When They Say It . . . And When We Say It Ain’t-So


Think About Everything That Is Happening Today, And Then Think About All That Happened Yesterday . . . the Trajectory is Stunning from Where we Have Been to Where we are Going, Especially Given this Passage from the Bible, Perhaps the Greatest History Book of all Time – Ecclesiastes 1:9.

“What Has Been Will Be Again, What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again; There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”.


Very Few People (Including Many Jews) Believed Hitler At His Word . . . To Their Great Chagrin.

But Hitler was Not the First Monster in the Annals of History to Telegraph Genocidal Intentions. If Actual History Isn’t Enough of a Harbinger and a Looking Glass Into the Future for What is Coming Down the Road . . . What Is?

We Don’t Have To Look Back Thousands Of Years To See What Happened Yesterday.

Joseph Goebbels . . . Hitler’s Chief Propagandist . . . Accused the Enemies of Hitler and of the Nazi Party of Using the Same Tactics Of Deceit The Nazis Were Using, Which Hitler’s Adversaries Were Not Using.

However, According to Goebbels . . .  if the Lie is Convincing Enough, Big Enough, No Matter How Outlandish and was Repeated Often Enough, Especially Amongst the Trusted Media & Academia . . . The Lie Becomes The Truth.

The Future Of Nazism Was In The Youth.

In Hitler’s Infamous Book Mein Kampf, which Hitler Wrote While in Prison in the Early 1920’s . . . Hitler Spelled-Out his Grand Plan for National Domination and his Final Solution for the Jews, which Also Focused on . . . “Whoever Has The Youth Has The Future” . . . .

Hitler Saw The Future Of Nazism (National Socialism) . . . By Controlling the Nation’s Youngest & Most Vulnerable Minds through Mandated Youth Movements (Hitler Youth), Which Were Controlled Directly By The Nazi Party.

Think About-It . . . Who Now Controls The Children Of Our Generation & What They Are Learning?

And Then There Were The IBM Nazi Lists:

The Nazis Could Not Have Done The Things They Did, Especially to Europe’s Jews Without Massive Detailed Information, which Targeted all Jews . . . From Where they Lived, how Observant they were, how Educated, how Wealthy, what Size Family – Etc . . . Without The Enthusiastic Help From IBM, Which Spanned The Time Of Hitler’s Rise To Power To The Time Of Germany’s Total Defeat.

If You Think I’m Exaggerating . . . Click On The Link Above – It Will Chill You To The Bone.

And Now . . . Think About The Parts That Are Being Played By High-Tech & Social Media.

Lastly . . . But Not Finally – The Nazis Used the Narrative of the Reichstag (Parliament) Fire . . . as an Excuse (Reason) to “Temporarily” Suspend Democracy in Germany . . . Which Became Hitler’s Excuse To Never Restore “Democratic” Values Again.

How Much Different Was The Reichstag Fire To What Happened On January 6, 2021?


On Virtually The Same Day Of The Hamas Bestial Slaughter Of Jews (October 7, 2023) . . . Organized Worldwide Anti-Semitic Events Exploded on the Global-Scene, Led Primarily by the LEFT & GLOBAL YOUTH, Most of Whom Had (Have) Little to No Connection to Hamas, Palestinians, Islam or the Middle-East . . . So Where Did The Virulent Jew-Hatred Come-From?

Where Did The Chants From “The River To The Sea Emanate”? . . . How Come all of a Sudden – (Literally All Of A Sudden) . . . Hundreds of Thousands of High School to University Students Worldwide, Came to Support Free Palestine & the Palestinian Murderers of Jews?

Do You Believe Any Of These Chanting-Jerks Know Anything About Middle East History?

I Can Virtually If Not Literally Guarantee You . . . That None of the Youth Throughout America who Carry Professional Placards Supporting the Houthis, who are Destroying International Shipping, Know Anything About The Houthis Or From Where They Come (Yemen) . . . Yet, There They AreSupporting Those Who Would Destroy Us.


