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Before The Editorial – Thank You To The People Who Helped Financially This Month.

Like You – The Rising Cost of Everything is Quite a Burden for Me to Bear. But with Your Help, You are Lightening My Load. In a Day or Two, I Will Send Personal Letters of Gratitude to the People who Gave Support this Month.

I Started-Off By Watching The FBI Whistle-Blower Hearing.

What I Saw & Heard Didn’t Surprise Me At All. I wasn’t Surprised to Learn about the Heavy Handedness of the FBI. Nor was I Surprised by the Callousness of the Democrats at the Hearing. And I Certainly wasn’t Surprised by the Ignorance of the Democrat Statements & Questions.

I Am Also Not Surprised that the Main-Stream Media Won’t Really Cover the Hearing, Other than to Report that it was a Nothing-Burger, and that the 3-Whistle-Blowers were Just Pissed-Off Employees in Search of Whatever.

The Greater Population Will Never Really Know the Truth . . . or Importance of the FBI Whistle-Blower Testimony, or even that there was a Hearing. But What is Really Important, is that the Malfeasance of the FBI & Justice Department has Been Laid Bare for Conservatives to See, Who Are Trying To Decide Who They Will Want As Their 2024 Candidate.

Also – The Hearing, Coupled with the Durham Report Could be Used to Punish the Abusers of America’s National Trust, and to Gut the FBI from Being a Monolithic Government Unto Itself, To Being The Federal Policing-Arm It Was Created To Be.

PLUS – This Is A Huge Monumental Vindication (Exoneration) Of All Things Anti-Trump.


After the Hearing, Anne & I took Tavor to a Man who we Both Believe to be the Best German Shepherd Handler/Trainer we ever Met. And Believe Me when I Tell you that Anne & I Have Met with Plenty of GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Experts.

Larry – The Trainer Is 76-Years Old & Retired. But we Met Larry Decades Ago when He Trained our Sheltie and then our German Shepherd Dog Stryker. We Met Larry all those Years ago, just Because we were Looking for a Trainer who Had Group Classes. We Weren’t Aware of his Expertise then. But, soon Enough, We Learned that Larry Trained German Shepherd Dogs for the American Military During the Time of the Vietnam War, and then for the Chicago Police, Long Before Larry Moved to Canada, just Northwest of Montreal, where He Set-Up his Incredible Training Facility.


Larry’s Retired & Doesn’t Want To Do Any More Wholesale Training, and Certainly Doesn’t Want to Train Large Aggressive Dogs like Tavor. But, Because of our Past Relationship with Larry, He Agreed To See-Us & Evaluate Tavor.

Anne & I Have No Personal Fear Of Tavor.

Tavor Would Kill For Us & He Would Die For Us. Tavor Will Never Bite Either of Us. But Our Worry is How to Best Control Tavor, who is Extremely Well-Trained and Obedient . . . From Attacking Someone Else.

If Tavor Ever Bit Someone Who Didn’t Deserve-It – We Would Put Him Down.

When Larry First Asked-Us Over The Phone, What was the Breeding of Tavor, We Said That Tavor Was Two Parts DDR (East German) . . .  and Before I could Say Anything Else, Larry Asked – Does He Have Czech Blood In Him?

I Responded With . . . One Part Czech, to Which Larry Responded – Your Dog Is Programed From DNA (Birth) To Be Like A Hand Grenade With The Pin Half Pulled.

Funny Thing. While in Florida, we Brought Tavor to an Exceptional German Shepherd Breeder/Trainer, who was Himself of Czech Origin, who Only Worked with Working Line German Shepherd Dogs. As Tavor Leapt from the Back Seat of our Pick-Up, the Trainer (Libor) who was Greeting-Us Said Immediately, That Dog Is DDR & Czech.

Libor Went-On To Tell Us That Tavor Will Never Be A Pet. And then Described Tavor to be Like a Member of a SEAL Team, Bred for One Thing & One Thing Alone . . . Security & Protection.

What We Got From The Three Real Experts Who Evaluated Tavor, was that Tavor is a Sensational Dog & Worth Every Penny (Plus) we Paid-For-Him. We’ve Come to Understand that Tavor will Never be a Pet, But That Tavor Could Be Controlled.

So Next Week . . . We Start A 4-Week Program (One Session Weekly) With Larry.

Anne & I Have Great Hopes For Tavor. And Even if we Can’t Get More-Out of Tavor than we Already Have . . . That Will Be Ok Too, since Over Tavor’s 2-Year Lifetime With Us, We have Nurtured Tavor with Bundles of Love & Thoughtful Discipline.

We Would Hate Nothing More Than To End Tavor’s Life Because Of Something We Didn’t Try.


1 – It’s Interesting & I Like Speaking & Writing About Tavor. And I Know that many of the Readers of Have Expressed More than Just a Passing Interest in Tavor.


2 – This Story Is About Nature Versus Nurture. No Matter How Much we Shower Love & Understanding on Tavor . . . Tavor Will Never Be A Pet. Tavor Will Always Be the Dog He was Born to Be.

So – When A Person Who Was Born A Guy, Says That He Is Somehow A Woman, Think About Tavor.

