Republican House Member from Wisconsin Leaving the House in April? Why did Ken Buck the Republican House Member from Colorado just Leave the House? Why did the Republican Party Vote with the Democrats to Throw-Out George Santos, the Republican House Member from New York when  they Had No Need-To?

I Understand Why Keven McCarthy Left The House, Since Being Booted from the Speaker’s Chair Left Him with Little Choice . . . But He Didn’t Have To Go.

With The Exception Of George Santos Who Didn’t Really Have A Choice But To Leave, Don’t (Didn’t) the Three Other Republican House Members Who Have Already Left or are Leaving Have a Duty to See their Commitment to Serve the People of their Districts Right to the End – Including Kevin McCarthy.

And Isn’t It A Total Abdication Of Trust To The People (Electorate) . . . to Quit a Few Months Before the Next National Election, When Every Vote in the House is Critical to Keeping the Democrats from Running the White House, the Senate and the Congressional House Too?

If The Democrats Secure The House Before The November 5th Election – Who Is Going to Police the Election for the Presidency? It’s Not that Long Ago since Pelosi Turned the American Election Process Upside-Down in Favor of the Democrats.

If I Had A Choice Between George Santos & Any Of These Three – I Would Choose Santos. At Least Santos Fought like a Junk Yard Dog to Keep his Congressional Seat, and in all Honesty, Santos was No More of a Liar, Cheat & Thief than Most Members of Congress on Both Sides of the Floor.

It’s All A Conglomeration Of Incestuous Musical Chairs Between Politics & The Media.

What About The Niece Of Mitt Romney (Ronna McDaniel) Going To NBC . . . Especially After Failing Spectacularly as the Head of the RNC (Republican National Committee)?

I’m Not Saying This As Fact . . . But Could There Be A Conspiracy Here?


In June 1982 . . . Senator Joe Biden Threatened Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin by Withholding American Financial Support to Israel . . . If Begin Would Not Walk Biden’s Line.


I’ve Written & Quoted This Before . . . But It Is Always Good To Have A Reminder.

“Don’t Threaten Us With Cutting Off Your Aid. It Will Not Work. I Am Not A Jew With Trembling Knees. I Am A Proud Jew With 3,700 Years Of Civilized History. Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Dying In The Gas Chambers And Ovens. Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Striving To Create Our Country. We Paid For It. We Fought For It. We Died For It. We Will Stand By Our Principles. We Will Defend Them. And, When Necessary, We Will Die For Them Again, With Or Without Your Aid”.

By Size . . . Menachem Begin was a Small Man. But By Prominent Stature, Menachem Begin Was A Giant Amongst All Men . . . and Unlike Biden’s Mythical (Deluded) Confrontation in Biden’s Own Words with Corn-Pop . . . “Corn-Pop Was A Bad Dude. And He Ran With A Bunch Of Bad Boys”, while in Fact, Truth & Reality . . . Menachem Begin Was Both A Freedom Fighter Before, During & After The Holocaust.

And Without Men Like Menachem Begin (Women Too) . . . Israel Would Not Exist.

The Fact that the Liar-In-Chief (Biden) thought that he Could Intimidate a Man of Menachem Begin’s Stature, Only because Biden was a US Senator is Laughable.

What’s Not Laughable, is that this Putz-In-Chief (Biden) is Trying to Do the Same Thing to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who Served as a Commander in One of the World’s Top Commando Units (Sayeret Matkal), who was Wounded in Battle, and is the Longest Serving Prime Minister in the Most Hostile Democratic Political Theater in the World.

Do You Think Biden Will Have Any More Luck Intimidating Netanyahu Than He Did With Begin?

Between The Depraved Intervention Of Israeli Politics From The Global LEFT, but More-So from the Obama/Biden Administrations, to the Near Daily LEFTIST Street Demonstrations in Israel that are Bought & Paid-For by the Globalist LEFT . . . to the Violent Street Demonstrations & Boycotts of Israel (BDS) Worldwide, and the Attacks on Jews, Jewish Businesses, Jewish Places of Prayer, Jewish Places of Congregation in Jewish Communities Everywhere . . . What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger.

Biden, Schumer, Blinken, Sullivan – Etc . . . Thought They Were So Smart – But Not Smart Enough.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. People are fools to believe that most members of congress are there because they are “for the people”. BS, most are there because of rich donors and a variety of other reasons and few really are there to unite America and make it stronger. Biden, with his connections with the Chinese, and his son flying with him 16 times, many to communist countries, is the ultimate example of what is wrong with our governmental system.

  2. Excellent, Mr. G… In the USA and Canada, 94 percent of them are there for the Power trip, Perks, and the Pension. Ain’t much of superior intellect, high moral principle, outstanding vision, or inspired leadership there either. Perhaps we do not deserve better… AEN

  3. With friends like china joe, Israel doesn’t need any enemies. We Americans don’t need any either. The absolute worst thing that’s happened to the USA was installing china joe as the president. What need are congressmen (and women) and senators like those of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, who LIKED this country and mostly did their best for it’s citizens.

  4. I find the USA administration’s actions laughable when it comes to foreign affairs. They are worse than bumbling, brainless, ignorant, dangerous fools. They are incompetent and their actions are detrimental to the safety of our country’s citizens and the citizens of Israel and other countries. Hopefully, they will be stopped in their tracks come November, 2024.

  5. Long ago, when I was a kid, it was often repeated that anyone could grow up to be President, but that was before big money interests got their hooks into the process. So, if you’re not willing to mortgage your soul, why would you? Small wonder there’s a dearth of decent folks beating a path to DC to be citizen servants in Congress. Those brave enough to try will either become disheartened and leave asap, or be sucked into the mire. As for JB and his kind? Matthew 12:36-37.

  6. Not a conspiracy, but, could these republican members have been approached by “other” member with well placed words involving themselves and/or family members? Remember the stories surrounding the Clintons, and the riots orchestrated by the left in the recent past. Imho I wouldn’t trust anyone on the left or many Republicans. Hope god protects Mr. Trump. Thanks Mr. G, good safe trip home.

  7. Those Republican congressmen quitting before their terms are completed are RINOs at least and possibly Dems who ran on GOP tickets to screw the GOP when it really matters (within seven months of a critical election). I realize they were displeased over Johnson working w/Dems to pass temp budget bill to keep gov’t open for rest of fiscal year, but to not serve their commitment is like spoiled brats. I guess that’s what Congress is made up of anyway – SPOILED BRATS, totally.

  8. You mean that great American Stateman from 1953-1987 Tip O’Neill? One of the first democratic slime balls I remember. Are you too young to remember him? Our political system and judicial systems have been sick for more than 100 years. We have just been lied to over and over and over till it sounded like the truth. It’s how we got here… just in the last 20 years, they are just finally getting blatant about it. I say thank you as it is finally waking a few up!!!!

  9. Politics is crooked, lacks morals, and they all lie to get votes. Money is the corrupting factor with Lobby being the way. JFK & RFK died because of it at the hands of our own gov’t. Clintons’ used the threat of death to anyone who went against them. Now Dems are using their idea of twisted Law to try to destroy good people, get them locked up or broke to keep them out of office. What is real now days? Men who say they are women, People of color who are criminals want to defund the Police, BS

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