“The Trump Cult”


Once They’re Done With Him

They’ll Be Starting With You Next

To The LEFT, And To Republican Trump-Haters (RINOS) . . . Supporters Of Trump Are A Cult.

A Cult By Definition, Describes a SMALL Group of Religious Zealots with a Common Religious Purpose, which is Better Described in the Following Link to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Do Approximately 75-Million People (Americans) Who Voted For Donald Trump In 2020 . . . Resemble A Small Group Of People?

Or By Any Definition, Do the Followers who Support Trump for Trump’s Political Philosophy & Proven Track Record as the 45th President, Bear Any Likeness to a Group of Religious Zealots?

If Voting For A Candidate Who Supports The Values Of The Electorate, Makes those Voters Members of a Cult – Then We Are All Members Of A Cult.

As A Canadian . . . Does It Qualify Me As Defined By The Propagandized Media To Be Inculcated Into A Cult because I Detest Trudeau (Liberal), Jagmeet Singh (NDP) and all the LEFTIST Fools who Preach the Virtues of Gender Dysphoria, Climate Change, Lawlessness, Communism, One World Government – Etc, While People like Me Extol the Policies of Canada’s Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre?


As Sure As The Sun Rises In The East & Sets In The West, The Democrats Are Going To Cheat.


If Telling The Truth Is What America Is About . . . The Democrats Are As Unamerican As It Gets.

The Media will Continue to Propagandize for the LEFT, because the Vast Majority of the Media is Owned Outright in One Way or Another by Global Corporations.

The Democrats In The Senate, The House, The White House & Justice Department . . . Will do Everything they Can to Create a Phony Narrative, Lie & Twist the Truth Against Trump & Conservatives, Into Being Unrecognizable Between Fact & Fiction.

I Get-It . . . I Really-Do – The Democrats Will Try To Sleaze Themselves Into Power Again In 2024.

Recently . . . Tucker Carlson, who is Not my Guru, but Certainly seems to Have his Finger on the Pulse of American Politics, Openly Worried About an Assassination Attempt on Trump, because, As The Next Election Approaches (2024), it seems More & More Likely that Trump will be the Republican Nominee and the Next (47th) President of the United States of America.

I Will Put Nothing Beyond The Potential Of The LEFT To Do Bad Things.

Trump’s Return To The White House Appears To Be Inevitable . . . if the LEFT Can’t Stop Trump through all Manner of Political, Legal & Media Propagandized Skullduggery, That Leaves The LEFT With Just One Unthinkable Option.

It Is Not A Secret . . . At Least Not To Me – that When Trump Takes His Second Presidential Oath of Office, Trump will Hit the Ground Running. And this Time, Unlike In 2017, Trump Will Not Allow Himself To Be Surrounded By Enemies From Within.

The Stink Of The Rotting Fish Starts At The Head.

Also . . . If Trump Will Indeed Make An All-Out Effort To Drain The Swamp . . . Trump will Start where the Stink Smell’s the Worst, which is in the Judiciary, FBI, CIA, IRS, State Department – Etc . . . And The Disgustingly Bloated American Government Bureaucracy.

Abraham Lincoln Purportedly Said . . . You Can Fool All The People Some Of The Time. Some Of The People All The Time – But Never All The People All Of The Time.

There Is No Question In My Mind . . . That We Have Arrived at a Place in America (Canada Too), where the Majority of the People are Done with Being Fooled by the Political Pretenders, who Take Office Through the “Democratic” Process, and will then Cheat, Lie & Con to Keep their Office (House, Senate, White House) by any Nefarious Means Necessary.


I Honestly Suspect that there will be Great Upheaval in the United States of America, since I Truly Believe Without Reservation, that there Will Not Be an Honest Election Throughout America Until America Returns to Paper Ballots, Voter ID’s and the Demand for In-Person Voting (With Few Exceptions) on the Same Day from the Moment the Polls Open to the Time the Polls Close.

Canada . . . A Country With No Checks Or Balances.

I Believe That In Canada, Because of the Way Canada’s Ridings (Districts) are Divided, it will be Very Doubtful for the Most Popular Party, by Plurality of Votes, to Ever be Able to Form a Government, With The Possible Exception Of The Forthcoming Election In 2025. And Even Then . . . That Too Is Real Iffy.

Israel . . . Is Legitimately on the Brink of Civil War, where the LEFT, through the Propagandized Media & Socialized Unelected Judiciary will Do & Say Whatever they Deem Necessary to Communize Israel, as the Russians (Communists) Attempted to Do to Israel as Far Back as 1948.


What We Are Facing Today Is A Global War Against Our Freedoms. And Every Government & Academic Policy that is Cringeworthy, Has Been Carefully Planned To Totally Destroy The Foundation Of Our Freedoms . . . From a Contrived Global Pandemic with Forced Mandates, the Suspension of Global Civil Rights & Liberties, the Destruction of America’s Gas & Oil Industry, the Destruction of Mom & Pop Independent Businesses, the Dumbing-Down of Academia Starting at Kindergarten, the Illegal Immigrant Flooding of our Borders, the Lie About Climate Change and the Destruction of the Nuclear Family, All Of Which Is Designed To Overwhelm Our Societies.


