I’m Old Enough To Know The Consequences


My Dad & His Three Brothers Put Their Young Lives On-Hold To Fight The Nazis.

Referring To My Last Editorial, Gerri Anderson Of Didsbury Alberta . . . Wrote in my Comment Section (To Paraphrase), that my Audience More or Less Represents The Old Folk, and to a Great Extent . . . Gerri Was (Is) Right.

Gerri Also Wrote . . . that After our Generation, There will be No-One Left to Fight the Good Fight for our Freedoms – Gerri Was Right Again.

So Here’s The Bottom Line Based On Gerri’s Assessment & Comment.

If My Exceptionally Brave Father, His Three Brothers (My Uncles) and the Many Millions of Other Young Men & Many Young Women (Including My Mother), were Willing to Put-It all on the Line to Fight the Nazis, Were They Alive Today . . . Here & Now To Speak With UsThis Is What They Would Say . . .

. . . We Handed You The Torch Of Freedom – Run With It – And Don’t Let It Fall.

Because We Older Folks Are The Last Guardians At The Gate . . . I Believe it is Up to Us to Do What the Younger Generations Can’t, at Least Until the Republicans Win-Back the White House with a Real Conservative Champion . . . And Win Both Houses Of Congress – With Enough Seats To Guarantee A Conservative Base In Government.


Winning Is Not Enough . . . If The Winners Are RINOS. We’ve Already Seen That Movie.


A 24-Year-Old Ex-Marine (DANIEL PENNY) Riding The New York Subway System Took Down A Threat.

In The Process Of Subduing An Obviously Mentally Sick Guy, Who was Threatening all the Passengers on the Moving Subway Car . . . The Marine Applied a Chokehold on the Aggressively Threatening Passenger, which Resulted in the Passenger’s Death, For Which The Marine Might Be Charged With Murder.

The Fact That The Young Marine Was White . . . and the Threatening Passenger was Black, should Have Zero Influence on What Happened & Why it Happened . . . But In Obama’s & Biden’s America . . . It Seems That’s The Only Thing That Matters.

The Underlying Racism In This Event . . . Is A Sordid Story Unto Itself.

The Fact that the Dead Man had a Massive History of Physical Violence Against Perfect Strangers, which Led to Personal Injuries to Many of his Victims, for Which he Was Arrested Multiple Times is Somewhat Irrelevant, Because The Marine Couldn’t Have Known This Before The Marine Sprung Into Action.

Many Years Ago . . . Perhaps As Long Back As 35-Years, Anne and I were at Disney World in Orlando for our First Time. We were Sleeping in the Disney Park, but Wanted a Meal at a Restaurant that Wasn’t Disney. We Found Ourselves At A Ramada Inn Diner – Just Outside The Park’s Gate.

The Restaurant Was Packed At Around 7PM, and as We Finished our Meal and were Drinking some Coffee with our Dessert, I was Reading Some Headline News from an Orlando Newspaper, Discussing with Anne what I was Reading.

Then All Of A Sudden, Directly Ahead of Me – Behind Anne’s Back, I Saw a Frail Old Lady Feverishly Standing Behind an Equally Frail Old Man, Banging as Hard as She Could on his Back . . . To No Avail. The Man Was Choking.

I Left My Seat & Hurried The 20-Feet Or So To The Elderly Couple. I Gently Pushed the Old Lady to the Side, Grabbed the Old Man from Behind, Placing my Clenched Fists Around his Gut & Gave him a Hearty Squeeze. Nothing Happened. And as I was Holding him . . . He Began Thrashing & Clawing At My Thighs.

Here Was My Conundrum . . . I was a Canadian in a Foreign Country. I Had No Idea What The Good Samaritan Laws Were In Florida, and I Didn’t Want to be Responsible for Breaking this man’s Ribs, Possibly at Best. And I Didn’t Want To Kill Him, Possibly At Worst.

In My Much Younger Years, as a High School Student, I was a Lifeguard, and Graduated all the Way-Up to Becoming a Lifeguard Instructor, where I Had to be Prepared for all Manner of Risk Possibilities, which Included Performing the Heimlich Maneuver . . . But I Had Never Done-It.

It Seemed At The Time As I Was Contemplating My Options, that I was Taking Forever to Decide what I Should-Do. But in all Reality, My Decision Was Made In What Amounted To A Split Second.

With All My Strength, I Jerked Hard . . . Lifting the Choking Man Into the Air, When a Second Later – He Exhaled a Huge Piece of Food that was Caught in His Throat Followed by a Massive Gulp of Air.

As Soon as this was Done, I Helped him Back into his Chair, Asked him if he was OK, to Which he Nodded, and Watched his Wife Hug-Him Amongst her Tears. I Went Back to my Table to Resume Drinking My Coffee.

Remarkably . . . In This Crowded Restaurant, No One Besides Me Stood-Up.

As I Sat With Anne After The Event, People in the Restaurant were Whispering & Looking at us. But Not One Person Came Forward to Say Anything, Including the Elderly Couple, who I am Sure were Plenty Traumatized. Even The Hotel Staff Said Nothing.

Anne & I Finished Our Coffees & Left Just As We Had Arrived . . . Anonymously.

