Nature Versus Nurture


30-Years Ago I Was A Liberal & So Was Anne. But Those Were Different Times.

So When I Say That I Transitioned More Than 30-Years Ago, It was Nothing Like the Insanity you Might Have Expected from People Today, who Sexually Transition from What Nature Gave them to What a Scalpel & Drugs Destroy.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . Once You Cross That Rubicon There’s No Real Coming-Back.

When I Was A Liberal, Just About Everyone in my Community were Liberals Too. But it was Different then, because in those Days Liberals Believed-In Family, Country, the Rule of Law, Decency, Respect, Hard-Work and a Meritocracy.

But Along the Way, Liberalism Began to Slowly Morph Into Socialism as our Educators became Indoctrinators . . .  and our Parents Became Too Self-Indulged to Pay Attention or Perhaps Not to Even Care.

By The Time I Left High School In 1968, the Unions had Already Infiltrated Academia, Smoking Grass was Becoming Normalized Amongst Young People, Casual Sex was on the Way to Becoming Debaucherous & Hedonism Amongst Too Many Younger Parents Began to Change the Structure of the Nuclear Family.

It Wasn’t Until After The First War In Iraq (1991) . . . When George HW Bush Declared the Beginning of a New World Order, which was When my Transition Really Began. The Nazis Under Hitler Also Proclaimed A New World Order.

More Than 30-Years Later . . . My Transition Is Complete – The Question Then Became . . . What should I Do with my Newly Found Revelation? . . . The Answer Is – You’re Reading-It.

We All Have A Voice . . . And as Hard as the LEFT Wants to Restrict our Voices . . . Their Mission Is Impossible. They Tried through Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all the Legacy Media . . . Yet We Haven’t Been Silenced.

They’ve Used Academia from Kindergarten to University to Shape our Thoughts Through Nurture, Believing That Nurture Will Surpass Nature . . . But Nature Is God’s Supreme Sword . . . Which Is The Genetic Building Block Of Freedom . . . Exceeding All Other Drives.

You Can Call A Boy A Girl, A Girl A Boy Or A Cat A Dog – Which Changes Nothing.

Our Nature Is To Be Free, To Succeed And To Be Alive. And as President Lincoln Purportedly Said . . . You Can Fool All The People Some Of The Time, Some Of The People All The Time – But Never All The People All The Time.


Adolf Hitler’s Nazis Tried. Joseph Stalin’s Communists Tried. And All Other Global Tyrants Tried No Less, Yet they all Failed. And Why Did They Fail? Because Nature Trump’s Nurture.

You Can Teach Someone To Lie, Cheat & Deceive . . . But You Can’t Teach The World To Ignore The Truth. It is Not by Accident that Jesus Was Quoted Telling a Host of Other Like-Minded Jews . . . The Truth Shall Set You Free – (John 8:32).


“And Ye Shall Know The Truth & The Truth Shall Make You Free” . . . is Carved In-Stone at the Original Headquarter Building of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Even America’s Spooks Understood That Secrets, Lies & Obfuscations Could Never Be Hidden Forever. The CIA Understands the Power of the Truth and the Illumination of Light Over Darkness . . . Shouldn’t You & I?

They Were Going To Green-The-World & Leave Us All Wanting – Not So Much Anymore.

They Were Going To End Fossil Fuels. The End of Free Expression in the Media was to them a Reality. The End of Freedom of Expression on Campuses was all but Guaranteed. Children would be Inculcated in Debauchery. Gender Has Far More than Two Different Sets of Chromosomes. Education would be Indoctrination to Socialism. The Rights of Parents would Become Secondary to the Rights of the State. Hollywood would Own the Narrative. We’d Dine on Bugs Opposed to Beef. The Middle Class would Become the Working (Paying) Class. And the History of the United States of America would Become the History of Racism, Xenophobia & Abject Failure . . . Because The Lie Was Too Big To Expose.

They Were Wrong . . . And It’s Time For Them To Pay The Piper.


In 1964 – Canadian Professor Of Philosophy Marshall McLuhan . . . Coined The Expression – “The Medium Is The Message” – Suggesting that the Method(s) of Delivering the Message is More Important than the Message Itself.

I Partly Agree – Except In My Mind’s-Eye . . . It is a Combination of Both, Unless One Part of the Message is Promoted, while the Other Side of the Message is Censored by a Lack of Media, where Only One Side of the Story (Issue) is Told, While the Other Side is Suppressed (Censored) . . . The Message Is Of Greater Importance.

To The Great Chagrin Of Those Who Tell The Big Lie As Truth . . . McLuhan Was Kind Of Right, Stymied Only by the Reality . . . That Truth Like Water Always Finds Its Way . . . And Some Energy, Even In A Black Hole – Always Finds Its Way-Out.


The Complete Message Is . . . Truth Is The Message & Truth Shall Set You Free.

I Have Very Few LEFTIST Friends . . . Which Does Not Make me Impervious to Being with LEFTISTS from Time to Time, Some of whom are Acquaintances . . . And Some who I Interact with out-of of Necessity.

But Here Is The Amazing Thing . . . Many People Know Who I Am & Where I Stand, and in the Last Short While, Specifically in Canada, which is the Hot-Bed of Socialism, Many People I Know who Voted for Trudeau Have Come Forward Unsolicited – To Tell Me They Don’t Like Trump, But Would Vote For Trump In A Heartbeat.

