He Sold His Soul To Sellout America


About 40-Years Ago . . . A Man Close to the Age of my Late Father, who was an Extremely Successful Developer (Ivor McLeod) in the Small Quebec Town of Saint  Lazare, which is About 20-Minutes North West Of Montreal . . . During WWII was also Very Much Like my Father, who was a Decorated War Hero who from Day-One, After the Invasion of Sicily, like my Father, was a “Motorcycle Runner” Spending a Great Deal of Time Between our Troops & Behind Enemy Lines, Reporting-Back Enemy Troop Information, Enemy Troop Strength and the Positions & Conditions of our Own Troops, Since at that Time there was No Other Way to Communicate on the Battlefield.

Amongst All Soldiers . . . Runners Had The Shortest Lifespan During The War.

For Whatever Reason . . . Ivor McLeod Created a Close Relationship with Anne & Myself. I would Personally Sit with Him at His Real-Estate Office for Long Periods of Time Speaking About Business, Politics, Values & Ethics.

And Then One Day McLeod Said Something To Anne & Myself That Has Never Left-Us.

While Discussing A Builder Who Did Time In Jail For Fraud, who was Now Back on the Street Building Beautiful Luxury Homes, I Remarked to Ivor McCloud How that Builder Had Certainly Turned His Life Around.

Ivor’s 6-Word Response Was Succinct . . . “Born A Leopard – Die A Leopard”.

Not Long Later . . . Ivor McCloud’s Words Were Prescient, since that Same Builder was Found in the Trunk of his Car, Beaten-Up & Barely Breathing. The Police Conjectured that the Builder Probably Cheated the Wrong Person, And The Beating He Got . . . Was Probably For The Business Screwing He Gave.

I’m Relating This Story To You, because I Believe Wholeheartedly in the Words that were Spoken to Anne & Myself by Ivor McLeod. “Born A Leopard . . . Die A Leopard”.

I Also Believe . . . That to Know What a Child will be Like When he or she Becomes an Adult, See What he or she is Like as a “Kid” Almost from Infancy . . . Or Trace Back The Adult To What He Or She Was Like As A Child.


I Coached Minor League Football For A Number Of Years; Young Boys Between The Ages Of 7 & 12.

And Even Though I Knew Nothing About Psychology, Since I was Only in my Late Teens & Very Early 20’s at the Time – Not Much More than a Kid Myself When I Coached, I Had A Better Than Just Passing Idea How Each Boy Was Going To Turn Out As They Matured To Manhood.


Tavor Is About 2 1/2 Years Old . . . He is Impeccably Bred from Pure European Stock with a Heavy Emphasis on DDR (East German) Heritage, Some Czech Breeding and a Little-Bit of West German Genes.

Please Understand that the East Germans and the Czechs Going Back to the Time of the Cold War Between the West and the Soviets were Tense & Aggressive . . . East German & Czech German Shepherd Dogs were Bred to be Extremely Aggressive . . . It Was & Still Is Their Nature.

After The Berlin Wall Fell . . . The Tightly Controlled German Shepherd Registry Debated Ending the Breeding of these Dogs. However, these Types of German Shepherd Dogs were So Incredible for Use as Working-Line-Dogs (Protection) for the Police & Military, That The Breeding Continued.

Dogs Like Tavor Are Priced From $10,000 To Many Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars.

Before Buying Tavor at 3 1/2 Weeks Old . . . We Took Him Home At 8-Weeks Old, Anne & I Had Zero Knowledge of the Breeding of Working-Line German Shepherd Dogs, Although Tavor is our Fourth German Shepherd Dog; We Mistakenly Believed that a Working-Line Dog was Simply a Dog that Could be Trained to Work.


Our Interest In Tavor Was Primarily In The Quality Of Tavor’s All European Genetics.

What We Didn’t Know, was that German Shepherd Dogs Like Tavor are Inherently Bred for One Specific Trait & Purpose . . . Their Job Is To Be Aggressive, and as Hard as Anne & I Have Tried (Financially, Socialization & Professional Training) to “Civilize” Tavor . . . It Is Almost To No Avail.

Tavor Is A Magnificent German Shepherd Dog For Anne & Myself . . . Tavor Would Kill for Either of Us . . . And Undoubtedly . . . He Would Die for Either of Us if it Came Down to That. He Sleeps in Bed with Us & Cuddles so Hard that He Comes Close to Pushing us-off the Mattress.

Tavor Would Sooner Not Eat Than To Be Away From Either Of Us – He Is That Loving & Loyal.

That Written . . . The Three Trainers We Brought Tavor To For Remedial Training . . . All Said The Exact Same Thing in Different Ways.