Had I Not Done What I Had Done – Who Else Would Have? Would the Old Couple Visiting Disney World Together . . . Have Been Separated for the Rest of their Lives by Death, Because I Wasn’t There? Would the Large Crowd in the Dining Room Have a Different & Much Sadder Tale to Tell their Friends, Had I Not Stepped-Up Fearing The Consequences One Way Or The Other But Nevertheless Had Done What Had To Be Done?


I Wish The Whole World Was Like Him. To Me . . . Daniel Penny Is A Hero.


No One Should Live In Fear. Not Here – Not Anywhere . . . Because Of Abhorrent Behavior.

No One Should have to Worry about Stepping on Human Excrement on the Sidewalk or See Naked People Relieving themselves Anywhere. No One should Have to Deal with the Drug Abuse of Others, or the Threats of Walking Past Homeless Encampments.

No One Should Be Allowed to Steal as Much as a Chocolate Bar . . . Lest of all Armfuls of Goods – or Have to See Dystopia in Any Neighborhood.

Either Our Cities Belong To Decent People Or To Cockroaches, Rats & Human Detritus?

If the Thugs who are Just Bad, or Ignorant, Insane, Drunk, Drugged-Out, Racist – Etc . . . Become a Threat or a Burden to Decent Folk, Are We Just Supposed To Stand-By & Take-It?

There Is No Room In Our World For Do-Gooders – who are Anything but Good . . . to Make Excuses for People of Bad Behavior.

No One Should Ever Fear Doing The Right Thing Because Of Lunatic Consequences.


At One Point – No One Will Be Willing To Stand-Up, Step-Up & Do The Right Thing . . . Then What?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard it is the death of COMMON SENSE that I mourn. The world has been in a downward spiral since. It’s appalling what we are being gaslit to accept as normal when the situations are not even close to normal.

  2. How sad. Remember George. The man who died at the hands of the police. He had a criminal record. But they built a pilgrimage in his honor and charged the police officers. Today we see the same thing all over again with this marine. When are we going to stop being penalized for doing the right thing ? Ray Moscato, Calgary, Canada

  3. Very good examples. Keep encouraging your readers to do the right thing. Perhaps we can make much more difference in our culture than we might think Mike Hendrickson, Lewiston, Idaho

  4. Hi Howard, To Thine Own Self Be True You Certainly are your Authentic Self God Bless You … You are a Gifted Warrior for the People & bring Hope & Support to all of us Best Regards, Tony

  5. I’m prepared to engage the Heimlich Maneuver wherever and whenever. Knowing what I know now, however, before springing into action I shall ask the struggling victim if he is a Democrat. If he answers yes, I will calmly return to my coffee and donut and do exactly what all the others in the restaurant are doing. This is what a Democrat democracy looks like.

  6. Thank you, Howard for your action. Because of you the man is alive. An EMT who lives across the creek from me (yes, we are that far back in the woods) told me this past Friday that he can’t believe how insensitive people have gotten to the plights of others. He said people just don’t care about others any more from what he sees daily. So thank you again for your caring and that you actually did something.

  7. As always, well said! It’s like we’re living in a bad dream, but we wake up to the fact that the insane inmates really ARE running the asylum & their VILE disease has spread beyond human imagination! As you stated, Howard…We Older Folks Are The Last Guardians At The Gate! What we are living through now was CONTRIVED to bring America to it’s knees! We, the conservative majority, having “normal” mental health, must do everything possible to ASSURE a WIN in 2024! I still believe Trump can

  8. Thank you Howard for being real with what’s going on in North America! You my friend are a true patriot!

  9. Called the “bystander effect” based on the Kitty Genovese murder in 1964.

  10. This generation, boomers, is the last generation. Very few of the new generations have the backbone.

  11. Used to be, in schools, CPR and other first Aide was taught in schools. Now they teach how to change genders, hate and the world owes you. I feel sorry for our future. It is amazing how folks can look on when someone is in distress and do nothing afraid they will get into legal problems or sued. It has become a Lawyers and Politicians World who seek to destroy if you do what common sense says you should. They have put good people in fear of losing everything for a act of kindness. Hell is here.

  12. Police released Penny without charges. But now Neely’s family are full-on calling for murder charges & have lawyers. If they bring a lawsuit against Perry, I hope those people on the subway will speak up for Penny. As for your last question (highlighted), if no one stands up to do anything, what then — this country & its people (except for the elite) will be pretty much doomed to servitude. We will be a 3rd world country & likely taken over by China. That or Civil War again.

  13. The brave Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine?) saved many lives; because the criminal was difficult to subdue, the young man did what he HAD to do, what he was taught to do, to save lives. Those in democratic “leadership” positions really don’t care about a dangerous criminal’s demise.They want the racial divide to continue-cry racism to all who still listen. I call this the George Floyd syndrome. Look up Corey Jones—his murderer is in prison where he belongs.

  14. Until and unless people are willing, individually, to do as you do, rather than wait for others . . . I believe the tide is beginning to turn, but whether it will be soon enough and strong enough, is anyone’s guess at this point. Housecleaning needs to start locally, though, so I hope folks aren’t putting all their eggs in the POTUS basket. Keep beating the drum, please. Yours is one of only few voices I trust.

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