Out Of Nowhere – Here Comes Trump With All His Bravado . . . And Not to be Denied, Here also Comes the World’s Richest Man – Elon Musk . . . Two of the Most Unlikely Heroes One Can Imagine to Take-On the Global Deep State Starting in America.

Also Not To Be Discounted . . . The Re-Emergence of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, who Got the Trump Treatment, even Before Trump Got the Treatment.  They Tried to Jail Netanyahu Too. And When they Couldn’t do that – They Tried To Ban Him From Running For Office.  And Now they’ll Try to Take Israel’s Conservatives-Down through Civil War.

The World Is Fighting-Back . . . And Enough Of The People Will Not Be Fooled.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The thing that worries me is the “crimes” that Trump is supposed to have committed have been indulged in by every President and only Trump has to get a mug shot…also his supposed crimes pale beside the Biden crime family who so far is untouched! And while I see politicians and newscasters saying “aint it awful what they are doing to Trump” I do not see Republican Politicians fighting back or really exposing the crimes of the Bidens – like a GOP Crime Panel Review.

  2. It is going to come down to direct confrontation. And make no.mistake, Hussein and his caravan and gangs planned that from day one. Also in Israel rampaging antifoids paid and handled from that ensemble are going for it. Minority as they are… Last week the generals arrived in Washington for further guidance. Putin and China are not rushing it.

  3. I tend to agree with Tucker. No doubt something has been ‘in the works’ for sometime, untraceable of course. There’s no way for Trump to be totally safe as long as he’s out in the open, which he is more often than not. And absolutely no one could talk him into behaving otherwise. That’s just not who he is. God bless him and keep him safe.

  4. I am in complete agreement w/ Joni, above. In addition, for Trump to get re-elected, the entire voting system MUST be reformed and enforced! A few examples: No mail-in voting, one person one vote —– picture ID required and enforced, no ballot harvesting, Dominion type voting machines w/ manipulative software forbidden, traceable paper ballots ONLY, etc. And, not one iin the GOP have the go-nads to even mention this —– NOT ONE!

  5. Mr. H, with the stupid (BLM, brainwashed populace, FBI, DOJ, IRS, WH, ETC.) weakening of our military, IMHO, the idiot LEFT could cause corriagraphed waves of violence across the nation allowing the bupkiss in charge to declare martial law allowing foreign powers (China, N. Korea, etc) the opportunity to invade America through Canada, California, East Coast? Mr. Trump is in danger as is the USA. God help the good folks.

  6. I always enjoy your commentary. Mostly on U S Politics, but wonder what devious plans Trudeau and company have planned for us in the coming months. They have to realize that their days are numbered. His ego will not allow him to realize what a fool he is. His policies are so anti Canadian that even the town drunk is now starting to wise up. And the long knives are out for Pierre Pollievere.

  7. BIBI has been neutered. The small extreme parties with whom Likud has had to cobble a majority are blackmailing him into positions that are not wanted by.most Israelis including those in Likud. He lacks the balls to put them in their place. He must threaten them with calling for a new election. Ben Gvir and the others cannot join with the opposition, they won’t have them. Currently, Blue and White would hold a plurality. They will not accept the far right into a coalition. Their end.

  8. I believe the US is on verge of a civil war. As parents have to fight for the right to raise their children going against the Libs that teach them. Why are so few teachers helping the parents? The Idiot Rhine what ever, is a plague to our country. Part of the problem, the Teachers Union has the backing of Biden and the DOJ, FBI and Bozo Garland. My Wife was talking to her Sister from CA, after wishing her a Happy Birthday the discussion digressed into an argument over Politics. Conservative Vs L

  9. I think there may not be an election at all. Considering what I am reading from the “Government”, I think Tucker may be right on target. There is likely to be a hot war declared right about election time and the Federal Government will activate the “War Powers Act” and this whole discussion of power will be over. We will be otherwise diverted from elections.

    Not True . . . On November 7, 1944, During the Height of World War II, the Presidency was Decided Between FDR & Dewey in a Regular Election – HG:

  10. When both Canada and the USA are rid of the extreme leftists liberals, both countries will be able to get back on track and save our countries. Trump will be president again and will get justice for patriotic Americans. I hope for the same in Canada. Trudeau needs to be voted out. Though we know the left will cheat, I think the number of people who will come out and vote for Trump, and the huge numbers who will stay home rather than vote for biden will be enough to defeat the cheaters.

  11. While I wholeheartedly agree with all of your viewpoints, the world’s corporate puppeteers are the real enemy. Until we can bring them to bear, by whatever means necessary, we the little people will be enslaved again. Where do we start to bring down the numerous corporate monsters that are funding this collapse of all our forefathers had built?

  12. I think if Trump is assassinated you will see Militia Snipers from around the country start taking down the leaders of the leftists liberals. A poirier

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