Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned


In 1949, British Author George Orwell Published His Masterpiece Novel “1984” . . . Whose 75-Year-Old Warning About a Despotic Society that Controls all Aspects of a Once Civilized Culture, by Means of Psychological & Physical Intimidation & Punishment – Where “Big-Brother” Knew Best For Everyone . . . Is Coming Back To Haunt-Us.

If 1984 Wasn’t Enough Of A Warning . . . In 1945, 3-Years Prior To Orwell’s Book “1984”, Orwell Wrote a Story Called “Animal Farm”, where in the Book, all the Animals on the Farm were Supposedly Equal, With The Pigs Being More Equal.

In 1957 . . . Ayn Rand Published Her Global Classic “Atlas Shrugged”, which Portrayed a Fictional America, where Special Interests (Socialist Elitists) Controlled the Government, Specifically through Government Boards that Picked Winners & Losers, Siding Particularly With Socialist Government Chosen Winners, Who In All Reality Were The Real Losers.

Before Ayn Rand Published Atlas Shrugged – In 1943, Ayn Rand Published “The Fountainhead” . . . A Story where the Socialist Government, which was in Cahoots with their Chosen Builders, who Along with a Colluded Media, Propagandized a Building War that used Contrived Lawfare To Punish, Diminish & Force An Independent Builder To Comply With Their Socialistic Policies.

In 1954 – William Golding Published “Lord Of The Flies” . . . A Classic Novel that Detailed How a Group of Disparate British Children who were Stranded on a Desert Island, Created a Dystopic & Violent Society, Where Evil Flourished Over Good By The Use Of Character Assassination, Lies, Intimidation & False Promises.

There Is A Litany Of Books, Periodicals, and even Plays & Movies that Go-Back Far Beyond 50-Years . . . that Detail Dire Warnings of Our Sordid History & Possible Future . . . That Without Preventative Knowledge Will Become Our Future . . . I Fear That We Are There. And If Not There Yet . . . We Are Well On Our Way.

YESTERDAYI Was Warned By A Good Friend, That What I Write Can & Will Be Used Against Me By The Usurpers Of Our Freedoms. His Fear is that at One Point, as My Writings Focus More Aggressively on the Truth of Unintended Consequences, there will be those within the Deep State (Canada & The USA) . . . Who Will Use Government Lawfare To Silence Me In One Way Or Another.

I Don’t Worry, Even if that which my Friend Fears the Most is a Real Possibility, I Don’t Fear-It, Since Without Our Freedoms Of Expression (First Amendment In America & A Sort-Of Cockamamie Constitutional Guarantee In Canada) We Have No Freedoms Whatsoever . . .

So What Do I Have To Lose That Will Be More Egregious Than What Everyone Else Has To Lose?


They All Deal With The Disease Of “Group-Think” & Mob Control . . . Versus Individual Rights & Freedoms.

In All These Novels (Stories) . . . They Focus on One Individual Aside From The Mob – who is Brave & Determined-Enough to Stand as a Sentinel for Freedom & Individual Rights, Depending on the Outcome of Each Novel . . . Who is Either Successful, Left Penniless, Psychologically Destroyed Or Killed.


Even Though The Stories In The Aforementioned Are All Flectional . . . Our Story Is Not.

There Was A Time Over 50-Years Ago . . . When we were Mandated, at Least in the Canadian School System, that we Had to Read Some of the Books Named in the Above, But Not Anymore, which to a Great Degree has Led to the Socio/Political Ignorance of our Post Baby-Boomer Generations.

Hearing-It From Social Lunatics Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . Democratic Socialism is the Answer to Our Societies’ Problems, where the Greater Population Gets to Decide on the Behalf of all the People who are left Without a Say.

What Alexander Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Say . . . Is that the Elitist Minority of the LEFT will be the Deciders for the Population as a Whole through Propaganda, Deception and/or Lies . . . Regardless Of The Will Of The People – Because That’s How Socialism (Communism/Fascism) Works.

You Go Into Socialism Feeling Empowered . . . You Leave-It Depleted & Broken.


