If They Did-It Once . . . They’ll Do-It Again


Yesterday, On July 4th . . . Ben & Jerry’s Decided to Go After the United States of America – On America’s 247th Birthday, on the Grounds that White (European) People Stole the Land from the Natives . . . And It’s Time For The Non-Indigenous People Of America To Give It Back.


Jews & Non-Jews Throughout the World were Outraged & Disgusted with Ben & Jerry’s When they Decided to go the Full BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanctions) Movement Against Israel, to the Point that Many Grocery Stores Took it Upon themselves to Either Boycott Ben & Jerry’s by No Longer Stocking-It on their Shelves . . . To Throwing Out The Inventory They Already Had.

But To Go Even Further . . . Many People Simply Stopped Buying Ben & Jerry’s.

In Our Case, Because I’m A Diabetic, Anne & I Don’t Eat Ice-Cream, which Didn’t Stop us from Boycotting all the Products we Could from Unilever, which is the Owner of Ben & Jerry’s, Even Though Ben & Jerry’s Seems to Have their Own Control Over Marketing & Sales.

Anne & I Weren’t The Only Ones Who Opted To Buy Whatever Competitor There Was To Unilever.

It Didn’t Happen Overnight, but it Did Happen, as Consumer Blowback Against Ben & Jerrys & Other Unilever Products, which Included Staples like their Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard – Etc . . . Convinced Unilever to Make Whatever Deal they Had to Make with Ben & Jerry’s Management . . . To Fix What Ben & Jerry’s Broke.


You Would Guess That Ben & Jerry’s Would Have Learned Their Lesson . . . But Stupid People Very Often Don’t Learn-Jack.

Equally . . . from the Mess Ben & Jerry’s Made of their Brand Over their Anti-Israel Boycott (BDS), you Might have Figured that this Type of a Response Against Ben & Jerry’s & Unilever – Would Have Been A Sufficient Warning For Other WOKE Corporations Like Budweiser, Disney, Target – Etc.

Here’s The Reality – They’re So Focused On Their Stupidity That They Can’t Help Themselves.

I’m Happy That Ben & Jerry’s Decided To Once Again Take A Walk Down Stupid-Street . . . Because I Want as Many Large Targets as Possible for us to Attack, and for us to Use as Examples for the People Who’ve Bought the BS from the LEFT, Simply because they’ve Bought the Lie from the Propagandized Media, that America is an Evil Country . . . In Need Of Fundamental Change As Was Campaigned By Barack Hussein Obama.


Before We Crossed-Back Into Canada, We Crossed Into The United States Of America On June 30th, the Day Before Canada Day, and at the US Border we were Instructed to Veer a bit to the Right & Drive through a Long Building at a Precise Speed (8MPH), and then Follow the Instructions of the US Border Agent Inside.

It Turns Out that we Passed through a Low-Level X-Ray Machine that Thoroughly Scanned our Truck & RV for a Multitude of Illegal Substances.

And Here I Was Thinking . . . WOW, Isn’t This Great, as Two Canadian Citizens in their 70’s with Nexus Cards (Most Trusted Travelers), Pulling a Small RV (Travel Trailer) with a Late Model Pick-Up Truck are Scanned, While MILLIONS of Illegal Immigrants Flood (Invade) America with the Blessing of the LEFTIST American Government.

How Does That Make Sense? It Makes Sense Because The Government Makes No Sense.


There Was Very Little Border Traffic From America To Canada . . . But Nonetheless, even Before I Handed the Canadian Border Agent our Nexus Cards, he was Busy Filling-Out a Yellow Card (Form), which Meant that Anne, Tavor & I Were Going to be Pulled-Over for Special Treatment . . . And As Sure As The Sun Rises In The East & Sets In The West, Anne, Tavor & I Were Pulled-Over.

As Mentioned Previously, we were Hauling a Small RV (20-Foot) which we Use for Short Get-A-Ways, which Became the Focus for what Could Have been Described as a Strip-Search if the RV was Human.


If We’re Caught Violating Our Oath To Nexus – The Penalty Is Forfeiture – Plus.

Anne & I Do Not Smuggle. And to the Very Best of our Knowledge, we Never Bring Into the United States of America or Canada, Anything that is Restricted in Grocery-Goods (Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken, Eggs – Etc), Excess Liquor, Cigarettes, Marijuana . . . Etcetera.

We Had Zero Concerns.

We Don’t Really Drink. Anne has some Wine every-now-and-then, and I Have the Occasional Beer with a Meal. We Don’t Smoke & Neither of us use Non-Prescription Drugs. And if we are Going to Import Anything Into Canada from the USA, which is Valued at More than $800 Canadian For Each Of Us, We will Declare What we Have & Pay Whatever Taxes and/or Duty that is Deemed Necessary by the Federal Government.

There Are No Taxes Charged On Legal Groceries Coming Into Canada . . . And Besides $100 Or So Dollars we Spent on American Groceries, our Biggest Imported Items were Two 24-Bottle Cases Of Yuengling Beer (As Long As It Isn’t Bud Or Any Other Anheuser Bush Product).


According To Canada Customs . . . Each Adult Canadian Can Import 24-Cans Or Bottles Of Beer, Or so Many Liters of Wine, or so Many Liters of Hard Liquor. We Were Dancing On The Side Of The Angels . . . . And Then It Happened.

One of the Canadian Customs Agents Walked Up to us Holding a Pocket-Knife he Found in the Open-Door-Handle-Well of the Truck, which I Had (The Knife) for Much Longer than a Dozen Years, Which I Used For Cutting Hay Bale Strings, Opening Packages & For Other Mundane Uses.