Instead Of Campaigning On Domestic & National Issues, which are Critical to the Wellbeing of America and to the World . . . The Biden Administration Chooses to Lie About the Socio/Economic Condition of the Nation & America’s Declining Importance (Influence) on Global Events.


The LEFT Has Nothing To Campaign-On That They Can Brag About, They Can’t Campaign on their Policies to Fundamentally Change America from the Freest Republic ever Known . . . to a Budding Socialist (Communist) State Controlled by the Democrat Elite, which Includes Creating Massive Unsustainable Debt to Overwhelm the Economy, an Angry & Ignorant Youth-Movement with Unrepayable Student-Loan-Debt, Open Borders, the Death of the American Melting-Pot, Government Created Institutional Racism and the Insurgence of the One World Order to Name just Some.


Biden Pulls A Nazi Strategy – He Tells The Lie Big Enough, Often Enough & In The Right Places . . . Biden Controls the Media & Makes Certain that those who are in Control of National Education are Onside with the Strategy & Message of the LEFT.

And Biden Uses His Propagandized Youth To Act As His Shock-Troops.

Why Did Biden’s Organized Shock-Troops (Black Lives Matter & Antifa) Wage War On Working America, while Destroying American History, Social Justice & Confidence in American Society? And Why were Virtually None of the Shock-Troops Arrested & Jailed . . . Because Biden’s Thugs Did The Job They Were Intended To Do.

Almost 100-Years Ago . . . Antifa & Black Lives Matter Were Called Brown-Shirts By The Nazis.

Why All Of A Sudden Did Massive Numbers Of North American Youth Come To Hate Jews? . . . It was, because While we Slept-Walked Worrying About the Next Shiny Trinket the Government Would Flash in front of our Faces . . . The Communist Teachers’ Unions Were Propagandizing Our Children.

Why The Jews? . . . Why Not The Jews? . . . A Successful & Easy Distraction.

Why are we Now Just Learning About the Real Depth of Conspiracy Between the FBI and the Banking Industry Vis-À-Vis Harvesting Personal Information on Credit Card Purchasers Concerning Americans who Shopped in “Suspect” Stores like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods – Etc?

The FBI & Probably the NSA Surveilled Religious Organizations (Catholics & Jews), as well as Parents who Showed Disapproval of Educational Policies. Who Wasn’t Surveilled?

And How Is This Any Different Than Tactics Used By The Nazi?

This Isn’t Rocket Science . . . The Tactics Being Used by Biden (LEFT) Comes Almost Verbatim from the Nazi Playbook, of How to Control the Narrative & Propagandize Society through Education and the Use of a Controlled Media.

But Why Go Back Nearly A Century To The Nazis, When all we Have to Do is Look at other Despotic Nations Like Russia, Ukraine and all other Communist Regimes Like China, North Korea, Cuba . . . which use all Form of Thuggery to Keep their Opposition Off the Ballots, like the use of Lawfare, Prison & Unfair Tactics to Keep Opponents from Campaigning.


I Just Gave You All The Information You Will Need To Understand Where We Are Heading . . .

Biden Will Continue To Call Trump Hitler & Trump’s MAGA Supporters Evil And A Threat To Democracy. Biden will Lie About Trump’s Economy as Biden Will Extoll his Own Massive Failures as Sensational Successes, which will Not be Challenged  by the Colluding Media.

And As Hard As Biden, Mayorkas & Company Proclaim That The Border Is Closed – That Gig Is Up.

The LEFT Will Use Social Upheaval Of Their Own Creation . . . Most Likely Attacks on Jews & Conservatives . . . For Real or Perceived Blowback, with which to Foment a Reason to Declare a National Emergency . . . And A Suspension Of The 2024 Election . . . Much Like The Nazis Did In 1933 Two Weeks After The Fire At The Reichstag.

What IBM Did To The Jews From The 1930’s To 1945 . . . Why Would we Not Expect Something Similar through the Use of AI, Social Media and the Deep State (Bureaucracy, FBI & NSA)?

