They Can’t Even Say The Truth


I’m Listening to the Pundits on Fox News Praising Nikki Haley for her Ground-Breaking Campaign Against Donald Trump, and How Close Haley Came to Being the First Republican Woman to Win a Primary, For Her To Run For The Presidency Of The United States Of America.

PS – I Resent Candidates Who Run On Gender, Race Or Religion.


The Media . . . Virtually all the Media is So Absorbed by the Insiders, of which the Media is Part-Of, that Even Though they Pretend they are Not, they Have No Real Understanding for What the Masses of People who are Not Wealthy, who are Not Politicians, who are Not Bureaucrats and who do Not Get Invited to Fancy Cocktail Parties to Rub Shoulders with the Rich & Powerful . . . Truly Don’t Know What The People They Are Reporting-To . . . Are Really Feeling.

The Vast Majority of People Like You & Me Live in the Real World, Where What One Says Means Something. Where Honesty & Integrity Mean More than Just a Sound-Bite that is Forgotten Until the Next Insincere Utterance.

As Far As I Am Concerned . . . There is No Taking-Back the Words Nikki Haley Used to Vilify Trump, by Calling President Trump a Man in His 80’s (He’s 77), that all Polls Show that Trump Can Never Win Against Biden (Not True), that Trump is One of the Most Unpopular Politicians in America (By Whose Standard?), the Criminal Charges Against Trump will Keep Him from Being Elected (Says Who?), that Trump is Spending Campaign Money to Pay His Legal Fees (Why Shouldn’t He?) . . . And That Trump Is Divisive & Creates Chaos Wherever He Goes.

It’s Not Just What Haley Said . . . It’s Also The Vindictiveness In How She Said-It.

Also – Nikki Haley Never Had The Support Of The Republican (Conservative) Majority. All of Haley’s Enormous Financial Support Came from Powerful Insiders on Both Sides of the Political Divide, who Spent Millions of Dollars to Prop-Her-Up to Diminish Trump. And That Included All The Never-Trump RINOS.

We Also Cannot Forget that Haley Won a Great Amount of her Primary Votes from RINOS, Never Trumpers & No Shortage of Democrats who Temporarily Flipped their Party Affiliation to Vote for Nikki Haley to Put a Dent Into Trump and a False Narrative that Haley was Somewhat Popular.

I Have No Idea Who Trump Will Choose As His Running Mate – I Just Hope It Won’t Be Haley.


Minimizing October 7, 2023 Is Also Like Calling The Holocaust A Misunderstanding.

The Fact That The United Nations, 5-Months After The Worst Genocide Against Jews Since The Holocaust, Which Ended Nearly 80-Years-Ago, Cannot Come-Out with a Clear Message to Condemn the Butcherous Rape of Jewish Girls & Women in the Most Heinous Ways Imaginable by Hamas Palestinians . . . IS ASTOUNDING.

The Fact That The World Hasn’t Entirely Written-Off UNRWA (The United Nations Relief & Works Agency For Palestinian Refugees In The  Near East) . . . which Has Proven Itself to be One of the Most Dishonest, Corrupt, Incompetent & Now Notorious Jew-Hating Agencies the World Has Ever Seen . . . Is Still Being Funded Financially & Morally Is A Global Disgrace.

We Know From The Written Word, Audio Tapes & Videos Garnered from the Hamas Palestinians by Israeli Intelligence and by Incidents Divulged with Great Pride Directly from the Lips of the Hamas Palestinian Savages . . . That UNRWA Representatives By The Hundreds Had Their Hands Up To Their Elbows Embedded In The Slaughter Of Israeli Jews.

Even Though Not all UNRWA Employees Had (Have) Direct Jewish Blood Dripping from their Hands, But As We Now Know Conclusively . . . Many Had (Have).

Many UNRWA Employees Participated Directly in the Torture, Slaughter, Rape, Murder & Kidnapping of Israelis, the Vast Number of the Israelis Being Jewish – On October 7, 2023.

Even To This Day, UNRWA Savages Are Holding & Doing God Only Knows What To Israeli Hostages.

And Even If The Bulk Of UNRWA Workers Weren’t Directly Involved In The Actual Slaughter On October 7, 2023, Virtually all UNRWA Workers are Implicated by their Willing Support for the Murderers in a Myriad of Ways, From Jew-Hating Teachers Poisoning the Palestinian Minds of Arab Children, UNRWA Employees who Either Aided & Abetted Hamas in the Construction of Tunnels, the Concealment of Tunnels, the Smuggling of Weapons (Rockets, Mortars – Etc) into Gaza and the Supply of Energy, Computer Access & Communication-Lines Buried & Cloaked Deeply in the Tunnels Under UNRWA Controlled & Financed Buildings.

UNRWA’s Role In The Slaughter Of Israelis Reminds Me Of Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s Classic Book (1996) – “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” .

Goldhagen’s Brilliant Analysis Explained How Hitler Could Not Have Possibly Orchestrated & Carried-Out the Holocaust Without the Help of an Army of People (Civilians, Industrialists & Politicians) to Supply the Nazi Death Machine with the Infrastructure Required . . .To Slaughter 12-Million People, Of Which 6-Million Were Jews, Who Were Slaughtered Only For The Crime Of Being Jewish.