The Agent Said . . . Explain This.

Explain What? . . . . It Was A Pocket Knife With A 3-Inch Blade; But Not To Him It Wasn’t. To the Customs Guy, it was a Knife with a Spring Assisted Release, which Made it a Restricted Weapon in Canada. To me, it was a Pocket Knife which Opened like all Pocket Knives . . . And Here Is Where It Got Serious.

I Could Legally Cross Into Canada With a Dagger Sheathed or Not – Worn or Not. I Can Cross Into Canada with a “Regular” Pocket Knife of Indeterminant Size in my Pocket or Exposed on the Seat, As Long As It Isn’t For Criminal Use. Who’s To Determine That?

So Here Was The Deal . . .

1 – I Could Surrender the Pocket Knife To Customs.

2 – I Could be Charged with Attempting to Smuggle a Dangerous Weapon Into Canada.

3 – They Could Seize My Truck & Trailer & Fine Me $1,000.

4 – I Could Face Up -To 5-Years in Prison for the Felony of Having a Dangerous Weapon.

With A Smile – I Surrendered The Knife. And In My Mind I Sarcastically Thanked Them For Saving Canada.

Before Leaving . . . I Asked the Two Customs Agents who went through our Truck & Trailer with a Fine-Tooth Comb . . . Why’d You Pull Us Over?

The Response . . . We Have a Quota to Fulfill of RV’s Searched, and you were the Next RV on the List. Nothing More Nothing Less.


If Our Governments Were Corporations . . . The Employees Would All Be Looking For Jobs.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Governments in the USA are corporation. Employees are looking for a paycheck, not a job. LOL

  2. Thanks for today’s message. I will be forwarding it to the readers of my email newsletter as recommendations of excellent things they should not to buy! Bravo, Howard!

  3. And meanwhile, the inmates run the asylum in the dystopia that has become Timmins, Ontario. Junkies routinely are seen with needles in their arms and the good citizens of Timmins are afraid 24/7 of being robbed in their homes and in broad daylight I might add. Is Canada even worth saving at this point? Let the leftist hippies inherit their dysfunctional and dystopian land. And let them clean it up too eventually with their heads hung low…

  4. One time I was taking a flight within the USA and forgot I had one of those 1 inch knives on my key chain and had to give it to the airline in order to catch my flight. Never got it back nor purchase another one.

  5. WOW!!! So you could have had a butcher block in the trailer with 5+ knives of varying lengths and that would have been okay? Your last statement says it all….

  6. Job-wise, they may simply have been filling their quota, but sounds as if there was a touch of throwing their weight around, too. Once you had explained your usage for the knife, a reasonable person might simply have handed it back, cautioned you as to its future storage, smiled, and sent you on your way – no harm, no foul. Daily, the shortage of reasonable people on government payrolls grows by leaps and bounds. Happy for you that the situation was no worse.

  7. When the idiots at Ben and Jerry’s buy one way tickets to the homes of their immigrant ancestors, I might take them a hair more seriously. A good leader leads by setting a good example.ķ

  8. Sadly this is another instance of senseless government bureaucracy. Common sense is a very scarce commodity. As someone that has been around since Pearl Harbour I have a growing fear for democracy in North America! We all need to be on our knees for sanity and fear of the Lord to return.

  9. Been years since I had the dubious pleasure of crossing into/back from the US. For whatever reason these guys, once they put on the hat, think themselves next to God. And let you know it. My wife, Belgian, was particularly singled out on entering the US. No reason. All papers in order etc etc. But here is the joke, if you go, come via air your scrutiny is less than none! Yes, let’s all go in via the Mex border. Sans ANY papers! No problemo!

  10. My wife and I were in Tombstone, AZ, while on vacation. We were stopped by Border Patrol on a side road as I was doing some photo work for an article I was writing for a hunting mag. We were asked to get out of the vehicle, truck and RV were searched. I had a .22 pistol in the RV, they demanded that I show proof it was mine? After 3 hours of waiting for a Senior Agent to show up in 110 degree heat, he recognized my name from the magazine, waived his magic hand and we were on our way. POWER !!!

  11. Stop complaining Howard. Our commander-in-chief nincompoop Justin has nice hair so we’re all safe.

  12. Gotta love those pawns of Big Brother, following the myriad of rules created by their ivory tower enclosed superiors. I just bought a knife to take with me when my wife and I go to Israel in October. It’s a spring loaded 3″ aka switchblade. Just in case…

  13. You’re quite famous Howard & I suspect on a watch list at both US & Canadian Customs. To be pulled over in both directions, more than coincidence & extensively searched would also indicate looking for the smallest item to charge you. It’s the price you pay for rattling the cage. I went over, first time in three years (no covid PP) on return was in the wrong lane, less line up. I didn’t know the Indians had an exclusive lane, fortunately not a problem. All diabloodybolical. Keep up the good

  14. Back in the day, before desktop publishing, I had a pair of scissors, an exacto-knife and a glue stick in my briefcase, which I tried to carry on an Ozark Airlines plane at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa airport. I planned to cut and paste print galleys for my newsletter on the plane. Airport security probably still has my scissors and exacto-knife.

  15. Our two governments are absolutely USELESS!!! Of the few times I took an airplane from FL to another state, I expected to be pulled over and have both my carry on small suitcase and myself searched. As a white haired, handicapped woman in her 70’s, I question this tactic. The last time this happened, I was in a wheelchair, had a new titanium hip with doctors card of explanation with me, and had my cane to help me get onto plane. I was STILL searched!! I had put underclothes in zip lock bags!

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