In Each Of The Story-Lines Outlined In The Books I Listed . . . There is One Character in Each Novel Who is Willing to Step Forward & Risk it All – His Wealth, Reputation, Freedom & Life . . .


In Our Real Dystopian Novel Of 2024 – That Man, Like Him Or Not . . . Is Donald J Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AMEN. When Israeli Politicos state: Had President Rump been President this would NOT have occurred, that is certification enough for me and any AMERICAN & the World to make note of. Trump 2024. Israel WILL prevail.

  2. So, John Galt lives at Mar A Lago? From where he foretold a world of gratuitous, violent, gunless insurrection? A Clockwork Orange? Cool! I sure don’t want to miss the woke Netflix movie…

  3. You just printed my reading list from the 1960s! I too have lived the transition to 2024. May God protect DJT and HG.

  4. Well said Howard, Donald Trump is undoubtedly the Man of for our time. Anyone willing to sacrifice their wealth and well being for the good of the world, even when the forces of evil are breaking down his doors, can only be considered as someone genuinely interested in the well being of mankind.

  5. Thank you for being that person who is willing to stand up for the truth and warn of what will be our future — unless we can turn things around in 2024. If only the younger generations would heed the warning.

  6. Here is another event coming to a planet near you in the near future, AI a.k.a artificial intelligence. A lot of movies and books were already written about this and the fiction in those movies can become reality. Terminator is an American media franchise created by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd. The franchise is a series of science fiction action films concerning a total war between Skynet’s intelligence (AI), and John Connor’s Resistance forces with the survivors of the human race.

  7. 100% in agreement. I al praying the USA & Canada will make it until Jan 2025 and Trump is back. Lots of water will be flowing under the bridge in the next 11 months and much of it is NOT good!!!

  8. Excellent. The column could b applied to Israel as well, the liberals & the ultra right Haredi. The minions of barry sotero were allowed into & remain in Israel to work to defeat Bibi. They failed 1st time but did it the 2nd. They support mob rule & the one world government concept at the demise of Israel. They continually harass him as dems do Trump. The Haredi despise anyone not Jewish or ultra right & will do ANYTHING to achieve control over people. Democracy is a fine line. Go Trump 2024!

  9. Well written; don’t falter (which you’ve made clear on many occasions will never happen). Conservatives & patriots face Nov 5 w/uneasiness regarding the outcome due to what happened in 2020. I’ve said before–if DJT wins, leftists will cause a situation to justify Biden declaring martial law to stop a turnover of WH in Jan 2025. Elitist & OWO are destroying individual freedoms to take total control. USA, w/DJT in lead, is the enemy who can stop them. We must fight to keep our Liberty & freedo

  10. As you precisely foretell it is coming to a head. The US scenario will unfold within ten months. Some media tools hint at murder plans against President Trump, should they fail to stop him otherwise. Israel is right now into it. And Obama Biden are directly acting against the vast majority of Israelis and Israel itself. Sanctions against worthy Israelis are now used.

  11. Always enjoy the comments from Samuel. Maybe he could write his own articles?

  12. If you study the plans of the Soviet Union going back to the 20s and Communist China going back to the 40s as described bu communist defectors, you can watch them being executed in detail over the decades and in fact, know what will happen next. I always wondered what the defeat of the West would look like. One could argue that it has already happened. If the election is stolen once again in November then we will have to admit defeat.

  13. Well said, but the lefties keep telling us that they will “win” again this year. I kind of wonder if we’re really going to have an election, and if we do, will it be like 2020. I’m truly afraid for our country and all of us.

  14. ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’. ~ Numerous attributes ~ This frequently comes to mind these days, as I wonder whether it’s genuine ignorance, indifference, or just plain pig-headedness (probably some combo of all) that’s allowed us to reach this point. Not looking forward to what this year may bring. Still praying for Israel.

  15. As our government tries to feed us another LIE. Biden said he has done all he can at the border, and that we need to pass a Bill that No One has read completely. It is like going to buy a car and the salesman hands you a Blank Contract and says he will fill it in after you sign it. Trust me says the Snake. Let’s give massive amounts of money to Ukraine so Biden will do his job and close the Border. Biden is a Con Artist that is paying off the Politicians in WH to keep supporting him.

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