I Am All But Certain That The LEFT Knows They Have Crossed The Rubicon . . . And that the 2024 Election is all but Lost to them No Matter who Runs for the Democrat Presidency (Probably Not Biden) . . . And Once Trump Becomes America’s 47th President, all the LEFT’S Dreams for an Elite Communist One World Government Will Be Crashed Upon the Same Rocks all Other Failed Attempts for Special Interests to Rule the World Crashed.


The LEFT Won’t Go Quietly . . . But Unlike Before – Having Their Playbook Means No Surprises.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe that Obama is the real mastermind and current controller of the United States Democrat Party and Government. Old sleepy Joe has always been regarded as pretty low IQ and mentally slow, through all his years as a Senator and hand picked as VP by Obama for this very reason. The Obama Regime only needs a mindless body with authority, to sign off on every part of their agenda. This 2024 election is the most important and consequential in American/World history.

  2. I am wondering just how many people realize or recognize the truths that you have laid out. There is great danger in what is being taught in the schools. The educators have been conditioned themselves & don’t recognize the direction society is being directed. There needs to be a real spiritual awakening as to who is creating this attitude. We all need to be in Prayer! Thanks for your attempt to remind us of things past and those results.

  3. Howard, I lived the “socialism dream” for 29 years. I can sign under every word in your today’s blog. But just like in the 1930’s Germany, the majority of North American Jews are too stupid to see through the Left’s lies, notwithstanding what we know. “The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history”.

  4. Trudeau’s recent rhetoric constantly warns of the danger of DJT being reelected. He and his associated political thugs are at the very least, under the influence and probably full control of Obama and George Soros. It is hard for many to fathom the idea that elections in Canada and the USA could ever be suspended, however, just like Howard suggests, our enemies within are formulating a contrived national emergency solely to suspend the next election if they can’t stop DJT any other way.

  5. Another great Editorial! I’m sure you’re read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. Written in the 1960’s he was Crooked Hillary’s mentor. If you want to understand why the Biden/Obama Administration is doing everything they can to destroy the nuclear family, religion, gender identity and the economy- it’s all in Alinsky’s blueprint to destroy the US and rebuild it under Socialism/Marxism/Communism. As you’ve said many times, we don’t learn from history- it’s what brought Hitler t

  6. Howard. This is one of the best editorials you have written. Too bad it can’t be published nationally. The world is asleep and this piece of mastery would do a world of difference to wake people up.

  7. Excellence without comparison. Henry Ford and Rockefeller loved Hitler as well. The rich and elite (progressive/liberal/demorat; say DAVOS) have championed one world government since Stalin. They want total economic & personal freedoms control. They want feudal Europe kings & queens, lords/earls, knights in control of the world and serfs/slaves. They choose to ignore the goals of Islam which will be their undoing.

  8. I can’t recollect the name of the individual, but Goebbels and others followed the practices of a DEMOCRAT party operative during the regime of Woodrow Wilson. This American came up with the idea of telling the big lie over and over again until people believed it. The Democrats mastered the concept and have been updating the technology to use it ever since WWI.

  9. 100% correct. Thanks for the recap of history. Our “educational system” has been hi-jacked for decades: teaching pro-Socialism and anti-Capitalism. The young people, those under about 40-45 years old, cannot understand. They simply watch more TV (propaganda). And yes, “Some Emergency” will probably happen to not allow the Nov election. Further, if the current extremely crooked, non-accountable voting system(s) isn’t corrected the R’s don’t have a pray —- including TRUMP!!!,

  10. When Trump wins, hopefully, those precious 4 years will be enough to finally destroy the swamp !!!!

  11. Dry Run happened here in Ottawa with the Freedom Convey and trudeau’s action, practice makes perfect, we need to rid our country of this garbage

  12. To quote Mike Obama, “This is what keeps me up at night”, That she will be on the Ballot for President. With Baraka and Hillary coaching her and Soros funding her, she is a real threat. DJT continues to battle the Crazy folks with all their lies as Biden hides from the public, we are headed for a real Civil War. It will start as Illegals and their supporters begin destroying as was done in the Summer of Love. MAGA supporters will tire of this and start fighting back, then Biden, Martial Law.

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