None Have Admitted That They Voted For Trudeau . . . But all of them (100%) Have Told Me that they will Vote Conservative (Pierre Poilievre) in  the Next Federal Election . . . Because in My Opinion – They Saw, Read & Heard The Message From A Plethora Of Media & They Didn’t Like-It.


It Only Takes A Spark To Ignite A Raging Inferno – Truth Is The Spark.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What awesome article one of your best. The change is coming. It’s in the air. Freedom is the name of my boat and on the side of it is the scripture John 8:32. God is good, and he is ultimately in control. We live in a fallen world, but he will be victorious.

  2. Hello Howard, That Quote “And Ye Shall Know The Truth & The Truth Will Set You Free”. As I know you know, that came from the Gospel Of John Chapter 8:31-32. That Being Pertained to as The Truth was The Lord Jesus, Being The Way, The Truth & the Life. Judging by the Condition of My Country Today, Truth Has Left The Building. Everyone Today Does According To What “THEY” Perceive The Truth To Be… I hope you and Anne Are Doing Well. I left the Demo Party when it was decided to Legalize Aborti

  3. Liberty-centered classical liberalism has devolved into fascism because leftist ideologues never could resist the authoritariain impulse. They’re like children resorting to temper tantrums to get their way. The question is, are there enough sensible parents in the room to turn the tide? When I look at the idiots on The View, for example, or the tsunami of absurdities that dominate the media, I cringe in dismay. We have a lot of work to do. Thank God for champions like Howard Galganov.

  4. Exceptional commentary, altho all are great. I appreciate you! My 2 Chihuahuas and I walk a beautiful, river trail across from my proper, twice a day. I have conversations from approx 2 to 6 different people a day. I try to always express my love and appreciation for my Lord and Savior and include my disappointment in this guvmint’. Not everyone agrees with me but after the conversation goes on for a little while most of them agree with something I have to say. We can’t win them if we don’t

  5. Great read Howard. To succinctly describe the media in modern times I’d state that the media is unequivocally the virus. I’m not counting on Big Pharma developing a vaccine to cure media deception.

  6. What happen to Canada?????? Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freedland puppets of Klaus Schwab WEF. Most Canadians have no Idea who and what he stands for! Knowlege is Golden. Thanks Howard

  7. “Many People I Know who Voted for Trudeau Have Come Forward Unsolicited – To Tell Me They Don’t Like Trump, But Would Vote For Trump In A Heartbeat”. The general population has become so brainwashed into hating him that many who support him always have to add the qualifier of … “I don’t like him but”. Howard … you probably always were basically a conservative but the left stole the term liberal and turned liberalism into totalitarianism.

  8. Coherent, precise and visionary. The return to nature is about to see its start everywhere. Obama brought with his disastrous era including three tenures the peak of his inner nurtured crushed life to trigger the nature’s future.

  9. I began to notice Politics when I was a Senior in HS. The Rich Kids flocked together, the Sports guys and gals joined up, the dead beats and drug users were a clan. I began to hear rumblings from all groups, suddenly in 69, a bunch of the Rich kids began spending time with the dead beats as the drugs began its spread. Drugs, all, have destroyed the will to work hard and do good. If you were not into them, you were not part of the In Crowd. Look at Washington, a mass majority are in the In Crowd.

  10. The garbage is everywhere for the youth to see and absorb. And liberals call this progress. Turn your children into dope-doing, flagrant sex for all, non moral, non responsible, uneducated, ignorant, directionless, meaningless, purposeless beings. And then celebrate their demise into this crap. This is the new way. There’s nothing more to say.

  11. You definitely Hit Pay Dirt with this editorial. Our Forefathers understood. The majority of the government buildings have ‘BIBLE’ quotes within them. And the CIA….has apparently lost its way, as well as all the Alphabet Agencies. We The People, at least some of us, have seen the light. Now that the SWAMP has come up for AIR we know who they are. Trump will get rid of them ASAP. I Pray this too shall come to pass. AMEN

  12. Truth truly is that Spark and it was lit last year and is growing to the point of fire-setting with the latest (AGAIN) DOJ indictment against Trump. I just don’t know if the American people set that fire, if they can out-power all feds will throw at them. There is no doubt any longer that all these pile-on cases are to drown him in legal fees, time required in courts, etc., with the hope to eventually get a case (likely in DC court) to come up with “Guilty” to eliminate him from public office

  13. Thanks for another great article!! I will continue to pray for Trump, his family & loyal supporters and for him to be able to return to his stolen but rightful place as our President. I KNOW that God is always in control but in His own way & time as the Bible & our history has shown! Much of the evil, filthy swamp (& many others) are being exposed for who they are & for what they have done to America & to our world! I pray that the pendulum is swinging back to a moral, decent world!

  14. “The winds the winds they are a’changing….” for both Canada and the USA. Trudeau’s wife, Sophie, I guess, has had enough of his nonsense. After 18 years, she gives up. Good call. Meanwhile, in the USA, the man who would jail President Trump, Jack Smith, admitted that not only did he lie in court but he also kept hidden important and integral papers from Trump’s lawyers. The voters in Canada have a firm understanding now for whom they should vote. Let’s hope USA voters do the same-v

  15. Excellent article. As usual, you are 100% spot-on. Thank you.

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