There were Armies of Civilians who were Not German Throughout Europe & Even North America who Benefitted Financially and with Services who had a Knowing Hand in the Application of the Holocaust.

Then There Were The Millions Of People Worldwide . . . Who Worked for Corporations such as IBM, ITT, Daimler Benz and Even Volvo, who Might Not Have Known all the Truth about the Nazis, but they Insidiously Knew Enough to Know that they were Contributing to Mass Racism at Best & Mass Genocide at Worst.


Why Has It Taken More Than 4-Months For The United Nations To Admit To Rape Of Israeli Women?

Even With All The Irrefutable Evidence Of Brutal Rapes Of Israeli Girls & Women By Hamas Palestinians . . . The Reason Why the United Nations Can’t or Won’t Come-Out & Just Say-It-As-It-Is . . . Is Because The United Nations Is Culpable,

What Kind Of Savages Rape Anyone . . . Specifically Women Already Murdered?

There Are Very Few Palestinians Without Blood On Their Hands In One Way Or Another & Certainly Not Gaza Palestinians . . . And Specifically Not the World Body (United Nations – UNRWA) . . . Who through their Thinly-Veiled Acts of Anti-Semitism . . . Have Proven Repeatedly . . . That To Them – Israel Is An Albatross That Needs To Be Eradicated.


Only A Dufus Like Biden Can Lose The Jewish & Arab Vote Over The Same & Competing Issue.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I pray Oh God my Father that You will intercede for your chosen People, give them the Victory over these demon possessed Muslims in Jesus Name. Also, that those who would hinder the war, would have no power to intercede in their anti-semitic babblings.

  2. Everything is open today for those who want to see it. For those who still believe the UNRWA is something worthy, for those who mindlessly shout “From the river to the blah blah…” , for those still think Israel is committing genocide or occupying Arab lands, for those not yet aware what mass Muslim immigration does to a country or society, and so on, there is no level to your blindness or ignorance. It is comical how absurd and out of touch these people are.

  3. A superb summation. Thank you. I will contribute to your efforts in April. The UNRWA or UN as a whole are deadly enemies. A layer of the Israeli “elites” sold soul and more to be accepted. To no avail. All pipe dreams like the Oslo Accord and Disengagement must be voided.

  4. What human beheads a baby in a crib or in the arms of a parent and then burns them up together?? Not savages but totally sold out demon controlled cretins.

  5. Excellent Editorial. Nikki IS a DIVIDER. Her snotty attitude for NOT supporting Trump & leaving her ‘voters’ set adrift nailed it. RE: Israel..I believe the IDF will ‘start’ on Rafah during Ramadan. My prayers are for their COMPLETE success. When Hamas says they have ‘no idea’ where the hostages are nor how many are alive, THIS describes them entirely. EVIL. There WERE/ARE complicite enemies within. I suggest Forensic Financial Auditing of the ‘higher ups” for a start. Israel F

  6. Great article as usual! Hamas are demons and must be destroyed. I have read that some hostages are being kept by other than Hamas leadership so they may not know where they all are. Or who are alive. I pray for them!

  7. Interesting comments Howard. I find your breakdown of the media groups comparing the poorer Masses inability to mix with the wealthy, the politicians,(& their families), the bureaucrats at fancy parties & rubbing shoulders with the rich & powerful sad but true. The media loves to trying to be included in that group but that is not the case. I wish that they would just get back to real reporting of real news and not all the “gossip”! We have been “Hacked” so unable to support you until later!

  8. It’s clear Haley was waiting for the Supreme Court ruling hoping that Trump would be kicked off the ballots, and she could cruise to victory. Now she has to eat crow… Haley’s been all about bashing Trump and dividing the base – just like she was paid to do.

  9. Nikki Haley was an in the UN as our representative, so she is no dummy. The problem is she is corrupt to the core like so many of our Politicians, both sides. Money corrupts. She like so many others need to removed from Politics like removing a Cancer before it destroys the host. Is DJT perfect, NO, but no man is. Is his heart in the right place, YES, any person so wealthy that is willing to use it up battling the lies, our government, and media to be President and has proven he can fix much.

  10. Thx. as always for your really great ability to set ‘some’ yet confused about todays issues back to factual reality’s. As for Nikki H. – she always rubbed me wrong! Her rantings, arm waving, and index finger pointing’s Really turned me off very early on to this woman wanting the U.S. presidency! Yes, I (and many others I’m sure) fell the same – ‘ let that person be another Margaret Thatcher type of conservative – NEVER like in any way a Nikki Haley!

  11. Too bad your messages can’t be shown in every classroom in my country and in yours. Nikki Haley is not liked nor thought of as a leader in her home state of SC. She is a RINO or a democrat in RINO clothing. I am done talking about this unimportant person. And the UN—all of it—needs to be kicked out of my country—for good—-forever. How anyone can hate an entire culture of people and make it their life’s’ purpose to kill the entire culture is unfathomable to me.

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