First . . .  It is Important to Know that the Three Trainers were Amongst the Best Working-Line German Shepherd Authorities one Can Imagine. We Didn’t Waste Our Time Or Money.

All Three Trainers (One In Vancouver Area – One In Ocala Florida & One In Hawkesbury Ontario) Worked Exclusively with Working Line German Shepherd Dogs for the Police & Military – Agreed . . . First & Foremost That Tavor Is Not A Pet & Will Never Be A Pet.

The Ocala Trainer Said To Anne & Myself . . . Think of Tavor as an Elite Member of a Seal-Team. The Hawkesbury Trainer Said, that we Should Think of Tavor as if Tavor was a Hand-Grenade with the Pin Half-Pulled.

And All Three Said . . . Never Trust Tavor With A Stranger – Even A Stranger He Knows. As Far as Tavor is Concerned – There are Only Two People in His Life – Anne & Myself . . . Everyone-Else Is A Threat.


Twice, While Driving Through The Badlands Of Northern Nevada . . . Tavor Saved Our Bacon from a Similar Threat at Two Separate Gas Stations about 150-Miles Apart from Each-Other, Where Very Sketchy Men Made Extremely Inappropriate & Somewhat Threatening Comments to Me while I was Pumping Gas, That Was Until Tavor Set Them Straight.

Don’t Bother Him, Anne Or Myself . . . And Tavor Won’t Bother-You.

Tavor Is Incredibly Obedient . . . He Is Also Gorgeous at 100-Pounds, which Always Elicits Endearing Comments from People Wherever we Walk Him. He Wears A Vest That Says Please Don’t Pet, And He Carries His Own Muzzle In Case The Need Arises.

And Whenever We Have Company . . . We Take No Chances – Tavor Is Always Muzzled.


The Three Trainers We Paid To Help Us With Tavor All Said . . .

. . . Tavor’s Nature Is To Be What He Is. And No Matter What we Do & How Much we Try, we will Never Change Tavor’s Nature . . . It’s As Simple As Nature Versus Nurture.

We Have Reached The End Of The Line With Tavor In Terms Of Making Him A Safer Dog . . . Which Doesn’t Mean We will Love Him Less. But it Does Mean that we Fully Understand Our Responsibilities . . . Including His & Our Limitations.


“Born A Leopard . . . Die A Leopard”.

People Are Not That Much Different Than Animals. Once you Scratch the Surface, we’re Surprisingly Similar. We Don’t Want to Think we Are . . .. But we Are.

If You Think Otherwise, You’re Sorely Deluded.


Biden was a liar as a Kid, a Liar & Cheat as a Student, a Liar & Cheat as a Politician, a Liar & Cheat as America’s Vice President . . . And A Liar As America’s President.

Now Think About The People Who Voted For Biden & Think About All The Other Politicians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article HG! Would love to see pix of Tavor at 100lbs! As for Biden, what a loser…can’t say much for people who voted for him or our idiot JT!

  2. Damn STRAIGHT, Howard… “Born a Leopard, Die a Leopard”! That means ALL Animals and ALL People, for that matter. Poo many People are that way, I’m afraid…! Having worked with young adults in So. California, I’ve seen it too many times: I could tell which ones would succeed in life – Free from any “Wrong-Doings”, and who would NOT. Can’t “Change a Leopard’s Spots”, I’m afraid…

  3. I recall reading about sleepy Joe ( in Time Latin America circa 1963) that he was guilty of plagiary!

  4. Howard, I love the way you compare the temperament of animals, including those in the human race. Too often people are never able to change but if there is a personal conviction and a sincere desire for change I believe that some people can change. Maybe the focus of the individual could be adjusted or changed! I am thinking of Paul on the road to Damascus. As for other animals, you are probably correct. Carry on with the great articles.

  5. Trevor is an intelligent being from your description. That would make any comparison to Biden and his supporters irrelevent!

  6. Different example (Tavor’s breed) in this article, but recognizing the comparative characteristics to humans is right on. BUT, it stems from different purpose/reason. Tavor’s is his inherent nature. With humans, it is learned or in some cases chosen. Those who choose to be that way, do so for selfish reasons – nothing inherent about it. The only thing inherent for humans is sin; that too is a selfish choice. To choose otherwise puts ‘self’ second. Just saying….

  7. Everytime I watch Biden as well as Trudeau, my father’s saying comes to mind. “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and let it be KNOWN”! Travor is one smart dog!

  8. Trevor is what he was meant to be. Drawing a comparison to Obama is unfair to Trevor. The vast combination of forces that formed Hussein Soetoro also picked Biden as a correct match. And today’s settings are those planned by Obama and associates.

  9. From all reports, Biden had an interest in little girls when he was young. Once a leopard, always a leopard.

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