Also – People Who Are Scum, Liars & Cheats were Most Probably Born that Way. And all the Bullshit in the World will Never Change That. Born A Leopard Die A Leopard.

Now Think Of All The Politicians Who “Re-Invent” Themselves.


Who Really Gives A Rat’s Ass About The “Royals” . . . Other than the Royals themselves & Soft-Headed People in Search of Harlequin-Type Drama?

They Can Complain All The Want About The Paparazzi – (Haven’t Heard That Word In A Long Time) . . . And they can Conjure Wild Driving Chases in Busy Traffic that Went-On for Hours over Sidewalks with Close Vehicle Collisions at High Speeds . . . And It Doesn’t Mean Diddly-Squat.

The Poor “Royals” . . . Who Need the Paparazzi like Vampires Need Blood for them to Survive in their Perfect Pretend World Amongst Gossip Hungry People, who are in Need of More Gossip to Fill their Unfulfilled Lives.

Society Needs The “Royals” As Much As The People Need The Fat Ass Of Kim Kardashian.


Elon Musk Is Being Accused Of Being An Anti-Semite For Criticizing George Soros.

No One Is More Pro-Jewish & Pro-Israel Than Me . . . And my Regard For George Soros Lies Somewhere Under the Excrement One Steps-On in a Dog Park – Does That Make Me An Anti-Semite?

George Soros Does Not Self Identify As A Jew. Soros, as a Teenager in Nazi Hungary, Proudly Helped the Nazis to Gather Property from the Jews who were Sent to the Concentration Camps.

Soros Is A Proud Antagonist Of All Things Israel. In Other Words, Soros Probably Looks Upon Israel the Way I Look Upon Soros. The World Would Be A Far Better Place Without George Soros Or His Spawn Upon-It.

For Any Jewish Organization Like The ADL (Anti-Defamation League), to Even Hint that Anyone is an Anti-Semite because He or She Disparages a Creep like Soros, who is Not Jewish, or Rather Jewish by Birth Only – is Insulting the Jewish Community at Large – and Organizations like the ADL at Best . . . Is Scandalous.

There Is Nothing Elon Musk Ever Said That I Am Aware-Of That Makes Musk An Anti-Semite!

And Now That The Week Is Over & We’re Coming-On Victoria Day (May 22) In Canada, Anne Tavor & I, as Soon as I Complete this Editorial, will be Heading South Across the Border Into Northern New York State – For 4-Days Of Camping With Our Friends.

Hopefully . . . I’ll Get At Least One More Editorial-In While We’re Away.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s the antithesis of racism/prejudice/bigotry for a Jew to be critical of (a piece of garbage like) George Soros even if he’s Jewish. Actually, it’s an act of racism/prejudice/bigotry to defend him because he’s Jewish. Excellent column today, Howard. There’s only one thing I can’t figure out. Why on earth would would Larry move from America to Montreal???? It defies all logic! Best of luck with Tavor. He sounds challenging. Obviously, he was well named!

  2. Elon Musk qualifies as a Mensch. To mention Soros in the same sentence as Musk is a grave insult to Mr. Musk, whose heart is in the right place There was a reason why the dogs in the concentration camps were German shepherds of Eastern European stock. DNA is destiny For those who are baffled at my indifference re Ukraine, I remind you that Russia and Ukraine have forever been in competition as to who could slaughter more Jews. I urge all watch the NetFlix series Einsatzgruppen:NaziDeathSquads

  3. Howard your brain and my brain are in perfect synch. We both hear and see the same verbiage and see the same images about the US government and what is happening. The democrats must be getting advice from Putin and Xi because everything that they have done since being in control of the US government mimics exactly what a socialist society is like or what Putin or Xi could do to ruin our democracy. There are more powerful weapons than nuclear bombs.

  4. My favorite dog was our female German Shepherd, protected family esp. my two kids, but accepting of visitors always watching til they left. Black w/marks like a Doberman, her back legs slightly shorter than front so her back slanted. She was a sweetheart & I named her Duchess, she was so regal-looking. As for the accusation against Musk, varied attacks on him are due to his being rather conservative & leftists disparage any/all who value individual freedom. Soros & Obamas=my total dislike.

  5. Howard, you elevate soros to much. He is worse than the animal droppings in the bottom of the ocean. From what I have seen and heard of Musk, he is not antisemitic. Just more lies by the liberals and the anti-Israel so called Jews.

  6. What a perfect way to explain the idea that each living thing is born to be that which he/she is identified at birth and will die as the same thing he was born as. I love hearing about Tagore. I was attacked as a child by a very big, very protective German Shepard; for a long time, had a terrible fear of dogs, especially big dogs. Having more than 10 furry grands over the last decade and a half, I did get over my fears. Gregory Schwartz was born evil and is evil today. Musk is no anti-Semite.

  7. “The Hearing, Coupled with the Durham Report Could be Used to Punish . . . “ Your operative words there being “Could be.” We all know, however, that absolutely nothing in the way of punishment will ever happen, at least not in this lifetime. The instigators had best enjoy the fruits of their efforts while they are still here, as I believe they will find none in the hereafter. Good wishes for Tavor’s training.

  8. Be sure to update us on Tavor’s training. When I was a kid we all stated on our national firecracker day at the time …” The 24th of May is the queen’s birthday”.

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